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Showing posts with label weddings. Show all posts

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Spotlight on T&N Creations- Ghost Explorer Reporting...

And I said to myself...What a wonderful world!

Second Life - A place where all your dreams can come true.  You can have a perfect home, meet friends from around the world, ask this perfect stranger out, go for dinner in Paris, dessert in Japan and a final gondola ride in Venice before dancing the night away at Apollo's Garden.

Now you are thinking of the next stage of this magical relationship; SL Partnering!  But it is so costly.  You want all the lights and glam, but it is so expensive! You want perfect coordination, but it is so costly!  You want to remember your special day forever, but it is not in the budget!

Fear not.  What if I told you that your dream day is achievable without you having to rob a Linden bank?  I came across Second Life's perfect events location while flying my Fatal Custom Widowmaker Bike over a few sims and landed at T&N Creations.  I was welcomed by Trinity and Nawty Rivers, owners of T&N Creations. The beautiful ladies were wonderfully accommodating and granted me a tour and an interview right away.

I marveled at the landing point where you can check yourself and make sure that you are fully rezzed before proceeding.  The pathway leading to the venue can only be described as a dream garden where the colors are perfectly planned for visual effects.  Rides are available to take you to the event venue in case you do not want to walk or fly.  Need a place to hang out while waiting for the ultimate hour, an elegant hidden room is at your disposal.  The venue itself is a work of art.  Imagine the option to change colors to match your vision at the touch of a button.  Beauty can be partially described but must be seen to be enjoyed.

Now, you are probably reading this and thinking that this will cost me a prim arm and leg.  Again, don't worry.  I sat down with Trinity Rivers and Nawty Rivers for a casual interview while sampling mint tea from their offices.


Ghost Explorer- Beautiful venue you have here.  I am impressed.

Nawty  Rivers- Thank you! Trin and I put a lot of hard work and sweat into it.

Ghost Explorer - What was the motivating factor in creating this amazing place?

Trinity Rivers  - Someone's wedding day is very important.  It should not be cheapened by the amount of lindens you can spend.  This venue is our lowest priced venue. Even though people may not have much or want to spend as much,  we want them to have the best we can give.

Ghost Explorer - That is very noble of you.  Anything else you can host here?

Trinity Rivers - Oh we can do anything with style.  For example,  weekend getaway.

Nawty Rivers - Birthday parties, anniversary events, vow renewals, romantic proposals.

Ghost Explorer - So what if someone wants to do something really quick like a drive-through wedding?

Nawty Rivers - Vegas style?  We got you covered at T&N Creations!

Ghost Explorer - This is truly amazing ladies and I thank you for your time and the T&N Mint tea.  So hypothetically, if I needed to tie the knot, where would I start?

Trinity Rivers - It is as easy as reaching out to us and we will show you all the packages.

Nawty Rivers - And you can make a choice based on your preferences.

As I got on my bike and slowly hovered over the beautifully crafted landscape, I got a full view of where a perfect event can be held.  Kissed by a golden sunset, I smiled at the two ladies waving goodbye to me and disappeared into the clouds towards my next adventure.

The Ghost Explorer



Thursday, November 12, 2020



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Grand Opening of Treasured Friends & Fearless Lovers with 2 live Artists on November 16th.


Ichie Kamachi    @ 4 PM
Jackie Lefko-Hawk  @ 5:30 PM


Come experience the fullness of dating in SL.  We offer:  Dinner, Dancing, Golf, A Meditation Center, and a Scenic Park.  Pop on over to Treasured Friends & Fearless Lovers to see what awaits your destiny.  Open hearts, open minds, open souls to the bliss of romance!  Here, you come as friends or guests and leave as lovers.

The perfect place for your wedding reception, birthday and rez day parties, hangout, and chill.
Monthly live events and DJs. Join the group for updates.

Golf Course @ Treasured Friends and Fearless Lovers

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Spotlight on Knot Today Wedding Chapel - Affordable Do it Yourself Weddings! - Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Weddings have been practiced for centuries as a public display of love and union between two people who are joining each other’s life journey.  There are many traditions passed down through generations that can be seen practiced in modern cultures, such as the bride carrying a bouquet, the groomsmen and bridal party, the garter belt and lots of dancing and drinking. These practices have become more elaborate and expensive as new traditions are added to the celebration of love.

