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Friday, January 23, 2015

Spotlight on the Elegant Luciano's Jazz Club & Lounge – Sunny Love Holiday Reporting…

Fans of Jazz music know that Jazz is synonymous with elegance, class, and grace. So one would, of course, want the venue that they enjoy their favorite Jazz music in to possess the same qualities. In order to truly enjoy and have a realistic experience at an jazz venue in Second life, the atmosphere must be light hearted, fun, friendly and “all that Jazz”. After attending the grand opening of Luciano's Jazz Club & Lounge, I was convinced that this lounge not only upheld all the qualities previously mentioned but so much more.

As soon as I teleported to the red carpet, my imagination sent me to a very upscale Jazz club in New York. I was quickly greeted by the lounge manager Sydney de Prata with a warm smile. After showing me my seat with a few friends that had already arrived, my heart was warmed with the flow of music and drinks. I waited with anticipation for Luciano de Prata to take the stage, and grace the packed room with his voice. 

Now, I have heard many live singers before, but none with such a silky smooth voice as Mr. de Prata. As the drink flowed and the dancing began I snuck up to the 2nd level on an elevator quite unique to second life……where I was glad to see another bar (more liquor…yay!), and classy lounge area that included a greedy table. Everyone was down stairs enjoying the event but I imagined men with black tie suits and cigars would be filling this lounge up once word got out. I was completely impressed overall with the event, and as any good reporter would, I contacted the lounge staff to find out more information. I was delighted that Mr. de Prata agreed to meet with me knowing how busy his schedule was. 

The following is the delightful conversation Mr. de Prata and I had:

Sunny: Hello Luciano, Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with me today. Wow the venue is very lovely. I understand the great Catta Grizot, the creator of Atrium Designs built this club for you. Please explain to our readers the story behind the design.

Luciano: I'd love to. Even though I am Norwegian I've spent most of my adult life in New York,      where I've worked in music and entertainment. One of the theaters I kept returning to always caught my eye in a special way. It was so timeless and inspiring. The Bowery Ballroom originally built as a shoe store in 1929, believe it or not. I took inspiration from that for the facade of Luciano's. That is however the only similarity it has with the Bowery. I don't have the skill-set for building this as I wanted it to be, but Catta Grizot happens to be a good and old friend of mine. She loved the idea, and together we had it finished in about a month. She did it amazingly, I must say. No wonder she is so successful.

Sunny: Wow…..that is wonderful, and I must say it looks very real life like. What was your inspiration for opening Luciano's Jazz Club & Lounge?
Luciano: Throughout my years in Second Life, it was most of all the incredible live music that made me stay. I particularly love the ballroom jazz clubs that has become a true SL trademark.
Still, I always wished for a more intimate kind of Jazz Club as well. Like you would find in Manhattan's theater district or the Latin district in Paris. A quaint venue with that certain timeless atmosphere. That is why I decided to create Luciano's.

Sunny: Ah I see. I was able to attend the Grand Opening which occurred on December 27th, 2014, and I must say I felt the intimate, elegant, and timeless atmosphere as soon as I walked in the door so job well done. Since then, your jazz club has reached the top 10 of jazz clubs on every Saturday on the traffic stats…..that has to be exciting. What do you think helps contribute to the overnight success?

Luciano: Well, I like to think this was not a long-shot. Neither was it a spontaneous project. I have been toying with this idea for years, and built the venue about 20 times in my head. But timing seemed right now, and I got all the right people involved in the process.

Sunny: Yes, I think great staff always makes the difference! Speaking on staff….How many musical acts do you have currently playing here?

 Luciano: We have live concerts with a series of singers every Friday and Saturday as well as DJ's. So far this year we have booked acts throughout April, most of them for several gigs. I believe 8 different singers in total.

 Sunny: Other than Jazz…….What type of music is featured at your club?

Luciano: Naturally we try to feature as much jazz music as possible, but we also play quite a bit of blues, pop, rock and a bit of Latin American music.

Sunny: Always nice to give a variety. So tell me….where can people find out about upcoming events at Luciano's Jazz Club & Lounge?

Luciano: We have a very active Facebook page that I would recommend checking out. The web address is Also, people would be wise to join our group in-world. As we advertise all live music events there.

 Sunny: There are many talented people in sl who are always looking for a warm, and comfortable club like yours to perform at. How would one go about auditioning to perform at your club?

Luciano: Every Thursday we have Open Mic sessions between 5 pm and 7 pm slt. If someone stands out at one of those we will often offer them to come back to do a paid concert. Also singers and agents should feel free to approach me personally if they wish to play here. I pick all acts for the lounge myself.

 Sunny: Oh I am sure you have a great eye for talent. I was really impressed with your natural singing voice…..Have you been preforming in SL long, or did you just decide to do it for your club?

Luciano: I've been performing all my life, but I never thought I would be doing it in SL. It was in fact just after opening the club; I realized it would make a lot of sense to occasionally do a concert myself as well. And I've quite enjoyed it, to be perfectly honest. But I still prefer to come in here on a Saturday, sit at the bar with a glass of red, and listen to someone else blow the audience and myself away.

Sunny: That is amazing! I truly enjoyed meeting with you today. I am quite sure you are going to be doing big things in 2015. I wish you nothing but success! Thanks you for your time.

Please take time and visit Luciano's Jazz Club & Lounge, located on the wonderful sim of Lago De Prata The staff makes you feel at home, the atmosphere is inviting, and Luciano's voice is heavenly. Take your special someone for a night on the town, you won't regret it.

Client Preferred Contact: Luciano de Prata or Sydney de Prata


  1. Great venue! And a great article too :)

  2. I love this place. Something SL really needed for a long time!


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