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Wednesday, January 3, 2024

The SL Enquirer is hiring!



The SL Enquirer is always looking for creative minds with a passion for writing and Second Life

How it works:

Apply! If you meet our criteria, you get access to SLE assignments. Log in, choose a topic, accept the assignment, submit it, if it's accepted and published you get paid for it. It’s that simple!


Into Sales? Ad agent positions are open too!

Apply here: 

Contact Lanai Jarrico for more information

Monday, April 4, 2016

Jobs Available at the SL Enquirer. Apply Today!

Freelance Writers and SL Media Corespondents Wanted!

Writers must be at least 1 year old (18+) in Second Life and understand the virtual culture. Writing experience is a plus but not required.We are looking for  curious and creative writers who love to explore Second Life and get involved with community events.  Pay is 500L per freelance topic and 700L per assignment.

Writers apply here!

If you feel this position is right for you, contact Lanai Jarrico at  Include Reference ID.

Ref. ID: MOM- Position Filled
Marketing Operations Manager Position is available at The SL Enquirer!
This position requires attention to detail and excellent customer service experience.  Office space will be provided for the right candidate who can exhibit professionalism and an understanding of media and managing Ad clients. This position pays 500L per week plus 35% commission on ad sales.  Paid training provided.
2 hours per day-M-F  max, weekends optional.

Ref. ID: SMM-Position Filled
Social Media/Group Notice Manager
This position requires post copy and promotional knowledge. Hootsuite and Smartbots experience is a Plus! The right candidate will create promotional posts or our social media and group notices up to once per day using our scheduling system. Keep an eye out for trolls or group notice abusers.
 This position pays 500L per week plus 35% commission on ad sales.  Paid training.
2 hours per day-M-F  max, weekends optional. Office space provided.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Work for SLE- Now Hiring Writers, Bloggers & Managers for our Facility

The SL Enquirer is always on the look out for team players, writers and bloggers that love to meet new people, explore Second Life's many exciting places and attend events.

Join Team SLE and be a part of Second Life's longest running independently owned news source and work in a fast paced media environment with other like minded SLers.

Apply Here

Take a tour of The SL Enquirer Media Center


Monday, June 4, 2012

SLE Staff Interview- Meet Shon Charisma

You have read their stories on the SL Enquirer. Now it's time to meet the writers behind them.

Please meet Shon Charisma:

Shon Charisma

How would you describe yourself in 5 words?
Shon: Funny. Talented. Sincere. Creative. Intriguing.

What brought you to Second Life and how has it impacted you as a person?
Shon: I came to SL for a RL college class a few years ago, and actually, I hated it. LOL I came from the class and left. A few months later, I returned and began to move around the grid and check some things out and decided to stay. The biggest impact, and it's not a really positive one, lol, is that it's made me doubly busy in my overall life. Just like in RL, I have a whole set of friends that require attention and too much work to do. Ha! A positive, however, is that I have had the opportunity to be a part of experiences that I have yet to do in the real world, such as help put together Broadway style plays and performances.