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Showing posts with label Gacha. Show all posts

Friday, September 17, 2021

PRESS RELEASE: For Immediate Release The Chupacabra Hunt for MSF


The hunt runs: 9/18 9 AM SLT - 10/2 6PM SLT To help make-up for the new gacha policy in SL, we have added a new event! To participate, you'll pay $500 L at the group join sign located here:

100% of fees paid goes directly to MSF. Hunters must wear the group tag to obtain the hunt gifts. Hunters will have a very special friend with them along the hunt, a plushie Chupacabra that is your gift from us for participating.􀀉 A list of stores, gift photos, and a hint will be provided on the website. You have from 9/18 9 AM SLT until 10/2 6PM SLT to hunt down all of your gifts. The hunt list of stores and gift photos can be located here: Group: secondlife:///app/group/38a6dc8b-8e19-7470-c5f5-4e7d72a240ee/about

Taxi: Website: Website:

Monday, August 9, 2021


One of the Joys of life in the Grid, and especially as a reporter covering  life on the grid, is that I get to travel around and learn about some of the real gems of SecondLife, often tucked away in the most unlikely of locations. It was on just such a day that I found myself in the quaint little village of White Harbor.  The fresh air blowing in from the ocean, the scent of sea heavy in the breeze. Sea Gulls circling about, with their distinctive chatter, and the familiar sounds of wind-whipped halyards, slapping against main masts on dozens of sails boats and watercraft. It was here that I first met Silken Sydney, owner, and curator of White Harbor Gacha, puttering about in her shop, and I was instantly captivated by her story.  She was busily preparing for the arrival of the Ferry, due any minute from City by The Bay, carrying tourists who would descend on the Gacha shops and paw over the treasures there. Sydney graciously agreed to chat with me about her operation, as long as I agreed to help with the dusting.  She handed me a dust rag without further comment on the matter and pointed me toward a shelf of already sparkling Gachas

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) (JB):  So tell me, Sydney. What is a Gacha, anyway? 

Silken Sydney (SS): A Gacha is a Collection of items or an item from a collection that is randomly attained by a game of chance.  In other words, you pay per pull on a machine, much like slots, and get an item from a grouping.  No guarantees what it will be.  You pay to play to get what you want. Items range from common, to uncommon, rare, and Ultra Rare.  Each is harder to get based on its ranking.

JB: So, where are the Gacha machines?  Where do I pay my money and take my chances?  Isn’t there usually a bank of these “slot machines” somewhere?

SS: see, Josh.  That is what makes White Harbor Gacha different.  We take the element of chance out of the purchase.  We have already paid for the “random pulls”.  We have taken the chance out of the game for you, by paying for the random pulls and throw-away prizes.  When we win the good prizes, we display them here and resell them to the customer at a fraction of what they would pay for the same item retail. 

JB: I have seen Gachas advertised in various locations on the grid. Just what is different about your Gacha place from the others out there?

SS: White Harbor is restricted to 9 Shops ONLY.  This helps reduce lag and Vendors are voted in should an opening become available.  We give our shopkeepers their store.  There is no rent and they get 1000 prim to work with.  With no overhead, they stand to make a clear profit but they are also solely responsible for the traffic to their stores.  While I advertise for everyone naturally, they are expected to go above and beyond.  Quality and exclusivity is the goal.

JB: This sounds expensive.  How do you fund the operation?  

SS: White Harbor functions on donations only.  Often the tier is not met but we cover the cost personally.

JB: So then,  where, and how, are your operators expected to advertise?

SS: In order to maintain their status of a storekeeper at the Harbor, each is expected to advertise 4 times a week as well as maintain a cohesiveness to the environment.  There are Gacha groups that they can join and advertise.

JB: Do you do this all by yourself, or do you have business partners?

SS:  Yes and no.  The Land is owned by Benton Torkelsonn who has allowed me to have The Harbor built in order to house the Co-Op Gacha Guild, established just for the Harbor.  The Co-Op consists of 9 people who all get a vote and get input on what they would like to see happen or changes that may come up.  In doing that, I guess you can say they are business partners.

JB: I understand your operators have to sign a covenant?   How is your covenant different?

