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Showing posts with label Moonlight Music. Show all posts

Monday, November 9, 2020

SPOTLIGHT ON ROCKER-Live performer in SL and one of the CEOs of Moonlight Music- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...


Second Life is teeming with talent from all over the globe in every genre. The music scene is the top entertainment choice for SL residents. Not only does music bring people together but it gives the virtual world community the unique opportunity to interact with artists by requesting songs and live personal commentary and oftentimes meet and greets after shows.

 Rocker is an SL entertainer that hails from Cocoa Beach, Florida. He started  performing in the real world back in 1975 at the tender age of 17. Rocker was part of a few successful bands and has also found success as a solo performer while entertaining locals and tourists on Florida’s east coast. Retired now, Rocker brings his talent into Second Life with genres that ranges from Blues, Rock, Country and everything in between. One of the CEO’s of Moonlight Music, he is a busy man who puts his heart and soul in music and entertainment.

Interview with Rocker (rocker335)

Lanai: Hi Rocker, Finally got the chance to interview you. You are a busy one! Between performing across the grid you are also one of the CEO’s of Moonlight Music; 

An organization that provides venues with a more direct line to the performers without hassle of a middle man. I’d love for our readers to get to know you as an artist before we get into all you do to enrich the music scene in SL.

 Rocker: I sing Blues, Classic Rock and Country. Most of my songs are upbeat high energy. My shows are fun. Any entertainer's job in SL or RL is to make sure everyone is having fun. You'll be dancing in your chair and singing along.

Lanai: One of my favorite questions to ask is how did you discover Second Life?

Rocker: I was watching an episode of "CSI NY" which is about a murder victim bears a striking resemblance to a well-known avatar in the online role-playing game "Second Life." Mac is forced to enter the game himself to solve the mystery surrounding her death. I had to check it out.

Lanai: Would you say SL is an extension of your real life or a place to pass the time?

Rocker: It is an extension of my real life because it is an extension of my music career. I retired from real life performing and now I perform in SL. It is also an extension because I can perform for people all over the world without them coming to Florida.

Lanai: Music is a big part of your life. How would you define your music style?

Rocker: Others have described my style as high energy. Blues, in the style of Clapton, SRV, KWS mixed with 70's and early 80's Classic Rock.

Lanai: How often do you perform in SL? (share your calendar link in your response)

Rocker: I try and stay booked a couple of times a day from Thursday thru Sunday. I can do shows other days, I just don't have any at this time. I'm always looking for more bookings. Here is my calendar:

Lanai: It has to be exciting performing for an audience. Since you have experience with a band, solo and now in SL. Can you describe what it feels like to be performing and staring out at an audience? 

Rocker: In my early days, I wouldn't look out at the audience. Later, I learned to read the faces of the audience. The size of an audience doesn't bother me as much as the reactions they have to your performance.

Lanai: RL is obviously very different from SL performances because you are able to see your audience. What are the differences and similarities? Do you get the same kind of rush?

Rocker: I get a rush from both but it's different. In real life, you feel the audience more and you can hear the applause. In SL, I watch the number of people and who comes in. The SL rush comes from watching a venue start to fill up right before you go on. The more people, the bigger the rush and the better the show. Also, for anyone going to one of my performances. I love when people send up requests. It's another way to gauge how well the audience likes you.

Lanai: You are one of the CEO’s of Moonlight Music created by Wolfie Moonshadow over a decade ago. Can you tell our readers more about MM?

Rocker: I joined Moonlight Music in May. We were singers who went to each other's show and listened and helped each other with our sound and performances. We have now grown to where we are now a total support group for a performer. A new singer with potential comes to us and we have photographers, booking agents, 3 venues that will help give you a start and more. Moonlight Music does not charge the performer for this.

 Lanai: For those out there that might want to perform in Second Life but not sure how to get started, What advice can you offer them?

Rocker: Talk to a performer. Most of us will be more than happy to help. I have just finished setting up my studio to do some video and I plan on making a YouTube video showing everything that I use to get my sound on a stream and into SL. Check out my webpage below for upcoming videos.

Lanai: It was a pleasure interviewing you Rocker, thank you so much. Before we wrap it up, is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Rocker: In SL right now, I only sing. I am working on some new tracks where I will be playing my guitar live as well so that's coming up. Also, I am very friendly especially if you are a performer. I love to talk about gear and performing. Fans, tell me what you want to hear. If it's not on my list, I might be able to add it. If you want to have some fun, come to my show.

