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Showing posts with label Moonshade Pastorelli. Show all posts

Monday, June 29, 2015

SL12B Closes Its Week of Scheduled Events – Moonshade Pastorelli Reporting


SecondLife’s 12th Birthday celebration, SL12B, was a grand tribute to the creativity, passions, perseverance, and strong sense of community of the virtual world’s residents over the years. What’s more, it reflected a positive look to Second Life’s future through its theme:  “What Dreams May Come.”

SL12B’s final day of events, for me, brought back childhood memories of the close of the local county fair—the lights, sounds, and excitement crescendo, then diminish into silence. But for SL12B, the party isn’t truly over. Although the schedule of performances and talks has concluded, residents can visit the 15 regions of 200 exhibits through July 4.
One of the highlights of SL12B on June 28 was the ChangHigh Fireshow of Light, Life, and Love, featuring Melvin Starbrook, Yman Juran, and Jennylinn Capalini. The audience was treated to a stunning combination light show and circus performance—twirling rings, highwire act, balancing balls, elephant riding, all against fire, particles, and a soothing soundtrack.

ChangHigh Fireshow of Light, Life, and Love

Melvin Starbrook walks the highwire

Jennylinn Capalini dances on elevated rings

The resident volunteers, clearly, worked hard to create a spectacular event in celebration of SL’s 12th birthday. So, I decided to turn the tables on them and ask what their favorite events and exhibits were. Two volunteers chose the Welcome Center/train station.  “Walton F. Wainwright (Faust Steamer) did a great job of creating a mood with the dark night and dreamlike quality of his train station,” said Pybar Bu, who served on the SL12B land team and took care of infrastructure. 

According to Wainwright, “The Station is a scene from a personal graphic novel concept about an unnamed journalist seeking out answers to explain the disappearance of a long missing colleague by following the advice from various bar dwellers speaking of an urban legend surrounding an abandoned train station in an alternate roaring ‘20s. Arriving there at midnight as instructed, the journalist encounters the Ghost Train, along with passengers seemingly appearing out of nowhere for boarding. He leaves his bench and follows them to find the conductor for more answers to curb his curiosity.

“The Ghost Train is an entity that transports souls to the world beyond. Upon leaving the old railway hotel hill, patrons will first notice the face of the train, accompanied by orbs of light flowing along the station. These orbs are the spirits ready to board the the Ghost Train:  a machine used to take souls to the unknown...or so the journalist has seen. The overall feeling of the station would be dark, yet, still holds the essence of magic and wonder with the mysterious souls that walk endlessly through the station, the dimly lit lanterns that light the area, and the machine grinning widely -- whose intentions can only be assumed from those who face it.”

“When I was given the theme of the event "What Dreams May Come," I made a project proposal that eventually lead my thoughts to this early story. It held significant personal meaning as a benchmark to pursue my dreams in my youth, as well as conveniently holding a similar theme with what the [Shakespeare] quotation originally meant:  the afterlife.”

The Welcome Center/Train Station
“The other place that really wowed me was ADudeNamed Anthony’s auditorium, which he named the Dreamitarium,” Bu said. “The details throughout the building are plentiful, and the build itself is a marvel of efficiency and style. It even has restrooms!” According to displays, Anthony’s vision was a building “where dreams and ideas are shared.” It was created as an inverted planetarium in which the outside is looking in, such as in a dream. It became a venue for performers and speakers.

The Dreamitarium
The Cake Stage confection for performances and the Pod Tour to shuttle residents around the sims were also noted by volunteers. But Treacle Darlandes, an SL12B hostess, remarked, “Most of all, what strikes me about SL12B is the happy mood, the hard work, and how much people love it and get excited for it.”

Bu further commended the staff of SL12B volunteers. “[They] are the most amazing people in SL. Dedicating their time and talent to inviting the entire Grid over for a huge weeklong birthday party and keeping everyone happy and cheerful is a huge undertaking. I'm hugely grateful for each one of them, and look forward to working with many of them next year too. They built excitement for any event we had this week, at whatever time it occurred, and made sure that all time slots were full.”

So, what’s in store for next year?

