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Showing posts with label fashion blooper. Show all posts

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

An Introduction to Mesh Clothing...Jaded Exonar Reporting...

 If you are a new fan of mesh clothing, you may have received the dreaded I.M, ‘You do know you’re naked, right?’. No! Well, to some, I’m afraid we are!

“My first mesh dress was beautiful. I had chosen the size, ensured it fitted perfectly to my shape, and walked confidently into a party in a PG zone. I can’t recall how many messages I was sent, but they began to ping only seconds after my ‘glamorous’ entrance. One kindonlooker even sent me a screenshot – I hang my head with pure embarrassment to admit that I was indeed, not only naked, but waving a huge coloured ball around in my hand like a drunken party crasher! “ Rhiana (Who would prefer to be mentioned by her first name only) laughs as she shares this with me, immaculately dressed in a mesh business suit, I might add!
The truth is, despite this happening some time ago, it is still a concern to many in SL. There are no requirements regarding the modesty layers, if any, to be included with mesh items, so it is up to us to guard against it! There are a few ways to do this. First, we need to know why this is happening to us!

Why am I naked?
Well, different viewers have different levels of features on offer. Some have the ability to see mesh, and others simply do not. I’ve created a fairly comprehensive list of mesh enabled viewers here, along with some useful features.
Another thing to remember is that some viewers will not view the alpha layers either! So perhaps adding a layer of underwear to your outfit is advisable!