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Friday, August 31, 2012

From SLex to Sex Appeal: Sex and Escorting in Second Life - Pandora Drezelan Reporting...

Second Life is a virtual world that is full of options and sex within Second Life is very popular, there are many escort clubs and the types of services available are endless, from pole dancing, stripping, lap dances and different sexual encounters, all of this is made possible with a variety of animations and pose balls, customers pay the dancers in Linden Dollars through the dancers tip jar.
If a customer wants a private lap dance or escort service then the avatar of his or her choice will lead them to a private room, most rooms are fully equipped with a sex bed, massage table, dance chair, tip jar etc. The session is timed either by the escort or through management and the price depends on how long the customer wants to stay.

Some clubs work on a freelance basis, dancers and escorts can join the clubs group, wear their group tag and work whenever they wish, while other clubs require the dancer or escort to work a certain amount of hours a week.

Other clubs may ask you to fill out an application form, including details about yourself such as your avatar name, your gender in real life, Second Life birthdate and a photo or two of your avatar.
Almost every escort club are reasonably strict regarding the overall quality of your avatar, good hair, skin and clothes are very important, some clubs will have a particular theme like burlesque or a cabaret style, others will have a variety of looks.

Greeting customers and classy emotes are a must the /me typed before the sentence changes the wording and speaking in the third person is advised so it should look like this ‘Jessie runs her fingers through her long blonde hair, across her breasts and leans over just slightly as she smiles at David...... thank you for the tip.. sexy, she smiles.’
( a bit longer and more detailed than that and without the exclamation marks of course)

Some escorts will use voice with customers and even go on cam. I only voice with a few close friends and I feel that a cam session would totally destroy the Second Life fantasy.
If you want to work as a dancer, an escort or both, then being a good talker and having a sociable, bubbly nature is a plus, greeting customers, making them feel comfortable and at ease is all part of the job description and YES that includes NOOBS, everyone is to be treated equally.

My Personal Escort Experience

When I first came to Second Life I was curious about everything and even though sorting out my avatars style was my number one priority I spent a lot of time visiting adult sims and one escort club became a place of interest for me and so I would visit almost every day.

I spoke to a few of the women and filled out an application form, it took two weeks to get a reply and I had to go to the club for an interview. I was only three months old but I was surprised when the manager told me that I would need clothes of a better quality, she was very nice and gave me a few landmarks and so I was off to shop.

I started working as soon as I got back to the club. I was extremely nervous and made every mistake possible, luckily I improved with time. I didn’t think much of the sexual experience, avatar sex just wasn’t my thing, however the visual side was very different and hysterical at times but on a personal level I couldn’t see what all the fuss was about.

When I told people who I had met in Second Life about my new job I found some of them to be very supportive and others couldn’t understand it, they thought it was wrong so they deleted me even if they were doing exactly the same thing and having sex with random avatars free of charge, which I thought was a bit double standard.

As time went by I tried working at a few different clubs and soon became tired of it all, a friend gave me an application form to fill out, it was for a modeling course and the rest as they say is history. I graduated with two modeling agencies and felt very proud of myself.

Escorting was an amazing experience for me, however I would never go back to it, escorting is a chapter in my Second Life that is over now and I don’t do a lot of modeling work but that was a great experience also.

Both escorting and modeling taught me a lot about myself, my avatars style, good dress sense and editing those difficult things like hair and jewelry. I learnt how to mix and match outfits, sort out my inventory and so much more. I don’t regret a minute of my Second Life, it’s been great so far and I know it can only get better.


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