“We do always have a different theme each year,” Bu said. “Some of what we plan has a lot to do with what [Linden Lab] has updated or added to our world. For instance, this year we took advantage of materials rendering being more widely used. We also rely heavily on what the exhibitor applications are offering, though this was the first year we proactively asked exhibitors ‘make sure your exhibit is new stuff.’ I think that challenge helped make this year's exhibits as amazing as they are.”

Friday, June 19, 2015

Leeward Cruising Club’s Guerilla DJ: BennyThe Boozehound—Moonshade Pastorelli Reporting

DJ BennyThe Boozehound

If you’ve ever sailed the waters of Second Life with the Leeward Cruising Club (LCC) on a Tuesday at 5 p.m. SLT, you’ll know DJ BennyThe Boozehound. For over five years, has  brought a special blend of music to residents of the sailing sims.

At a recent after-cruise party, he played ‘50s and ‘60s tunes, such as “Why Do Fools Fall in Love?” and “La Bamba,” but not the versions you might remember.

“I may have 16 or so versions of the same song and, sometimes, I lay a different version on the audience,” he said. “I just want people to get what isn’t in the original version.”

With more than 91,500 mp3s on his drive, Boozehound always has something new for a crowd. In fact, a brainchild of Boozehound was to recreate Woodstock in SL.

“I’d read this thing about the Woodstock Project, where people were collecting every bit of tape from Woodstock,” said Boozehound. “I have every existing recording.” So, two successful Woodstock events became a reality—in 2012 and 2013. The second Woodstock ran 13 hours, attracted 90 avatars on the sim at a time, had the highest traffic rating in SL for a sim that day, and earned L$500,000 for Relay for Life.   

Photo credit: Runa McMillan

2013 Woodstock Organizers Runa McMillan (left), BennyThe Boozehound, Fiona Haworth, and Charlz Price

Boozehound spoke about his music, his approach to DJing, and his influences.

Interview  with BennyThe Boozehound

Moonshade: What made you decide to DJ in SL?
Benny: It was the urge to perform. I had this dream for a while. Before I started doing anything, I did test recordings of playing live music. I was better than some people and not as good as others. I’m a tough critic. I decided I wasn’t going to do that. As Benny, I had access to the stream in Sailors Cove, so I told one of the owners that I’d like to stream Christmas music on all the public sims. I changed them to my stream and streamed it all Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Then a St. Patrick’s Day party in Sailors Cove came along and I said, “Oh, I can do that.” Then I started doing the Leeward Cruising Club parties and got encouragement.

Moonshade: Why do you DJ, primarily, in the SL’s sailing sims?
Benny: DJing in the sailing sims is huge. I’ve had well over 350 shows at dozens of venues. At every estate, yacht club, the Galaxy cruise ship, the Blake Sea, and many private homes, I've played gigs for everyone. Not just with LCC and the many Sail4Life shows but also weddings, birthday parties, memorial services, special events, and huge shows like Woodstock and a Gatsby party [to honor the memory of Nantucket Yacht Club commodore, Francois Jacques]. I've played every genre of music.  A club DJ would never get this kind of exposure or opportunity. To be perfectly honest, why would I DJ anywhere else? Just like a certain club venue might be home to a DJ, the entire sailing community has been home to me, and they've kept me pretty busy over the years--happily.

photo credit: Runa McMillan

Woodstock 2013

Moonshade: What types of music do you typically play?
Benny: I’d say that the genres that I focus on start in the 1920s with the small band jazz to the ‘40s big band jazz to the ‘50s rock and roll, doo-wop, rockabilly, etc. I play a lot of the ‘60s music—all the psychedelia and all the ‘60s pop, Motown, and R&B. The ‘70s material I get into were maybe not the popular music of the day. There's a lot of reggae, folk, British rock, and, ultimately, disco and funk. I play quite a lot of ‘80s material as well--punk, ska, new wave, synth pop, and grunge. If it was recorded between 1920 and 1995, I probably have something of a collection of it. Nothing is off limits though. For me, all music is valid and worth exploration.

Moonshade: What genres are your favorite to play?
Benny: Blues, jazz, Dixieland, and zydeco. If I had to work at a club (this is the only way I can answer this question), where I could play only one kind of music, I would work at a blues club. It’s the music I know most about. It’s the music that satisfies my need to play something new for people, something I discover they haven’t heard before. Probably, one out of every four LCC shows is a blues show. Blues is a big genre. 

