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Showing posts with label motorcycles. Show all posts

Monday, January 24, 2022

Spotlight on SIngh Automotive - SLE Reporting

With all the teleporting going on in Second Life, it’s rare to see avatars behind the wheel. You usually find cars on race tracks or in family roleplay communities. With all the roads to travel wouldn't it be nice to take one of your favorite cars for a spin, hit the track, or roll up and impress your friends or that avatar you’ve had your eye on? 

Singh Automotive of Second is RP and family-friendly. Ramesh SIngh is the creator and has been in business since 2019 and continues to create great quality cars at fair prices. The vehicles are geared for city driving, whether it be on the mainland, a private region, or a community sim.  Vehicles can be modified so you can add your own items and plate textures. Custom work is also available for roleplay and family needs. 

There are over 120 Models available from older classics to newer cars, motorcycles, and Trucks too! Live customer service is also available. With support like that, you will be dropping some lindens on a luxury car experience and living your best SLife! 

The SL Enquirer caught up with Ramesh to learn more about SIngh Automotive and what he has to offer car enthusiasts across the grid.

Interview with Ramesh SIngh 

SLE: Ramesh it is a pleasure to meet you.  I must say, the work you put into your vehicles shows great attention to detail. What inspired you to get into the auto industry in Second Life?

Ramesh:  Well growing up I always had an affinity for cars, and I always loved the thought of having my own brand.

SLE: Do you personally create all your vehicles? 

Ramesh:  I have some help, my SL family helps me tune things.  The shells are pre-made and acquired and we add our scripts and flair to them.  

SLE: It is great to have family and friends around to help you test your products. Tell our readers what kind of customizations do you do?   

Ramesh:  In the past, we have added trailers, lightbars, made an emergency services vehicle. There are a lot of options.

SLE: Your customers have to like the optional customizations. What is your price range from standard to all souped-up rides?

Ramesh: I try to keep the prices low and fair. 500 to 1500, with most being right in the middle.

SLE: That is very affordable, so many times you find something with the quality you produce to be priced a lot higher. I am sure you pass the savings to your customers brings in a lot more business. What type of vehicles is on your showroom floor? 

Ramesh:  The main lot has a lot on display, from family cars to sports cars.  There are demo rezzers to test everything.

SLE: Demo rezzers are great. They allow residents to try before they buy. How realistic are your vehicles? Such as standard and automatic, working blinkers, wipers, and other features? 

Ramesh:  We try to make them as realistic as possible, blinkers are easy, any vehicle can be auto or manual.  Wipers are something we are adding.

SLE: Do you offer any features to your vehicles that other vehicle designers do not offer?

Ramesh:  At the moment we pride ourselves on being customer service oriented, however, we are in the process of working on a luxury brand with some exclusive features.

SLE: Your work is fantastic. You also sell motorcycles at your location. Is that part of SIngh Automotive?

Ramesh:  Right now we are an authorized reseller of Motodesign bikes, a lovely creator in SL.

SLE: I've driven many vehicles and motorcycles in Second Life from freebie scooters, motorcycles, and sports cars but I always seem to fly off the road and land at the bottom of the ocean. Control seems to be the biggest issue. How can avatars drive the cars you create? Is their a hud? If so, how do you use it?

Ramesh:  We do have a HUD however I don't prefer it.  The best way to avoid losing control is to make sure your vehicle is modifiable and change the settings to what is comfy.  It can depend on where you are, the lag, the type of region, computer quality. We do offer to help find that optimum setting for you, whether you want to Roleplay it out as a service call or just fine-tune it together

SLE: Great advice! Thank you. It is a nice service you offer to help the customer find the best settings for them to get the most out of their vehicle. Do you offer driving lessons for those of us who can’t seem to drive without the risk of being pulled over and given a sobriety test?

Ramesh: chuckles:  Actually the family RP sim I currently live in, I actually run a driving school.  So Cedar Creek would be where to come for those free lessons.

SLE: Might have to sign Orion up for a course, he drives his motorcycle into the garage a lot. So, can you tell our readers are you currently hiring? If so, what positions do you have available?  

Ramesh:  We are always looking for RP mechanics for our lots in Family communities, those don't pay lindens tho.  Otherwise, we are looking for a marketing manager.

