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Showing posts with label performer. Show all posts

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Second Life's Loved Performer - Stephanniyah Sinatra


As one of Second Life's best loved performers, Stephanniyah's performances take it to the next level. Her controlled, powerful voice and unique vocal stylings transform each song! She performs re-imagined R&B, Pop, Indie, and Jazz songs.



To book Stephanniyah, please contact her directly by notecard or reach out to a member of her management team:

Dane Voxel
Aurora (aurora9099)

Monday, June 14, 2021

Spotlight on Rogue Galaxy - It's all about the Music! Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

"Where words fail, music speaks."- Hans Christian Andersen

Originally from Canada, Rogue Galaxy resides in upstate New York. She is a seasoned musician/vocalist with a timbre and tone of her voice unique to the Blues, but she also performs Rock, Jazz, Rockabilly, Pop, and more. In Second Life,  Rogue makes you feel every word she sings at her performances.  Her distinct voice and musical style will charm the hearts of all.

Her talent goes beyond Second Life. As a  2020 People's Choice Sammy Award Nominee (Syr. NY), Rogue Galaxy is a seasoned musician/vocalist. Her vocals are described as sultry, bluesy, and smoky and she performs a variety of music for dinner parties, restaurants, galleries, cafes, wineries, breweries, festivals, concerts, and private engagements. Rogue was heavily involved in her local music scene and ran various groups both online and off until the pandemic hit.  

Interview with Rogue Galaxy

SLE: Hi Rogue, thank you for taking the time to sit with me for this interview. You have over 20 years of experience in the music industry. Can you tell us a little about your music background and how you discovered Second Life?

Rogue: Hello Lanai, you’re welcome, and thank you for asking me to do this interview! To be honest I grew up around music. My father always played in bands and had jam sessions and parties at our house. There was never a dull moment! Lol... I grew up singing with him and in school and church choirs etc. I discovered SL back in 2006, a friend asked me to join, I created my avatar Artemis Vandeverre, and was soon on the way to discovering a whole new world. I sang as Artemis from 2007 – 2009, then stopped singing, as I bought a sim and created this avatar Rogue became a businesswoman rented out land and shops, and created female shapes called Rogue Shapes. Lol WOW.. that seems like a lifetime ago! but that lasted about 2 years and then I ended up renting out the sim for 10 years.. and last year came back in-world to enjoy it and sing again.

SLE: Wow you are a Jane of all SL trades! I’m glad to hear you returned back to SL to share your talent. With your real-life music career taking a hit during the Pandemic, do you see things getting back to normalcy?

Rogue: Things are starting to happen here, they are slowly getting back to normal, although, even though I am vaccinated, I can still carry the germs.. and as a singer, I personally take precautions as I don’t want to make anyone sick, so I have decided that for me personally, I will perform at outside only venues and will have a sneeze screen barrier in front of me, so I don’t project directly to my audience. I would never want to be responsible for making anyone sick or worse. SO yeah... it’s a lot to think about and wrap your head around.

SLE: The pandemic has affected so many real-life venues, it is great that you have a plan for you returning with only outside venues for now. At least you are getting back into it. So, trying to juggle a real-life music career with  Mohawk Valley Open Mic and a variety of local open mics in your area. Do you find your time divided equally?

Rogue: I’ve always attended live shows in SL from the time I started here. If I'm not busy performing... I'm promoting, attending other music events, etc.

SLE: You’re always busy, that is good. So tell the readers since you have a wide range of vocal talents. Do you personally have a favorite that you use as your “go-to” when you feel the need to pump up the crowd, or even get yourself in better energy for a crowd?

Rogue: I’m a blues gal at heart, but I love all genres of music.. If I need to boost people's spirits. Everyone seems to like CCR and I’ve done CCR tributes here, they were very well received and people have a lot of fun!

SLE: Since you have been performing in Second Life, have you ever dual streamed with any other artist, or is there an artist you would like to dual-stream with?

Rogue: No, I’ve never dual streamed, but I’m talking dual streaming with UglyBill, he’s a wonderful performer! I think dual streaming would be great fun! I can’t wait to try it!

SLE: We would love to hear that! Second Life is a great platform for artists of all kinds. Have you personally brought anyone into Second Life to either perform or just show them what the virtual worlds have to offer?

