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Showing posts with label The Hollywood Ballroom. Show all posts
Showing posts with label The Hollywood Ballroom. Show all posts

Saturday, April 1, 2017


Origen’s Hollywood Venues is pleased to invite you to go down the rabbit hole and experience a very special appearance of SingerGirl for “April Fools in Wonderland.”

We have created a full sim recreation of Wonderland for this one-time event; and SingerGirl has prepared a special arrangement of songs to be performed only one time at this event. This show will never be repeated in SL again; so, you won’t want to miss the fabulous SingerGirl in this amazing performance.

Bring your friends, bring your family, heck, bring your Mother-in-law; and let us place a big smile on your pixel faces! Where else can you have such a fun night? It's Hollywood, see you there! Formal or Wonderland attire. New trailer below!

New Official Trailer; 

Group: The Hollywood Ballroom & Theater

Owner: Origen Resident

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


We were humbled and honored to be nominated for an award in the category of "Favorite Live Venue." Now, we are honored to be selected and allowed to participate in the awards as a sponsor. It is truly our fantastic performers and wonderful guests that have brought us this far. Without them, The Hollywood Ballroom and all our venues would be just another spec on the vast Second Life map. Our staff and I would truly be honored again to receive your vote. Just click the link below to vote. I thank you for your consideration and support.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

THE GALA GRAND OPENING OF ORIGEN’S CHINESE PLAYHOUSE: The Pink Vampire To Open Origen’s Chinese Playhouse May 18th at 7pmSLT

When The Pink Vampire opened The Bowl at Origen’s Hollywood Venues, 105 guests filtered through the venue that night. We are expecting the same for the opening of Origen’s Chinese Playhouse on May 18th at 7pm SLT.

The Pink Vampire returns to Hollywood for this Gala Grand Opening, with what promises to be an amazing show. Pink is known for her fantastic vocals and perfect song selections ranging from jazz to pop and romance to sensual. Her musical stylings and performances are impeccable, giving her audiences the best musical experience in Second Life. Pink, who was voted one of the top three vocalists in the 2015 Live Music Awards, says she has a lot of surprises for this show and she won’t share what she has in store with anyone. We will just have to be there to see what she has planned.

Origen’s Chinese Playhouse is based on the blueprints and photos of the original 1927 version of Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California, and the likeness is incredible. Origen says that builder Dextresis Dejavu was meticulous and obsessive about creating a version true to the original. The theater is equipped with a full working stage that is fully modifiable for singers, dance troupes and other live performances.

Origen says that only 85 guests will be allowed on the region, so it is suggested that guests come early before each show and explore McArthur Park across the street from the theater (created by Sammie Haworth-Masters), take a stroll down Hollywood Boulevard’s Walk of Fame, or enjoy the hand and foot prints of the stars in the cement in the theater’s courtyard before the show.

So, come early to get the best seats and don’t miss this one of a kind performance at Origen’s Chinese Playhouse on Hollywood Blvd in Second Life.
Dress code: Formal attire

Contact information:
Contact: Origen Resident

Group: The Hollywood Ballroom and theater

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Harry Frychester Returns to The Bowl, April 19th 6pm SLT

Harry returns to Origen’s Hollywood Venues, but this time as part of the Hollywood family. Harry will be performing for his fans every other Tuesday night at The Bowl. Harry Frychester is famous for his smooth jazz vocals and styling; but he is not limited to that, offering pop and country western for his audience’s enjoyment. The fans of the Hollywood Venues have demanded Harry back, and now they have him every other Tuesday. 
The Bowl build is based on an early version of The Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California. The build in Sl at Origen’s Hollywood Venues is the perfect romantic destination. The venue will easily hold 100 avatars. It has also been tweaked for the midnight setting on your viewer. With 110 couples dances in the TIS and dozens of male and female singles dances in the Intan everyone will look good on the dance floor. 

Formal or cocktail attire.

Further information

Contact: Origen Resident


Group: The Hollywood Ballroom and Theater

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

This just in from the Hollywood Investigator –

Dateline – Hollywood, CA
The Gala Grand Opening of The Hollywood Bowl in Second Life is set for January 2nd at 7pm, SLT. This fabulous event will star Second Life’s premier vocalist, The Pink Vampire. She will be performing 11 new songs that she has prepared just for this event; that is almost 3/4 of her show. There will be dance numbers choreographed by the amazing and talented Shadow Tarber. We also expect the rumors about a spectacular pyrotechnics show are true, too (I just love fireworks).
The owner of The Hollywood Ballroom, Origen Resident, was asked about opening this venue, “Why here and why now?” Origen commented, “The Pink Vampire forced my hand. The crowds coming to her shows are so big, The Hollywood Ballroom simply can’t hold them anymore. During her last show, we had to turn people away. So, we set up a make shift sound system outside the ballroom and people were dancing on Hollywood Blvd. With The Hollywood Bowl we have room for everyone who wants to attend her performance and many other performances that will be held there.”
This is a special event and invitations are being sent out to all of the A-listers in town. The Paparazzi is sure to be sneaking around (I know, I’m sending them), so wear your best formal and cocktail attire; you want to look good for our society page.

