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Showing posts with label spotlight. Show all posts

Thursday, June 8, 2023


After spending years as a resident in SecondLife, it is easy to develop a “Been there,  Seen it all” attitude.  After all, there are only a finite number of ways to design a dance club, right? Grab a few essentials – Dance floor, DJ platform, Dance Intan, some animated furniture and bar stools.  Throw in a strobe light of two, and you’re ready for launch.  But if you really think that is the best that SL has to offer, then, as my Dad used to say: “Ya got another think coming”.  After a particularly hectic week in “That other world”  I seriously needed a break from the flotsam and jetsam of life, when I stumbled upon Half Moon Bay,  A delight for the eyes and relaxation for the spirit… as if Norman Rockwell and Bob Ross had designed a village.. As I strolled the winding streets of this seacoast village, I came upon σχу Μŷşŧīς  (roxymystic) and Virgil Flowers (xvirgilflowersx).  She was busy, touching up the paint on the sign over the bait shop, while he was replacing some paving stones that had broken under the weight of last winter’s snow.  They graciously consented to take a break from their labors and chat with me for a bit. 

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) (JB):   So tell me, guys,  Where did you get the idea for Half Moon Bay (HMB)and is there some history here?

Roxy Mystic (RM):   As far back as I can remember, Virgil and I always had a venue; not always a public one but we both enjoy building and doing creative things.  He is a SL musician and it is always nice to have a spot where he can call home to practice and play. This time around we both wanted a natural and relaxing spot. I always loved the charm of small coastal fishing towns so we hope that visitors instantly feel it too and enjoy the theme.  

Virgil Flowers (VF):  Roxy and I had a previous venue modeled after The Whisky, a famous live music bar in Los Angeles, and I wanted to give Her a nice gift, so when I gave this to her i was looking for names, and I used to live on the west coast so the name half moon Bay just appealed to me - it is a very image invoking the name, however,
the location in SL bears no resemblance beyond the name to the actual RL place.

JB:   Did you do all this yourself?  If not, who else is involved and what is/was their contribution?

VF:   Roxy did 98% of this build Herself - my contributions were the half-moon sort of logo - using a moon character found on MP and then crafting the letters and sign textures...and I did a little bit on the stage area.  Otherwise, this is all Her, and She is a wizard at building sims.

RM:   Virgil is a very generous person with a big heart, he knows how much I love to build. We do work wonderfully together. When we take on a big project, we love to brainstorm ideas first. Both of us have RL professional backgrounds so we understand very well how to execute business and marketing plans.

 JB:   What sets Half Moon Bay apart from the many other clubs out there with a similar theme?

RM:   I don't even think of HMB as a club at all, I really want people to feel they can come here and just relax and enjoy themselves, in my mind that is the first priority at HMB.

VF:  Well, HMB is more than a club - it is a well-laid-out place to kick back and relax - it has Virgil's Guitar Store, (also available on marketplace) MARKET PLACE:, naughty motel, a nice beach, a wharf area, restaurant, wedding chapel and the the outdoor music area, with a kind of hippy boho is a laid-back open place that accepts all.

JB:   Who do you hope to attract to your build? What special group of people might Half Moon Bay appeal to?

Virgil - Anyone looking to relax and enjoy the sounds of surf or music or to take some nice pictures.  Intimate rendezvous at the motel, Virgil's Guitar Shop is there as well.  Come for a nice walk with a loved one, or alone to relax and meditate.

Roxy - I agree with Virgil, it offers a little something for everybody. There are interactive furniture all over the place and some are very romantic. HMB is also a perfect spot for photographer enthusiasts and bloggers. We have a Flickr page where HMB pictures can be shared:

JB:   What are some of the areas that guests might enjoy during a visit to Half Moon Bay?

RM:   People can come here for a bit of roleplay if they like. The restaurant for example has 80+ menu items and don't get me going about the kinky Motel! The Chapel with automated wedding services is quite quaint. Virgil and I were looking for a nice small spot to marry a few years ago and could not find anything out there that catered to small weddings so this inspired me to build a really adorable spot here at HMB. The chapel, car, arch, and bench inside the gazebo have a bunch of poses for the groom and bride. It is really perfect for a small intimate wedding.

VF:   As mentioned above, HMB features a Wedding Chapel, a beach, a Wharf area with a fish and chip shack, Virgil's Guitar Shop, an Outdoor restaurant, a Motel and a Sound-stage.

JB:   Do you have any special events planned?

