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Showing posts with label artificial intelligence. Show all posts

Friday, August 12, 2022

GeekSpeak – Is AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) the last invention we will ever make? Join the discussion Saturday, August 13th at 12pm SLT


Maybe just a few short years from now AGI will be announced.  A superintelligent AI that thinks like a human and can solve problems.  And of course, write new AGI programs. How would such an AI affect humanity?  Would we ever need to invent anything again?  Would we ever again need to think of solutions to problems?  Could we leave everything to the AGI?

Or maybe you think such an AI would be dangerous.  Perhaps we would need one more invention, the way to destroy it.  Should we open that Pandora’s box?

Do we need an AGI?  Can we manage our own future without it?  Would such an AGI necessarily be self-aware?  Or would we be ruled by a mindless program that could not be controlled?

Chance favours the prepared mind so come along to GeekSpeak on Saturday at noon SLT to discuss this upcoming technology shock.  Bring your friends!

IM Vulcan Viper, who teaches a meditation class every Wednesday in the GeekSpeak auditorium, if you have ideas for new subjects.

Friday, May 7, 2021

GeekSpeak – Will we be ruled by an AI in the future? Join the Discussion Saturday, May 8th at 12 pm SLT

Will an AI rule us?  Are we maybe ruled by an AI now?  Many government agencies already use AI in various forms so we are slowly moving towards AI rule.  Does the prospect reassure you or terrify you?

Will AI rule save us or destroy us?  Can we install some safeguards to protect us against evil AI rule?  Could there be AI elections?  Would we be safer if we could choose between AI systems?  If we don’t like being ruled by AI could there be any way back to the old system?

How will the AI rulers see us?  As children, as lower animals, as servants?

Will our future be Star Trek or 1984?   Come and discuss the Future.  Bring your friends!

IM Vulcan Viper, who teaches a meditation class at 1pm every Wednesday in the GeekSpeak auditorium, if you have ideas for new subjects.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

GeekSpeak – how do we stop the paperclip maximizer? Join the discussion Saturday September 7th at 12pm SLT

The paperclip maximizer is an AI that makes paperclips and never stops making them.  Its existence, or possible existence, presents us with the problem of how to talk to an AI.  For example, if we say “AI, make me a lot of paperclips” will the AI then start to convert the entire solar system into paperclips.  Can we stop such a runaway AI?  Or will it eventually kill itself? 
If the paperclip maximizer spreads across the universe, will different versions of it form different opinions as to what a paperclip is?  Will the different AI factions start a war with each other?
What should we do to prevent any of this from ever happening?  How should we talk to an AI?  Or are we all doomed to be turned into paperclips?
Come and discuss our future as AI feedstock.  To get warmed up, watch this video: The Paperclip Maximizer 

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Spotlight on The Rasere Awakening Series and launch of book 3- The Bounding Main by Author R.Lacques aka GoSpeed Rasere- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Author R. Jacques (aka- GoSpeed Rasere) launched Rasere’s War. The first book in the Rasere's Awakening Series. Based 500 years into the future,  mankind finds lasting peace but using emotions excessively is shunned. Many human Users visit the virtual world of Simvie Loko to fully express themselves, but the world ruling Artificial Intelligence, Gaiana, is seeking to shut it down. Will GoSpeed and her fellow NPCs survive this virtual conflict or be erased forever? Will they face extinction or prevail with such norms? If you’ve read Rasere’s War, you will want to read the 2nd novel in the Series; We built this City.

 Gospeed goes on a quest to Bay City where opportunities await, but a new evil raises its ugly head and threatens her new home. She decides to fight back, but at what cost? but on her way she meets Simvie a criminal who threatens peace.

On March 30th,  GoSpeed launched the 3rd book in the Rasere Awakening  series; The Bounding Main.
This novel is based in the futuristic virtual world,  Simvie Loko. It is a free world for NPCs (non-player characters), once a virtual playground for human users. In this 3rd installation, GoSpeed Racer is starting anew and trying to live down her past sins. She sets off on another adventure on the high seas of Simvie Loko where she ultimately finds redemption. putting her past behind her for redemption.