In Second Life, real world traditions do not always apply when couples can get married wherever and however they want using their own imagination and unique style.  There are many wedding venues in SL that offer a variety of packages that can range from 2,500L to 25,000L  and that doesn’t include the perfect attire and rings!
Knot Today Wedding Chapel is a do-it- yourself venue that is affordable but presents couples with top notch romantic scenes.  Hassle free planning is one of the reason couples are choosing KTWC. 

The SL Enquirer met up with jadey Ðragon (jadeylynn resident) to learn more about having the perfect wedding day and all the things you want for an easy, fast and stress free planning experience.

Interview with jadey Ðragon

SLE:  Jadey, I have to to say the venues are beautifully designed. You created a  place for couples to experience a perfect wedding. What inspired you to create Knot Today Wedding Chapel?

jadey Ðragon: Price! My SL wedding to Pen was over the top, and really quite stressful. From going over color schemes, to picking a concert band rather than the everyday DJ, I just didn’t care. I wanted to start my life with my partner, in a nice place, and what color the flowers were meant nothing to me. Yet, 25k later, I only remember the day for how much money we dropped and how much stress we were under. That shouldn’t be a memory!

SLE: I agree! For just 300L what can couples expect when they arrive at KTWC?

jadey Ðragon: A beautiful, stress free, easy to do wedding that will allow the memories to be about the two of them and not how much money they spent. Instead of the package deal that usually includes things you don’t really need, this is ala carte. You don’t need it, you don’t have to have it. If you want it, it can be done. There are no high pressured salesman IM’ing you the minute you land. Don’t get me wrong, anything within reason can be accommodated but that’s not really our target audience.

SLE: With Summer in full swing, I’m sure you are seeing an increase in unintended wedding crashers lol. To avoid overlapping weddings, what advice can you give couples who want to book a date?

jadey Ðragon: That’s just it, you don’t even have to book a date with us. You can show up in your pajamas in the middle of the night and runoff into the sunrise. With a 10-15 minute wedding it rarely, if ever, overlaps.

SLE: It sounds like everything is going great. Are there any rules couples should know about using the venues?

jadey Ðragon: The only really strong rule we ask is that you don’t linger if another party is waiting to go next. It doesn’t happen often, the officiant is quick, but sometimes people linger for photos or the drinks that are provided and that’s ok, just don’t interrupt the next party.

SLE:  Do you make the venue private for guests who want to ensure no wedding crashers disrupt their special moment?

jadey Ðragon: Upon request, absolutely. We’ll also turn voice on to allow them to have their ceremony that way was well. All you have to do is ask.

SLE:  What other types of weddings do you accommodate?

jadey Ðragon: Other than the traditional wedding ceremonies we also have a secret garden located below that provides an automated Collaring Ceremony for those in the BDSM lifestyle. There were 2 reasons for adding this to the venue. The first reason was that many new people to the lifestyle don’t know where to begin with a collaring ceremony in SL, so they usually skip the ceremony altogether and have very little memory of it happening at all. The second reason was, of course, personal to my heart and it needed to be part of my business as my business is part of me.

SLE: You cover everything lifestyle by offering traditional, customization and even collaring ceremonies.   For Elopements and weddings on the fly, how can they DIY their service?

jadey Ðragon: Everything you need is completely provided! You have the tradition walk down the aisle, the awkward stand as the officiant reads the vows, and the most important, a kissing pose. When the wedding is complete, the poses to walk back down the aisle together is also provided. All you have to do is show up, make a small payment and follow directions.

SLE: All of that for only 300L! Do you offer packages?

jadey Ðragon: No. Everything is ala carte available, but that’s not really what this chapel was designed for. If you need a photographer, videographer, DJ etc. it can be done but our target audience are more the ones who are not looking for fluff or high-end extras.

SLE: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers about Knot Today Wedding Chapel & Studio?

jadey Ðragon: Just because we want you to do it yourself, doesn’t mean you have too. If you need help we’re available, but we won’t try to sell you anything or talk you into spending more money. We’re very approachable people and wanting to truly make your day special.