Rogue: Oh yes, I brought many friends in to hang out and explore over the years! Some who lived in a different country, so we could talk and hang out.. the virtual worlds are great for connecting. However, I haven’t brought any musicians in, but members of my acoustic trio are up for it.. so I may host an acoustic concert in the future! 

SLE: Well you will have to let us know when you do, we would love to promote it for you. How do you prefer to get booking requests? Also, do you have a group that fans can join for your performance notifications?

Rogue: If people are interested in booking me, they can just drop me a notecard. I always put out an info board at my sets but I just made a HUD I can hand out to people at my shows. They attach it and can click on it for all of my info, like my song list, booking info, websites, Facebook, etc. it’s a great lil gadget... I love being creative in SL!

SLE: I like that idea of a hud to give out all your information. So tell us, when you aren’t performing, what do you like to do In SL?

Rogue: Well, when I’m not performing, I co-host Open Mic for musicians and vocalists at my UglyBills BawdyHaus bi-weekly on Mondays, I like to go listen to other musicians! Katia Portugal, Mavenn, UglyBill, Cammy Carter 😊  to name a few, I like to visit some of my favorite venues to see what's going on, and I like to explore various regions from around the world

SLE: So Rogue in closing is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Rogue: nothing to add here.. 😊

Additional Information



GROUP: Rogue Galaxy - The Mojo Mama  




BOOKINGS: Send notecard directly to Rogue Galaxy

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Roxanne Ysabel – A Rising Star in the Music World-Brooke Blackburn Reporting

 Music influences so much of our everyday lives we take it for granted. From turning on the radio in our car to slipping on a pair of earbuds to go for a jog, we all need music to entertain us. This year has been one for the history books and incredibly hard on the vast majority of people in the world. It is at this time we need music to lift us up and invoke the emotions needed to get us through these difficult times. Music has been a great passion of mine, and to get a chance to experience some of the world’s great singers is a dream of mine. I was at Coachella in 2006, I was at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary in 2009, and I was at the Fleetwood Mac “On with the show” tour in 2014 to name a few. But with real life venues canceling concerts and social distancing concerns, finding an outlet for great live music has been a challenge. So many of us need to have music to provide us with the entertainment and hope for a better future. But more than that we need it from great singers that can convey that with the heart and soul that touch us emotionally. 

One way to get that live music fix is to attend the myriad of music stages Second Life has to offer. Almost 24 hours a day you can be entertained with exceptional talent from around the world. One of those rising stars is Roxanne Ysabel. She has a vocal range few can match and although she prefers to sing Jazz and Blues, has a wide variety of songs on her list she has mastered. 

I was able to catch up with Roxanne one summer evening and with the vast number of talent Second Life has to offer, this is one performer you will want to go out of your way to hear. Her rendition of the song River Deep, Mountain High could give Celine Dion a run for her money! 

Roxanne Ysabel arrived in Second Life November 20, 2009, and quickly took to the music scene, starting to perform with a voice that is destined for greatness. Her lyrical style is more comfortable with Aretha Franklin and Frank Sinatra but can venture out to artists like Michael Bublé, Rihanna, and Beyoncé. 

Her set that night consisted of:

  • Fire – Pointer Sister

  • I wanna dance with somebody – Whitney Houston

  • Give it to me right – Melanie Fiona

  • Turn me on – Norah Jones

  • River Deep, Mountain High – Tina Turner

  • Chain of Fools – Aretha Franklin

Interview with Roxanne Ysabel (Roxy):

Brooke Blackburn (BB): At What age did you first start singing?

Roxy: Probably since I was about 6 months old lol. My mother said I would hum entire songs from the radio and commercials. But my first performance was of course when I was about 9 in church.

BB: So, you were encouraged by your family to sing?

Roxy: Yes, my father’s family all sang or played instruments in southern Baptist church. When they found out you could sing or play they would stick you right in front of the church and say “Go for it!!”

BB: How long have you been singing in Second Life?

Roxy: Since 2011, singing was the first thing I ever did in Second Life. The first word I typed in search was “Karaoke”.

BB: How much of your life has been dedicated to music?