SLE: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Ramesh:  Just that this endeavor is designed to be fun, and I enjoy meeting new people and talking cars.  I hope if anyone enjoys that as well they would reach out.

Additional Information:


Group:  secondlife:///app/group/b042196e-8d67-e60e-b2d0-53c0a5671c60/about



Preferred Contact:


Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Spotlight on Maverick’s MC @ Ruffneck Falls- Respect, Diversity, Inclusion, Friendship, Fellowship, and Fun.- SLE Reporting...


Motorcycle Clubs in the real world are usually organized by the riding type, style, brand of bike or events and have evolved since the early 1900s when it is said MCs first originated right after world war II with the New York Motorcycle Club, which merged with the Alpha MC of Brooklyn to become the federation of American Motorcyclists. Eventually, it grew into the American Motorcyclist Association. 

Today there are many motorcycle clubs around the world involved in charity rides and other activities for the greater good slowly shedding the stigma of criminal activities by the biker gangs considered “outlaws” of society.

In Second Life, you can be part of a Motorcycle club and virtually ride across scenic terrains with your group of friends and be involved in charity events and other fun and entertaining activities without spending a single lick of gas or running up miles on your hog or crotch rocket. 

The great thing about MCs in Second Life is the bond it creates between members from around the world, sharing a virtual highway.  The SL Enquirer caught up with Maverick’s MCs owner  Λ G (angelor.galanter) and his business partner  Karlee (karlee.heartsong) to learn more about this motorcycle club and what it stands for.

Interview with Λ G (angelor.galanter) and Karlee (karlee.heartsong) 

SLE: Before we get into Maverick’s MC @ Ruffneck Falls, we’d love to know where you are from and how you discovered Second Life?

Λ G: I am in California and have lived here for many years. I became the sole parent, both mother, and father, if you will, of my youngest daughter who was 6 at the time. I wanted a way for us to play together and learn together. So, supervised, I joined SL to let her play barbie on a safe sim.

Karlee:  I live in Colorado. My RL husband introduced me to SL about 10 years ago. I hated it but tried it again a few years later and I am still here.

SLE: AG that’s an awesome way to bond with your child and Karlee glad you gave SL another shot.  Would you consider Second Life an extension of your real life or just a game to pass some time?

Λ G:  From day 1 I have acted and believed that SL is an extension and an enhancement of my real life (think video-conference with friends and loved ones!).

Karlee: I consider SL to be an extension of real-life as my feelings are involved here. I have found a great community, love to build, and even talk to many people I met here, outside of SL proper.

SLE: What inspired you to create  Maverick’s MC @ Ruffneck Falls? Can you tell our readers more about your MC motto and what you expect from members?

Λ G: Very simply we are an upscale hybrid MC within the mainstream of SL'ers who love SL and being part of a community for connection, adventure, and fun. We seek anyone who loves motorcycles, MC way of life, and brings skills, talents, and passion. 

Our Motto is Respect, Diversity, Inclusion, Friendship, Fellowship, and Fun.

We expect our members to be themselves, and share their journey in SL/life with us as we do with them.

Karlee: Angelor and I both have set this as our mission.

SLE: That is a great motto. Are you all invite-only or can anyone go to the MC events or is it exclusively for members only?

 Λ G: In general, our MC is open to the public, including events and concerts. Anyone can come and simply hang out if they enjoy the community Karlee and I (and many others) have created.

Karlee: I think other than those events specifically for patched members, anyone can join in. We love having people here and visiting with them.

SLE: That is great you are open to the public, please tell our readers more of the  types of events do you host?

Λ G: Our MC, which Karlee and I both envisioned together, and have hosted DJs and Live singers. We look forward to other events during rallies, bike build-offs, and, perhaps, even re-imagining products and services that are a benefit to the MC community as a whole.

SLE: How can visitors interested in becoming a patched member of Maverick’s MC @ Ruffneck Falls join the MC and be part of your community?

Λ G: My first suggestion for anyone is to come to meet us, ride our tracks, and get a feel for who, what, why, and how we operate. We, essentially, have no restrictions as to race, creed, sex, sexual orientation, physical or mental conditions, religious/political affiliations, or citizenship. If members can't ride directly, they can either ride as a passenger for our ride-outs or be a non-riding but equally essential contributing patched member.