VF:   We are kicking off the opening with a Flickr photo contest, and planning a Grand Opening in July with live music.  Right now, our plan is to have monthly themed events, such as Acoustic shows, Singer Songwriter original shows, Guitarist Show, and a Dueling event...there are so many talented people in SL, that we want to support

RM:   All of those details will be coming soon and we will ensure to send out a press release and notices once everything is confirmed! People are welcome to join our Facebook group as well to keep up with our events FB:

 JB:    And how about the future?  Do you have any changes in mind?

RM:  The future of HMB is hopefully a good one with lots of positive feedback. We are not officially open yet and so far we've had over 200 visitors. I think most have visited the Motel though as I keep finding dirty towels all over the rooms! Thank God Virgil is the one doing all the cleaning! Teasing aside, there are no immediate plans for changes but who knows!

JB:    Are these spaces available for use by others?

VF:   Absolutely - almost everything is interactive. You can use the Motel themed rooms (there are 3 rooms each with a theme, get married, eat a meal, relax on the beach….there is an interactive row boat and chairs yes, a lot to do, and of course the music when we have events.

JB:   What has been your greatest challenge in building Half Moon Bay?

VF:   Roxy is a prolific builder, and I would come in in the mornings and She would have most of the things done, so other than designing a logo and helping Her fit buildings into spaces, there was very little challenge for me - I am sure She would say different!  lol..but really, the biggest challenge is probably creating a nice sim within a strict prim count.

RM:   PRIMS! I had to do a lot of creative prim combining but it all came out perfectly. I do have so many creative ideas but perhaps that will bare fruit in another build somewhere someday.

JB:   Is there anything else you would like to share with our SL Enquirer Readers?

RM:  Half Moon Bay was built for the SL community to enjoy. There are no fees to join the HMB group and everybody is welcome!

VF:  I totally agree with Roxy, we come to SL to relax and leave the stresses of RL jobs and stuff behind for a while, HMB is a place to do exactly that.

So, there you have it folks. This place is DEFINITELY worth your time.  Come for a short visit…or stay the entire season.  Check out their FLICKR and FaceBook sites, then hop on over to the SURL listed below.

And when you do, Tell ‘em Josh sent ya.  You’ll be glad you did

Be there!  Aloha!!


·         SURL:

·         FLICKR:

·         FB:

Friday, October 16, 2015

“SERENITEE NOW!” - Dean Lawson Reporting

“Out of my depth"

An in depth interview with Second Life Photographer Serenitee Bliss

Serenitee Bliss, also known as Seren, is a virtual artist whose snapshots seem to be a windswept tour of the art and architecture of Second Life. With locations that range from the Burlesque stage to mystical surreal forests to the ocean floor, Seren seems to be capturing slices of Second Life that can best be described as an unbridled exhibition of the intimate. I was fortunate to have a chance to interview Seren.

Dean : Could you tell me a little about yourself?

Seren : Second Life is my creative niche. Looking for that right light, that right angle, panning slowly around to find that breathtaking capture that instantly creates a story in the mind.  I started out playing with portrait style photos taken in a small studio.  That became limiting for me.  I enjoyed capturing the movement, shadows, little environmental nuances.  Most of my free time is spent in search of beautiful places in Second Life.

Dean : I was intrigued by the avatar that is the subject for your snapshot titled “taking-the-ole-girls-out-for-a-bit” The reason why I ask about this avatar in particular is that the tendency of most SL photographers is to create images revolving around glamorous and physically perfect models. For me this particular snapshot stands out because the avatar comes across as very human with her less than perfect appearance. Could you tell me why you chose this avatar as the subject of your snapshot?

Seren : I am delighted you noticed this photo!  It started out a bit of a prank at first.  Friends and I were going out to one of the more "pretty" clubs.  Women looking like perfection. I think I was in a rather cynical mood that day so decided to go as "Minnie", my name for her.  I was thinking that being dressed in that manner, would keep me from being noticed as much...therefore confirming that others really only talk to "perfect" avies.  Oddly enough, it made quite a few I started taking pictures of her.  The more I looked at her, the more she became a personality to me.  I love her smile and when I'm out and about in her form, it's this carefree feeling.  She's not perfect by any means, but she has a loving presence that is heartwarming to me.

Taking the ole girls our for a bit

Dean : The stage seems to be a common theme in your work, could you tell me about the series of snapshots featuring Clyde Barrow, Pinkie, Lady C, Miss Bathory, Klarissa and Samantha?

Seren : I have assisted friends with photography for new clubs.  Pinkie, is actually another form of myself.  A promotional picture taken for Le Theatre de la Debauche.   Clyde Barrow was also a performer there so I was taking pictures that evening. The others, were all dancers from another new venue, The Main Event Show lounge.  I perform with the Starlite Dancers, so often venture out to see other dance troupes.  It's like a small community of those a love for dance and performing.  We tend to go out and support one another.

