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Showing posts with label gift. Show all posts

Saturday, December 4, 2021

The Darkness Event December - Dark Xmas- round is now open!!



Come and celebrate de Dark Xmas at the darkness event!! The Darkness Event it's open!! We open the new Darkness event, new environment, darker than ever and fashionable as always!!! Cos everyone has a dark side...come to The Darkness Event and discover yours!!!! Clothes, shoes, hair, shapes, jewels, poses, tattoos, makeup, eyes, nails, piercings, accessories... More designers, more exclusiveness....come and enjoy The Darkness Event. December 5th-28th Don´t miss the group gift by Hexakill !!

WebSite: Flickr: Flickr group: Facebook:

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas : It's Time to Gift Happiness in Second Life – Camury Reporting

It’s that time of year again.  Santa Claus will soon be an affair of every nook and corner. So it’s a time to share and care, a time to gift happiness. To be joyful and merry and celebrate as the last year passes and new beginning dawns. While the year goes on, there are many memories, which you should treasure but start afresh with your loved ones by gifting them joy and love.
Since it’s that time of the year when gifts are on everyone's mind, it’s the perfect opportunity to please your loved ones -but the stress of finding the perfect gift for your them has you crawled up in a corner praying for Santa to perform a Christmas miracle.

Don’t fret!

Below are five unique gift ideas that can make your special someone truly happy.

Couple Walker
This is a fun HUD that allows two avatars to sit on rezzed object and to move together exploring places.
The movements are realistic and you and your partner will have tons of fun because it walks almost everywhere - you can explore together fields, roads and linden roads, climb on hills, stairs, walk under linden water, in houses and other builds and any other smooth surfaces CROSSING SIMS!!! You can walk together or you can stay for the rest and some romantic moments somewhere in the place you like. No need to install anything - just rez and go!

Couple walker Price: L$ 385

Dance Hud
Does your friend like to dance? Dance Hud is a great gift for all those who have lots of dance animations in the inventory and need to organize them. All you need to do is to drop the HUD on the floor and edit it by dragging the dances to the content window. Dance Hud also lets you invite other avatars to dance and to have fun together, since  the HUD makes it possible to synchronize all the dancers.

Dance Hud Price: L$500

Christmas Cards Composer
Remember all those who are special to you by sending them a beautiful Christmas and New Year cards. Get your Christmas cards composer to make with a few clicks your personal Christmas and New Year cards. The "Card Composer" allows you to choose Xmas images and other ones to compose the card. You can also print your name and your friend's name on the card and select from hundreds of phrase combinations. You can even add your own phrases that will be written on the chat when the card is opened. Select from various Christmas songs that will be played when the card is opened.

Get your Christmas cards composer price 0 L ( Once you are done building a card on the composer you need to transfer the built card to a blank card.
Blank cards are 95 L$ each or 5 cards for 380 L$)

Photography Services:
Nothing is more fun than gifting your friend or partner with a photo shoot. In addition to having fun, during the photo shoot, your friend will win photos for his/her profile, or to decorate his/her Sky-box, home or retreat.
The artist Baudrillard offers original and stunning photographs with full modification permissions so they can be resized and suitable for different uses.

Photography services price: starting from L$ 299

Feel free to IM the artist and schedule a photo shoot, and check out his store at:

A pet is a gift that can melt the hardest of hearts and please the whole family. A.I. Friends offers multiple breeds of playful puppies and cuddly kittens that you can dress, feed, bathe and play with. You can take the whole family to the store to choose the preferred breed or buy the pet as a gift, in the marketplace.

What is always important to remember is that some of the best gifts cannot be wrapped. They are the thoughts and gestures that come directly from the heart and can turn a good partnership into a truly great one.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Christmas Present for New Residents at Seychelles Isle- From Irishgent

The Seychelles Isles are very important to me; my heart and soul goes into the community and you are all a part of that family. So I want to thank you for being here and being with me on this journey to create a real community on Second Life.