Moonshade: What influenced your taste in and love for music?
Benny: I grew up in the Philadelphia area. My parents were good friends with a primetime DJ and program manager for WFIL, George Michael, and his wife. They’d go out clubbing with my parents on Friday or Saturday nights. Guess who got to watch the kids? When they came back, Mr. Michael didn’t pay me [for babysitting] in cash, he paid me in records. He was a top DJ for a Philadelphia big market, top 40 radio station. Every record company sent him promotional copy albums. At the age of 9, I was listening to what is considered now as classic blues—Lightnin’ Hopkins, Booker. I had Dr. John’s first album. Mr. Michael would give me everything he wouldn’t use because he worked for a top 40 radio station. So at that early age, I was exposed to this huge diversity of music—everything from country, country blues, off the wall pop, off the wall folk, electronic music, and jazz. He gave me Miles Davis’ album Bitches Brew. So by the time I was 12 years old, I’d heard it all.

Benny’s LCC Show at the Nantucket Yacht Club

Moonshade: Why is "Leeward Cruising Club's Guerilla DJ" on your profile?
Benny: The reason for this is that doing shows with the traveling circus that is LCC requires some special skills. We never go to the same place twice in a row, and we go to new venues all the time. It isn't a finite list. This means that the DJ crew and myself have to do set up with property owners. Many times, this is a simple process and, just as many, it is not--securing media permissions, build permissions, finding just the right party spot or, in some cases, building one. Through the years, I've coordinated with dozens of venue owners, and they are always cordial and helpful if not downright excited. This is one of the pleasures of doing the Leeward thing for me. I have the utmost respect for those folks and their willingness to share, if only for a few hours, their piece of the grid with us."

Moonshade: Where did your name, Benny the Boozehound, come from?
Benny: That’s from a song. I was looking at names [for my avatar in SL] and I see “Boozehound.” It just popped into my head. There’s a song by Emerson, Lake & Palmer on the Brain Salad Surgery album. It’s called “Benny the Bouncer.”  And I was just like: “Benny the Boozehound.”

Moonshade: Tell us about the LCC.
Benny: I encourage everyone to sail with the Leeward Cruising Club. Everyone is welcome of course, and if you don't sail, we'll find you a spot on a boat to ride along. Our motto is "No one left on the dock." If you don't sail, swim; if you don't swim, fly; if you don't fly, drive. In fact, I have a VW hippie bus I drive on the sea floor. But by all means, join the group, come along and you get to hear everyone in our DJ crew. And best of all, you never go to the same place twice in a row and never hear the same music twice in a row.

Moonshade: Do you have a group that people can join so they know when and where you’re DJing?

Benny: I have two--Benny Tunes and Blue Pelican. The LCC, Second Life Sailing Association (SLSA), and Second Life Sailing Community (SLSC) make note of my Tuesday LCC shows weekly. I encourage people to join those. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

AVIE POLL: FAVORITE SKINS AND SHAPES- Moonshade Pastorelli Reporting…

Every two years, I shop for a new avatar skin. It may be because I’m tired of the old skin and need to update my look, or I just feel like “window shopping” in SL, or I want to see if designers have become even more innovative in their work. Over the years, I’ve donned four skins. As a new resident of SL, I chose an un-modifiable freebie shape, later creating my own which I do to this day.

SL offers a multitude of skin and shape choices. In fact, I have a list of over 50 landmarks for skin vendors alone. You could spend days in SL in search of the right look for your avatar. Piqued by my own curiosity, I wanted to see if I’d missed some well-made skins and shapes in SL  so asked people to complete a brief survey on the topic.

Twenty respondents completed the survey--18 female and two male avatars.

Some of the respondents named more than one skin vendor as their favorite. The list came down to these that are followed by the number of avatars who named that particular skin vendor as a favorite.

Belleza           3 (females)
LAQ                3 (females)
League          2 (females)
New Faces    2 (females)
WoW              2 (females)
Aeros              1 (male)
AIMI                1 (female)
Deetalez        1 (female)
Deesses        1 (female)
Fallen Gods  1 (female)
Glam Affair    1 (female)
LoveMe          1 (female)
Pink Fuel       1 (female)
Snow Rabbit 1 (female)
sYs                 1 (female)
T. Bare           1 (male)

The qualities that the respondents look for when purchasing a skin are varied:

Hellishly Gothly, who wears the New Faces Willow skin, said she looks for a “well-shaded, natural look, though it can be a fantasy skin; no visible seams, facial structure and shape that not only compliment my face, but enhances it; availability of a good range of appliers, included items (such as appliers).”