Roxy: Most of it. I would say I was always in some type of chorus or choir, then went on to do my first year of high school in a performing arts repertory company. As a young adult, I also was in a theater group in my city and we did musical dramatic performances.

BB: Do you sing and perform in Real Life now?

Roxy: Not anymore, for a while when I turned 30, I gave birth to a special needs child and I felt my time was best spent at home with him and so Second Life is my main outlet for performing. 

BB: And Second Life allows you the time to look after you child and sing?

Roxy: Yes, it does, and I’m very grateful for this platform. 

BB: Is Jazz your favorite style of music or do you prefer something else?

Roxy: Jazz and Blues are like my forte, but I always believed in reaching. You can never better yourself if you don’t push your limits… River Deep is a really fun song. It’s my newest addition to the “Roxanne pushes herself secret song list”.

BB: What artists have influenced you or who are your favorite singers?

Roxy: Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Tina Turner, Chaka Khan, Nina Simone, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin….

(BB) Do you write songs? Have you written anything original?

Roxy: There is actually an old song on my YouTube channel written by me. It needs to be revamped, maybe it’s what I’ll start with…

BB: Do you sing any original songs in your Second Life sets?

Roxy: Oh, that would be great but it’s scary too.

BB: Well you like to push yourself, and we are always the most critical about ourselves. 

Roxy: Yes I do and it’s something I will be considering over the next year. Believe it or not I’m very shy, so something like that has the fear of god in me and yes even after all these years I still get butterflies.

BB: For booking who can fans contact?

Roxy: I have a manager, her name is Sol Mercury, and she can handle all inquiries about me from bookings to my song list.

BB: What is your fee?

Roxy: I ask the venue for L$3000 per show.


Roxanne Ysabel is an act few can follow. Check her out at one of the many venues around Second Life and one of her goals is to perform at the main stage at Second Life Birthday (SLB18). I for one can’t wait to see that happen!!  

"Music is food for the soul." – Roxanne Ysabel

Additional Information:

Join my group in Second Life!

Group Code: 32aae73f-8265-5aeb-0532-55653ea58df7

Bookings Contact: Sol Mercury

Saturday, February 6, 2016

SL Musicians: Meet David Csiszer- Talented Alternative, Acoustic Rock and Indy Performer

David (formerly known as Charles Coleman) is a seasoned  Songwriter/Singer/Multi-Instrumentalist SL performer and has been playing in RL for over 20 years.  His music has so many facets.  David is bold in his music. He lays it out there for you to embrace. He has energy, humor and he delivers a unique array of original songs as well as classic cover tunes ranging from alternative & acoustic rock to blues & jazz.  Follow the journey with David as he performs some favorites from various groups such as Coldplay, Zepplin, Chilli Peppers, STP, Stone Sour, Imagine Dragons, U2, and Daft Punk to his audience. 

David delivers his cornucopia of great music with deep passion, high humor, incredible voice and amazing skill on his guitars, loop pedal and drums.

When you hire David your event/venue also receives OutWorld promotion currently on FaceBook and Google+. Also 42  Music groups in SL. This is done for all shows except private shows

  • 4K  One Time or Monthly
  • 6k  Private party.. This means it is not opened to the general public and his group is not invited to come, NO advertising is done to promote the  show.
  • 3.5K  Bi-weekly



􀀂For performance dates visit David's Calendar 

Additional Information:

Artist Website:


RL Video 

Video by QVV in SL 
                Empty World Original song by David



CD Baby:
 Download -!buy/c5u8!buy/c5u8

Nyna Slate, Manager for David Csiszer
CEO Nyna Slate Managment and Promotions,LLC

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Spotlight on SL Female Artist - Sara Tiemogo (saramarie.philly) - Gatz Inoue Martian Reporting

I had occasion to meet Sara through a mutual friend when I was doing a live interview on the radio, she displayed an amazing depth from the instruments she plays to the genres she sings.   With a haunting voice that is impossible to forget, if you see she is playing in world you owe to yourself to take in her show.  That all said, here is more about Sara in her own words.  --Gatz

Gatz:  How did you get started in SL Music and what drew you to performing in Second Life?

