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Showing posts with label Halloween Costume. Show all posts
Showing posts with label Halloween Costume. Show all posts

Monday, October 24, 2022

Goulish Halloween Party


Live Music by Mr. Wibble and Costume Contest

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Trick or Treat Box 2017

This box is no trick and contains only the most fabulous Halloween treats.  
This designer box is jam-packed with the most delightful Halloween goodies.  It is presented along similar lines to subscription boxes. However, the best thing about this box is that no subscription is necessary.  It’s readily available on the Marketplace for the bargain price of L$500.  Delivery is immediate.   All items in the box are 100% original mesh and are for female avatars.

DESIGNERS: Narcisse, Mello, Pink Cream Pie, Love, PAN, Candle and Cauldron! (6 Designer Items + 2 Bonus Gifts)


Watch Unboxing Videos & Photos:  

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

It’s Halloween time in Second Life – Camury Reporting...

Halloween is coming, look for all sorts of tricks and treats in all the dark corner and haunted places of Second Life.  As soon as October arrives, ghosts, witches, bats, and other creatures of the darkness will be among us, to entertain or to scare us in this new season.

Take a tour on Second Life and visit many haunted houses, Halloween themed events, and many other spooky places are waiting for you.

Here are some spine-chilling spots for you to check out.


Do you want a sim full of fun and jump scares? Visit Halloweentown. The little village is full of Halloween decor, gifts and gachas. Enjoying a carriage ride and cross the river to explore a scary graveyard. Take a tour of the haunted mansion but be aware of the monsters lurking in the shadows among the trees.

Spook-tacular Halloween Town

 Welcome to the spookiest Halloween trail in SL. Have fun in the haunted boat ride and if you make it to the end, manage to survive in the cave and be careful to don’t get lost in the corn maze. There are traps and fun stuff along the trail and, if you made out alive, don’t forget to visit the haunted house!

The House That Fear Built

Think twice before stepping through the door of this haunted house even though you’re going to do it anyway. You need to find out what lays beyond the door if you dare! Be aware of the secret passages that may take you to macabre places that you can explore if you’re not weak at heart. WARNING: This is not your grandmas’ haunted house. If you’re looking for pumpkins and candy, then this is not the place to find it.

ShenaniganS Haunted House

Join in the fun with yet another themed plot created by Blublaize and his partner Purr.  Come and explore the haunted house or dance in the deserted cemetery - is it deserted though. Have fun with ghosts and ghouls that are ready and waiting to celebrate another Halloween with you. Open through November 5.

Skeleton House - Halloween Store

Join the zombies and skeletons who enjoy moonlit nights at the Skeleton House.  Be careful while you walk around the old haunted house and visit the cemetery if you dare! There are spooky corners, and watchful shadows waiting for those who dare to venture into the mysteries of the full moon in this sim that is pure fun for this Halloween.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Best places to shop for the perfect Halloween costume - Dean Lawson Reporting


Halloween is soon approaching and with all the Second Life Hunts, Haunted Sims and Costume Parties you’ll be attending, I’ve compiled a list of the best places to shop for the perfect Halloween costumes.
Halloween Costumes, Bedarra Island offers brand new holiday outfits from Tara Tight! Sexy Fall Looks for Halloween. Unique and Original oufits including sexy leather pumkin orange pumpkin faces spooky eyes cute looks cute spooky nurse couples mens womens fancy dress up 

Then there is the Coffin shape haunted house full of halloween costumes @ Designs

At Costume Creations you’ll find costumes uniforms and fashion for all. HALLOWEEN GHOST VAMPIRE, EVIL, DEMON, SKELETON  holidays, Halloween, Christmas, horror, superhero, WITCH, oriental, romantic, sexy, medical, nurse, doctor, vampire, gothic goth, lingerie animations mens women

For those of you working with a limited budget, There is GQ Village,  freebie store: "we give away what others sell, , halloween costumes, New Player, Newbie, Beginner, Basics, Information, Info, cheap house rentals for newbies, clothes, hair, BOOTS!” 

Finally, for the men, there’s Crazy White Boy - Signature, slink, Aesthetic, Adam, skin, omega, clothing, complete looks, mesh head, heads, men, male, appliers, mesh apparel, male fashion, cowboy, hair, tattoo,  shapes, skin, Omega, gifts

Hopefully you’ll find what your looking for at one of these stores so, whether you’re a trick or a treat, I’m certain Second Life has the right outfit for you.
 Check out these Halloween Costume Locations!