Bella Rene’

Bella Rene’ wears Deesses’ Lorelay Milky Chocolate. “I look for true to tone and shape in a quality skin,” she said. “Deesses has mastered the ethnic and authentic texture so exquisitely, it’s literally a masterpiece in itself. I have looked across the grid for true to form skins. Deesses has it to an art form.”

Skye Broadmoor lives her SL as an elf, uses League’s Taylor skin, and says that she likes “realistic, well done shading. When choosing which version of a skin to purchase, I prefer the natural skin. Then, if I ever want to use makeup, I can. The cost of a skin is important, but if it’s a good quality skin, I don’t mind paying more.”


“I look for cute features and a kind of dark shade of skin,” said Helen, who uses the Pink Fuel skin, Harley.

Terillian Belar wears League Isla Deep Tan and explains that she prefers “clear, defined muscle tone, not fuzzy; realistic nipples, nails, vagina; a face that doesn’t have a pouting, frowning mouth. I pay attention to the skin’s shade and go for as realistic as possible—no orange spray tans. I like League skins because the same skin looks different when you change hair colors from red to blonde to black.”

Of the 20 respondents, 65 percent said they did not purchase their current shape:


Delight said, “I make my own shape. It is an ever evolving process over my time in SL, and I feel it lets me be me.”

Terrell Merryman explained that he’s had the same shape since 2008 “and it has helped me create a unique look with my skins, since the shape hasn’t been for sale in years.” He went on. “I did purchase a mesh avatar body recently, Narimyth Aesthetic. It’s very good but limited due to the lack of clothing. Otherwise, I don’t plan to buy a shape. However, from what I’ve seen, Aeros Avatar is good.”

Terrell Merryman

Anu Daviau made her own shape eight years ago. “I am quite happy with it still. The only change I made within those years, shape wise, was shrinking my overall size.”

Vichonette Constantine has always made her own shapes and said, “With the advent of mesh, I have so many different versions of my shape to fit various mesh clothing, I can’t even remember what the original shape looked like!”

Aelva’s favorite skin vendors are Deetalez, Fallen Gods, and LAQ. She makes her own shapes because, “I don’t want to look like a clone.” However, she happily offers this advice regarding avatar skins and shapes: “Play with it! Mix and match. Try the sliders on the shape and see what you end up with.”

On the other hand, 35 percent of the respondents indicated they purchased the shapes they use now:

Joy Canadeo

Joy Canadeo said that she prefers the Body Doubles shapes, “because I can look at a specific personality and make my own adjustments to reflect my personality.”

Morgan W. Mickelobe indicated that she purchases LaVie shapes. “I fell instantly attracted to the shape I am wearing now. It is aesthetically pleasing, and I always receive compliments. I will never change.”
Chelsea Quixote used to make her own shapes, “but now I am wearing the Belleza Venus mesh body.”

Other shape vendors mentioned by respondents were LAQ, CStar, the Mitreya-based shape, Wow, and the (Snow Rabbit) NEA-based shape.

If you’d like a copy of my skin vendor landmark notecard, feel free to IM me. Mind you, it offers no judgment and is by no means complete. I, simply, don’t have that many days to search the entire grid.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Game of Thrones in Second Life – A New World: Jump In with Both Feet – Moonshade Pastorelli Reporting

We couldn’t wait for the latest installment of the HBO television series, “Games of Thrones.” Afterall, it’s developed a massive cult following. So much so that it’s been lovingly parodied on other shows: “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” set it in Rockefell as “Game of Desks” and the children’s series “Sesame Street” as “Game of Chairs” in which Muppets play musical chairs, using three thrones—one made of golf clubs, another ping pong paddles, and a third baseball bats.

But in Second Life (SL), the Song of Fire and Ice is serious business.  I’ve counted no fewer than 10 sims dedicated to the Game of Thrones theme. SL role play (RP) fashion shops, such as the White Armory and *QD* Empire of Quality, even support the craze by offering their own renditions of Game of Thrones apparel.