Much like Second Life it sounds like an adventure! Without spoiling the plots and twists in the series, The SL Enquirer had the pleasure of meeting up with GoSpeed Racer to talk more about The Rasere Awakening Series and maybe get some more details about her character’s  journey of a lifetime.

SLE: Gospeed Racer, it is great to have this opportunity to talk about series and give our readers some behind the scenes insight and your inspiration  behind your novels. Can you tell our readers what inspired you to write the series?

Gospeed: Thank you Lanai. It's a pleasure to speak with you! My inspiration came from a few sources. About ten years ago I blogged about what I would feel if Second Life were to shut down. It wasn't a pleasant at all, that's for sure. Even by my second rez day I felt an affinity for my avatar. A couple of years later I started writing short story about GoSpeed magically appearing in the real world and visiting my at my house. I never finished the story. Fast forward to 2015 and my favorite podcast novelist (Scott Sigler) did a couple of episodes on how to write a novel. Soon after that I began writing my series.

SLE: In the series, your avatar GoSpeed Racer is the main character. With the adventures and experiences you have in the novels, do they related in anyway with your SL avie’s adventures and experiences?

Gospeed: In my early days in SL, circa 2006 to 2008, I was very active in the SL Sailing community and sailed all over the grid. I've also done some minor roleplaying and the emoting and dialog exchanges were very helpful for my creative writing. Of course the Bay City community here in Second Life was a great source of material and inspiration. I've been affiliated with Bay City since 2010 and I was crowned Miss Bay City 2018!

SLE: Wow you have been an active SL community member for a long time. Congrats on being crowned Miss Bay City. How would you describe your character’s personality compared to your own?

GoSpeed: They are like the difference between my real self and my avatar. Some elements of my real personality  come through, and some do not. Second Life acts as a filter of sorts. In this futuristic virtual world many of the NPCs (virtual citizens), to include GoSpeed, are sourced from old social media archives. The creator uses images, videos, and blog posts and then run them through an algorithm to generate a personality. As the old saying goes, "A picture says a thousand words." In fact, there have been articles recently stating the possibility of recreating a virtual identity of a recently deceased family member by using their online digital postings. I doubt anything useful could be created with today's technology, but in 500 years? Possibly.

SLE:  That’s an interesting concept. Through the Series, your character faces many obstacles, can you give our readers an examples of the difficulties she faced on her journey?

GoSpeed: In the first novel she is forced to take up arms to protect her world, then she falls in love for the first time ever. In the second novel, she takes the law into her own hands  and must face the severe consequences of her actions.

SLE: Are you a published author of other novel besides The Rasere Awakening Series?

GoSpeed: This is my first series. I plan to write more in this "universe" in the future. My next book will be an anthology containing short stories and vignettes from Simvie Loko.

SLE: Without giving too much away, what else would you like to share with readers about The Bounding Main?

GoSpeed: TBM is the conclusion of the series and as such wraps up a lot of the longer story arcs. In this story GoSpeed must live and work in a community that sees her as either a criminal or a saint. With these same people, she goes on an extended journey to investigate a mystery facing both communities. Together they learn more about their shared world and the possible threats they may face.

Additional Information

Purchase the series: Amazon:
Apple: Via their apps.

Print copies can be purchased now at Amazon.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Spotlight on Geek Speak - Discussions on everything from Quantum Theory to Artificial Intelligence- Pen Dragon Reporting...

The quest for knowledge and understanding is one of the most noble endeavors we can embark upon. Many find their passion for learning in history, mathematics or the study of society and some delve into science. But what if your curiosity is more far reaching? What if you prefer to discuss theoretical possibilities, everything from Quantum theory to  Artificial Intelligence or even the future of money? If your desire is to learn and discuss a wide variety of interesting and intellectual topics with others who share your thirst, then Geek Speak is for you.

