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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Inworld Employment-Your Guide to finding a job in Second Life and keeping it-Hazel Silvermoon Reporting…


Second Life is a fascinating platform with many opportunities that fit every lifestyle. From visiting faraway places, to shopping at your favorite boutique, every new adventure is just a click away. One of these many opportunities is the chance for inworld employment. Not only does this fulfill our need to be more active in our virtual community, it gives us a chance to earn currency like we would working in real life. But, how do we obtain a job in Second Life, and more importantly, what are some tips for keeping it? Read this guide to find out!

Finding a Job

Second Life Forums

There are plenty of places we can look when searching for employment in Second Life. Once you have determined your desired field of work, you can start by checking the Second life forums: (located on under the community tab.) Once you find the forums tab, scroll down and you will see a section called: “Commerce Forum”. Under this section, you will see another subsection titled: “Inworld Employment.” You can then click on the link to find several potential employers for various jobs. Make sure to read the entire listing carefully before applying for any job. This will allow you to ensure that you are applying correctly. This will give you a much better chance at landing an interview!

Job Agencies

If forums are not your thing, or you prefer a more realistic experience, there are job agencies in Second Life as well. You can visit any of these agencies to find out what employment opportunities are available. After exploring several, I found that Top Job Agency was the place with the most active employment boards. 

Upon entering Top Job Agency, you will find a multitude of ad boards advertising work that is currently available. Simply click on the ad for the job you wish to apply for, and you will receive a folder with notes and instructions for applying. You can then follow the instructions provided to submit your applications. The Jobs are divided by category.

 If you need more options,other great places to look for virtual jobs are: employment groups, and Facebook and Twitter groups as well. There are an extensive number of clubs, stores, and real estate companies that have a Facebook page or Twitter feed. You can then follow these feeds to the main website for these creators. Many of them have applications that you can fill out right on the main page.

Punctuality and Dressing for Success

After finding our dream job listing, it is time to get serious. After submitting your application, it is important to dress for the job we want. Take time to think about what you might be required to wear based on the job you are applying for. Choose outfits that suit those needs. Make sure that if the job requires business attire, that you don’t show up in a t-shirt, as this may give any potential employers the wrong first impression!

Another important thing to remember is: always be punctual. Show up at least 15 minutes early for any interviews, or the beginning of any shifts. This shows your eagerness to obtain or keep your job. It allows your employer to see that you are dedicated to your workplace, and will allow you to open yourself up for potential advancements or promotions.

Proper Conduct 

Once we land a job in Second Life, we want to make sure that we keep it! To do so, we must follow a few simple rules to make sure that we are the best employee we can be. They are as follows:

Be a team player

While most employers do understand that work-life balance is important, it is also important that you are dedicated to them as well. Be willing to listen to any ideas your teammates or supervisors may have. Be prepared to work together alongside others, and to be receptive to change and new ways to work in a group.

Respect Others
Remember, a little respect goes a long way. Be sure to be courteous and kind to your employer, all other team members, and any clients you may have. Being courteous and showing respect to others is crucial in any job setting. It allows us to get along with our coworkers, superiors, and clients, and will make for a positive work experience. Afterall, a happy client is a client for life! Also, in showing respect, your coworkers will always have a fun and positive workplace experience!

Focus, Dedication, and Clarity

There are a few final things to remember when working any job. First and foremost, real life does come first. If something does come up, make sure to contact your employer ahead of time, so they may cover your shift and the company can continue to run smoothly. This is both respectful and responsible. 

Secondly, make sure to stay focused while on the Job. Avoid outside distractions and all private DMS to friends (unless it is necessary or an emergency.) Be present, and stay present.

The Third and final thing to remember is: be clear with your employer. Make sure that you state your intentions before hire, and continue to maintain frequent communication throughout your employment. Be sure to provide your availability and communicate your desires so that there is no confusion as to when you are able to work, and what the expectations are.

Even though getting a job and keeping it can seem intimidating, working in Second Life should be fun and rewarding. Remember, like any job in real life, you should do what you love, and love what you do. There is something for everyone here, and the opportunity to dream big is yours for the taking. So get out there and find your passion!