SS: We are offering more than just a place to rent.  This is a community and its very specific on the level of quality we wish to maintain.  It’s very clear on the expectations, violations and end results.  Everyone is asked to read this before accepting a Shop here.

JB: How many shop owners can you work with? 

SS: There are a total of nine shop owners, including myself.  That is the maximum capacity for the Harbor.

JB: Can you share with us some of the more unusual Gacha items for sale at White Harbor?

SS: You will find many quality items at the Harbor.  Listing them isn't possible due to the fluctuation of availability. They can be there one day and gone the next.  I encourage everyone to speak to the shopkeepers if they are looking for anything specific.  Many of us have a surplus not even in the stores yet.

JB: I saw a sign on my way here advertising something called a “TGE”?    What is this “TGE Gacha Resell Event” that read about? 

SS: Tempting Gacha Event is for resellers.  This is done every 3 months along the pier adjacent to the Harbor.  24 spaces only are allowed and it runs for a full month!  You can come by sea, air, or teleport in.  Vendors from all over including some of our shop keepers bring their best items and offer great deals.

JB: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

SS: White Harbor and the TGE Event are simply things to experience. It's not just a bunch of stores.  It's an actual sail-able Harbor with other scenic features.  The Stores are amazing and they are surrounded by an interactive environment.  You just have to come and see for yourselves.

So there you have it, folks. If you have an eye for the unusual, the eclectic, the curiosity, or that perfect item to add to your collection of other items, scoot on down to White Harbor and look through their collection of one-of-a-kind treasures.  Hurry now!  Once these precious finds are gone, they’re gone.


Be There!




Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Thingamabobs Gacha

 Where you can buy gacha items from the farmhouse, vintage, and classic decor. Come see what's new at Thingamabobs Gacha. Decorated with thought and love. Get inspired at our store.


Saturday, October 5, 2019


Evil Bunny Productions Presents the Mad Circus 5 Halloween & Gacha Fair. Over 70 designers showcase their seasonal exclusives, everything from horror, goth, to circus and freak show. Each booth has a 10L special for you to stay on your SL budget as well as an exclusive release for the event. Still not enough Halloween shopping for you because we all know Halloween is the BEST holiday, there are over  80 gacha machines for you to play! So step right up and get to the Mad Circus today-

While you are on the sim, be sure to visit the Gacha Life Nightmare round just next door with over 40 exclusive gachas and free group gifts or start the Boo! Bunny Hunt 8 with over 80 designers and 1L prizes.

TWE12VE opens the 12th of each month and October's round is all that is gothic!

Stay up-to-date on everything Evil Bunny by following us on our social media platforms and signing up on our

Evil Bunny Productions does 6 large and 2 mini themed events/year, 6 hunts, monthly TWE12VE and bi-monthly Gacha Life events in Second Life.

For questions or assistance, or to join us as a blogger or designer, note card allie munro in-world or apply online on our website.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Under the Christmas Tree Shop is your one stop place for all your Christmas needs

Stop by our first floor for those Gatcha items on your list. We have clothing, hair and many home decor from top creators. 

Once you have breezed through our Gatcha selection for gifts,  come on up to the second floor to Under the Christmas Tree shop. We have everything from Christmas trees, stocking, fireplaces, candles, Stain glass, flowers, rugs, toys and much much more.  

Don't forget to go next door to Tex's Tree Farm where you can grab and axe chop down your own tree. All tress come with a deco package for you and your loved ones to decorate.  Make it a family event. We have Santa for the kids and if you get hungry stop by the pick-nick area for hot soup and coco.

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

-RC- Cluster Sells Weird!

If there was a place that spawned all that was bizarre, all the outlandish and strangely mundane things in SL, it would be -RC- Cluster in the legendary Tableau sim. Established in 2008 by Redd Columbia, -RC- Cluster is a seasoned procurer of the eccentric arts.

Almost all items are animated or interactive. You can find AOs, role play items and toys, and everyday objects from real life you didn’t even realize you needed in SL - think lint rollers or back-scratchers. Don’t forget about your personal hygiene! When was the last time you stopped to take a shower in SL and used proper soap and shampoo? At the very least, pick up some hand sanitizer. Get sharp for that next SL date with animated makeup, hair spray and razors for all sorts of body parts!

