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Showing posts with label singing. Show all posts

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Second Life's Loved Performer - Stephanniyah Sinatra


As one of Second Life's best loved performers, Stephanniyah's performances take it to the next level. Her controlled, powerful voice and unique vocal stylings transform each song! She performs re-imagined R&B, Pop, Indie, and Jazz songs.



To book Stephanniyah, please contact her directly by notecard or reach out to a member of her management team:

Dane Voxel
Aurora (aurora9099)

Friday, June 4, 2021

Varda a Bluesy voice a must see artist!


Varda's interest in singing began at a very young age, she often found herself on the stage singing at school, or at events from elementary to high school.  She was born in Harlingen, Texas on May 12, 1970.

2003 - Her professional career began with winning a contest against 150 contestants in McAllen, Texas.
2004 - first CD with the band The Allnighters, received radio play with an original song called Allnighter.
2005 -  Signed to Sawdust Alley records by Calvin Owens Blues Orchestra
2010 -  wrote the song with Guitar Shorty on Bare Knuckles CD

Over the years she has done various studio works, sang with different bands, and had a few interviews and write-ups in newspapers and TV.  She headlined with her band The Allnighters at the Blues on the Hill in Harlingen, Texas in 2005. In 2006 she sang with Calvin Owens Blues Orchestra in Harlingen, Texas for the Spanish album Un Amor Legendario. In 2007 She worked with Ray Palla on a song he wrote with Jewel Kichler in mind, called, Right Here and Now.  Since then, she has been singing regularly in virtual performances for the metaverse starting 2019 to the present, 2021.  

Currently, you can find her singing at Franks Jazz,  The Golden Tambourine,  Fern Lounge, Umbra, and Hotlanta.  If you are interested in listening to this lady sing  check events  or join her group in the world  named  Varda   or if interested in getting more information or booking Varda, please contact Sapphire Entertainment manager  Amber Lefavre.

Monday, February 19, 2018

24-7 Karaoke in Second Life!

We do Karaoke here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Singers come get discovered here, venue owners find your new talent here. Always good live music 24/7 at the ~O~ LOUNGE. All languages welcome. Idiots welcome, snobs not. Open mic and voice.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Who said you have to be a Rock Star to Perform in Second Life? Try Karaoke Bars in SL- Piers Diesel Reporting...

We all like to sing along to our favorite tunes while driving in the car, taking a shower or anywhere else we feel the need to belt out some notes. With music playing across the grid, you may find yourself singing along as you explore. 

 Take all that talent and do something with it!   Karaoke in Second Life is a popular past time to release that love of singing.

 Here are a few places where you can sing and have fun with friends.