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Showing posts with label project jason. Show all posts

Monday, February 27, 2012

Finding Support In SL -- Crimsoncure Reporting

Nonprofit organizations are an important and crucial part of Second Life. They help out with real world issues, but in Second Life and that interests me. I could go on forever about all the nonprofits, but there are a few that I chose to cover specifically: The Giving Circles Network, Project Jason, and NSW Animal Rescue.

Monday, May 10, 2010

SPOTLIGHT FEATURE- A Mother on a Mission. Project Jason & Garden for the Missing ~Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Staff Reporter
• Monday, May 10, 2010
Virtual worlds can be viewed as a time consuming “game” to many who have never experienced what an international community can achieve while working together. But according to 51% of our readers. Second Life is an extension of their real life.

There are still those people in our real world who are ignorant to this new social networking generation and are quick to pass judgment before realizing Second life is much more than a video game or waste of time.

As a virtual journalist, I view this platform as an ingenious media tool. With access to countless resources and networking communities all over the world.

The ability to help pass along news has always been my way of bringing awareness to many fundraisers, organizations and resources that help people or, at least try to influence others to be a part of some of the great and well known Humanitarian efforts in the world.

From The Red Cross, The American Cancer Society’s “Relay for Life', West of Ireland's “War Child”, Toys for Tots to Project Jason.

According to reports by organizations across the country, there are over 2,300 people reported missing daily and over 900,000 cases a year. The majority being adults with close to half of those being juveniles under the age of eighteen. These numbers have rapidly increased from 25 years ago when numbers averaged roughly 150,000 annually.

These numbers are staggering and leave many families and loved ones to wonder, Where can these missing people be?

Feeling helpless, many stop there, but for the loved ones it is a daily struggle with unanswered questions, hopes of recovering their family member, and beginning to heal.

These heartbreaking stories play on for many around the world. These people need our help and support. 

How can We Help? Let's begin with one mother who has been on her mission since June 13, 2001.