SLE:I wish Knot Today Wedding Chapel much success! How do you prefer to be contacted for special reservations and requests?

jadey Ðragon: Drop a notecard, I do not ever want anyone to feel as if they’re being neglected or ignored and IMs sometimes get capped.

Additional Info:
Preferred contact: Jadeylynn Resident or Arthuris1974 Resident

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Low price, Luxurious look -Elopement Chapel

Knot Today wedding Chapel: a do-it-yourself wedding chapel. You're smart enough to do it yourself, why spend thousands for a venue you'll only use once? Why wait? We're ready now, are you?
When you want that special day to be perfect, but don't want to break the bank doing it, Knot Today is exactly what you are looking for. It features a beautiful chapel on wonderfully landscaped land with several photo opportunities and has one of the lowest prices of any automated wedding in Second Life.
While the Chapel is fully automated, your options aren't limited. Should you want to have your own officiant, or customize you wedding, Knot Today can accommodate you. The chapel has room for a large wedding party, but is also perfect for a small, intimate wedding. Outside the chapel you can find a room for the bride to get prepared and an area for the groom to relax and have a complimentary drink.
It's not complicated! Come, have a wedding and the go enjoy wedded life!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Lovely Laura’s Weddings just keeps growing everyday!

We are now offering house rentals. How can you not love all these attractions we have! Enjoy a home rental with a kitchen already installed! We offer houses for 250prim- 450L a week, 125prim a week for 250L a week. THAT ISN’T EVEN THE BEST PART! If you rent a full month you get a weeks worth of rent free! Here at Lovely Laura’s Weddings we offer it all because we want our clients happy, excited and want them to have the BEST Secondlife experience they can have. Big grand things are happening at Lovely Laura’s Weddings! So do not miss out!

Monday, May 7, 2018

Center Stage on Laura Potente and Lovely Laura’s Weddings- Angel Reporting

Laura Pontente is an entrepreneur who works in many different departments. She is a Manager at many different clubs and  in particular the owner of a new and improved wedding Service. They make your dreams come true and it is definitely worth your money.( Let me tell you why!!)Laura’s Lovely Weddings have been open for two months and already has ties with over 12 different vendors. They have ties with Earth Stone, Zoz nails, Bitter/Sweet Studio, Aphrodite etc.Laura was first working with clubs till she realized how much of an impact she wanted to be in other peoples SL. She decided to get people together and work on making people big day. Although she didnt know how to start in the beginning she made it work. Lets ask her a few questions….

Interview with Laura

Angel- Thank you for taking the time out to talk to me today Laura, I know how busy your schedule can be. I had a few questions about the wedding service you just opened. What inspired you most about opening a wedding Service? Why not any other service to help people?

Laura- I love making people happy and seeing people have a magical day. When you plan a wedding for someone you get to know them and learn from them. Seeing someone story unfold in front of you and know you helped, is a feeling that no money can buy. I am inspired by my clients because they are the ones I am here for and strive to give them their perfect day.

Angel- How do think the business is thriving so far? How would you say you would make someones ultimate wedding come true?

Laura- We have been growing. Vendors and other individuals believe in our cause. Which is giving a stress free wedding. We have lovely people working together and because of this we can expand and grow so we can give our clients the best.

Angel- What do you think your Wedding Service is very good at that you think others lack in?

Laura-We custom everything and we provide it all. From bachelorette/ bachelor parties, receptions, to custom honeymoons to personal shopping. We offer the FULL package.

Angel- Now I know this may be too soon to ask but I want to know your opinion already? What was it like helping your first few couples to make their day special? Was it easy? What type of problems did you run into?

Laura-With any new business you have bumps to get over. However, seeing how happy the couple was and see how easy it was for them made all those challenges worth it. At the end of the day we are there for them.

Angel- Is there anything else you want the readers to know about your service that you think will catch their eye?

Laura-We just expanded. So for our clients we offer now, baby showers, renewals, birthday parties and much more. Also, we added a movie theater, games and more for our clients to have a good time! Also partnered with Bitter/Sweet studio, so if you need any photography that is not wedding related we can now provide this additional service.
Angel- Thank you for answering some of the many questions our readers wanted to know. I can’t wait to see many more of the couples you help and hear about their amazing experience with you.

