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Showing posts with label date. Show all posts

Thursday, March 31, 2022

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Cliffs is SecondLife's newest restaurant specializing in fine dining role-play.


Looking for a way to celebrate a special event?  Maybe you’re planning to “pop the question” to that special someone who lights up your SecondLife.   A Big Anniversary, or maybe a Rezz Day coming up?  Celebrate in style with a private, Role Play Dinner at The Cliffs.

The Cliffs is SecondLife's newest restaurant specializing in fine dining role play.  Book an intimate dinner for two, or a group of up to 20 of your friends or colleagues.

Enjoy a delicious meal, selected from their menu of over 80 items, with dining choices to fit the most discerning palette.  After a sumptuous dinner, stroll the beautifully landscaped grounds, including a private beach.  Or, take your dessert and coffee at the Gazebo.  Dance by starlight on their outdoor terrace using their state-of-the-art, fully equipped INTAN with some 220 different animations.

Choose the  

Romantic Dinner for Two at The Cliffs, which includes 

  • One hour role play

  • Drinks in the bar, followed by

  • 4-course meal

Or, for added enjoyment, choose the

Romantic Dinner for Two & Dancing at The Cliffs

  • One hour role-play dinner

  • Drinks in the bar, followed by

  • Four-course meal 

  • One hour of dancing with a live DJ

Let the attentive staff at The Cliffs make your memorable evening even more so.  For rates and reservations, go to or email  


Thursday, March 10, 2022

Grand Opening of The Cliffs on 3/14/22 @ 6pm


The Cliffs is Second Life's newest restaurant specializing in role play dinners for two or dinner parties for a group by reservation only. To give you a little taste of what The Cliffs has to offer we are beginning the complimentary dessert service @ 6pm. We only have a few spots available so please secure your reservation by sending an email to Cocktails and dancing on the patio start at 7pm with music provided by DJ Una Woodrunner.

For more information Contact:


Dinner Packages:

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Amore Italiano “Go Watch, Buy or Be Bought!” Friday, February 11th, 2022


On February 11, 2022, One Light Team for Relay is hosting a “Charity Valentine Auction” and anticipates dozens of participants all over the grid to bid, buy or even watch.  Events are planned for now up unit the Auction. Our goal for “Relay For Life” is to raise $500,000.00 USD this year to help fight cancer with the American Cancer Society.

Win a Date with Josh, or any one of the 90 other participants in the Charity Auction.  Join the Valentine Hunt around the Mainland with 10 pantie prizes, each pantie will have a short love story with a clue. collect all 10 and get in our Grand Prize Raffle

To get started, hop on over to “That’s Amore CafĂ©”. There you will find directions for the hunt, or head off to one of the four Auctions board: Romance…. Friendship….. Fantasy furies & Alternative Lifestyle.  You’ll find Josh on both the FRIENDSHIP and the ROMANCE Boards AUCTION BOARDS ARE OPEN NOW!  And May the Best Bidder WIN!


Sunday, March 14, 2021

Brunel Hall- The oldest continually running hotel and the last of the grand dining restaurants


The oldest continually running hotel, and the last of the grand dining restaurants on the grid has just finished a major overhaul of the restaurant and a complete rework of the bar in the basement.  The food menus have been overhauled as well with more than 190 food items in the direct rezzer on the tables with new food items being added roughly every month.  This is a NON roleplay set restaurant, which means couples will have peace and quiet to just sit in, chat and take in the surroundings of an era of sheer decadence.  Once you have finished looking around the hall, you can then spend a few days (or more) simply exploring the 12 regions that make up The City State of New Babbage.


About Brunel Hall:  Brunel Hall Hotel has been part of the landscape of the 12 region steampunk City State of New Babbage for more than a decade.  Opened during the peak of the old Grand Dining days, Brunel Hall done something different, it didn’t charge an arm and a leg for couples to sit and look at prim (and now mesh) food sitting on a table.  Brunel Hall, and the City State of New Babbage are both non RP enforced, so modern clothing is fine to wear when exploring.


Thursday, February 14, 2019

Valentine's Day Ideas 2019 - Seersha Heart

Valentine’s day is one of the most social days of the year.  Today I spent some time around the grid checking out the festivities.  I visited a few places to let you know what is planned around the grid.

Dunk-A-Linden & Hug-A-Linden Event
LL is offering an opportunity to party with the Lindens at the Isle of View on February 14 beginning at 10 am slt.  The landing spot in the “Love Pavillion”, a large round building surrounding by hugging booths and a dance floor. Pink permeates every view from outside.  There is a gift giving kiosk that sends your special someone one of the valentine gifts pictured such as a teddy bear, roses, candy and more. Outside of the pavilion, there are walkways with heart hedges and soft lighting.  Sky is even a nice shade of pinks and purples. Be careful approaching the other pavilion. I was thrown out by a security orb, I was unable to get a comment from LL on this before writing the story. There are people exploring the SIM before the big event, if you get a chance see if this is the place you want to take your special someone.  The whole place looks like Valentine’s Day and knowing the Lindens, there will be all kinds of things going on when the activities begin on February 14.

