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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Spotlight on JT’s At the Summit Intimate Encounters- SLE Reporting...


 There is a new full-service adult playground on the grid for intimate encounters. Jt’s at the Summit offers the grown and sexy crowd a variety of activities to do. From the main club with exotic dancers and escorts to a more intimate venue for the CFNM community as well as singles and couples to explore “group adult activities”. With many private areas to discover there is something for everyone. With a full sim to explore you will come across beautiful waterfalls, a beach house, social areas like the lounge and pool.  The SLE took a tour with Jt to learn more about Jt’s at the Summit. 

Interview with ღ JT ღ (msjacq)

SLE:  Hi Jt, where are you from and how did you discover Second Life?

ღ JT ღ (msjacq): I'm currently in Grad School in southern California, I was born in Miami, Florida, but grew up in Dunedin, Florida on the Gulf Coast. A very close friend who has been in SL a little while had been getting after me to join SL for quite some time, so I finally did.

SLE: Would you consider Second Life an extension of your real life or just a game?

ღ JT ღ (msjacq): Maybe an extension, but more a place to explore things that I may not necessarily be able to explore in real life. She's just more open, willing to explore the places within me that exist that I don't necessarily let out for air in the real-life version of me. I do keep a definite separation between the two, but the person you meet and interact with within SL, is me in about every way possible, even down to the hours I spent creating my avatar in my own likeness.

SLE: What inspired you to create Jt’s at the Summit?

ღ JT ღ (msjacq): So I've worked in some Clubs and Resorts in SL. I've managed one or two of them for a short time. None of them quite felt like home, like a true fit for me for a number of reasons. Sometimes it was my inability to be comfortable with the surroundings, cosmetically, or the theme of the place. Other times it was because of inadequate or incompetent management and drama. I put myself into my work, I give all of myself, and to do that and be happy I need to feel a connection to the place, very much like the love I have for my real-life career. None of the places I'd worked, or even seen in SL really allowed me to truly feel that sort of connection. So I began constructing the vision so to speak in my mind. What to me would be a place I could not only live, as my home is also on the Sim, but a place I could truly put myself into, and truly love. JT's at the Summit is the manifestation of that vision. So, I began looking for the perfect place to create that vision in world and was blessed to find Raven's Summit. Once I saw it, I knew it was home and everything just came together. 

SLE: This adult playground is an entire sim, can you share with our readers what they can expect when visiting Jt’s at the Summit?

ღ JT ღ (msjacq): What they can expect, or more, what I intend to provide is the ultimate adult experience. Truly, something for everyone, where you can fulfill your every desire. I put a great deal of thought into what needed to be here to provide that for our guests. I've built a number of areas on the island to accommodate that vision. Guests can expect a friendly fun staff genuinely interested in providing an amazing experience. They can expect to be treated with respect and kindness. Beautiful ladies to entertain our male guests (I am EXTREMELY picky about the look of my Dancers and Escorts. You won't find avatars that resemble cartoon characters with unrealistic and exaggerated features. We do want to celebrate diversity and be accepting as beauty comes in many shapes and sizes, but I insist on realistic human form avatars). Gorgeous Guys to entertain our female guests. A number of romantic and intimate areas throughout the island for our staff to entertain our clients and guests, as well as the ability for couples to spend intimate time together, have a date night, or just explore and enjoy the grounds, and relax. (I do appreciate a donation for couples who wish to enjoy our intimate areas) A well-kept and maintained sim where you can always contact ownership/management. But mostly, a place where fantasies can be fulfilled and explored. I'm not looking to get Linden rich here, my goal is to pay the bills and provide a place where guests and my staff can feel at home, safe,  and allow themselves to explore the experiences they desire. 

SLE: There are many adult venues in Second Life. What makes yours stand out from the rest?

