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Monday, December 14, 2015

Top Places and Tips for Role Playing - Camury Reporting

In Second Life we can find a large number of global groups for virtual role-playing , including vampire, Goth , steampunk, fantasy,furry, historical , pirate and nautical clubs.

Each RP Community has its own history and so it is highly recommended to read any information provided by RP SIMS. This will make your gaming experience the most complete and enjoyable as possible.

 When the player accepts the rules of the RP, he/she takes the role of a character previously established, just as in a theatrical performance and interacts with the other players.   It is highly recommended to wear an outfit that matches the character. Most RP SIMS make it mandatory.

Each RP SIM guides the user to get appropriate clothing for more realism to the game. When he/she incorporates the character, he should use his imagination to give some realism to the scenes. For example, what would really happen if he was there. In general, the character speaks using the first person , typing "/ me " at the beginning of each sentence .

In so-called live action role playing game ( LARP ) , the characters move according to the scenes. But in general, RPG, everything is based on the imagination of the plan. The scenes and fights are described by the characters, not physically experienced .
For example , if the character is dancing , you will imagine and describe body movements and sensations that his dance is expressing. You don’t need to run to a dance ball to represent the scene. The important thing is that to describe the scene in the local chat so the other characters are able to follow and interact. This can be weird for a beginner but with practice, the ability to describe the scenes keeps getting better as the storyline progresses.

Fortunately, in most SIMs there is a friendly area for beginners where you can practice your game safely.

Bloodlines is a vampire-themed RP game example set within Second Life. It is also one of the oldest and most popular. The game achieved a huge popularity rating. Membership is still phenomenal, especially among newbies.

Many families and clans, well organized, disclose the vampire culture, influencing the behavior in SL. To gain position, you must have voluntary souls. We still see many Bloodlines players in clubs, beaches and shops, looking for new victims to bite. Some humans prefer to keep their humanity, but serve the vampire culture as a renewable source of blood.
Visit in Second life:

Urban RP
Immerse yourself in the pages of Toxic City, a dark and gloomy urban live action role playing game (LARP), where participants physically make the moves of his characters. Players pursue goals within a fictional scenario (a city after a major toxic disaster), while interacting with each other in character. You can become a vampire, a werewolf, a mystic, demon, drug addict or a sci-fi character with cybernetic implants. You can also be a mutant, or maybe you were sent to put an end to the chaos, like an angel.
 The characters consist of a large variety of configurations with different strengths and skills defined by your race or level.

Visit in Second life:

Kingdom of Sand
The Ireem desert kingdom is full of magic. Take a ride on a camel mounted below the Silk Road and enter this desert kingdom, full of mysteries. Explore the opulent palaces of the kingdom and walk the decadent bars. This role playing fighting game is lush and full of odalisques, sheiks, gladiators, and magical djinn ..Visit in Second life:

If you are a fan of the Game of Thrones series, you'll love King's Landing: Realms of Ice and Fire. This role playing game is based on the works GRR Martin located Within Second Life. The rules are very well defined and to participate you need to create a character, with beautifully detailed features, which must be approved in advance by the administrators of the game.
Visit in Second life:

Travel back in time, the daily life of Berlin in 1920, during the Weimar Republic.
The Berlin Project 1920 is an online interactive model of historical SIM, created within the virtual world of Second Life The objective of the project is to give visitors the opportunity to delve into the past. I loved this one! The experience is fun, but also educational. In the RP SIM, you will see some exact replicas of real buildings like the exclusive Hotel Adlon in Berlin Alexanderplatz station, the inn Zum Nu├čbaum and Brandenburg Gate. There are also reconstructions of buildings made, used to show people another side of life in the 1920s The neighborhood includes tiny apartments, you can visit and shops selling clothes of that era. There is also a theater where people can see real films from the 20's, school, hotel and nightclub, called Der Keller, where people can listen to original music and dance in 1920.The RP SIM has rules for all visitors. People should dress in according to the 20's trends. There are boxes of free clothes at the entrance plaza, which allow avatars to do that. The idea is to make all visitors and residents feel as if they belong to the period of time.

Currently, there are 169 Role-playing Communities, according to the guide of the Second Life destinations. You can PR anything, be a magical fairy, a magician, a dragon, a fearsome warrior, the curator of a band of marauding pagan or survivor of the apocalypse. Your imagination is the limit!

Additional Information:
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