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Showing posts with label Troy Aristocarnas. Show all posts

Friday, April 27, 2012


Beam Me Up Scotty

The Star Trek Museum of Science, established in-world by Sabri Picard in 2006, remains at full throttle (if not at warp speed), though it has moved to a single island in-world. “We downsized last year (2011),” said Wabisabi Matahari, the museum’s curator and Benevolent Dictator. “No more room,” she added when this deadline beater inquired about the model starships that were part of the original exhibit. “(It) just got way too expensive and donations dried up,” the amiable dictator revealed.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Why noBrix City Soars Among Merchant Districts -Troy Aristocarnas Reporting...

noBrix City

Like the impressive lady archer statue that meets a teleport to noBrix City , this new in-world commercial center appears right on target on establishing a firm presence in SL’s metaverse.

 In just a few months since its establishment late last year, this district ranked as the eleventh most visited sim in December 2011. Why such a lofty ranking in so short a time can readily understood. For one, the dreaded, soup-like lag of similar SL complexes is largely unfelt as one navigates through its quadrants of trendy fashion shops, modeling agency, club and setups for casual games.

As important, too, a significant number of the top SL brands have set up shop in noBrix, egged on no doubt by this establishment’s friendly and decisive management available for consultation 24/7 globally to serve their needs. Such professionalism is evident in the following cordial exchange of this deadline-beater with noBrix Wyx, the brains behind SL’s fast-rising merchants’ district.


Monday, March 5, 2012

Chilbo Museum: A Non-elitist Haven for People of the Arts -- Troy Aristocarnas Reporting

Second Life as a medium of artistic expression flourishes thanks to efforts and venues like those of the Chilbo Museum.

Now close to completing five years of showcasing works of in-world artists and treasured portfolios of art collectors, the museum ushered in its 2012 season in the Winter/Spring exhibit, Clarity of Vision, featuring the output from the creative lens of the award-winning photographer, Jewel Appletor.