Redd Columbia doesn’t just sell weird, she also celebrates it! The -RC- Cluster Main store has a history of fun events happening in and around it, such as charity causes, Thanksgiving day dinners, games of musical chairs, and coloring contests! Everybody can attend, so don’t miss out on any of the fun.

There is something for everyone here. SL role players will find something for the whole family. A Fart Button for little cousin Roger, an Electric Shaver for Dad, a Sweaty-Spy Bomb for secret agent spy Aunty Mindy, and a servant’s fan to give to your Gorean role playing half-brother Joe! No matter who you are or what gift you’re looking for, you’re sure to find something new and exciting at -RC- Cluster.

While you’re there, try your luck at one of the gacha machines! Featured in events such as Arcade, there are lots of fun items to win - sit and spins, frosting to eat out of the jar, stabby murder utensils, glow in the dark wall decals and playable Gacha Pets to match your Giga Pet in real life!

You can find Redd Columbia on plurk (she will always add new friends), Flickr, or at the Main Store in Tableau.

Main Store SLURL:

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

{amiable} Long-Tail Frilled T-Shirt Gacha@TKP

A few days ago, the "Kawaii Project"was opened!

This T-shirt Gacha is from {amiable} new Gacha @ the Kawaii Project.
standard and fitted size included.


Please try on DEMO before purchase!

{amiable} at the Kawaii Project.

Group:  secondlife:///app/group/ 025fbac2-aa6f-af41-25c7- 4e3361602a7d/about
{amiable}HP: http://
Market place https://marketplace. 40167
Flickr photos/nodoka_happy 
Facebook https://www.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

{amiable} Lace Up Heel with Socks Gacha & 3rd Anniversary GIFT@the Chapter Four. May 4th-May 20th

❤This is {amiable} new shoes Gacha@ the Chapter Four!!

✿ only the fitted mesh included. Please try on DEMO, before buying!!
✿The RARE has Socks Texture Change HUD for all shoes.
If you got the RARE, you can change the socks texture for RARE and also COMMONS.

✿This round is TCF 3rd Anniversary round!! Please don't miss it.

Most of all booths have special limited GIFT welcome to you.
Need to join the Chapter Four group, but it is free!!
[Event Date: MAY 4-20]

{amiable}at the Chapter Four.

✿Group:  secondlife:///app/group/025fbac2-aa6f-af41-25c7-4e3361602a7d/about
✿Market place

Thursday, October 29, 2015

It's All About Melange, Baby!

 MELANGE has a lot to offer shoppers and explorers alike. Come & See how YOU can benefit from MELANGE! 

We have 2 on-going HUNTS that change theme every couple months. One is located in the City where the stores are and one is located at our beach area. You can find more info at the landing point and teleport board @ the bus stop. We are always eager to help other designers as well by supplying nice shops, carts & Gachas at a very low price.

1 Free Week of rent added to what you pay at the time of rental for all New Renters. We strive in helping newcomers to Second Life by supplying Freebies, Dollarbies and other advantages by simply joining MELANGE inworld group and/or auto subscriber.

 Are motto is "Style For Less" We provide Complete Fashion Sets that include shoes and sometimes accessories. Why pay more for an original brand? When you can come to MELANGE and get a whole outfit and shoes for the price you would pay for just the shoes. Mix & Match to make your own unique outfit! Either way ... 

You are definitely not out of pocket a lot and can enjoy quality fashions for less. We also have Hair, Skins, Shapes, Makeup and so much more! Stop by today, because "It's all about MELANGE, Baby!" We appreciate your loyalty in visiting and always strive to give you the best shopping experience and surroundings. Welcome to our Fashion Family!

Facebook Link :

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Gacha Showroom Now Open in the Center Ground Business District

We are proud to announce  the new  Gacha Showroom is now open and operating in Center Ground Business District. If you are a Gacha Trader  looking for a place to show your wares, we have tables and spaces at reasonable rates. If you are a collector , be sure to stop by and have a look.  The Center Ground Business District is is filling up fast.

 If you are looking to  open a store  look here first.