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Showing posts with label AICR. Show all posts

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Give This Season to Second Life's Top Trusted Charities-Tea Couturier Reporting...

Charities in Second Life(c) help create awareness on a 
global scale and raise money for real life organizations. In SL, there are multiple events and fundraisers that can be found. It is volunteers who help in the fight for a worthy cause while providing special events and activities to residents in the virtual world.

However, just like in real life is can be hard to find the right charities which really help the causes they are working for. Also, If we donate, we want to know where the money is going directly too. I highlighted a few trustworthy charities that are raising not only money but awareness in SL while helping people around the world.

This charity raises money to help provide care and support for approximately 100 children in Awassa, Ethiopia, most who have been orphaned by the AIDS epidemic. The children are given the necessary nutrition, clothing, housing, education, and counseling required for a healthy upbringing, and in-turn, the opportunity to become a self-reliant and active member of the Awassa community. It focuses on the areas of
1.    Housing
2.    Education
3.    Health
4.    Counselling Support
5.    New Children Settle in
6.    Pre School Service


Monday, December 16, 2013

Second Life Charities Highlight – Shaneos Howlett Reporting...

There are many charities within SL – here we highlight a few of the most popular ones to inform our readers who they are, what their fights are, and how you can help!

Relay For Life – American Cancer Society