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Showing posts with label award show. Show all posts

Sunday, May 9, 2021



You are cordially invited to The 2021 SLAMMY AWARDS and Lanai Jarrico's 16th Rezzday Gala! 
 Hosted by The SL Enquirer. 

TIME: 1:00PM SLT- 4:30PM SLT
WHERE: The SL Enquirer Event Center

 Expect an evening of laughs and good times as you mix and mingle with the SLebrities of Second Life. This is a formal SLebrity event. Black Tie / Gown - Don’t forget to smile for the paparazzi!


1:00- 1:30 PM SLT-  Cocktail ½ hour with DJ Ninja

Black Tie Event


1:30-2:30- Pre Awards show performance by MANKIND TRACER
Be sure to work the room networking with SL's Elite. Don't forget to bring your business card and smile for the Paparazzi! Stop by the Raffle table for a chance at winning some great cash & prize giveaways.


The moment you all been waiting for! Take a seat after the fabulous performance because Orion Baral is about to embarrass himself as he presents the 2021 SLAMMY AWARDS!

 You are in for a unique award show back by popular demand. The SL Enquirer has been secretly taking names across the grid to present a very important award to unsuspecting special guests. Winners will be recognized for best dramatic performances in Second Life. It might be YOU so make sure you have your acceptance speech ready!

3:30- 4:30- Lanai’s 16th RezzDay Gala- Music by DJ Ninja

Terry's Place's very own DJ Ninja will host Lanai’s RezDay Gala with a mix of party music and good times and more importantly do not break a hip! Emergency Services will not be on site but paparazzi will be!  


Get here early because this event fills up fast!
RSVP Lanai Jarrico or Orion Baral by May 7th!

Your Limo Awaits

Sunday, December 18, 2016

A Hollywood Media Christmas Presented by The Hollywood Bowl & The SL Enquirer SUNDAY, DECEMBER 18TH 2016 5:30 PM SLT

Origen’s Hollywood Ballroom & The SL Enquirer have come together for a Spectacular Christmas Event.  Avies from across the grid are cordially invited to attend the most lavish party of the year! Mark you calendar for Sunday December 18th from 5:30-8pm SLT.

Guests will arrive in SLebrity-style with the flashing lights of the paparazzi as they document the formal suits and gowns walking the red carpet. Help yourself to the endless flow of champagne and decadent treats displayed in the open spaced outdoor gala.

Mix and Mingle with Second Life’s elite and network! There will be some jaw dropping prize giveaways. Entertainment, a special award show never seen before and lots of fun to be had by all as we celebrate Christmas in Second Life together.


Misfits Dance & Performance Art
Urban Harvy Live!

Sponsored By:

  • Gizza Creations 
  • KiX
  • Kor/Meshworx
  • Bensinton Investments
  • Some B's Creations
  • SkitzoFreniks Designs
  • Petit Chat

Your Limo Awaits: 

Monday, December 5, 2016

Backstage Report: The AVI Choice Awards 2016 By: Persia Bravin

Since 2011, the AVI Choice Awards have highlighted the immense talent of content creators from all genres in Second Life. Originally conceived by Nikki Mathieson as a way to boost traffic for the very first Relay For Life of Second Life ‘Christmas Expo’, the awards quickly gained recognition and momentum as an important cultural event of their own. The Avi Choice Awards have continued, on its own since 2011, but it has always supported Relay For Life as its charity. Since 2011, nearly 1.2 million votes have been cast for nearly 7,000 nominees and the associated websites have had 800,000 hits. This year alone, there were more than 249,000 votes cast across 98 categories – impressive statistics indeed. In addition, the AVI stage has been an opportunity to educate and bring awareness to guests and audiences about the incredible work The American Cancer Society has done - and continues to do - in the fight against cancer.

Photos: Austin Novaland

On Sunday 4 December, the very last AVI Choice Awards took place in front of a packed auditorium.The votes had been counted, the crew and performers were assembled and the audience were dressed in their finest couture ready to hear the nominees and winners. Backstage, I asked Nikki Mathieson just why she felt the awards were so important for creators. “I hope that creators have considered them important,” she said, as she prepared to raise the red velvet theatre curtains. “I've heard, over the years, that they are considered to be…and that's definitely important to me.  Second Life is a unique virtual world in that so much of the great in it is created by its own users.  Each creator makes our world better.  They share a part of them with us, their imaginations and talents and the Awards are important because it gives us the opportunity to let them know that we recognize their abilities and appreciate them.”

