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Showing posts with label airport. Show all posts

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

An executive Beverly Airport & Marina in Second Life

 Beverly Airport & Marina was created in 2019 at Sartori continent by June Clavenham and Bobby MacDevin. Besides being an executive Airport and a Marina that allows mooring for all kinds of sea vehicles, Its installations also include a 9 holes Golf Course, and a Race track on different levels.  It is a GTFO hub for air, sea, and land vehicles, connecting to Route 8 in two different spots. If you want to explore all the different amenities that Beverly offers, please grab Beverly HUD, to teleport to different locations, at the signs around Beverly, or at the marketplace (


The Airport:

The Marina:

The Golf Course:

The Race Track:





Monday, February 22, 2021


 I read somewhere that sailboats symbolize journey and adventure and they are also associated with being carried along by the “breath of life”. I think the same rings true for flying as well; to be able to pierce through the white cotton candy skies and feel free. Second Life makes all these exciting dreams come true. For a short while, you can be the Captain of your ship or plane and enjoy fun adventures.  Since waterways in SL have no ban lines, the Blake Sea is a paradise for sailing and also for flying. Finding a perfect place to drop and sail in this case fly as well can be challenging and expensive at times.


I was very thrilled to explore Dream Island which is accessible to the Blake Sea and meet with the owner DJ Don. At first glance you can see the owner is very proud of his opulent seaside community, the added details did not go unnoticed such as gas pumps for the boats, a marina, beach areas, a club, apartments, cottages, and a large airport! My eyes were very busy scanning the whole area. Dream Island is also associated with GTFO, (Get The Freight Out) which is a hud based game in Second Life for people who enjoy traveling around the grid in planes, boats, trucks, trains, helicopters, and more.

Roxy Mystic: Hi Don, it is a pleasure to meet with you to discuss this little gem of a place you have here! I will admit I love sailing so seeing all of this makes me smile. Can you please tell me about your little slice of paradise?

DJ Don: Hello Roxy, above us is the airport, the club here is located on the west marina and there is an east side channel with cottages. The airport is GTFO available and then I have the apartments overlooking the ocean and airport. I am renting plane tie downs, hangers, apartments, cottages, houseboats, underwater homes and boat slips. All apartments and cottages come with locking doors. I have 3 main rules: no ban lines, no orbs, and nothing built above the home. I have a few places rented and I am happy to say that planes and choppers are flying in and out all day.

Roxy Mystic: You are such a busy man Don and if all that was not enough I understand you are also a DJ? I really like that you made the Dream Island Rocker Club open like this so people can sit here, party, and still see passing boats and the ocean. Tell me a bit about yourself and how Dream Island became your passion.

DJ Don: I had a place on the mainland, rented apartments and I never knew you could fly or boat in here. When I found out, I had to have my own. I was looking for land for an airport and a marina then I found a small section of an airport area which was abandoned so I purchased it from linden. I started building a small airport then slowly 1 by 1 more property became available and I bought it up. I have many boats, ships, and aircraft. It's fun! As for DJing, I've been doing it in RLC for 10 years so I am looking forward to getting known here.

Roxy Mystic:  I did look at your rental fees and to be honest they are very affordable. A cottage that size with a place to dock your boat too for only 349L is quite amazing. And you have boat houses for rent as well. But what got my attention is the underwater home! It's not for mermaids, it's actually a home that is underwater! So this is really like a small village for all the plane and boat enthusiasts! So why are your prices so amazingly low?

DJ Don:  I have checked prices around and I'm trying to keep them about the same or lower, in most cases, they are lower. People can use my furniture or theirs. I have rez zones at both the airport and marina where people can rez and it's a safe zone so their aircraft or boats will not delete while they are here.  I hope to build a nice community here.

Roxy Mystic: I guess based on the name of the club, it's not hard to guess that you are a rocker Don! Talk to me about the Dream Island Rock Club and what are your plans here.

DJ Don: Yes, Classic Rock, my live stream plays here and it streams in 137 countries. I am live of course when I have an event. We may be looking for DJs and hosts in the future too.  I am hoping to be here at the Dream Island Rock Club every Friday.

Roxy Mystic: I noticed you have stores here as well. Do you have more storage space available in case someone wishes to rent here?

DJ Don: Yes, stores are for rent too. I have affiliate clothes in them now but more can be made available.

Roxy Mystic:  I get the impression you are a very flexible person if someone wants to do something they can discuss it with you?

DJ Don:  Yes, like the plane hangers, there were 3 there and one renter wanted something bigger so I removed 2 of them and built him an area. He fell in love with it and I even put a name on it for him. I get good feedback from visitors. I also rented 2 plane parking areas 2 days ago to a girl and she was so excited she found this place, she loves it!

Roxy Mystic: So you run this whole place on your own? You are basically the mayor, police, air traffic control, and also entertainer!

DJ Don: Yes, I have a friend (Willow) known her for 12 years from RLC and she is around to help people when I'm not available.

Roxy Mystic: If I was to ask you Don what do you like the most here and no cheating you can only pick one! Sailing, Flying, DJing, or something else?

DJ Don:  OMG! Really I got to choose one? I guess flying but building all this is great fun.