ღ JT ღ (msjacq): Well first, none that I'm aware of have approached the adult venue experience with this business model. We're not just targeting one specific demographic. Our vision is to be all-inclusive and provide something for everyone. We've combined a number of different experiences for our guests in order to achieve that. Of course, it was necessary to provide the best furniture and amenities available with amazing animations as nothing kills the experience more than getting excited about what you're doing than the animations not living up to expectations so that was something I wasn't at all willing to compromise on. It was a priority to provide our clients with only the best but It was more than that. It had to be a place that when walking through, you would keep thinking, it's really beautiful here. As I said above I was blessed to find the perfect scenic location to build after looking and looking,  so I tried to take advantage of the beauty that existed here and highlight it. There is so much beauty here, and I tried to highlight all of it and provide a perfect setting for the ultimate adult experience. A place to truly live out your fantasies. Furthermore, It was also important that the main club, and sim in general not be, or cosmetically look like any other adult club or resort. That cheesy trashy look where you're afraid to sit anywhere, or all the neon and trashy pics, dark rooms, all the purple and pink, velvet, etc... all the common things you see in almost every adult club. A place that offered all the benefits of an adult club/resort, but intimate, warm and welcoming, classy and clean. We can celebrate our sexuality, and still be classy about it. Finally, When you visit JT's at the Summit, you're truly visiting me. I put my heart and soul into everything here, and I put all of myself into the day-to-day operation. When you come to JT's, you are being welcomed into my extended home, and truly see "JT" in everything here. 

SLE: Every successful venue has a team that works together to ensure guests are having a unique experience. Can you tell us about your team and what they do?

ღ JT ღ (msjacq): JT's at the Summit has a small staff of wonderful people. I'm not only the Owner but also the Operations Manager. My partner and Co-Owner Suzy Owens Also assist me in Managing our main club and helping me with administrative and supervisory duties. I also recently hired a wonderful woman named Jesselyn Fielding to Manage the partner club that sits next door to the main club. Jt's at the Summit will also be staffed with a team of top-level Dancers and Escorts. 


SLE: Running an adult establishment comes with a lot of responsibility. What rules do you have in place to ensure guests are not sexually harassed? What restrictions do you have in regards to age?

ღ JT ღ (msjacq): First of all, as the Owner, I'm present, which, let's be honest, isn't always the case in adult venues. That allows me to know what's going on here at all times. Next, My staff all have explicit rules concerning guest care and interaction as well as a comprehensive sexual harassment policy in place which applies to all staff including myself. Adult venues are about sex, so, guests who come here have to expect an atmosphere where sexuality is celebrated. That includes nudity in both clubs and an adult fun-themed atmosphere. With that in mind, at no time are my staff or guests ever asked to, or forced to do anything they are not comfortable doing. We're all adults, consent and safety are always the highest priorities. If at any time a member of my staff or a guest feels they are being pushed, or "forced" into an uncomfortable situation, not only can they teleport out if they feel it necessary, they can also contact me at any time day or night and I will respond the moment I see the message and deal with any inappropriate behavior immediately. That leads me to the second part of your question. Only adult avatars are allowed on the sim. That means guests and staff. If an avatar appears in any way to be under the legal age of consent they will be asked to leave immediately or made to if they refuse. 

SLE: There is a CFNM club that caught my attention during the tour, you mentioned there are 14 hot men ready and waiting to show the ladies a good time? Do you have to make an appointment or are there special events? Asking for a friend. lol

ღ JT ღ (msjacq): LOL, Our CFNM House or CFNM at the Summit is the partner club that is next door to our main club.  It is part of our "something for everyone" vision. As I mentioned above, I recently brought on Jesselyn Fielding to manage the CFNM house. She is an amazing woman with a lot of experience in the SL CFNM Community and will do amazing things here.  We've built a great team of hot sexy guys who are there to dance for and entertain our female guests. You can make an appointment with one of our CFNM Dancers and that can be arranged with the dancer directly.  We are also in the process of setting up "theme nights". Jess is working that out and that information will be posted and available soon. The CFNM house itself is unlike most CFNM establishments you may have seen in the past. The place is comfy, intimate, warm, and welcoming, and also equipped with only the best furniture and equipment available. It includes a Zen garden on the top floor with a massage area. (The massage table has an absolutely heavenly menu) Our CFNM Dancers are not allowed to IM any guest without express consent in local chat or send them any inventory items, gestures, images, or anything not requested. I know this is a problem in other places, it will not be here. I promise we'll take great care of your friend :)


SLE: Speaking of events, do you have a calendar or group guests can join to get notifications when something is happening?