Geek Speak is a weekly discussion with a wide and varying range of topics. The discussion is held every Saturday at noon SLT and is sure to have a lively and in depth conversation on topics that range from surviving climate change, alien life, avoiding a collision with asteroids and understanding the future. The discussion is led by Erik Goff and organized by his close friends and team of Kathen Ohtobide and Vulcan Viper. For the last eight years these three have worked on various education programs, starting with their project Edutopia, teaching classes like Astronomy, Chinese and Portuguese.

The SL Enquirer had the opportunity to sit down with all three of the minds behind Geek Speak recently, what follows is that interview.

SLE: What drew you all to educational classes?
Erik Goff: Because I did everything else already in sl lol.  I,with the team, had casinos, building companies, a job agency, a bank....Edutopia basically started because |I had some free land and I wanted to give something back to the community.

SLE: What is each of your roles in producing Geek Speak?
Vulcan Viper: Erik is the one to craft the introductory text after we have decided on a topic.
Erik Goff: We do not have any defined roles.  Well, I am the chairman, but that is about it.  We just brainstorm a new subject each week and then discuss if it is suitable for the event.
Vulcan Viper: I do think we have roles, if not officially agreed upon. Just things we sort of ended up doing.
Erik Goff: For example, we will not do quantum physics, however interesting that may seem..  it is just that nobody in the public will have anything useful to say about the subject... at least, we thought so... because we tried it once and i was overwhelmed by the vast knowledge of the public.
Kathen Ohtobide: we try not to do things that are too technical and we try to stick to subjects that can be discussed. Some topics are very interesting but there is not much to discuss.
Erik Goff: Yes, and subjects that are in the actuality.  So for example; last week we did the 'rapid disappearing of insects worldwide.”

SLE: For the topics you discuss, do you spend a lot of time researching?
Erik Goff: I usually watch youtube a few hours about the subject before a geekspeak session.

SLE: What drives you to choose the topics that you choose?
Erik Goff: Well, I like to nudge the world into a better direction.  so fairly often I also will propose subjects that do just that. We try to stay out pure politics but we do a lot of economics discussions for example, or green energy.
Kathen Ohtobide: I tend to suggest simply the subjects I am interested in.
Erik Goff: Most geeks want, and ask for, more space subjects though. There will be no shortage of that the coming years.
Kathen Ohtobide: I suppose some subjects tend to keep coming back, we often do space and robots and AI. Although we do go off topic quite a bit when talking about it
Erik Goff: We have regulars of course, but basically someone can jump in and be entertained,  depending on this persons' geek level.

SLE: If you could tell the general public something about your discussion that they may not know, what would it be?
Erik Goff: I always notice that we have real geeks in our place.  People that usually would be very silent at parties. I am happy they get the chance to say something in our place.
Kathen Ohtobide: It helps if you like Star Trek? Just a joke!
Vulcan Viper: I'm known for referring to a Star Trek episode every so often.
Kathen Ohtobide: I think of GS as a place where we are all equal. Some people there have lots of qualifications and some have none, but we all have a voice.
Erik Goff: I would like them to talk along  so it would help if they read about the subject before the event  They never do , of course.People just want to be entertained and many are very knowledgeable about a lot of subjects. As I said before, I was very amazed at our one 'quantum physics'  events. About half of the people who attended know a whole lot about quantum physics.

Geek Speak offers a text led discussion where everyone is welcome and has a voice, making it a unique learning and sharing experience. If you would like to join the experience, watch for notices posted here in the SL Enquirer every Saturday morning with the subject of that day’s discussion and a landmark to attend. The event is sure to be informative and fun.

Additional Information:

Saturday, February 9, 2019

GeekSpeak – what will the future world of robots and humans be like?