Photos: Austin Novaland

The awards got off to a dazzling start thanks to an outstanding performance by singer, Savannah Rain before show hosts, Trader Whiplash and Nuala Maracas made the official welcome. SL television stalwarts, Saffia Widdershins and Elrik Merlinfrom the ever popular ‘Designing Worlds’ show then took to the spotlight to announce the nominees and winners in the SLIFEsection. The duo delighted the audience with their presentation skills and witty repartee before handing the microphone over to SL singer, Chris Quan. It was then my turn to announce the winners in the fashion section alongside Frolic Mills, but a major technical hitch meant that Frolic was unable to log into SL – or skype. With the clock ticking, and with only 20 seconds before the fashion awards were due to be announced, the ever gallant Elrik Merlin leapt onstage to help me host. The show must always go on!

The audience were then treated to the sweet singing voice of SL performer, AleyKat, before the awards for the Arts were presented by Jill MacKenzie and singer, LuvofMusicResident. Next, a singer who I haven’t heard perform before, but who instantly gained me as a fangirl, took to the stage – Luciano Lionheart. Luc sang a selection of hauntingly beautiful songs that showcased his wide vocal range and dulcet tones – much to the delight of the audience. Finally, show hosts Trader and Nuala wrapped up the very last AVI Choice Awards by surprising Nikki Mathieson with her own much deserved tribute. Nikki has played an integral part in all Relay For Life events over the years, and if anyone in SL deserves public recognition for their fundraising activities then surely it is her.

Photos: Austin Novaland

After the show, I asked Nikki what she hopes the legacy of the AVI Choice Awards will be. “The awards have never been about who is BEST,” she reflects. “It’s so unfair to try to judge 'best' in an amazing world such as ours.  I hope that our virtual community have gotten the message that when you find a favorite or a piece of work that just fits you so perfectly… take the time to let that creator know.  Complaints in the business world, online or not, are frequent.  But, appreciation and compliments not so much.  We all need to just take the time to notice good work and give acknowledgement for it.  We could all stop being so critical and start being appreciative and generous with our applause and gratitude.” As I left the awards and prepared to log off for much needed sleep, Nikki’s words resonated a great deal with me and made me realise that the AVI Choice Awards may be over, but that their positive impact will always remain.

Photos: Austin Novaland

Nikki Mathieson would like to thank: Jill MacKenzie, Dextresis Dejavu, Roman Godde, Trader Whiplash, Nuala Maracas, Shayla Juran and all performers, presenters and crew.
AVI Choice Awards Nominees and Winners:

AVI Choice Show by AVIEW TV:

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


We were humbled and honored to be nominated for an award in the category of "Favorite Live Venue." Now, we are honored to be selected and allowed to participate in the awards as a sponsor. It is truly our fantastic performers and wonderful guests that have brought us this far. Without them, The Hollywood Ballroom and all our venues would be just another spec on the vast Second Life map. Our staff and I would truly be honored again to receive your vote. Just click the link below to vote. I thank you for your consideration and support.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The 2013 Avi Choice Awards Coming December 15 at 3pm slt –Cast your votes today!

The Avi Choice Awards is an annual awards presentations that features talent creators, artist, musicians, media personnel and other movers and shakers immersed in Second Life©.  These talented individuals are recognized by, nominated and voted for by residents.  Last year’s response was a great success with over 65000 visits to the website with an astounding amount of votes. This year the Avie Choice Awards will be held at The Christmas Expo, in the Auditorium on Sunday, December 15th at 3pm slt.

 Hosted by
 Trader Whiplash & Nuala Maracas of T1 Radio 
Presented by
 Saffia Widdershins & Elrik Merlin of Designing Worlds as well as SL performers, Satin Galli & Erin68 Frog.
Featured Performances by
 Particle Tom & Lexi Marshdevil, Therese Nightfire, Wayne Davis Rocks Band and the Guerilla Burlesque Dancers.

Special guest appearance by
 The American Cancer Society’s Stingray Raymaker

Be sure to stick around for the after party for a few more surprises!

Get your show ticket here!

This year, The SL Enquirer was nominated for this prestigious award!
Vote for SLE here!
 (Entertainment Category)

email: for more information about this event or visit

*The event will be Formal/Black Tie.

Thursday, October 24, 2013


It's time again for the annual AVI CHOICE AWARDS!

The Avi Choice Awards is the premier annual awards presentation recognizing the people and talent of Second Life’s® amazing creations, completely chosen and voted on by SL™ residents.  The 2011 and 2012 Avi Choice Awards response was tremendous and the websites saw an amazing 65,000 visits and a staggering number of votes, proof that the annual event is anticipated and appreciated by SL residents.  It is the opportunity for the residents to show appreciation to their FAVORITE.. to know that they play a part in acknowledging their FAVORITE.. not in anyone deciding whose best, but whose a favorite?