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Showing posts with label botched relationships. Show all posts

Thursday, November 5, 2015

SL Dating HORRORS! A Weird Love Triangle in SL- LilyLaceWing Reporting...

A brief passage into madness…

Everyone knows that dating online can be a gamble, with varying levels of danger involved depending on how close you get to someone and how much personal information you share, but everyone hopes, and wills, that that won’t be the case for them. So people get lucky, and find their soul mates online. Others, well, they’re sometimes not so lucky. The worst stories, we’ve all heard on the news, can end in things like rape, murder, identity-, or SL copyright (of individually made marketplace items) theft. Often times, tales get even…weirder, especially when you factor in Seconds Life’s penchant for being greasier than Vegas, sexually, and some bizarre things can happen to a single woman exploring the grid. I met some such woman whose luck wasn’t so good.
 At first, it seemed like a good idea. On recommendation of who she thought was a good friend, Kelly* decided to give that handsome fellow Sheila* pointed out to her, calling him a ‘great guy’. He was her Second Life ‘Brother’, but not a real blood relation. Sheila spoke highly of Greg, trying to convince Kelly to date him, since she was single and kind of looking in Second Life. So Kelly decided to give him a chance, and romance quickly blossomed. Sheila, of course, approved, and encouraged Kelly to ‘tell all’ when asking for details about dates and rendezvous they had. Kelly told her everything, delighted to have a friend to share her new love’s stories with.
 Things seemed to be going great, and so the new couple decided to build a club together in Second Life, one which Kelly put a lot of hard work into with the help of Greg and his ‘sister’ Sheila. The relationship continued, and as it did, it grew more serious, to the point where Kelly and Greg exchanged wedding rings through the mail, so solid was their commitment to each other. Then little red flags started to pop up. Sheila would ALWAYS side with her ‘brother’ if Kelly and Greg had a disagreement, even if her brother was clearly the one at fault, and the incident took place in front of Sheila. Kelly, not wanting to lose an otherwise good man, would eventually move on, and focus on putting work into their club.
 One day, though, in open chat, Sheila called her ‘brother’ something a bit…incestuous… She called him ‘baby.’ Kelly thought it was odd, and a bit inappropriate for ‘siblings’ refer to one another as baby, so she did a bit more homework on her ‘friend’, and ‘boyfriend.’ Thanks to modern advances, like the very internet through which they met, Kelly was able to ascertain that Sheila was actually Greg’s WIFE. Not just a good friend and SL ‘Sister’, but his real life wife. As soon as Kelly became aware of this, she immediately broke off contact with the both of them. But they had her real life contact info, so they would send gifts to her grand children, and always make attempts to get her back into their fold, which were met with Kelly’s staunch refusal.
 Twenty Months, one nightclub, and so much emotion, all of it wasted on two people playing a sick, possibly kinky game on her, and using her for her club building skills. As of now, the couple who lied to her still own and operate the club, whereas she gets to go the therapy for the traumatic experience. This is why, boys and girls, the internet in general, but for sure Second Life, can be dangerous at times. Always be cautious who you give your info to, or you could end up like just like Kelly, or worse, one of the stories that make the headlines in RL.
*Not their real names.

Facts: 20 months. Married couple, posing as brother and sister, lure in single woman looking for love, they build a club in SL together, and then she finds out ‘sister’ is actually WIFEY in real lifey, oh shit, now what? So she decides to just not talk to them ever again, and goes about her life But they have her real life info, and send gifts to her grandchildren. Oh yeah, and the wife?? Wife hunted out chick for them, coaxed her into “hooking up” with her hubs, for reasons beyond my comprehension. Why? Was it kink? To make her do all the work of building the club? They still want her to be a part of their lurid threeway love triangle, but she wants nothing to do with it.. The whole thing made her need therapy it was so traumatic.  Holy crap, right??

Also, the wife’s always asking about their ‘sex life’. Exchanged wedding rings via mail (why the bleep?!?!) Wifey grooms victim as friend before pushing  them into the arms of her hubs. This story is nuts! So let’s write it up all sexy and murder mystery like, shan’t we?? :) 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

BOTCHED ROMANCE Jessi2009 Warrol Reporting…

Second Life romances can mirror real life romances in many ways. Couples can meet, fall in love, and do many of the same activities virtually as they can in real life.

Of course not all romances end positively and just like in real life, Second Life romances can cause heartache and stress. In this article I will explore how to bounce back from bad Second Life relationships and share the stories of two Second Life avatars who recently overcame the struggles of bad relationships of their own.

I sat down to speak first with “Tyler” who had a botched Second Life romance last year. Tyler stated that he and his former Second Life girlfriend, “Emily,” had dated in Second Life for two years. Both he and Emily considered themselves to be more than just a Second Life romance. As Tyler explained, “Once you share so many details about yourself with a person, it is hard not to take the romance into real life”.  Emily and Tyler spent most of their days together in Second Life either clubbing or exploring. They had even ventured over to other virtual worlds. By year number two of the relationship, both had started making plans to take the relationship further into real life and Emily had even booked a flight to visit Tyler.