For booking contact

 Kate Rambo (mrsrambo29 Resident)

Additional Information:

Group: Rocker's Band of Renegades

Group SLURL: secondlife:///app/group/26710a94-75d0-e382-2e8b-81eec3936e21/about

My SLURL: secondlife:///app/agent/26a27b2a-5e60-4aa5-b66b-d8d3307fc283/about


Other: Web Page:

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gibraltar Takes Over the SL Music Scene with Moonlight Music

Over a month ago, SLE's illustrious president came to me and asked that I check out Moonlight Music for a piece. At the time, I had never heard of the company or of the talent that resided within the company. Since that time, I have met the CEO and premiere talent of Moonlight, Wolfie Moonshadow, sat in on sets from Moonlight's artists, and rocked it out on March 27, 2011 as the company joined forces with SLE to bring Spring Jam to the grid.

Moonlight Music CEO Wolfie Moonshadow

Needless to say, I am now a huge believer of Moonshadow's vision for Moonlight, the uber-talented band of musicians that make-up the company, and how this company will spread like wildfire across the metaverse.

When I heard about Moonlight Music and its stable of artists, I was instantly intrigued. Great singers--all from Gibraltar? And not only are they all from Gibraltar--a country that is only 3 1/2 square miles and that sits at the very southern tip of Spain--but also they are all friends who sing from the same recording studio? To me, that sounded like either great fiction or a rare, once in a lifetime opportunity. It seemed that just as The Beatles invaded America many decades ago, Gibraltar was invading the SL music scene in a big way with Moonlight Music and its rising stars.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

SLE EVENT: The SL Enquirer & Moonlight Music Presents a 2 hour Spring Jam featuring Wolfie Moonshadow, JaxxonRoxx Resident & Jesse Ribeiro On March 27 4-6pm SLT

A Spectacular event like no other is taking place at the SL Enquirer Media on Sunday March 27 from 4-6pm SLT, So mark your calendars and get in where you fit in!

 Moonlight Music and The SL Enquirer presents 3 extremely Talented Mediterranean Musicians from the beautiful European continent of Gibraltar.   Wolfie Moonshadow, JaxxsonRoxx Resident and Jesse Ribeiro will be breaking in the new stage at the SL Enquirer Media Center and taking turns performing together and individually from one Studio! Be sure to get there early, This Spring Jam will fill up fast!

Teleport to The SL Enquirer Stage Area


Music Event Production throughout SL. Artist management agency providing venues with performers, hosting and music management.


Someone once said that listening to Wolfie was like watching colors flow from his voice. Whether you are entertained by hard rock, feel like dancing to pop or blues, want to close your eyes and get pulled into his beautiful love songs or just enjoy being around the very best performers in SL, Wolfie will supply all of it. He's the full package :) There's one thing for sure about Wolfie's shows....they are entertaining and fun!!!

Genres: Pop, Rock, Blues (80's, 90's and current), R&B, Easy Listening and Spanish love songs. Wolfie sings covers and brings to them his own amazing rendition of the songs.



Music Event Production throughout SL. Artist management agency providing venues with performers, hosting and music management. 


Yes, this level of talent has finally come into Second Life!!  Jesse Ribeiro is an accomplished musician in RL and has just recently brought his love for music into SL.  We are the ones who will benefit from this.  He is a writer, music composer, vocalist, musician and producer of undescribable music.  He has been singing and playing piano since the age of 7.  For him, music is his life and it truly shows when you listen to this brilliant performer. 

His music will grab you and never let go. His favorite artists include Coldplay, Sting, Stevie Wonder and Gino Vanelli.  Don't be surprised if you hear Jesse sing a few romantic spanish songs as well!


  Music Event Production throughout SL. Artist management agency providing venues with performers, hosting and music management. 

   JaxxonRoxx Resident's Bio

Jaxxon hadn't had any sort of musical background until he decided to take up singing at the age of 14.  His first band was comprised of school friends and they would play the occasional concert.  With time, Jaxxon found himself with different musicians and they worked at many clubs in Gibraltar, establishing himself within the local music scene.  Having learned to play guitar and with an ever increasing fan base, Jaxxon knew it was time to showcase his own material.  This led Jaxxon to record his first album, with a well known band in 2002.  Jaxxon is producing his own songs now.   He also plays acoustic and electric guitar.

Currently he is working on his second album with fellow friends as well as constantly playing with his current band, Jetstream.  He hopes his next set of heartfelt songs will propel him to bigger things and is ready to take his music to a higher level.   Jaxxon comes to us in SL hoping to reach a wider audience.  Jaxxon will play covers, tracks and his own original material while singing in SL.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Lanai's Diary- Entry March 21, 2011-Finally, Spring is here and I’m just getting back into the swing of things. - Lanai Jarrico


Spring is in the air and I'm ready for a whole new season of adventures but I can only imagine what's in store for me this year....