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Showing posts with label semi finalists. Show all posts

Saturday, May 28, 2022


Updated 5/30/22


It's a go! The LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR jury has chosen the first group of six semi-finalists. Cricket Palianta, Lokia Float, Rose Fae, Stormy Spires, Trinity Aironaut and Vee2000x are now in the race for the prestigious title and the fabulous gifts that come with it!


The new LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR will win L$50,000 cash and as much in gifts offered by sponsors. The two runners-up will receive L$10,000 cash and numerous gifts too. It is one of SL's most generous contests and it is open to ALL women of style.

No need to be a professional model since the organization benefits from a team of mentors and professors to guide newcomers.

That said, the LOOK of the YEAR competition is also a place where professionals in the trade shine. The ones who are not afraid to compete against beginners since each year a few rising stars reach the final. The 1919 crown was even won by a debutante. For the professional, this competition is therefore an unusual challenge, a little destabilizing, but how exciting!


The jury will select 6 semi-finalists every week until end of June so applications are accepted until Thursday June 23 midnight.

We remind you that LUXE Paris is looking for an ambassador, a stylish woman who will represent the brand with elegance and charisma. Could it be you?

Very easy to participate: Put on a LUXE Paris outfit, add your charming style, capture a photo, put your official name in the title and send with FULL PERMISSIONS to the avatar LUXEParisLOOKoftheYEAR inworld. Gift to all participants!

More information at the store and at

Saturday, May 29, 2021


The die is cast! Registrations for the LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR competition are now closed and the jury has selected the last group of 6 semi-finalists. Well done to Annough Lykin, Ksenia Jovinavic, MorganeClair, Romina Milev, Sally Yachvili Waydelich and Valsnia !

These ladies of style are now in the race for the famous LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR title and the formidable L $ 50,000 cash prize that comes with it.

We now have 30 semi-finalists and the jury will proceed with the selection of the 12 finalists. The photos of the Big Twelve will be published on Friday June 4 here in the SL Enquirer, at and in the LUXE Paris groups inworld.


Hats off to all the candidates who really competed in elegance and congratulations to the 30 semi-finalists who were elected from 340 submissions!

When the 12 finalists are known, a series of three Second Life events will begin, in which the twelve greats will be able to show off and demonstrate their talent as fashion ambassadors. These events / challenges will determine which of them will be crowned LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR and win L$50,000 cash!

Two runners up will also be crowned and will win L $ 10,000 each. The winner
and her two runners-up will also receive many gifts from the sponsors.

Remember that LUXE Paris is looking for an ambassador, a stylish woman who will represent the brand with grace and charisma. The competition was open to all elegant women, professional models and aspiring models, as intensive training will be offered to finalists with no experience.


Twelve prestigious personalities from the fashion industry and the media world make up the jury of the LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR competition: Parisian Skytower and Mika Palmyra, LUXE Paris co-owners / designers, Avalon Chrome, LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR 2020 and now designer at LUXE Paris, Lanai Jarrico, founder of The SL Enquirer, Frolic Mills, founder of BOSL and Miss Virtual World, Ponchituti Boucher, co-owner One On One Modeling Agency, Chemak Kamala, founder of SL Confidencial magazine, Adonis Lubomir, owner Swank Events, Naar Rexen, owner In-Nova Modeling Academy, Ahn Amore, owner Womenstuff Group, Chrystal Ballinger, representative of Zuri Jewelry, and Melany Aguilera, modeling instructor and representative of Bon Amour Hair.

The events of the LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR final will not be open to the public in order to minimize the lag and allow the finalists to shine with all their fires in front of the judges. However, you can still see everything as the two challenges / shows will be broadcast live on YouTube by Villa Media, on July 3 and 11, 9 AM SLT. The broadcast address will be published here in the SL Enquirer and on the contest website two days before the shows.

More information at

LUXE Paris LOOK of the 

Sunday, June 23, 2019


Here they are! The fifth and last group of Semi-Finalists for the LOOK of the YEAR Contest! Congratulations to Meishagirl, Heart Koba, ShevarraVrinn, Liljaserrao, Arion Vella, Frolic Mills, Argyxia, Aldenix1, Nasao Elton and Perseo Nikolaidis!

We have now 50 Semi-Finalists (25 women and 25 men), chosen among 229 candidates. Therefore, the judges are ready to proceed to the selection of the 20 Finalists (10 women and 10 men), selection which will take place on June 30th.

The panel of 14 judges will reevaluate all the pictures of the Semi-Finalists for the selection of the Finalists, focusing on the style of the candidate, her or his elegance and charisma.The judges are commissioned to find two ambassadors who will represent LUXE Paris Women Fashion and LUXE Dot Be Men Fashion with grace and refinement.


The 20 Finalists will be invited to participate to three events which will determine the two winners. First, there will be the Brunch of the Judges where the Finalists will be asked to explain why they would be a good ambassador for LUXE Paris or LUXE Dot Be. Then there will be two challenge-shows where they will have the opportunity to show their skills.

Those challenges-shows will be judged and it is the addition of the scores that will establish who will be the LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR and the LUXE Dot Be LOOK of the YEAR. The two winners will each win L$50,000 cash, one year of free shopping at LUXE Paris/ LUXE Dot Be (a value of L$30 000), a fashion feature in the magazines ModeLS,  SL Confidencial, L'Amour Diversity and The Second Life Enquirer (a value of L$30 000),  a private dinner party for 20 at the Duplex Club (a value of L$5000), a scholarship at In-Nova Model Training (a value of L$4000), a gift card of L$3500 at ProPose, a gift card of L$3000 at Alma Makeup, a crown by Zuri Jewelry (a scepter for the man), a value of L$1500, an official picture by Jack Rock (a value of L$1000), an hour coaching with Ponchituti Boucher and a VIP invite to be part of AIM Modeling Agency.

The two runners-up in the category Women and the two runners-up in the category Men will also receive prizes. In total, L$275,000 will be distributed in cash and prizes!

Follow the suspense here! The SL Enquirer will give you all the news!