Dean : Several of your snapshots feature avatars in interesting poses, wearing realistic looking clothes and in locations with detailed textures, the snapshot “Playing with the wind” which you use as your profile picture comes to mind, but this is something that I find to be consistent with all your work. How much thought do you put into matching the avatar’s ensemble with the background?

Seren : I give little thought before going out to take photos.  When I started taking photos, I wanted to control all aspects of the photos.  Spend hours looking for the right outfit, perfect hair, the perfect props.  I didn't go out and about as much as I did studio photos with textures for backgrounds. In the case of "Playing with the Wind",  I was simply out exploring and came upon a set of poses that caught my attention.  The clouds on the sim were moving and I had just the right hair, so started taking photos.  I wish I could say there was more to it than that, but it's mostly me, looking around, seeing what the environment offers, what kind of stories I can create with the images.

Dean : Is there any post processing of your images with gimp or photoshop? If so what effects do you ad to the snapshots? If not, what recommendations would you make to a novice Second Life photographer to help them achieve the same level of quality demonstrated by snapshots such as “Out of my depth”, "Heart A’flutter” and “Poetic Art"

Seren : I send most of my photos from Second Life directly to my Flickr account.  I like to try and avoid any post processing.  I start with using the Advanced Lighting settings in my viewer along with the Windlights.  I'm able to run my computer on ultimate settings graphics wise, so that gives me more freedom.  I recently purchased a LumiPro system which is wonderful for positioning models and adding additional lighting options.  When I do edit my photos, I use the tools embedded in Flickr and/or Ipiccy.  The three photos you mentioned were done with minimal editing.  "Out of my depth" and "Heart a "flutter" had only a softening filter added to them.  "Poetic Art", I added a text overlay of poetry I had written.  

Advice, hmmm....patience, look from all angles, try all the Windlights...but mostly, take lots and lots of pictures!

Poetic Art

Dean : Were the snapshots “It was …. a peculiar dream…”  and “Have you ever seen a more ‘angelic’ group?” captured on a pre-existing sim or do you have a studio where you specifically design sets for your snapshots?

Seren : "It was...a peculiar dream" was taken at a place called Two fish Too, a whimsical sim.  The other photo taken at Basilique, another wonderful sim for taking pictures.  That particular photo was from a play called "Paradise Lost", presented on the Basilique sim.  I have a studio off and on depending on what kinds of photos I am obsessing about at the given time.  Mostly though, I love going out to find my picture stories.

It was... a Peculiar Dream...

Dean : Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about you?

Seren : Anything else about me, let's see.  I've been in Second Life a very long time.  It's creative boundaries seem never ending, thus keeping me entertained and tapping into my own creativity.  Thank you, for this awesome opportunity to share a little bit of me with your readers.

Links to my work in world:

Windlight Art Gallery (Through Sept. first week in Oct.)

The Artinis Gallery

Links to my work outside of Second Life:

Friday, May 22, 2015

Time to release your inner hero with VWE - Lacy Muircstle reporting ...

In the real world wrestling is hugely popular, John Cena seemingly being the one to follow.  Cena, 37, has been the WWE's most reliable hero for the past 10 years.

After cleaning toilets and sleeping in his car while working at Gold's Gym near Southern California's Muscle Beach, Cena got his big break working at the gym's nutrition counter -- a sort of Schwab's drugstore with muscles. "They had a locker room and showers," Cena recalls, "so I'd get four or five hours of sleep in the big back seat of my 1991 Lincoln Continental, then wake up and go to work."

Friday, August 1, 2014

Spotlight On Sue Peregrine, Owner & Operator of d'Alliez Estates - Jessii2009 Warrhol Reporting

I was introduced to Sue Peregrine, Owner & Operator of d'Alliez Estates, by a good friend of mine, johannes1977 Resident or John as we all call him. Sue has generously provided a sim for usage throughout the 2014 Relay For Life Season, for all teams of relay to use for fundraisers and events. I learned that Sue was an avid relayer and a member of the storied Relay Rockers relay team. I was able to catch up with Sue for an interview:

Friday, June 14, 2013

One of Second Life’s Top Performer and Entertainer Mr. Joaquin Gustav - Tea Couturier reporting…

Music in Second Life© is a must and what better way than to un-wind down a busy day or week by either going to a club to listen to a DJ or by going to a live event to listen to a performer sing and perform. However, have you ever wanted to know more about the artist behind the mic to find out how they became a performer and how you can begin performing in Second life, if this is a dream of yours?

Meet Joaquin Gustav