One of the longest running Game of Thrones-inspired RP sims in SL is Game of Thrones–A New World, developed four years ago by Bandor Beningborough. According to Marguerite Avril, who plays the newly crowned Queen Maeva of House Tyrell, Katia Boucher and Thony Soir took over the sims from Beningborough and redeveloped them.

Today, Highgarden is on Maui Central sim along with the sim-sized platforms of Dorne and Casterly Rock.  Driftmark and Dragonstone are on the Wild Shores sim. A group that takes part in the RP, but is administered separately is Winterfell on Dark Life. It is the homeland, of course, of the Starks and inhabited by wildlings.

According to Avril, “I would guess we have about 40-50 active players, between the various platforms. The group proper has about 125 members.” The Game of Thrones RP on these sims allows for plenty of creativity within the theme and context. Sixty-eight character classes are available in the game, but limited to 15 beginner classes.  The Unity HUD is used during RP, monitoring health, stamina, and food settings. Winterfell’s notecards make it clear that child avatars are not allowed on the sim. In fact, some of the RP sims allow “adult language and behavior.” But then, the Games of Thrones TV series isn’t exactly for the weak of heart or stomach.

Although RP is king in these sims, players can participate in a number of activities. Highgarden and Dorne recently hosted jousting tournaments. Weekly Stories, Poems & Songs sessions are held at the Rose & Crown Tavern in Highgarden. Players can participate in weapons and jousting training. An upcoming Summer Rose Fest Ball will be held at Highgarden. Besides the engaging group notices dispatched by various characters, players can keep up with news and gossip with each edition of the Westeros News.

It is not the events that make living in Highgarden special, as an event may be a one-time thing,” said Hina Mhia who plays Queen Maeva’s Hand, Lady Hina Tarly. “It is the people you interact with every day that makes it special. We have formed a family with all the residents here.”

“If one of us goes up a level or achieves something in a skill, it is shared by everyone,” she said. “We have notices going out steadily of what people have achieved in archery, weapons, leveling up. Because achieving a new level takes considerable work, it is cause for celebration.”

Circe Auer who plays Circe Stark, Queen of the North, set up a storyline for me. “Our son, Prince Altos, returned recently from being lost and raised by the Greyjoys.” King Rickard Stark believed Altos married beneath himself, causing bad blood between father and son. The king, while fighting over Altos, gave the queen a black eye.

During last week’s Winterfell ball, Prince Altos was found near death by a wilding, who took care of him. Lord Mormont was sent to bring Altos home, but was shot with a wilding arrow that turned out to be poisoned. Auer said, “We have wildlings—a pain in the butt. They love to torment our guards. They even shot me once.”

Auer quietly shared a bit of her character’s treacherous backstory and explained, “You see, while some people tend to make their sims all sunshine and roses, we welcome backstabbing and discontent in RP. That’s what makes good RP—conflict.”

However, the players in these sims are welcoming and helpful. “We are open to anyone wishing to RP in a Game of Thrones setting that offers action, adventure, and good company,” Avril said.

When asked how she would suggest someone get started in joining this RP, Mhia laughed, “Jump in with both feet. Our people, no matter what place you decide to start, are helpful and courteous. We have some incredible role players here.

By the way, Dorne is at war with the Lannisters, and the Battle for Corpse Lake is coming up on May 17. They are recruiting for four warriors to represent the Iron Islands…

Highgarden   Marguerite Avril or Hina Mhia

Winterfell       Circe Auer or michael809 Nemeth

Sunday, April 26, 2015

St. Minutia’s Church: A Sanctuary of Peace on Renaissance Island – Moonshade Pastorelli Reporting

From all points on Renaissance Island, tolling bells can be heard. It is Sunday, and they are a call to worship at St. Minutia’s Church. Vicar Torrelle greets parishioners at the doors of the quaint, medieval church, and Martin Luther’s Protestant anthem, “A Mighty Fortress is Our God,” is accompanied by the crowing of a nearby farmyard rooster.

Places of worship in Second Life are sometimes historical re-creations and sometimes purposeful sanctuaries. St. Minutia’s Church is both.