ღ JT ღ (msjacq): Our VIP group is simply called JT's at the Summit. It is the VIP group for both clubs. There are group joiners once a person walks into the club they can click on and join, or they can contact a member of the staff for an invitation,  and can also search in groups under that name. There is no fee to join. We've also recently made our home on Facebook.

SLE: Are you hiring? If so, what positions do you have available and how can they apply?

ღ JT ღ (msjacq): I have a nice staff of male Dancers, however, I'm always happy to add to that roster. I am currently beginning the hiring process for my female Dancer/Escort staff. When someone walks into the main club they can find applications on the wall to the right near the elevator or speak to me, Suzy, or Jess directly. 


SLE: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

ღ JT ღ (msjacq): Jt's at the Summit includes a number of areas throughout the sim. Both Clubs, two intimate cozy waterfall areas, a fenced and decked pool, and a "dance dock" with a deejay booth, a dance floor, and a top deck with a bar and social area that has an absolutely beautiful view. You're not going to ever be bored, just show up with your imagination and the intent of having a fun wonderful time. 

Additional Information:


Group: JT's at the Summit


Preferred Contact: Email or IM is fine

Saturday, December 29, 2018

GeekSpeak – what would it be like to live with a Social Credit System?

China is creating a social credit system where everyone has to behave well or they lose social credit points.  Your social credit score will determine where you can live, whether you can travel, whether you can buy or rent a car, in fact it will determine what your life will be like.

What would it be like to live with such a system?  Will there be a black market in social credits?  Will people find ways to cheat?

Will the system lock the culture in one state forever because no one will dare to be different?  No one will ever dye their hair pink?  What will happen to the people who fall below the minimum credit level?

Will some people be happy with the social credit system?  If they can upvote and downvote people it may give them the illusion of control.

Will the social credit system be established in the west?  Come and discuss the future of citizen control. Entry only if you have 10 credit points.

IM Vulcan Viper if you have ideas for new subjects.

I hope you have been having a great Christmas.

Best wishes

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Was your social networking account deleted because you were not a "REAL" person? Get Connected on

Many of the most popular social networking sites clearly state in their Terms of Service that you will NOT provide false information or have more than one personal account. 

Therefore, many of the avatars you see on these sites are in breach of the most common TOS guidelines. Likewise, if you disregard those TOS guidelines, you are at risk of having all the work and effort you put into building your online network erased in one regretful moment! It’s happened to many avatars from SL, and it could happen to you. 

Now there is a solution.

At, you CAN have more than one account for your alts and different grids. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Things You Should Know About Using Social Media and How It Can Affect You -Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Technology has made it easy for people from all over the world to communicate and express themselves in real time with family, friends, co- workers and other sources that you cannot otherwise connect with in local settings. 

 Users pick up new friends fast and easy by common interests, through mutual friends or an association with jobs and other resources.  The important thing in maintaining a successful social media network is by monitoring it for unwanted content and removing those that create negative energy for you and others that can read all the feeds and posts available in your network.  The most important thing to know is, you are in control of your social media and should practice common sense when allowing others into your space because if something goes wrong, you are responsible for it.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

SLE Review: Atlantis Swingers Resort and Spa is the place to see it all! FEATURING A NEW BAND EVERY SUNDAY @ 6PM SLT Shay Dalek Reporting...

Shay Dalek Meditating

Atlantis Swingers Spa and Resort officially opened its doors last Sunday with a huge bang .Drawing over 50 people to its first live concert on the beach, party goers were treated to Def Leopard presented by the Rock Shoppe.  Shortly before 6pm SLT, the crowd began to gather and mingle and the atmosphere was electrifying.  People began to fall in from the midnight sky, from the prompt patron to the fashionably late, all gathered to claim their spot on the beach.  It isn’t a rock concert unless there is at least one head-banger in the crowd, and that night, there were several.  From the itty bitty bikinis to the full onslaught of head to toe leather ensembles, Def Leopard lovers gathered from far and wide, and beneath the glittery tropical night sky, a fantastic time was had by all.