Sara: I was a member of SL for years before I even knew there was a music scene! A friend invited me to go to a live music show, and it sparked the idea to bring my music in-world as well. I was doing a lot of RL performing at the time since I was in college for music and was involved with orchestra, choir, and opera studies there. It was a few months later that I figured out how to get the stream going with some help from other residents.

Gatz:.  What is your primary genre of music, what other genres do you enjoy playing and why?

Sara: My primary genre right now is Alternative Pop, but that's really a broad title.  I enjoy singing Opera and Classical Artsongs, Disney songs, R&B, Soul, Jazz, ballads, rock, modern pop, and even some classic country. I feel that in SL we have a certain freedom to break away from being held captive by a genre. Unlike in RL, I am often performing for the same group of 50 people several times each week. They don't want to always hear the same songs at each show, and the venues each deserve a setlist of songs that I choose especially for their atmosphere. It's very different from performing in RL. When I go out to play in RL, I sing mostly original songs, and I tend to choose upbeat radio-style soulful pop with a few ballads thrown in for variation.  

Gatz:  When you get up on a stage to perform, what kind of thoughts and feelings go through your head?  What does it feel like?

Sara: When I get up on stage in SL, I do a scan of the avatars present and I think about how they each represent a person (or more) that is at their desktop listening to what I am about to sing or say. That gets me sufficiently nervous. It feels like any mistake could trigger a chain of events leading to the ultimate end of the world. While I'm singing, I often worry. When people are quiet in the audience and don't say anything in local chat, I worry that they don't like the song selections or that I'm not giving a compelling performance. Other times I get so "into" the music that I am transported to a place where I can share the stories the songs hold without fear and without my self-destructive inner ultra-critic, and those are the times that I enjoy most.

Gatz:  What are some of the drawbacks of performing in SL, if you could change 3 things having to do with performing live music in SL what would they be?

Sara: I see performing in SL as a wonderfully positive opportunity. There are some drawbacks, but nothing that I dwell upon often. However, for the sake of answering the question... Explaining to people that are not in SL what I do there and how I generate some income while doing something I love is difficult. The initial response is to get hung up on the idea that I'm "living" in a cartoon world, and that's not the case at all. Also, when you commit to being a performer in SL, you turn your time in world into business time rather than socializing and "fun" time. You can still have fun and do those things, but balancing RL with SL then becomes a problem. When you gain one thing, something else must be given up. Those are simple laws of time management. If I could change 3 things, I would (1) start accepting payments through outside sources so that Linden Labs didn't get a percentage of everything I earn in SL, because I don't feel they deserve it. (2) Create ways for music venues to earn back their expenses. (3) Inform more residents of the opportunities to attend live shows. Linden Labs advertises relationships and virtual fashion constantly, but rarely do they mention the music scene, where there is so much opportunity for listeners to become involved in the art and the social circles within it. So many residents are missing out by alienating themselves on rented plots of land where they continually edit their avatar's features. Second Life experiences can be more meaningful than that!
Gatz:  What advice would  you offer to people who are trying to break into the music scene in SL and might be stuck as to where to go and what to do?

Sara: There are so many tutorial videos out there on google and youtube, you'll have no problem figuring out how to get started with the technology end of it. There are open mic events almost daily. I would suggest that musicians wanting to start performing in SL do as much work for themselves as they can before reaching out to other musicians or venue owners, because we are constantly bombarded by random IMs with such vague questions as "how do I sing live in SL like you". My answer is always, "practice".

Additional Information
For Bookings Contact BahamaMamma Resident or Derek Galaxy

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Second Life's Newest Singer/Songwriter LuvSong Writer Kicks Off Whirlwind Career


Aspiring superstar poised to take SL by storm with his enchanting voice and stage presence 

Hamilton Marshall, known as LuvSong Writer in-world, is pleased to announce the launch of his musical career in Second Life. Debuting his new self-written songs "Leave Me Alone" and "Yours & Mine," Marshall has since enchanted many with his swoon-worthy voice and intoxicating presence.

A delicious mix of The Weeknd, Ne-Yo, and a little Justin Timberlake, LuvSong Writer's voice can best be enjoyed with a glass of wine in tow. Writing all of his own material as well as covering fan favorites, Writer enjoys dabbling into different genres to push the boundaries of his vocal range.