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Showing posts with label rock club. Show all posts

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Spotlight on Wild Angels Rock Club & Lounge

Rock Clubs can be found all over the grid but there is one in particular that caught our attention. Located at Sage Estates, Wild Angels Rock Club & Lounge is an active venue with regulars who often come together for great conversation and a good time. This club is owned and operated by CJ Torva and stays busy day and night featuring some of the coolest DJs on the grid that engage with the crowd and have a great sense of humor. You can expect to hear soft, classical and hard rock, top hits and even pop music.   Music and dance balls aren’t the only features this rock club has though. Visitors can participate in Truthball, Trivia, lucky chairs, random money givers and Greedy.  There are no strict rules and it is Bloodlines friendly.  We caught up with CJ Torvo to learn more about Wild Angels and what makes it so successful.

Lanai: When was Wild Angels Rock Club & Lounge established?
CJ: Wild Angels Rock Club & Lounge (Originally just Wild Angels), was created back in April of 2014 with strong encouragement from a few special people; Bry, Derekb, Decode Ashdene, Fishicus, Seabluetears and Lil Duckie with myself.

Lanai: What inspired you to create Wild Angels and how would you describe the atmosphere?
CJ: We only wanted a place that we could hang out together. Wild Angels was never planned to be the size it is now. I hope if you ask anyone about the atmosphere, they would say exactly that; a place all our friends can hang out together. We get wild, we have fun. To be a Wild Angel is a SL lifestyle. It's letting go of real life and coming to a place where it's ok to be different. But it's all our differences that make us alike.

Lanai:  Wild AngelsRock Club & Lounge has an impressive active atmosphere, what is your secret to success?
CJ: Lanai, you are not the first to ask what our secret is. It's just something you have to experience.

Lanai: Fair enough. What type of activities can be found at Wild Angels?

CJ: Wild Angels is and always has been a Bloodline friendly club. We encourage all Clans, Hordes, and Guilds here. Any of them may request their family crest or logo to be put on our walls. We also have Bloodline vendors and looking to add a refill station.  We encourage all Bloodline activities including recruiting with a couple basic rules; No random attacks, no spamming, No hunting from other families.
    We have also always been supportive of new players. We offer Lucky Chairs, Trivia, Random Money Give-a-Way and Raffles. We are also known to give a shout out to pass any transferrable items our VIPs can to new players to help them get started.
    Wild Angels also has a theater where anyone with a Wild Angels group tag on can access and enjoy a variety of movies including other television stations.
    Other activities? Wow, I mean we have weekly regular events like Wet Wednesdays where we party all day on the beach, BangFest Tuesday Night with DJ Satori and Bry where we play extreme heavy Head-banging Music. Under Wear Thursdays for the sole purpose of having a reason to party in our undies.
    But I guess what I really want to express is our VIPs ARE the Activity. We truly do have the best VIPs in Sl and always fun to be around. So when you ask what activities we have.....The Club itself is an Activity.

Lanai: I can agree with that.Every successful venue has key players that help make it what it is. Who makes up your team of managers, DJs, Hosts and dancers?
CJ: So much I want to reply. The simple answer you are looking for is: My Sr. Manager and best friend bryonyjasmine. The two floor managers that do an amazing job are Tipona and Selectiveheart. Satorijanelle is our very talented and passionate Staff Manager. We also have a team of 3 Event Postings Managers; Selectiveheart posts on Bloodlines and we also have Naposhh and Lilieah that do all our SL Events Postings.
    I do not want this question getting past without stressing the greatness in stage staffing Wild Angels has. Committed DJs and Hosts that also step up to cover a slot so our VIPs have that ready for them. We go deep in commitment and passion and dedication.

Lanai: Are you currently hiring? If so, what is the application process?
CJ: Wild Angels is always hiring.  We are always looking for a deeper selection of both DJs and Hosts to keep us rockin' and having fun.

    Our hiring process is a 2-step process.
    First, applicants get to meet Bry. Bry sorts out the potential drama makers and if they have what it takes to be a Wild Angel team member in attitude and spirit.
    Assuming they get past Bry, they get forwarded on to Satori where potential members show her what they got and can bring to the table in skill, potential, and originality that still falls in line of our standards.

    We take applicants extremely serious. It is our Djs and Hosts that are the faces of Wild Angels. What they do on stage and how they treat VIPs is a crucial aspect of growth and retention. We don't expect perfection, just professionalism. Perfection will follow when you understand what it means to be a Wild Angel.

Additional Information:
Group: cc2ddbe2-8584-48c0-e6b5-120362202200