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Showing posts with label off tilt. Show all posts

Friday, May 2, 2014

AVIE POLL: Catching Avies off Guard – Glossom Resident Reporting

What If a stranger contacted you to ask you something that makes no sense? Would you ignore it, reply nonsense back or would you try to understand?  Are second lifers humorous or grumpy? To which side the scale weighs more?

The SLE’s PE (SL Enquirer’s Private Eye) took action on finding the answer to those questions and went around asking avatars some very off tilt questions to see if and how they would respond. The result was simply hilarious.

With a stained reputation and a big label on my forehead saying “Crazy”, I have a feeling of mission accomplished. Today avatars will login to a more confused and hopefully humorous Second Life.

Given the nature of this mission, we will keep the participants names anonymous. Sit back, enjoy and try not to laugh. I challenge you!