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Showing posts with label Rasere's War. Show all posts

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Spotlight on The Rasere Awakening Series and launch of book 3- The Bounding Main by Author R.Lacques aka GoSpeed Rasere- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Author R. Jacques (aka- GoSpeed Rasere) launched Rasere’s War. The first book in the Rasere's Awakening Series. Based 500 years into the future,  mankind finds lasting peace but using emotions excessively is shunned. Many human Users visit the virtual world of Simvie Loko to fully express themselves, but the world ruling Artificial Intelligence, Gaiana, is seeking to shut it down. Will GoSpeed and her fellow NPCs survive this virtual conflict or be erased forever? Will they face extinction or prevail with such norms? If you’ve read Rasere’s War, you will want to read the 2nd novel in the Series; We built this City.

 Gospeed goes on a quest to Bay City where opportunities await, but a new evil raises its ugly head and threatens her new home. She decides to fight back, but at what cost? but on her way she meets Simvie a criminal who threatens peace.

On March 30th,  GoSpeed launched the 3rd book in the Rasere Awakening  series; The Bounding Main.
This novel is based in the futuristic virtual world,  Simvie Loko. It is a free world for NPCs (non-player characters), once a virtual playground for human users. In this 3rd installation, GoSpeed Racer is starting anew and trying to live down her past sins. She sets off on another adventure on the high seas of Simvie Loko where she ultimately finds redemption. putting her past behind her for redemption.

Much like Second Life it sounds like an adventure! Without spoiling the plots and twists in the series, The SL Enquirer had the pleasure of meeting up with GoSpeed Racer to talk more about The Rasere Awakening Series and maybe get some more details about her character’s  journey of a lifetime.

SLE: Gospeed Racer, it is great to have this opportunity to talk about series and give our readers some behind the scenes insight and your inspiration  behind your novels. Can you tell our readers what inspired you to write the series?

Gospeed: Thank you Lanai. It's a pleasure to speak with you! My inspiration came from a few sources. About ten years ago I blogged about what I would feel if Second Life were to shut down. It wasn't a pleasant at all, that's for sure. Even by my second rez day I felt an affinity for my avatar. A couple of years later I started writing short story about GoSpeed magically appearing in the real world and visiting my at my house. I never finished the story. Fast forward to 2015 and my favorite podcast novelist (Scott Sigler) did a couple of episodes on how to write a novel. Soon after that I began writing my series.

SLE: In the series, your avatar GoSpeed Racer is the main character. With the adventures and experiences you have in the novels, do they related in anyway with your SL avie’s adventures and experiences?

Gospeed: In my early days in SL, circa 2006 to 2008, I was very active in the SL Sailing community and sailed all over the grid. I've also done some minor roleplaying and the emoting and dialog exchanges were very helpful for my creative writing. Of course the Bay City community here in Second Life was a great source of material and inspiration. I've been affiliated with Bay City since 2010 and I was crowned Miss Bay City 2018!

SLE: Wow you have been an active SL community member for a long time. Congrats on being crowned Miss Bay City. How would you describe your character’s personality compared to your own?

GoSpeed: They are like the difference between my real self and my avatar. Some elements of my real personality  come through, and some do not. Second Life acts as a filter of sorts. In this futuristic virtual world many of the NPCs (virtual citizens), to include GoSpeed, are sourced from old social media archives. The creator uses images, videos, and blog posts and then run them through an algorithm to generate a personality. As the old saying goes, "A picture says a thousand words." In fact, there have been articles recently stating the possibility of recreating a virtual identity of a recently deceased family member by using their online digital postings. I doubt anything useful could be created with today's technology, but in 500 years? Possibly.

SLE:  That’s an interesting concept. Through the Series, your character faces many obstacles, can you give our readers an examples of the difficulties she faced on her journey?

GoSpeed: In the first novel she is forced to take up arms to protect her world, then she falls in love for the first time ever. In the second novel, she takes the law into her own hands  and must face the severe consequences of her actions.

SLE: Are you a published author of other novel besides The Rasere Awakening Series?

GoSpeed: This is my first series. I plan to write more in this "universe" in the future. My next book will be an anthology containing short stories and vignettes from Simvie Loko.

SLE: Without giving too much away, what else would you like to share with readers about The Bounding Main?

GoSpeed: TBM is the conclusion of the series and as such wraps up a lot of the longer story arcs. In this story GoSpeed must live and work in a community that sees her as either a criminal or a saint. With these same people, she goes on an extended journey to investigate a mystery facing both communities. Together they learn more about their shared world and the possible threats they may face.