Laura- Thank you for the opportunity. This means alot to me.

Sunday, May 6, 2018


Lovely Laura's Weddings is growing! That's right we officially have sistered with Bitter/Sweet Studio. Not only are we offering the full package for your wedding day, but now we are offering services for after! Photos, shopping, drive in theater, bowling alley and more! We have it all! If you need any information about our services, please contact LauraPotente.

This week we our featuring our exclusive wedding package the: Live, Love, Laugh package. This package gives it all from flowers and cakes to a completely custom-built venue. Booking this package between May 7th-May 21st you will receive a 10% discount!

Email: lovelylaurasweddings

Thursday, March 8, 2018

He Proposed. You said YES!!! Let SLE make it easy to start planning your perfect wedding!- Lanai Jarrico Reporting..

Getting married in Second Life is an exciting time for couples in love who want to take their relationship to the next level. It is a way to express their love for one another in front online family and friends.

Planning for this perfect day doesn’t have to be stressful if you take a deep breathe and check out some of these great locations that offer wedding packages that fit your specific needs and budget.  I know it can become a chore looking for the best places to shop in Second Life so here is a list of places you lovebirds can start with by category.

Let’s start with the beautiful bride and her bridesmaids

The Wedding Dress and Bridesmaids
Every bride wants to look stunning on their wedding day. Whether you like traditional or want something unique to suit your style, there are many types of wedding dresses to choose from on the grid. Of course, Marketplace is an easy way to find a dress but is it really what you want to do?  

Utopia Mainstore has an elegant collections of Wedding Gowns and bridesmaid dresses that are sure to make your presentation breathtaking.

Sonia Luxury Fashion has Avant Garde styles of formal dresses and Wedding Gowns, Detailed and Sexy designs for the wild Femme Fatale in you.

Trea Beau Designs & Bridal has gowns with sophisticated style as well as delicately crafted head jewels and face veils.

The Groom and his Best man

Kauna is mens suit shop for the groom and his best men to build their ensemble just the way they want it.

Adam Edelstein Couture for the distinguished gentlemen.

Aesthetic Swear Clothing by Lapointe & Bastchild is a great shop for  Aesthetic male mesh bodies. Great selection of dress shoes too.


Now that you picked out the perfect outfit for you and your wedding party, lets check out some venues to consider.

Make it Perfect Weddings and Events offers everything you need for a  completely custom weddings for any budget! Grand opening sale of 25% off and a free honeymoon for every wedding.  There are 7 packages to choose from and your cake can be custom made! Starting at $2250.

Timeless Weddings offers beautiful wedding venues. English, Portuguese, Spanish. Wedding packages from 2,500 to 25,000.  Packages for any budget. Real time photography.

Star*Crossed Weddings (TM) Est. 2010 has professional wedding services. Wedding Packages to fit any budget. Planner, Minister, Venue, Photographer, Hotel, Restaurant and Wedding Supplies.

Don’t forget the rings!

JCNY Jewelry, Wedding Rings, Main Store
SL favorite realistic Jewelry and Wedding Rings, 75% Off, Engagement Rings, Bohemian, Necklaces, Watches and Gacha. Contact JD Hansen for custom Engravings and items.

Zuri Jewelry Mainstore Wedding Rings,Tiaras & Crowns Since 2007
Jewelry. Beautiful, realistic, high quality, delicate jewels with outstanding customer service. Wedding rings, tiaras, crowns, bridal, vintage, men's, mesh, Bento compatible

EarthStones Jewelry : Main Store : Wedding Rings
Jewelry for women and men. casual, bohemian, diamonds, hippie, gothic,  bridal, tiaras, lockets, earrings, necklaces, engraving, pearls, pagan, engagement rings, formal, celtic, vampire, symbolic, wiccan, crystals, mens,

I hope these locations give you a head start on your wedding planning. On behalf of the SL Enquirer  congratulations on finding your soulmate. We wish you a perfect wedding day and long lasting memories to come.