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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Give This Season to Second Life's Top Trusted Charities-Tea Couturier Reporting...

Charities in Second Life(c) help create awareness on a 
global scale and raise money for real life organizations. In SL, there are multiple events and fundraisers that can be found. It is volunteers who help in the fight for a worthy cause while providing special events and activities to residents in the virtual world.

However, just like in real life is can be hard to find the right charities which really help the causes they are working for. Also, If we donate, we want to know where the money is going directly too. I highlighted a few trustworthy charities that are raising not only money but awareness in SL while helping people around the world.

This charity raises money to help provide care and support for approximately 100 children in Awassa, Ethiopia, most who have been orphaned by the AIDS epidemic. The children are given the necessary nutrition, clothing, housing, education, and counseling required for a healthy upbringing, and in-turn, the opportunity to become a self-reliant and active member of the Awassa community. It focuses on the areas of
1.    Housing
2.    Education
3.    Health
4.    Counselling Support
5.    New Children Settle in
6.    Pre School Service



Warchild provides a second life-changing support to the most vulnerable children whose families, communities and schools have been torn apart by war. Their vital work includes:

1.    Protection
2.    Education
3.    Livelihood

Association for International Cancer Research Charity ( Is the cutting edge research into the causes of cancer. In the past 33 years, our donors have supported a large variety of projects in all corners of the world. They currently have 166 projects underway.

Relay for Life is a very well known and popular charity in SL. Relay For Life of Second Life ( RFL of SL) is a virtual division of American Cancer Society Relay For Life. Teams fundraise from mid-March through mid-July.  In July they walk a track, just like in a Real World Relay.
If you are interested in join the RLF either as a volunteer or to raise money , the 2014 Relay For Life of Second Life season doesn’t officially kick off until March, but the Xmas Expo and the Magic of Christmas Breedables Fair are the first “mega-events” that raise money for Relay For Life’s new season.  
The Xmas Expo and Magic of Christmas Breedables Fair are must-see events, which includes the highly anticipated, annual OOAK Breedable Collectors Auction and the Avi Choice Awards.  These events run from December 1-15th

As we build or create a new world in SL, it may seem to others a copy of RL with clothes, clubs etc. However, to copy and also take on charity work in SL is a truly a worthy thing to do.
With Christmas approaching, to donate a small something to help these charities and others not mentioned who help others in RL would be a worthy present.

This Christmas give a little something to your favourite charity. They will truly appreciate it however small it is you can give.


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