 Karlee: The way I see it, people should attempt to get to know the current members of Mavericks MC by joining our support group, attending our events, hanging out with us, and deciding if what we offer would be what they would want in their lives. After that, fill out an application to join and go from there.

SLE:  There are multiple Motorcycle clubs in Second Life. What separates Maverick’s MC from the rest?

Λ G:  I think a more important part is how we "fit" the fabric of all the MCs. MCs are all different but work together for the community as a whole. Every MC is a unique part of the larger community on a spectrum of all possible human potentials. Basically, we can't separate ourselves from other MCs anymore than people can separate themselves from humanity.

Karlee: In addition to that, Mavericks are different in that we are not fighting or griefing MC. We are here to enjoy our lives, have a great time with a community that all of us have built together.

SLE:  Many MCs do a lot for the community. Orion is a rider and has done many Toys for Tots and Poker Runs and many other charity rides. What kind of charities are you involved in or special events within Second Life?

Λ G:  As a vet myself, as well as Karlee, I am going to defer to her answer on that, she summarizes it so well. I will add that we assist other MCs with creating and building their sims, tracks, or any other projects they ask us to help with. We've shared the essence of our bylaws with others, as well. In addition, Karlee and I are working on tech products that will be useful not only in MCs but SL in general that will be free to all who wish to use them.

Karlee: We had a Wounded Warrior Project event on Memorial Day and we are currently planning where we go from there. Basically, as veterans, we not only hold events but help out other MCs with their events whenever possible.

SLE: Are you looking for more patched members or people for support? Can you tell us if you are currently recruiting or hiring for any positions within the motorcycle club?

Λ G:  We just started our recruitment drive about two weeks ago. This drive includes classified ads, notifications, posters, and more. Realistically, it's about us as an MC getting out there meeting/greeting people and making alliances primarily outside of MC's. There are many SL'ers who don't even know that up to 200 full track sims exist for their enjoyment. We can't and do not accept other current MC members or those who recently left an MC. (See our Recruitment Poster)

SLE: You have a Dedicated Highway here on the sim, can you tell our readers more about that?

Λ G: Yes, well, if you have anything you'd like to dedicate a track to you can. Passed or living. rip or birthday, especially vets, disabled, retired, and more.  it puts heart in what we do. We also have a Wounded Warrior Sign up and HFOT kiosk to donate for homes for our troops

Karlee: I did one level for a real-life navy friend of mine who passed away recently. The honorarium stays up for one month.

SLE: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Karlee: We welcome everyone to come to visit Mavericks MC @ Ruffneck Falls to enjoy the natural and beautiful tracks that we have here. We have 15 total tracks. 13 of these are nice wide tracks with beautiful surrounds, a speed track to test your skills on, and our newest track, Blade Runner.

 Λ G:  I will add our primary mission: Mavericks MC's mission is to create, join, and participate in SL events, including ride-outs and/with other MCs, public, and related activities. Ride Outs typically highlight our connections with each other in a fun and unique way (usually in-voice).

Mavericks MC, Angelor Galanter, is one of many MC Estate owners and SL Estate owners spearheading a movement to eradicate griefing as a tool to strike fear in Owners of sims and businesses, and causing a huge loss in traffic and revenue. If you are an Estate owner and wish to join get an invite 


 here is the link: 



MC Command and Sim Owners Alliance. It is really up to all Estate Owners to insist griefing remain inside of RP sims.

Maverick’s MC

Monday, August 3, 2020

9 Lives on 2 Wheels- The Ghost Explorer

You may not notice me but I am watching you.  From a corner at the Japan Tempura Island, or maybe at a club while you are listening to your favorite singer and dancing your heart away.  I am watching you.

I am reading your profile and after measuring how exciting a second life you live, I will see your picks or the places you like to hang out at. 

