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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Ocean Pointe Puts Family Time First- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

There are a variety of communities in Second Life that focus on different activities for family role play. Ocean Pointe is one of them. Established in June of 2012, it is open to any family looking to be part of a welcoming community. There are 8 sims in total with over 50 things to do. Owned and operated by JA Handsome and Cinn Hansome (Aine Highfield) together they have created a charming and peaceful town environment right in the heartland of Canada.  Some of the many features include a friendly town atmosphere with parks, picnic areas and playgrounds. Amenities include a shopping center with familiar names like Tim Horton’s, Peter Cottontail Bargains, Jazzy Footwear, Lickety Splits Ice cream Parlor, Yoga studio and the Hansome Medical Center which provides healthcare to ailing residents as well maternity care for expectant parents .

Handsome Medical Center
For families who enjoy the water and educational adventures, Ocean Pointe has a cove which features a beach, an old lighthouse, Town Hall, a children’s library, War memorial and Ocean Pointe’s Historical Society.

Town Square

For families who love nature, homes and apartment rentals are available at Sugarland. It is an enchanted neighborhood environment surrounded by woods and private beaches. The amenities this location includes Ocean Pointe’s Premiere Radio station, St. Andrew’s Church, Kendall Rayne’s Photography Studio, Legend’s Rock & Roll Museum, and a 50’s Diner.


Ocean Pointe West is a suburban style neighborhood for families who enjoy the city life. Homes and townhouses are available within a community that includes a beautiful butterfly garden, bowling alley, supermarket, Italian and Chinese restaurants a pizza and sub shops. Security includes the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and fire department.

For larger families, Ocean Pointe’s Westwood Estates is an exclusive neighborhood that can accommodate. Storybook Garden Playgrounds are scripted for Zooby babies and welcomes child avatars.  The Highfield House offers Zooby Baby Adoptions for families who wish to add to their families.
Tim Horton's

Exclusive Mansion Homes are also available at Ocean Pointe’s Crossroads for those who like to live the lavish lifestyle.

The SL Enquirer sat down with JA and Cinn Hansome to learn more about Ocean Pointe.

Welcome Center

Interview with JA & Cinn Handsome

SLE: Hi JA & Cinn, where are you both from and what brought you together in Second Life?

JA: I’m from Toronto Canada, and Cinn is from south of Boston Mass. We met at Sweethearts Ballroom late one night and found an instant attraction. We talked the night away and only after I left realized we didn't even dance. We saw each other the next day and haven't missed a day since.

SLE: What was your inspiration behind Ocean Pointe?

JA: Well that’s not a simple answer, really, there are three main factors. Before we built Ocean Pointe we had opened our maternity Clinic on a different sim. We strived for realism not only with the information and services but with our builds and attention to details. Our clients kept asking if we had houses because they loved how the clinic looked, so we thought we should try and build a little town. When we started planning it, we agreed to make it Canadian because I had searched all over SL for Canadian content and had found little. The third factor is that Ocean Pointe is not for money but a labor of love by both Cinn and I. One of our residents described it beautifully as our love song to each other.
Cinn: This was something I wanted to do for Jay. I’m on Ocean Pointe everyday to make sure it runs as smooth as possible because I know it is important to him.

SLE: Can you tell me what SL family means to you?

JA and Cinn:
Cinn: People always ask me what the secret to the long lasting, loving relationship that Jay and I have... my answer is simple... there is no 50/50 in a good relationship- its 100/100.  As long as both of you are on the same page- understand what your partner needs and wants... your relationship will thrive
JA: As long as you both have the same goal, the goal you are working towards is a happy healthy relationship... all your decisions are based on what is good for you as a couple. If we are on different sides of an issue, we figure out which is the best path for us as a couple and no one loses.

SLE: How many families call Ocean Pointe home?

Cinn: About 65 right now.

SLE: Who should families contact if they are looking to rent a home at Ocean Pointe?

JA: Cinn or I. We don’t have managers because we want to know everyone and make sure they get the attention they deserve.

SLE: What type of events do you have for families and how often?

Cinn: We have daily events; we have school, and play dates. We have dances that are family friendly. We have bowling night, greedy or game night and are always open to impromptu events. We have an events meeting every week as well and all residents are welcomed to come.

SLE: You have your own premiere radio station, can you tell us more about it?

Cinn: WOPR Radio is Dekadence Radio Network and is owned by Mysti Drake-Vilotta and Izzy. It’s Internet wide stations that has streamed music as well as live DJs. They have events at the station every week.

SLE: What has been the most rewarding and challenging things you have faced operating such a large family based community?

Cinn: The most rewarding thing, I’d say, is the friends we have made. Some caring and loving people have come into our lives through OP. And for me, working with JA everyday has brought us closer together.
JA: nods in agreement. I see how Cinn works, what kind of person she is, how caring and loving and drive to make sure things are right.
Cinn: As for challenges, balancing growth against personal attention. If you don't grow, you go backward, but with each sim we get, time becomes more of a challenge.  
JA: Yes for sure. Cinn and I spend most of the time doing things around OP and rarely have time together anymore. We love doing what we do and wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves if OP suddenly vanished, but long gone are the days of dancing all night long at a ballroom.

SLE: What are your hopes for the New Year?

JA: On a personal level we want our relationship to grow. As for Ocean Pointe, it will grow too. We have plans for more sims. We don’t rush into any expansion; we grow only when it’s right so that OP remains stable, we want it to be here for a long time.

SLE: Do you have anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Cinn: Just a personal philosophy I’d like to share, if I may, at the end of the day, no matter what your avi is, no matter what your role play is, the person behind the monitor is a real person with real feelings and real thoughts and real needs. Therefore, it is very important to treat everyone with dignity and respect.
JA: I agree, it has been one of the guiding principles to how we serve Ocean Pointe residents.

Now it is time for you to see for yourself what makes Ocean Pointe one of the best family communities on the grid.

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