At the end of the interview, Don offered me a nice helicopter ride. It was my first time up in the air and I truly enjoyed flying around and getting a good view of the area. DJ Don is a very friendly person with a good heart, I can tell he is very passionate about Dream Island. If you have any boating or aviation questions I am sure Don will be happy to assist you. In the meantime, I recommend you visit Dream Island and explore this quaint seaside community and perhaps make it your home!

Additional Information:
LM to Dream Island:

Friday, February 19, 2021

Dream Island Marina & Airport


Dream Island Airport & Marina. boat slip's, Helipad's, Plane tie down's, Hangers with Loft and Helipad. The apartment's with ocean view's overlooking the Marina and Airport. Dream Island Channel has cottages with small boat docks. Houseboats, underwater homes, and more.

Dream Island Club is available for rent or great just for hanging out. New people friendly. Apartments and Cottages have locking doors NO ORBS or BAN LINES. Aircraft Fly Safe Zone. GTFO Airport & Marina. Northern continent (133 Hubs). With access to Blake Sea, Mainland, and all sailable regions.  

Dream Island is a community, a Group tag is required. Free rez zone available with short-term parking for visitors at Airport and Marina so come join us in a fun and comfortable place to live and play.

Dream Island Marina & Airport

Saturday, November 14, 2015


In Second Life, we can find a variety of places related to flying where the visitor can enjoy the skies of this digital environment and have some fun. Some regions in-world can provide that complete experience of flying in a way you will feel like you are a real pilot.
There are more than 5000 aircraft models available. You can choose between: airplanes, helicopters, hovercraft lighter than air, and even rockets and spaceships. You can buy them in stores around the world. Each one works differently and has unique devices so you should take a little time to read the instruction manual. Those notes are usually in the same file as the vehicle and are written by the creator himself.     
If you are a beginner, the first step is to get a cheap aircraft to get some experience. After you are familiar with its controls, then you can invest in something more complex and have big adventures in the SL skies.
You don’t need too much money to start this new dream. At the marketplace there are more than 500 aircraft and the prices range from 0 to 10 lindens. Some of them are really fun for your first adventure.
You will find out with your aircraft that crossing the skies can be a little hard. That’s normal and it’s not the vehicle’s fault, but maybe the slow rendering of some regions.

Those first adventures can get you excited, and they may convince you to invest something a little more advanced. There are some full-functioning mesh models, with modeling optimized for the Second Life systems and advanced scripting. Those advanced ones are not that heavy in terms of prims, which means a smooth border crossing and little problematic lag. These models cost from 3000 to 5000 L.
Aircraft in Marketplace:

I found Mr. Gabriel at the Hollywood airport; he is an experienced commander of an air taxi company in SL. Here is what he suggests:
Camury: Gabriel, I see that Mr. Gabriel is a Vulture Air Captain.
Gabriel  (menino.clip):  Yes, I am a commander.
Camury: What is Vulture Air?
Gabriel (menino.clip):  It's an airline; we do flights, cargo, and passengers (GridEX).
Camury:  Why did you decide to become a pilot?
Gabriel (menino.clip):  I’m a commercial airplane single and multiengine and helicopter pilot in real life, so this is what i enjoy doing in Second Life as well.
Camury:  What does it take to be a good SL pilot?
Gabriel (menino.clip): Well, just look both ways before crossing a runway and be patient with other traffic in the airport. it doesn't take much.
Camury:  Do you have any advice for beginners?
Gabriel (menino.clip): Just learn the basic airport signs. Flying in Second Life is really easy so if you're aware of what's going on around you; it shouldn’t be too complicated.
Camury: What may be complicated?
Gabriel (menino.clip): Well, getting around big airports without getting anyone mad at you. If you don't have any experience, I guess that's the hardest part because once you're in the air everything is fine.
Camury: In your opinion, which LMs are the best for flying?
Gabriel (menino.clip): I enjoy flying around Hollywood airport and second Norway as well as Seychelles airport is also a good option.

Camury: Mr. Gabriel, is there anything else you think is important for our readers?
Gabriel (menino.clip): just enjoy what you're doing. If you love aviation, you're going to search for information and you're going to learn how to fly. Don't wait for people to teach you; go after what you want to accomplish. If you really learn how to fly and want to join a group of people who are experts in what they do, then show up here in Vulture Air for an evaluation flight.
Camury: Thank you, Mr. Gabriel
Please, take a look at the flying-related lands. There are some cool activities for you to experience.
Hollywood airport
Second Norway airport
Seychelles  airport

I think flying is one of the best experiences that we can have as a human. So, do your own! Take your plane and fly through the clouds in the beautiful blue sky in SL.

Additional Information:
Translated from Portuguese into English

Friday, April 20, 2012






PURPOSE:  To bring awareness to the various types of SL airports to a wider audience.  This event is for airport owners who wish to promote their airport.  All airport owners will be given a hangar where they can set up promotional materials about their airport.  This event has been submitted to SL Destinations as part of our April events. There will also be music, events, live DJs and other contests.  Promotion will occur as much as possible for this event.

COST:  This event is free of charge for all proved airport owners.