Picturesque and devoted to the history of an age, Renaissance Island was established in 2007.  This sim is home to the Globe Theatre, features jousting tournaments, and is a favorite networking spot for RL library science students.

According to the estate’s owner, Lady Korrigan Keynes, St. Minutia’s Church was one of the first buildings in the parish. But services at St. Minutia’s are more recent. Vicar Torelle began holding services at the church “in time for Easter” this year. Sunday services are at 1 p.m. SLT each week and are usually between 15 and 30 minutes long. The warm glow from within the church makes it a perfect setting for weddings and baptisms as well.

When asked why a “working church” was established on Renaissance Island, Lady Korrigan explained, “I always say that this sim is on a journey to authenticity, but that journey couldn't begin without an acknowledgement of the importance of religion in shaping the lives, politics, and economies of the day. Religion was a central feature of life.”

Although the church is set in a Renaissance-themed venue, the vicar will tell you that “the services are 'real,' if you know what I mean. It is not roleplay per se. It is an attempt to be true to the Gospel message for those who wish to attend.”

“Everyone is welcome here,” said Vicar Torrelle. “We do aim to be true to the historical parameters of what was happening at the time, though. And, of course, it was a time of much religious upheaval.”

“This church tries to be true to the way the service was in the 1540s,” he said. “There were many new Protestant works coming out then, particularly, the translation of the Bible into English. We base our services on the Book of Common Prayer written by [Thomas] Cranmer in 1549.”

“Which was during the time when Henry VIII wedded Anne Boleyn,” said Lady Amza Hydraconis, co-estate manager of Renaissance Island.

An open Bible on the alter symbolizes a time of transition. “Protestants of this period believed the Bible should be heard in English by the people,” said the vicar. “Before this time, the Bible was not read in English, the services were in Latin. The Protestants were trying to reach the people directly.”

St. Minutia’s Church has no confessional booths. “The Protestants believed that people should have direct access to their God,” said the vicar. “They could pray to God directly without the intervention of a priest.”

“When we say all are welcome to St. Minutia’s, we are an unusual parish in many respects” said Lady Korrigan. “We do not fear the plague and so welcome strangers. We accept people of all sorts.”

“On a personal note,” said Vicar Torrelle. “I think it would be sad to have such a beautiful church and not have services happening. No matter what world we are in, it is good to have a place where you can find peace. This church is such a place.”

For more information about St. Minutia’s Church, Renaissance Island, or to book a wedding, reception, or baptism at St. Minutia’s, contact Amza Hydraconis or PrinceJ3rd Figaro.

Group:  Parish of Reading Primley

Preferred Contact:  Amza Hydraconis or PrinceJ3rd Figaro

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sail4Life: Looking to the Sea for a Cure for Cancer – Moonshade Pastorelli Reporting

Author Isak Dinesen said that “The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears, or the sea.” And so it has been for Second Life’s sailing community. Since 2005, the Sail4Life team has participated in Relay for Life in SL with exuberance. Although Sail4Life springs from the waters of a community that began in the United Sailing Sims and along the shores of the Blake Sea, all SL residents are welcome and encouraged to participate in its events.

“The sailing community is extremely inclusive,” said Delight Blade, co-captain of the 2015 Sail4Life team. “Everyone involved in Sail4Life loves the water—just because they found it, they fly planes, they enjoy powerboats, they sail.”

“The sailing community is a large, diverse group of people,” said Winnie Sweetwater, captain of the 2015 and 2014 Sail4Life teams.  She describes the residents as “water-oriented,” some of whom sail in real life, some sail in SL, and some don’t sail at all.

Triple Crown of Sailing
Sail4Life 2015 has an ambitious calendar of events that can be seen at Many races are followed by parties. Although some are still in the planning stages, a labor of love for Sweetwater and Blade is the inaugural Triple Crown of Sailing.
When describing the Triple Crown of Sailing, Blade refers to the Kentucky Derby, Belmont Stakes, and Preakness Stakes: “They’re separate horse races. But if you win all three, you win the Triple Crown.”
During the Triple Crown of Sailing, three clubs—Nantucket Yacht Club (NYC), Seychelles Yacht Club (SIYC), and Fishers Island Yacht Club (FIYC)--will host. Race #1 is April 25, 2-6 p.m., at NYC ( Race #2 is May 16, 1-5 p.m., at SIYC ( The final race is June 27, 2-6 p.m., at Plum Gut in Sailors Cove East (, and sponsored by FIYC.