Further news from the Hollywood Ballroom

ELECTRO SWING NIGHT - at The Hollywood Ballroom @ Big Bear Mountain
Dec. 31th - 7pm to 9pm - Weekly event!
Time to dust off your shoes for an Electro Swing Night! Dj Archer will be playing vintage and modern swing music, join us and let's shake our bodies with some jazz and house music! No way to be shy... this sound will make you break the dance floor! Let’s close 2015 with style! Formal, Winter or Jazzy Swing attire.

ACAPELLA NIGHT - at The Hollywood Ballroom @ Big Bear Mountain
Friday Jan. 1st - 7pm to 9pm
Welcome 2016 in a unique way!
When used to it's purest form, the human voice is it's own instrument. Please join us as we hear some of our favorite songs performed Acapella style. Let your body vibrate with these magnificent sound that only the most gifted voices can produce!
Don't miss this last perfect show at the Big Bear Mountain venue. This is the perfect wat to say good bye to our magical Holiday Venue! Formal, winter or cocktail

Grand Opening of The Hollywood Bowl Staring THE PINK VAMPIRE
Sat. Jan. 2nd - 7pm to 8pm
Finally, the day has come! We will have The Pink Vampire at the Opening of The Hollywood Bowl!
The Hollywood Bowl is a spectacular new venue! The Pink Vampire will perform a special Gala show with 11 new songs, and choreographed dances by Shadow Tarber.
There is no way that you miss this spectacular event! Formal or cocktail Attire

JAE SANDS & JOHN WILLIAMS - at The Hollywood Bowl
Sunday Jan. 3rd - 6pm to 8pm

We will start the night with Jae Sands performing a set of his Sinatra style hit songs with his unique NY style! If you listened him before you know a show of this quality is just what you need to have a great Sunday night!

John Towner Williams is an American composer, conductor, and pianist. In a career spanning over six decades, Williams has composed some of the most popular and recognizable film scores in cinematic history, including Star Wars, E.T., Indiana Jones, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and many more! Join us for a very special tribute of this genius of music!

Make The Hollywood Ballroom and The Hollywood Bowl your destination for great music, great fun and memorable evenings.

Additional information:

Join our group! The Hollywood Ballroom & Theater

Contact: Origen

Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Hollywood Ballroom Halloween Party October 31st at 7pm SLT

In Hollywood we have trailers for everything, for movies, for TV shows and now for our Halloween party!

The Pink Vampire stars at The Hollywood Ballroom October 31st at 7pm SLT in a new haunted venue created for this one night only event!  Come in your best costume, because the paparazzi will be there and who knows what society page you will appear in. 

The Hollywood Ballroom is THE place to be this Halloween night in SL.

Thursday, October 15, 2015


Thursday night, Oct. 15th at 7pm SLT, The Hollywood Ballroom introduces “Killer Love Songs” to its weekly line up. This is not your normal romance set. These are the love songs that get deep into you and don’t let go. These are the songs that make women cry and men confess their undying love. Bring that someone special or find someone new at The Hollywood Ballroom. A tissue dispenser has been set up on the bar, just in case. Formal or cocktail attire.

Friday – Special Event – Night of Duets – Oct. 16th at 7pm SLT
Remember the first time you heard Natalie Cole sing “Unforgettable” with her father, Nat King Cole”? We have an entire evening of unbelievable duets set to go; along with your requests. Each song has been chosen to give you that same feeling, song after song. Formal or cocktail attire.

Saturday Night, Live! With Chip Takacs - Oct. 17th at 7pm SLT
Chip is a seasoned, professional RL musician and singer. He performs our favorite hit songs from the 70's 80's and beyond. Because of his very distinctive voice, he has been called the Joe Cocker of SL. If we are lucky Chip will pull out his famous unplugged set. Will he do it? We will have to wait and see. Formal or cocktail attire.

The Sunday Night Spectacular
This Sunday, come and listen to “Linda Ronstadt, Live.” It is all Linda, all the time in this fantastic tribute show. So, don’t even think of going down to Blue Bayou, because Linda will be at the Hollywood Ballroom. That’s at 7pm, SLT. Formal or cocktail attire.

Make The Hollywood Ballroom and Theater your destination for great music, great fun and memorable evenings.

Additional information:

Join our group! The Hollywood Ballroom & Theater

Contact: Origen

Friday, October 2, 2015

The Hollywood Ballroom Presents “The name is Bond, James Bond.” 5,000L$ in prizes. Friday October 2 at 7pm SLT

The fabulous DJ Archer will be spinning a special selection of hit songs from the James Bond franchise of movies. Along with this, the first ten guys at the event will receive as a gift the Casino Royale tux from 69 Park Avenue; the first ten ladies will receive as a gift a flirty cocktail dress from Sasha Designs that would make any Bond girl jealous. During the night there will be 5,000L$ in cash prizes up for grabs. Come looking your best for this special night in formal or cocktail attire. That’s at 7pm, SLT. Walther PPK’s must be checked at the door.