Second Life employment forum: Inworld Employment - Second Life Community

Top Job Agency:

Monday, April 4, 2016

Jobs Available at the SL Enquirer. Apply Today!

Freelance Writers and SL Media Corespondents Wanted!

Writers must be at least 1 year old (18+) in Second Life and understand the virtual culture. Writing experience is a plus but not required.We are looking for  curious and creative writers who love to explore Second Life and get involved with community events.  Pay is 500L per freelance topic and 700L per assignment.

Writers apply here!

If you feel this position is right for you, contact Lanai Jarrico at  Include Reference ID.

Ref. ID: MOM- Position Filled
Marketing Operations Manager Position is available at The SL Enquirer!
This position requires attention to detail and excellent customer service experience.  Office space will be provided for the right candidate who can exhibit professionalism and an understanding of media and managing Ad clients. This position pays 500L per week plus 35% commission on ad sales.  Paid training provided.
2 hours per day-M-F  max, weekends optional.

Ref. ID: SMM-Position Filled
Social Media/Group Notice Manager
This position requires post copy and promotional knowledge. Hootsuite and Smartbots experience is a Plus! The right candidate will create promotional posts or our social media and group notices up to once per day using our scheduling system. Keep an eye out for trolls or group notice abusers.
 This position pays 500L per week plus 35% commission on ad sales.  Paid training.
2 hours per day-M-F  max, weekends optional. Office space provided.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Tips for a career with an upward linear graph - Debby Sharma Reporting

Are you new to SL? Have you got your avatar ready? If not, follow the link below this article, it would help you get your personalised avatar for free, be it mesh or non-mesh. The link would also help gather a few lindens through various means like contests, sploders, and money chairs etc. which are enough to cover your initial expenses for clothing etc. But soon you would realize the need for a home, mesh outfits, furniture, dreams and more which would need a regular flow of income to sustain them.

Most businesses encourage the residents to explore the first 30 days of joining Second Life. There are a few businesses who would hire in your first month, but those are either very rare to find or if you could convince which is equally rare. So where to start?

Photograph Credits: Google Search

Step 1: Applying for a job
Like in real life, there are various places where one can search for jobs. Here are the few places that I am sure to look at when I start searching. A few conventional methods and few are non-conventional ones. They are:
·         Job Agency
·         Inworld Employment community forum
·         Social Media
·         Classifieds

Job Agency
Job Agencies are the best place to look for job. Jobs for hosts, Djs, managers and sometimes escorts are very easily found. Sometimes other jobs like a sales manager, store models etc. are also available. One can click on the advertisement board to receive an application and a landmark. Fill in the application to the detail and send to the residents mentioned.  If your dream job is not listed during a specific time period at the agency, you may also join their group and look out for them in future. Agencies and their landmarks have been listed below:

Photograph Credits: Second Life Search

In-world Employment community forum
It is the best place to look for a job. Not only it is best and a free method used for applicants seeking a job but also the employers, managers and business owners looking for efficient staff. If you are looking for employment in-world, here is the link: Under the Commerce section in the community forum, there is another head called the “wanted” forum. Apart from employment, if you think you possess some other skills, like web designing, graphic designers etc., something that you are good in real life as well, you may post your resume and employee seekers or business associates would contact you. Your link here:

Social Media
With the advent of Social Media in our real lives, Second Life is too not behind in having groups and forums for people seeking job. It is another good source of free advertising for wanted staff. Even when we are busy in our real lives, social media is something we carry with us all the time, thanks to the technology development and mobile phones. This means, we can search for jobs and look out for and apply mostly via google forms and sometimes via notecards. Here are a few links that might help.
Facebook links:
Metabiz search list

Whenever you open the search results for Second Life, you would find a list of classifieds on the right side column which shows results based on your Second life searches. These will teleport you directly to the clubs, businesses that are seeking staff where you can apply.

