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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Put a Little Sunshine in your Second Life At Sunshine’s Cove Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Sunshine has some very important qualities besides brightening your day. It warms the soul and keeps you in a good mood. In Second Life sunlight is controlled by you. It depends on your mood and the environment you set for exploring.

Let me take you on a tour of Sunshine’s Cove at Spirit Marina owned and operated by Pachy Artis and Bo Sharpshire. This is a sim where you will meet great people and have lots of things to do. You can take a stroll along the shop lined streets where you can find fashions from XTC Leather, Lulu and Fine Photography by The Skeleton key. Shop space is available for new and seasoned designers to showcase their collections. This sim has something for everyone.
Sunshine’s Cove also has complimentary freebies for guests. They include an assortment of complete avatars, skins, various shapes and clothing items for both men and women.  Wedding services are also available for those love birds looking for a place to tie the knot. Brides to be can pick out their dream wedding dress, bouquet, poses and decorations with the help of a consultant.

Are you a party animal? Check out the outdoor venue that plays great top 40’s hits, rock, pop and the wild and crazy 80’s. The sim is open daily from 2pm-8pm SLT and welcomes anyone, even mermaids that can explore the underwater hangout or blood thirsty Bloodline Vampires and their need to feed. For Zombie Slayers, there is a designated zone to grab a high powered rifle and blast away at the ghouls. Be sure to wear the HUD and gain stats on the body count you lay out in a flurry of gun blastin’.

Are you a Greedy Greedy addict? Grab some dice and get it rollin!  They got a game table just for you and your friend.

Explore the Sinners & Saints Diligo Prosapia Castle where Queens Vivienne Vesuvino, Aphrodite Pyrithea and King Memnotichlan and their clan members await fresh blood.
Did I mention Sunshine’s Cove is also home to the one and only Paramount Playhouse Burlesque Shows? Be sure to check them out for show times. You won’t be disappointed by their performances.

I recently met up with Pachy Artis to learn more about what inspired Sunshine’s Cove and upcoming events available.

Interview with Pachy Artis

Lanai: Hi Pachy, Thank you for taking the time to chat about Sunshine’s Cove. Before we talk about that, I’d like the readers to learn a little bit about you. What brought you to Second Life?

Pachy: Hello Lanai. I have been coming and going from SL since early 2007, never stayed around much to really understand it until 2009. RL friends kept talking about the amazing things that can be done in SL and being as curious as I am, gave it a third try. This time I stayed, long were the days of the helmet hair and bad glitch clothes.

Lanai: LOL @ Helmet hair.  Believe me I felt your pain of the noobie days… So now that you have given it your third try, what are some of the things you like to do in Second Life?

Pachy: I enjoy the learning experience, meeting new people from around the world, forming a bond and in a way a family amongst us. I’m a builder in training.

Lanai:  I love meeting people from all over the globe too, but building is one things I’ll leave to you and the rest of the builders here lol. Would you say SL is an extension of your life or a hobby?

Pachy: SL is very much an extension of my life, is the medium we use (Bo and I) to keep our relationship. We are not role players; you will meet the real person behind the avatar.

 Lanai: That’s a good thing; I enjoy meeting people from the inside out.  About your sim, what inspired you to create Sunshine’s Cove?

Pachy: After a bad experience as partner for another club, our friends came to Bo and I and urged us to do a club by friends for friends, that has pretty much been our philosophy since day one.
Lanai: I know what you mean. My friends mean a lot to me too so I enjoy helping them whenever I can. I know operating a sim can be a huge undertaking, who are the people that help you keep things exciting here at Sunshine’s Cove?

Pachy: it is work for sure, but we have a great family around, Bo Sharpshire, Owner and DJ, he will rock your world, anything goes with DJ BO!. SKKKY8 Resident, our General Manager, Host Manager and Bo’s permanent hostess (you can say she is partial to his tunes). Our DJ’s cover a large range of tunes and eras, starting with: Pathmaker Resident, Pila Swords, Azure Yiyuan, Destiny Edenflower, Raven Catronis, Kainoa Kumaki and VJunior13 Resident. All our DJ’s will make your SSC experience complete, no genre of music is left behind. Our Hosts, sexy, friendly and always fun, starting with Susan Morgwain, Demmy Venom, P0isonFuit Resident, Alliya02 Resident, SKKKY8 Resident and Kkadora (sexy male)

Lanai: You have a nice group of friends, I’ve met some. During my tour I bumped into a few and even got to see all the activities like where Weddings take place, can you tell me what type of packages you offer to avatars looking for a place to celebrate their special day?

Pachy: Weddings are a really a special day and we do our best to cater to the Bride-to-Be. We offer all kinds of wedding packages in all price ranges, from elopements to the full monty so to speak.  We have a variety of customizable venues to fit our couple's needs, and provide all the needed services to make their special day perfect.  Let us show you what we can do ;)

Lanai: That’s neat.  Another thing I found that was cool is the Zombie Area. When I went exploring in The Zombie Zone, I was immediately approached by a group of them. Can you explain that activity and what avatars need to do to protect themselves?

Pachy: The Zombies are lots of fun; we have the Grim System for your entertainment. It is really easy, and all tools needed are provided at the front entrance. Make sure to get the hud, this will link you to the servers and keep your stats. You can also choose to do auto reloads, amount of ammo each round. There is also a box of weapons; however, we do recommend using your preferred ones. If you were to get hit by a zombie, and that does happen, boxes have been set around the perimeter with potions to build you back to health.

Lanai: That’s cool, I like that type of interactive RP. You also have an impressive castle on the Sim and I even got to meet one of the Queens. What goes on at the castle and how can avatars join the clan?

Pachy: The Castle is the home of the Sinners and Saints Clan. Both, Bo and myself belong to the family.  We hold events around the castle, but also it’s our turning place. If you are interested in becoming part of this growing family, do not hesitate in paying us a visit.

Lanai: I’m afraid of being bitten but thank you lol. I’ve been attending the Paramount Playhouse shows for a few months now.   I like the shows they produce. I think it is great that they are at Sunshine’s Cove. How did you meet Pathmaker and his team?

Pachy: Long story, Path and I met nearly 2 years ago, when he was a dancer to be for a club we used to visit. We have been beasties ever since then. Paramount Playhouse is a wedding gift from Bo and I, Path had a dream along with Leann and Lotta, and we were more than happy to make that dream come true, the rest is history.

Lanai: That is such a sweet gift to give that keeps giving, especially to those that attend the shows. So what group can avies join to stay in the know about your events and activities?

Pachy: Our group is Sunshine’s Cove; Group Key: 1681e0c0-cf20-0763-4ade-09389c34cb5c

Sunshine’s Cove really is a great place to visit. The people are friendly and there are a lot of things to explore and do. There is something for everyone, even a great underwater environment for the mermaid and mermen of Second Life. Please be sure to TP, Fly or Swim here. You won’t be disappointed.

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  1. (Not really Anonymous - this is from Pathmaker Campbell-MacGregor :^)) Great Article - Great Interview - did I mention Great People? Bo and "Patty" are two of the most generous, loving people I've ever known. Sunshine's Cove is Wonderful and it's because of the efforts of Pat and Bo. My SL Family not only has our "Bid'ness" there (the Paramount) Our Home is there also.

  2. This is Bubblez! Sunshine's Cove is my home away from home and Bo and Pat are the most generous people I have met.


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