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Friday, November 7, 2014

The Children of the World Charity Project- Sponsors Wanted!


   Helping the World of Children through Music.
Friday, December 12, 2014 at 12pm slt through Sunday, December 14 at 12pm slt
This is a charity event for Children of the war in Syria and Iraq, we have chosen them for many reasons but especially because we can provide life-changing support to the most vulnerable children whose families, communities and schools have been torn apart by war. Some kids have lost an entire family and their homes. We cannot change the world but we can help a bit <3

We are going to unite all the bigger clubs, shops and any other kind of business or help we can get in Second Life for a good cause. Let’s show the world what we can do by helping those kids that most need it in real life by crossing the barrier from the virtual world into the real world to help others.

Sponsorships for this event will be clubs, shops, builders, designers, blogger and anyone else who wants to contribute their time and efforts. Any help we can get for this cause would be amazing.

Sponsors do not need to pay anything to help raise money. Word of mouth is just as valuable. Sponsors can help by driving traffic to the sim just by using their name and resources. Supporters working together will make this event successful.

 Every club will have one stand at our sim where they will put their name ,lm and any publicity they wish (all PG is for kids!). ,the stands will be around the main dance area where the DJs and hosts will be performing for 48 hours. All tips and donations will be donated to the kids.

The sponsors will give us access to their groups for 48 hours to post about the event,(as host)and we will provide them with a stand with our LM and picture for their club/shop etc . Set up will begin 3 weeks prior to the event so sponsors can build up awareness.

The more sponsors we have the better,

Want to help? Send an IM to Asuquitar Resident in-world

Depending on how many clubs join us, the event will be hosted on one or two sims (the price for sims would be pay by Asquitar Resident as her own donation and NOT taking from the donations boxes)

The sim theme will be like a festival with open air space and decorated accordingly with the charity featured prominently with some creative touches.
 We have builders working on this sim as sponsors too, everybody involved is donating their time and services for free. So far we have managers, DJs, host, bloggers, builders, friends and more. Without all of you generous people this event won’t be possible.

DJs from each club will be able to participate and donate their time as they wish and same with the staff. All entertainment sponsors and hosts are managed by dexevils resident, please im him to be put in the schedule.

About Donations
All donations collected will be sent to a very recognized non profit organization in the UK, The donation box will be open to public to view throughout the event. Once the event is over, all lindens collected will be change to pounds by Asuquitar Resident.  The exactly amount shown on the donation box will be print screened and a copy of the document will be featured on our Facebook group.

 After donations are transferred, Asuquitar Resident will keep a close follow up until the money arrives to its intended destination. This fundraiser event is associated with War child,

Help us with your voice to reach the world of Second Life, this event belongs to all of us, for the children and their future. Invite your friends to like on our Facebook, webpage so they too can join in this amazing cause.

Here is a list sponsors already in!

-The SL Enquirer
-Tomorrow Land group
-The GOL
-La Sal
-The Queen
-Fulana Store
-Bloq -Serab
-Tantalum Jewelry
-Anzu Club
-Fulana's Store
-,KaTe'S<(o.O)>BeaT* BounCeRs  (Group promoter)
-The Eternal Club
-Pacha club
-G-Clef(they will provide 4 music streams)
-BLANXI Estates
-Radio Deejay
-Embassy club
-kiu Club
-Prime Club
-Life is Beauitful
-Legal Insanity
-Prime Club
-Infinity Piercings
-JAMN’s Designs

Thank you all and we hope your club ,shop or any kind of help will join us to help children in need.


Alba (asuquitar resident)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Give This Season to Second Life's Top Trusted Charities-Tea Couturier Reporting...

Charities in Second Life(c) help create awareness on a 
global scale and raise money for real life organizations. In SL, there are multiple events and fundraisers that can be found. It is volunteers who help in the fight for a worthy cause while providing special events and activities to residents in the virtual world.

However, just like in real life is can be hard to find the right charities which really help the causes they are working for. Also, If we donate, we want to know where the money is going directly too. I highlighted a few trustworthy charities that are raising not only money but awareness in SL while helping people around the world.

This charity raises money to help provide care and support for approximately 100 children in Awassa, Ethiopia, most who have been orphaned by the AIDS epidemic. The children are given the necessary nutrition, clothing, housing, education, and counseling required for a healthy upbringing, and in-turn, the opportunity to become a self-reliant and active member of the Awassa community. It focuses on the areas of
1.    Housing
2.    Education
3.    Health
4.    Counselling Support
5.    New Children Settle in
6.    Pre School Service


Monday, December 16, 2013

Second Life Charities Highlight – Shaneos Howlett Reporting...

There are many charities within SL – here we highlight a few of the most popular ones to inform our readers who they are, what their fights are, and how you can help!

Relay For Life – American Cancer Society