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Friday, May 3, 2013

Boxing in Second Life: It's a real knockout –Sarahelisebeth Brenham Reporting…

 We live in a world where standards on genders exist. In one sport in SL, someone's sex doesn't matter. Scroll down to learn more about this refreshing activity. 

Warrior Instinct Nations, formerly known as Averlast, was opened in July 2007, by Karine Koba. Ms. Koba wanted an establishment that provided not only excellent boxing events and equipment to train with for this sport, but also a variety of activities outside Boxing. I will list some of the other pastimes this business offers in a bit. First allow me to tell you how to play in this business’s main competition: Boxing.

There are a few things that one needs in order to play this sport: A specific type of hud, moveset and hand-wear. Every boxing company has their own version of the items required to participate in this pastime. Let us begin our exploration of this activity by understanding what a moveset is and how it works.

A moveset is an object that you wear to make you hit your opponent. In order for this thing to operate, you must don the gloves, brass knuckles or hand wraps. To turn the object on, place your mouse on the area of your body in which you have put the item on and left click it. Like in everything that we do, we all have a certain way in doing them. The moveset used at Warrior Instinct Nations comes with a choice of three different types of hitting sequences. The first set is The Orthodox. This sequence is the best pick for those who wish to fight right handed. The second arrangement is The Southpaw. This catenation is the ideal choice for people who would like to box with their left hand. The third succession is The Slugger. This sequence gives individuals the opportunity to hit their foe with a great amount of power. It would be wise for one to try all three of these movesets, to determine which one that they are most comfortable in using.

Now that we are knowledgeable on movesets, it’s now time to learn about the different things that can be used to protect your hands when boxing. 

One may choose to wear brass knuckles, hand wraps or gloves. Any of these pieces of protection equipment can be used when fighting. The one you select will depend solely on your preference of its appearance.

The last thing that you will need to box is a certain kind of hud.

What this hud does is that it keeps track of your score when fighting, making it essential to have on, so that a winner can be found after a match has been completed.

Now that I have told everything that will be required to become an athlete in this sport, here is what happens during each game.

Each match consists of two boxers and either three rounds or three ka pow punches. The rounds are three minutes long. Points are scored by each hit made to your foe. The person who has the most points at the end of all three rounds or was the first to do three ka pow punches wins the match.

Those that win a match will receive a cash prize. If it’s a championship battle, the winner will get a belt in addition to money.

While it’s great that Warrior Instinct Nations offers many different kinds of activities, the thing that impressed me the most about this establishment, were its large team of women fighters. Female boxers do exist in the real life realm, but those girls often face criticism.
In RL, the stereotypes of guys and gals are still as prevalent as they were forty to fifty years ago. In SL, those standards exist in some places, but not at Warrior Instinct Nations. Not only are there more female boxers than of male ones, but the ladies team has more titles between them than the boys on the male team!

As promised, I will name some of the other pastimes that this business makes available. The list includes: Beach volleyball, roller derby and fashion shows. 

Warrior Instinct Nations is an establishment that will give new or seasoned fighters a fantastic experience in partaking in the sport that they love, while entertaining the loved ones in their lives, who aren’t into boxing, with activities that appeal to them. 

Contact: Karine Koba

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  1. As a woman who enjoys boxing in SL I would like to say that I am uncomfortable at WIN and prefer other environments. Despite what was said in the article about women boxers at WIN I find there to be an overpowering smell of testosterone. This is typified by brass knuckles and wraps with hidden knives being used rather than boxing gloves. It makes the feeling of the sim rather ugly and I prefer boxing carried out with gloves and a less aggressive environment with a focus on sport. Helen Woodside

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