We have the most amazing people here as well as businesses and event hubs.  We also have the newest and largest airport on Second Life as well as an active and social yacht club with regular sailing events.    Our staff is second to none in terms of their commitment to the islands and to you.  We continue to build on that and extend what we do to make this the only place you need to be.  We hope you feel that way too.  If there is anything you would like to see that we aren't already doing, please contact me or Pippa Rexen, who is assisting me on ongoing development projects.

Christmas is a time for giving, and I want to give you all a very special Christmas present of a permanent reduction to your cost to live on these islands.

We are offering a special discount to all new residents for the first 3 months at 9,000 LS Weekly for a whole sim and 4,500 weekly for a half sim.  

Other Parcels:

1/4 Homestead (937 prims) at 2,250 Ls per week
1/5 Homestead (750 prims) at 1,875 Ls per week
Dock Spaces varied prices (will modify to meet your needs)

Very soon we will be showcasing our businesses to you and inviting you all to meet and greet events at all of our social hubs. We hope you will come and join us.  We have some very special events lined up for you over the Christmas period too.

With all best season greetings,

Seychelles Isles Estate Owner

Buying the Perfect Christmas Gift for a Friend or Lover- Tea Couturier Reporting...

It is that time of year again for planning your holiday shopping and finding that perfect gift for your partner or loved ones. It can be difficult finding that one thing that will bring a smile to the gift receiver’s face. I have searched the grid to help you find that perfect gift for Christmas.

For Her

EarthStones Diamond Tennis Set - Platinum

Anything at Earthstones would make a fine gift but this is a lovely gift to be given as every woman loves diamonds. This classic diamond tennis set is a must in every woman's wardrobe. Available in platinum or gold and low lag size scripted for easy fitting and wearing. Created by EarthStone it is defiantly worth the purchase.  L$1,099

For Him

EarthStones Perfect Fit Set - His & Hers Silver (BOX)

To show your partner how much you love him why not surprise him with this necklace.  He will wear half and you will wear the other. I feel this is a perfect present for couples. A set of paired puzzle piece necklaces to share with your spouse, partner, soulmate, or anyone you feel that makes a perfect connection.
Pendants are crafted in your choice of hammered gold or silver and feature a gemstone accent with a birthstone (or rez stone) menu. Wear your stone, your partner's stone, or whatever stone matches your outfit for the day.
Set includes two transferable necklaces and a stone guide for each of you. Sets are available in His/Hers, Hers/Hers, and His/His. Matching Earrings are also available. L$899



Watches make perfect gifts. Not only is it a great accent for any outfit, it is functional. This Mandale unisex watch will be perfect for any gender. This stylish and luxurious, delicate and distinct design. 
The “MANDALA” SITENNOAH watch & bracelet comes with:
1.Unrigged MESH
2. Unisex
3. Possible to set all time zone.
4 metallic colors,7 face colors can be selected by HUD.
5. There are 5 types included in one package.
6, Chain-belt type watch + bracelet
7. Leather-belt type watch + bracelet
9 Leather-belt type watch (without bracelet)
10. Chain-belt type watch (without bracelet)
11. Bracelet only type

This watch is equipped with a script of the unprecedented lowest load.
It is very comfortable.
The low load mode provides a condition that puts no load
by concealing the moving second hand. (It can be switched by HUD.)
Resize is possible by touching watch object without wearing HUD.
The MANDALA mesh and textures are 100% original

For the House

!! Follow US !! Sugar Snow Christmas tree (3 sizes) COPY version

How can we forget a treat for our home and why not a Christmas Tree? It can be hard finding that right tree that doesn’t cost a fortune or look unnatural.  I found this cute yet well decorated tree from Follow US . It comes in 3 sizes and is copiable.
The presents under the tree are also included.  The tree comes in different sizes and all for only 18 prims.
Price:  L$129


[Phunk] Mesh Women's Ugly Christmas Sweater (8 Designs)

What is Christmas gift giving without surprising someone with an ugly holiday sweater? It is a must for the prankster in you.
For a fun idea this jumper is also available for men. It comes in 3 different mesh sizes and would make a funny gift for a friend, partner or family member.

Whatever you decide to choose for gift giving always remember lavish presents are lovely but it is the thought that counts.

Happy Christmas Shopping!