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Showing posts with label March 2010. Show all posts

Monday, March 21, 2011

UNITED, the Ultimate Style Card Fashion Show & Competition is coming soon.

Hello SL Fashion Industry,

UNITED, the Ultimate Style Card Fashion Show & Competition is coming soon. Today we begin announcing those that have agreed to participate to make style cards come alive in July. We are happy to seeAvant Garde designers are looking forward to the chance to work with Vintage Haute Couture designers. And Accessory designers are looking forward to being inspired by their team creations. Hair designers are promising much flip action and Pose designers are going to back them up. We also have Musicians and Deejays sorting through their music to give the models a pep in their step.

Anyone that wants to be part of this historic event can still reach out to an organizer(s) and let them know “I WANT TO BE UNITED!”  Invitations are still being sent and we are waiting on commitments…so there is still time to sign up. 

Saturday, March 20, 2010

M Linden Speaks at Gallery Opening of His “Doodle Art”- Ramon Federal Reporting...
Staff Reporter
• Monday, March 29, 2010
M Linden (Linden Labs CEO Mark Kingdon) inaugurates a virtual exhibit of his “doodle art” at the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery on the University of West Australia campus

The toast of Second Life society turned out at 3 pm SLT on Saturday afternoon, March 27, 2010, to attend the opening at the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery on the University of West Australia campus of the SL exhibition of “doodle art” by M Linden, also known as Mark Kingdon, CEO of Linden Labs. This Second Life event took place in conjunction with the opening one day earlier, in RL, of a similar exhibition at the actual University of West Australia. 

Friday, March 5, 2010

Griefer Report- New Hall of Shame Inductee- Shay Sandalwood- Lanai Jarrico Reporting

3-5-2010- While minding my own business and trying to get my pop lock and drop on at Club Empire. Some Random chick rolls up on me swinging and droppin the B word on me for no apparent reason So without further adue---presenting Newest Hall of Shame inductee.....Shay Sandalwood. ~L.J

Monday, March 1, 2010

SLE Police Reports- 3/1/2010 LIKE OMG HACKER WARNING BEWARE!!!!??!!! ~Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

3/2/2010- HACKER UPDATE- jsgior32 Toxx (rezzdate 3/1/2010) who was previously mentioned as "jsgior32" now has a last name and upon reviewing the accused's profile. It read's "Yeah, I'm the one they told you about. ;)"
Lock your doors and windows folks...
Monday, March 1, 2010- According to an urgent hacker alert which began cirrculating on Monday morning amongst avies wanting to protect their fellow peeps from menaces to second life society has sadly been haulted in its tracks. I'm left bewildered and wondering what the heck is going on and why the heck am I dressed like Sherlock Holmes
I came across The actual alert which claims,
" Don't add anyone named jsgior32. She is a hacker. Tell everyone on your buddy list because if someone on your buddy list adds her, she'll be on your list too. She'll figure out your computer ID and address. So copy and paste this message to everyone on your buddy list because if she hacks them you're next. I sent this to everyone on my list; so please send this to everyone on your list.."
Upon following some leads and asking if they knew any of the actual victims of this supposed hacking, One gave me a couple leads,another never returned my call, and the other told me they didnt speak english... So I feel getting to the bottom of this would be like swimming in a pool of honey.
Still needing to know who this clown was running umuck and threatening the good people of Second Life I took it upon myself to whip up the trusty Sl Search Engine in one last ditch effort and looked up "jsgior32" myself.
Either the LL Secret Service caught wind of this Sl Problem and handled it, the accused's name is mispelled and incomplete or this Hacker never existed in the first place.
Confused and Unsure who the real source is of this Hacker alert chain letter of sorts, it makes me wonder just how effective these notices are when not enough information is given.
On behalf of Al those for Grief Control. Be safe out there Second Lifers.... but keep those eyes peeled for Griefers they can strike at any time. knowing how to defend yourself is half the battle....
~Lanai Jarrico
Reader Opinions

Astrology News-Linda Lauren, Live on The Zoe Alexander Connection, March 1, 12:00PM SL

On Monday, March 1, 2010, at 12:00PM (SL) Psychic Medium Linda Lauren will be on The Zoe Alexander Connection discussing Color and Energy. Linda is going to talk about colors and their meanings, will be taking callers questions and doing readings on what colors will help them prosper. The call in number is (347)843-4537.

Use link below to listen live or to the re-broadcast:
link to show!