Creepy?  Well, thank you very much but that is how I have accumulated the most amazing map of exciting places to visit in SL.  Last month, After landing at an SL trailer park concert, I followed a suggestion for The Wastelands.  Upon arriving, I realized that I needed a bike.  Of course we all have those cheap copies in our inventory.  I wanted a real bike and nothing else will do. I selected the highly recommended Fatal Customs Chopper.  At the store, I was welcomed by Fate, the owner. Super cool guy who looks like he eats his breakfast while surfing during a tsunami in shark infested water.  He showed me a wide selection of Harleys and like a ghost in a candy store, I picked the first Black Classic Fatboy I saw and TP'd back to the Wastelands.  I was not disappointed.  The ride was pure power and I felt like Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man rolled into one. 

 My bike is powerful, practical, playful and pimping.  It can even fly!  Now, the thing with Fatal Customs is that once you purchase a bike from them, you become part of the family.  I truly was not expecting that in SL and here it is; A Second Life Store with First Class Service.  Needless to say that I went back to Fatal Customs several times afterwards and actually, thanks to Fate, I am the proud owner of a Springer Softail, a Knuckle Duster, a Lane Splitter Red and an Angel of Death.  

Now I look for places where I am allowed to rez my bikes and roam this strange land.  I used to walk alone and now...I ride alone.  

Don't worry, I will still be watching you and reading your profile, but it will be at 200 miles an hour.

What are you riding?

The Ghost Explorer

Monday, November 4, 2019

Attention; Fashion Designers and Motorcycle Creators wanted! December 4th-December 7th

If you create fashions or if you build motorcycles, here is your invitation to the very first Bike N Biker Fashion Event on SecondLife.
Cobras MC World.
The event will run from Wednesday, December 4th through Saturday, December 7th, with Friday at 10 am slt and Friday at 6pm slt being the original shows and the "Run-Off" will be on Saturday at 3pm slt.
Per team winners will get a trophy for both the fashion designer and the bike builder for their shops, a 4- page spread in the Biker NEWS about their winning creations, and the following prize monies,

The entry fee is reasonable, just ONE outfit and One Bike Voucher from each team to add to our auction boards.
There will be two different runway shows. The winner of each show will then compete in the final showing.

Each bike may have the number of riders that would normally be placed on that type of bike build. However, you are limited to three outfits. All must go along with the theme and or spirit of the bike build.

One model will be expected to drive the bike down the runway, stop it, go through all the poses, turn the bike around and then proceed back up the other side of the runway. Everyone will get a chance to practice this.

The Event will open on Wednesday. Vendors may purchase a vendor space for the event with 50 prims, available for 200 linden or may get their 50 prim stall available for a hunt prize (hidden in their own space) and 50 lindens. We would love to have you be part of our hunt during this event.
Please contact Susie Ocello or Mightbe Shelter for more information on this fantastic Bike and Biker Fashion Event.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Grand Opening of the New “CSC - Crossing Sands Customs” flagship store!

Check out the very realistic custom bikes for beginners and professional bikers. 

The bikes are modified by a professional RL biker and each model has its own individual driving characteristics.

Check out our bikes and make a test ride on the adjacent race track.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Learn to Ride with the Cobra's!

On Sunday, November 6th, at 11:30 am slt, and again on Sunday, November 20th, Cobra's MC World  would like to encourage you to come out and learn to ride an SL Motorcycle.  
Members of the riding community will be there to show you how SL motorcycles work, a bit about how to tune your ride to your own style and give you a chance to ride a bit.  Then you can join us at our track, ride with us on a regular ride, and  meet some more of the SL motorcycle community.
LET'S RIDE!  (A very good 1 Linden motorcycle will be available for class entrants or bring your own.)

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Go For a Ride on Hellz Highway

Hellz Highway is a beautiful countryside full sim track. As your your enjoy your ride on a smooth timed track with regular restarts. Take in the beautiful scenery as you ride  there are numerous spots to stop and cuddle, have a picnic, take a pic, or just swing into the waffle house for a hot cup of coffee. Great motorcycle vendors to try out out a bike right on the track and purchase there products right there. There is the Sh*t Hole to shake what momma give ya while Dj's play your favorite tunes,or a place to sweep that special someone in your life off their feet and dance in the clouds. Photography studio and professional photographer on site with great prices and instant pics.Everyone's welcome and MC friendly, a neutral zone. It's just like being home, we'll leave the light on for ya!

 Big surprises to announced in the future.