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Showing posts with label custom homes. Show all posts

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Christmas Memories, the 10th Annual SL Christmas Expo Is Coming Dec 4th to 13th!

Lionel train set? Barbie & Ken? A red Schwinn? Christmas memories last a lifetime. Maybe it was a SNES console or a Cabbage Patch Kid. Every year at this time we remember those special Christmas mornings.

Christmas Memories is the theme of the 2020 SL Christmas Expo as it celebrates 10 Years as the premier holiday shopping and entertainment destination in Second Life. With more than 225 Shoppes and Merchants spanning 12 regions the Expo supports the American Cancer Society and its Childhood Cancer programs.

As always the Expo is the number one destination for holiday shopping and much more. Back again is the Lights of Hope Christmas Decoration Contest featuring SL’s best Home builders, joined by Lindens and Moles decorating Linden Homes.  The Holly Jolly Café opens at 10am Friday, Dec 4th and will feature more than 70 live singers, and more than 100 hours of entertainment.  And of course, Santa Claus will be there!

Other highlights at the Expo include:
Shopping Sprees and Gift Card Raffles
Newest Linden Home Reveal
One Of A Kind and Breedable Auctions
Christmas Trees and Decorations
Kids Fashion Show and Dance Showcase
Sleigh Rides and Pictures with Santa
Special Linden Items and Surprises
11th Annual Holidays of Hope Gala Ball
“This is a very special year the Expo,” according to Nuala Maracas, Expo Director. “Not only is it our 10th year but with everything going on in our world in 2020, the Expo has the opportunity to provide extremely important funding to the American Cancer Society.”
Mark your calendars now for Dec 4th to the 13th and do not miss ‘Christmas Memories’ the 10th Annual SL Christmas Expo

Find out more about the 2020 SL Christmas Expo by visiting or contact us at

The American Cancer Society is the world’s leader in the fight against childhood cancer, attacking cancer from every angle. All proceeds from the SL Christmas Expo support the Society and its mission to Save Lives, Celebrate Lives and Lead the Fight for a World Without Cancer.

If you or a loved one has questions or needs help with a cancer diagnosis call the American Cancer Society 800 227-2345 visit or the American Cancer Society region in Second Life.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Guide to Finding the Perfect Mesh House for you in SL- Tea Couturier Reporting...

If you are like me and love to decorate then you know that interior design inside some of the houses available is just not enough.  When searching for a new mesh house it is important that is has the potential for modification so that you can include your personal style. With so many good designed mesh houses on the market it can be hard to find or even know where to look. Well never fear, SLE is hereto help!  Here is a list of a few houses to help get you started on the path of your dream home in Second Life.

LAQ Decor ~ Scandinavian Villa (Multi Color System)

This is one of my expensive finds and if money is not a problem and you are looking for the Scandinavian villa look then this is a perfect house for you. Not only can you change the color of the outside whenever you wish with to the color HUD, it is 100% mesh! Keep in mind you must have a mesh compatible viewer!
Additional Information:
Measurements: Width: 27,5m Length: 30,1m
Minimum Parcel Requirement: 1024m2
Prims: 107
2 floors.
Rooms: (including in theory; Kitchen, Living room, bathroom, bedroom, 1st floor hallway and 2nd floor hallway but all rooms can be used for anything)
Backdoor in the kitchen.
Uses the new Advanced Lighting Model system. All textures are Normal Mapped and have specular maps applied to them.
It is Unfurnished. Included is a tile stove and outdoor wall lamps. The stairs inside also comes with a small cabinet storage with openable doors.

House Functions:
Included is a texture and color changing system that lets you choose between many premade textures for both the outdoor and indoor look. Each independent part such as the roof, gutter, facade, kitchen floor, 1st floor ceiling, stair steps etc all have their own textures which gives you great modification options to make it look like you want. Every single texture can also be tinted to any color or made darker.
This house comes equipped with the "A.E House Control Unit" with functions such as:
HOUSE+: Some house specific options such as setting either or both chimney smokes on and off.
RADIO: Many radio stations included.
SECURITY: Included is an avatar scanner which kicks anyone not granted access by you.
WINDOW BLINDS: Turn the blinds on or off.
It has a lot to offer and priced at L$3,849 pricey but could be your new home.

The Sunset Cove House

The Sunset Cove House has a rare combination of luxury, grandness and yet succeeds in being built on a human scale. The creator felt that some country houses in SL are just too large to feel like a home, but the Sunset Cove is in fact just that, It has a cozy comfortable feel which would be a home that you will be proud to own.
 It has several rooms, a large living room, 2 fire places, a loft, balcony and large terrace for entertaining. It is a nice house and can be decorated in any style. Priced at L$850 and only 165 prims and is partly meshed.

~BAZAR~ Arizona House (unfurnished)

This is a very popular house. I have seen it across the grid used as family homes. The unfurnished house allows you to use your interior decorating skills to furnish it however you wish. This house is partly mesh
House information:
Minimum land required: 4096
-Many hang out areas with built in animations
-Sauna with animations for singles and couples (cuddles, massage)
-House control system
-Tinting windows
-Lockable door
-Access list
-Possible group access
Priced at L$2,590

ROOST 'Glen Ridge' House

This is one of my favourite ROOST homes as it is roomy and has a garage.  It is a perfect family home and is probably why it is used by a lot of family RP sims.
It is a Beautiful 2 story homemade of 100% Original Mesh that is custom created by ROOST.
It has a large open plan living areas, Bi-Folding doors leading to the back deck lined with gorgeous railing to sit under, and upstairs split level design.
3-4 large bedrooms with huge wardrobes that could be used as en-suites instead if you wanted, and also a study room which could be used as another bedroom.
The walls and floors are tint able to fit your own colour scheme by using 'Select Face' in Edit mode.
Package includes:
Separate planter box with flowers
3 Bedroom with 2 Bathroom version (216 prims)
4 Bedroom with 1 Bathroom version (215 prims)
Floor plan size: Front width= 30 meters
Side length= 28 meters
Height= 20 meters
(Glen Ridge Fence, Snow Roof & Porch Swing NOT Included, but is sold separately to match the House).
Priced at L$3,200 I think it is definitely worth a look.

These are just a few mesh and partially mesh houses on SL to help you with your new home search.Happy House hunting!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Elan's Fine Furnishings and Accessories offer Custom Homes, Furniture, Landscaping and More

Elan's Fine Furnishings and Accessories (EFFA) offers custom homes, furniture, landscaping creating an atmosphere, a mood, and an escape. EFFA makes your Sl world home a place to immerse yourself in.  So if your SL is not quite what you want it need it to be, contact Ericaanne Hastings and breathe some life into your world.
E'lan's Fine Furnishings and Accessories where "Dreams Do Come True".

Owner Ericaanne Hastings Co-Owner Seychelles Isles