Additional Information

Purchase the series: Amazon:
Apple: Via their apps.

Print copies can be purchased now at Amazon.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Spotlight Feature on GoSpeed Rasere- Second Life Resident and Science Fiction Novelist- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Book Cover
Second Life holds value to all of its residents in various ways. To many it is not a game; it is an extension of real life.  Take a moment to think about the very first time you rezzed into this extraordinary virtual world. Did you have a plan or did you discover a hidden talent that has lead you on your current path?
The SL Enquirer sat down with GoSPeed Rasere to learn more about what brought him to Second Life and what inspired the science fiction novel that is about to launch on February 3rd.

Interview with Gospeed Rasere

Hi GoSpeed, before we get into the novel I wanted to take a moment to give our readers a behind the scenes look at the person behind the novel. How did you discovery Second Life and what was your initial thought? Did you have a plan once you settled in?
I came across a mention of Second Life on a Google Earth blog in 2006 and decided to investigate it further. As far as a plan, not really. I went with the flow and wound up being a member of several communities.

How would you describe Second Life now compared to your noob days?
Second Life has matured greatly over the past 11 years I have been a citizen. The grid is more stable, The objects you can buy are of much higher quality, and the communities are more cohesive.

Prior to Second Life do you have writing and or publishing experience?
Apart from school assignments, I had no real writing experience, but family and coworkers always came to me to read their resumes and school papers asking me of they were worded right.
What was your inspiration for writing Racere’s War?
A few things inspired me to write my first, full length novel. The driving force was the concern over the continued existence of Second Life as a virtual world. I had worried that one day, SL would disappear along with my avatars and the communities they belonged to. I have poured so much time into them that they feel like individuals. I then reasoned that they can live on in images, machinima, and in writing. I was familiar with Role Play in SL and was impressed by the ability of others who could create whole stories on the fly when they interacted with other role players. I gave it a try and I liked how I was able to express my ideas in text. Finally, I am a big fan of the Sci-Fi author Scott Sigler. A few years ago he had a few episodes where he talked about writing novels and I then vowed I'd write my own stories and publish them.

Can you share some teasers about the series?
Rasere's War is the first novel in a planned trilogy called "Rasere's Awakening". The first novel is about GoSpeed Rasere realizing she is more than a simple NPC in a virtual world. She comes alive emotionally and even sexually for the first time in her 40 year existence. The second novel focuses on her continued growth as an individual morphing from a follower to a doer. The third novel is her becoming a leader and learning how to accept the consequences of her past actions.

You have another novel coming out in the Spring called “We Built this City”. Can you tell us a little about that one?
This novel follows three people, GoSpeed, Marty (GoSpeed's love interest from the first novel), and a man who's brain was frozen in the 2020s and then had his mind uploaded to the virtual world of the novels. The three characters eventually meet up in a recreation of Bay City (inspired by the Bay City of Second Life.)

The novels you write feature several SL residents as main characters living in a futuristic virtual reality simulation. How did you choose your characters? Is it all fiction or did you draw inspiration from their personalities and SL experiences?
These were avatars I've known over the years either in world via their social media (primarily Flickr).
The character's personality is based mostly on my observations of them and then modified to fit their new environment. It's similar to how the creator of this futuristic virtual world recreated them some 500 years in the future. He analyzed their social media data and and formulated an approximate personality.

Will you be hosting a Novel launch event in Second Life where our readers can actually meet the characters in your series?
 I will most likely have one on the 27th of January at a place and time to be determined. I'll keep you apprised of where it will be and will also post it to my author website.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers about Racere’s War and any future projects you may have in the works?
The third novel in the series, The Bounding Main, should be released before the end of the year. I plan to write a series based on the same characters in later time periods and locations. As a digital person their life spans are unlimited!

I also encourage people to sign up for my Newsletter. I will inform subscribers of my publishing plans and produce bonus content such as excerpts and deleted scenes. A link to the newsletter can be found on my homepage.

When will this book be available?  Please share a link.
The ebook will be released on 3 February 2018 on a few sites. You can preorder it now and it will download to your device on the 3rd.
GoSpeed Rasere
Thank you for taking the time to share your story and projects with The SL Enquirer, we wish you the very best in Second Life and in real life.

Additional Information
Preferred contact: In world, GoSpeed Rasere.