Professional Tips:
·         Save a notecard in your inventory to record your resume. As you progress, you will shift from many jobs. Hence, make a list of the Business name, your job position, and your employer’s name, date of joining and date of leaving, reason for leaving the job.
·         You may save a folder in your inventory consisting of all the applications you have applied for from the start. Although, it is not mandatory, however, it is recommended. For example I had applied and worked for Malibu Nights Club. It was the first club. After a year, there was an opening again for the same club. When I was hired, I mentioned that to the owners, they were so pleased that they offered me to a job to its sister concern on the first day itself.
·         Maintain good relations with your employers. This helps in two ways, first, if a new job requires a reference, your employer is the best choice, and second, the new employer may or may not verify about you from your previous employers. Just because you have left your last employer’s job that does not mean you can’t be good friends with them. For example, I had worked for Kylie Brimmer for 2 years through her 2 clubs. After, I moved on from the clubbing industry, she is still a good friend who helps when I am in need and I help her whenever she needs.
·         Aim for a professional career with stability instead of a being a rolling stone. It is important that while you have a job, you show stability with a job. Like real life, every job requires training and no employer would want their investment not earning any returns. Employers do not like people who would just receive training and take off after a short period of time. The point of stability is rated high in the eyes of your new and old employer.

General Tips:
·         If you are applying for the first time or not, make sure that while filling the application form, you write why you are the one who is best fitted for the job. Talk about your skills and how good are you at commitments and team work. These words matter a great deal than usually apprehended.
·         Be Truthful.
·         Real life happens. Tell your employer about your absence, if possible prior or else later. Don’t be afraid to let them know the reason. We all understand as we have been there too.
·         Remember that there are real people behind the avatars. Yes, it is a game. But if you are looking for a job try to be involved and give your commitment.
·         Be friendly, polite and never get involved in drama. Sometimes, it is very difficult to stay out of it. Still, if you have a problem at your job with any staff or customer, never be rude to them instead take the matter to your employer. Make a notecard and copy-paste the chat that bothered you and ask your employer for guidance. Remember, only your employer has the right over you with respect to your job. The same is true for others.
·         Above all, find something that you love to do. A passionate work can always motivate you leading to betterment of all. Most of all, if you love something, you will find it fun to do. After all everyone has come for a enjoyment in this life. So have fun.

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Firing Employees on Second Life©-It's Not Personal, It's Business- Nomad Aries Reporting…


The firing of employees on Second Life© seems to be a law unto itself. There is no set protocol for firing an employee for incompetence or any other offense.
In the real world or at least where I live, there are set laws and procedures that must be adhered to before and during the process of firing an employee. Not so , in the virtual world. On Second Life©, the firing of an employee, the reasons for it and how it is done is strictly up to the owner or manager of a business. This is surprising to me to be honest. If you are going to run a business venture on SL or be part of an organization, you will inevitably have to fire someone at some point in time. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Stop Being Broke in Second Life – Glossom Resident Reporting…

Haven’t you ever secretly wished to come across a virtual millionaire who likes to drop some fat lindens into your account? That would solve your money troubles for a while but it is not likely to happen. Sadly lindens don’t fall from the sky and spending all day long walking down the streets of Second Life looking for some lost coins seems to be a complete waste of time. So how can we stop being broke in Second Life? When easy money is hard to get, hard working money seems to be the easiest call.

Imagine what you could have with some extra lindens: renewing the wardrobe or buying that gorgeous outfit that you have been anxious to get but can’t afford; giving yourself a complete makeover; refurnishing the house or getting a king-sized bed for that huge house that you have been sighing for… Now that I got you motivated, it's time to kick laziness away and to take action on finding a job.

Here are some tips on how to find a job and, above all, how to keep it.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Yeah, I'm The Tax Man.....

Before you ask... no, you can't pay your taxes in Lindens.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Looking for a virtual job in Media? SecondNights has openings!, the Best Entertainment Community for SL lovers, wants to improve its staff and is looking for you!
Take a look at our Jobs positions...

We are looking for a sharp go-getter to maintain our advertising offers portfolio.  This person will also make contact with potential sponsors for our major projects: our website, our magazine, our event land, and the Network.  
EXPERIENCE REQUIRED - 1 MONTH TEST IN POSITION.  (Once officially hired, this will become a paid position)
SALARY:  fixed monthly fee plus a percentage of sales.