The Triple Crown of Sailing is a series composed of three races,” said Blade. “Each race features one type of boat. At NYC, it will be the Quest Q-2m; SIYC, the Nacra 17; and at FIYC, the Trudeau One. The series is based on a low point total. If someone can win the races in three different boats, it’s like the iron man triathlon of sailing.” The winner of the Triple Crown will be announced at the Blake Sea Ball on July 11.
Registration to race closes April 23. To register, go to the SL Sailing Forum post at and return the completed registration form to Gemma Vuckovic.

Other Featured Sail4Life Events
photo by Delight Blade
On April 18th 1-4pm SLT the SIYC hosts an ORS-sponsored race. Although ORS is usually a sailing event, this race will be fast and relatively short, using motor boats*: F1 race boats. The F1s used in the race are temporary rezzes. Whoever wins is given the boat.  (
* correction made

An example of the sailing community’s inclusiveness can particularly be seen in the May 3 Leeward Cruise Club’s (LCC) cruise to Shark Shack. “Anyone can go and not have to be a sailor,” said Blade. “You can hop on anyone’s boat to join the cruise.” In fact, LCC’s motto is: No one is left at the dock. The cruise runs 1-3 p.m. Start location to be determined.

A three-day auction of original, mostly nautical art, begins May 15, at Holly Kai Park ( “We’ll have a DJ while the auction closes on May 17, 4-6 p.m.,” said Sweetwater.

Chippensails is a Sail4Life staple. The event features dancing sailors who are up for auction. “I make it clear to the guy and, if applicable, his girl that the Chippensail can be won to take someone on a sailing cruise or for a sailing lesson,” said Sweetwater. The Chippensails auction will be at Three Pines Sailing Center (, June 6, 1-4 p.m.

One event being planned is a jazz fest slated to be held at the SIYC, June 13, 3-8 p.m. “The concept is to replicate the Newport Jazz Festival,” said Sweetwater. “We held this event last year and alternated DJs with live musicians. This year, we have mostly DJs lined up thus far.”

June 20, all day, features a Poker Run and Raft Party powerboat event. The boats follow a charted course with stops along the way to pick up a playing card. At the Raft party, the person with the best hand wins.  Location to be determined.

The Blake Sea Ball, a formal event, caps off the RFL season. “We did it last year with the SL Coast Guard RFL team and would like to do it again this year with them,” said Sweetwater. The ball may again be held at the Hollywood Bowl. ( “Last year, it was like a Hollywood movie opening with a red carpet. We’ll do something like that again.” The ball will be July 11, 2-6 p.m., and sponsored by Starboards Yacht Club.

photo by Delight Blade

Sail4Life culminates with a boat auction and marathon sailing event at the RFL campsite on July 19. Sailors can sail anything that floats during a 30-minute slot throughout the day and night. The event mirrors the RFL walk.
photo by Moonshade Pastorelli
Garden of Life

A location created specifically for Sail4Life was the Garden of Life in Sailors Cove ( “My grandfather was in hospice that had a garden and brick path with areas where people could just be,” Blade said. Cancer survivors, caregivers, friends, and family often need a place of serenity. To honor that need and with her grandfather’s hospice in mind, Blade created a garden that features a heart-shaped path filled with a flower field and lined by pink- and purple-blossomed trees. Visitors will find a dance system, comfortable seating, and vendors and gachas of Sail4Life items. From a dock next to the garden, anyone may launch a boat, seaplane, or other floatable.

Sailing and Fundraising

Sweetwater doesn't hesitate to express how generous the sailing community is: “The 2014 Sail4Life team was considered by RFL in SL a Sapphire team, raising L$1,428,774, or $5,715 US.”  

“The Sail4Life team’s focus is on raising awareness, raising funds, and having fun along the way,” she said. “Awareness is as important to me as the fundraising: If you have a family member with cancer, go to the American Cancer Society sim, and there’s a support resource to help you. That’s as important as the lindens.”

To learn more about Sail4Life and its upcoming events, contact Winnie Sweetwater or Delight Blade (Dian4ma Shen).