Valentine Town 2019
When you land, turn around and you will find the Tunnel of Love.  I recommend Sunset or Dawn sun lighting. This SIM also allows flying so it is easy to get around.  The Tunnel of Love is a fully operational ride. Turn left and walk through the Welcome gate to visit the town.  Some of the trees have heart leaves in reds and pinks. The town itself looks like Whoville. The decorative hearts are lavish and large.  There is a large gathering area for the DJ and dancing. Off the dance floor are kiosks with flowers for sale. If you join the group, there is a free gift of a bullseye backpack.  You may choose from “Cupid”, “Single”, “Taken” or “Warning” to alert those around you. I wore the “Cupid” while I visited the SIM.

Valentine’s Day Street Fair in Mielville
Mieville’s Valentine’s Day Street Fair runs February 10-15.  There is shopping, gachas and various fun activities. They are hosting a special Valentine’s Dance on February 14th at 6 pm slt.  Love was in the air when I stopped by the SIM, moments after arriving a woman became very friendly with me when she saw the backpack [ “Cupid” ] from Valentine Town.  Of course I was a dashing male avi so who can blame her? I checked out the shops, one item I thought was particularly clever is a SPIKE kinetic sculpture. This item made by Liam Metaluna has a rotating heart that releases a flow of hearts periodically.  I was fascinated for several minutes watching it. There is no shortage of gifts with heart and love themes so you might consider stopping and picking up a gift before you pick up your date. At the end of the row of shopping is a large building with the dancing animations.  Again, I recommend sunset sun for most pleasing lighting.

London City Love-In
This stop is certainly popular, now attracting the newest members of SL.  They are having a month long celebration “of the heart”. This stop wasn’t as pink and red as the others, yet if you enjoy a London backdrop, this is the place to celebrate.  I would recommend this spot for a single person who wants to get out and have some conversations. Perhaps meet new friends and dance the night away. There a many avis on this SIM, 76 when I visited, so be prepared for lag.  Yet if you want to meet people, you need avis.
I have some personal “go to” romantic spots I will share with you.  Alone or with a friend, a date, I promise you will enjoy this stop.

Lost Gardens of Apollo
An old SIM maintained and charming, the dance floor here is always magical.  The light is perfect and there are stars twinkling around you as you dance. Explore the island, and you will find a Zeppelin tour and some areas to sit and to cuddle up to enjoy your surrounding.  There are lovely gardens, waterfalls and secluded places throughout the SIM.
Zeppelin tour:
Dancing area:

Ocho Tango & Cammino e Vivo Capovolto [builder]
This SIM is a visual feast.  The club Ocho Tango has tango and other dances available.  Usually I can find someone to dance with easily there without bringing a date.  It is a multilingual location so if you want to practice Spanish or French you might meet someone there to help you.  I have helped French residents with their English while visiting. The BIG reason to come here besides the great dancing is the 3D art build adjacent to it.  One of my favorite SL builders, Cammino e Vivo Capovolto, has maintained an installation here for at least four years. It remains beautiful and haunting, the building takiing care to set the windlight for maximum effect.  There are plcaes to sit and places to cuddle. It is a nice SIM to explore and spend time with someone special.

There are 89 SIMs listed as romantic on the SL Destination guide today.  These are my favorites to visit. We wish you and yours a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Fine Dining on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a special time for couples. It is the one time of year for romance and demonstrating your love for your significant other.  Showing your partner you care should be an every day event but there is something about this day that makes loving someone even more special. Time is the most valuable thing we can give.   It’s not about expensive gifts, it is about the quality of time you can give each other.
In Second Life, you can find plenty of things to share with that special someone. Here are some great  fine dining ideas to add to your day.

Fine Dining
Avatars are notoriously known for not having to eat to survive but why limit yourself from the roleplay of sharing a romantic candelit dinner with the person you love? Second Life has resturants with breathtaking views and it give you the chance to get away from the crowded club scene.  Dress your best and share great converation in a relaxing atmosphere with a glass of virtual wine.

Seaside Restaurant & Lounge
Enjoy an intimate dinner for two at the Seaside Restaurant & Lounge.  Fresh seafood daily and mouth watering entrees from around the world.  Seaside is a unique restaurant in SL were you are in charge of your dinning experience without any cost.

The Terrace
The Terrace Restaurant Lounge & Grille offering a full service realistic dining experience. Whether a romantic dinner for two or a family gathering, you are assured of being served by a unique team of professionals.
IM Jorden Andrew for reservations.

The Willows Restaurant
The Willows restaurant  was founded by Legacy MacPherson and Myket Ebonyrose in May 2015. Please respect all staff and guests. Our honeymoon suites are available for rentals as well. IM SloaneMarie for reservations.

However you decide to spend Valentine’s Day, The SL Enquirer wishes you a wonderful and love filled day.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Welcome to Mystic Pizza!- A Unique Dining & Dancing Experience in Second Life

 We are a whimsical, friendly, and romantic dating destination to bring that special someone or meet someone new. 
Our enchanting seaside pizzeria is comfy and cozy, perfect for that Intimate and romantic night on the town. You will be in good company in our friendly, (not for profit, just for the fun of sl), environment. Toss a pizza or dance the night away in a place where romance is alive and well.

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