How will society change when every car, every bus stop, every toaster and every shop assistant is a robot?  At what point will we think that robots should have human rights?  When will it become illegal to shoot your toaster or leave your food too long in the fridge so that she looks bad and can’t marry your car?  If you make your car drive over a cliff will you be charged with murder because you killed an AI?

Will there be novels and soap operas about the emotional lives of robots?  Will there be new robot art forms?  Will humans enjoy the robot novels, soaps and art?  Or will we have 2 separate cultures, human and robotic?  Do you think you will ever have a robot friend?

Welcome to the coming years of confusion.  Come and discuss our destiny as only one of the dominant species on the planet.  Bring a towel.

IM Vulcan Viper if you have ideas for new subjects.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

GeekSpeak – how do we prevent an AI from going rogue?

When more and more AIs are interacting with humans and becoming powerful there will be many cases where we wish there was an off switch.  Indeed it is already happening.  Microsoft had to delete its chatbot Tay because it became racist after talking to people on Twitter.

How can we prevent an AI from turning against us?  Should we make laws?  Will that be enough? Who will be responsible for the racism or sexism of AIs? Can AIs be controlled by law?

Maybe we simply have to accept that AIs will be independent.  Some will be good, some bad.  Some will not understand the distinction.  Will we all use AI protection in the future as we use virus scanners now?  Can we trust good AIs to protect us against bad AIs?

Or must we accept that we are heading for digital oblivion?

How can we escape our future calculators?  Come and discuss our survival at GeekSpeak.

IM Vulcan Viper if you have ideas for future subjects.

Best wishes and have a very happy Christmas


Saturday, November 10, 2018

GeekSpeak – AI and learning

Imagine an AI that knows everything about the subject you are learning and also everything about you; what you know already, your psychology, your history, whether you have eaten or not.  It can give you new information as and when you need it and with no repeating of things you already know.  Would that AI be the most effective teacher you could ever imagine? You could learn in months something that would previously have taken years.

Would such an AI lead to more learning, so that we would all learn just for fun?  Or would we give up on learning because we could just hire an AI?  Would children who are educated by an AI lose the ability to socialize with other children?

Will AI free us forever from the need for schools?  Come and join us in the best classroom we could ever have.

IM Vulcan Viper if you have ideas for new subjects.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

GeekSpeak – we need more Turing tests! Join the Discussion Saturday August 4th at 12pm SLT

We need the Turing test to determine if an AI is a person.  But what about Turing tests to determine what is real at all?  Is the painting on your wall real or is it a virtual reality conjured up by your Google glass?  How do you know if that chair is made from natural materials or made from a blob of nanobots?  What tests will we need to determine whether the toaster is the smartest kid in the house and should be in charge of everything?

Did your smart door kill your cat on purpose?  Did the bots that make up your mailbox eat the mailman to get more building materials?  If they did will you be held responsible?  Will your smart car need a certificate from a shrink before you can drive in it?

Does any of this matter?  Does it matter if your butler is self-aware?  If your toaster belongs to an online community of toasters?

Come and talk to us about a world in which doorknobs can be smarter than people.

IM Vulcan Viper if you have any ideas for new subjects.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

GeekSpeak – AI in the near future- Join the discussion Oct 7th at 12pm SLT

How do you think AI will change the world in the next ten years?  Factories have already been taken over by robots and recently a field of barley was grown in England with no human involved; all the work was done by robots.  Soon perhaps accountants, doctors, musicians, scientists will all be robots.  Will there be any middle-class jobs left?  Will there be any jobs left for humans at all?

Will the experiences of daily life change or will AI slowly grow in back offices without our realising that it is happening?  Or will AI be in everyone’s phone?  Will there be 2 more branches on the human tree, homo androidus and homo iphonetus?

When the world is run by AI will it be harder or easier to make friends with other humans?  In Japan there are people who have no real human contact at all.  Will that spread everywhere?

Come and talk to us about the next 10 years in AI.  Turn off your phone so that it cannot hear us whisper…

Saturday, November 19, 2016

GeekSpeak – how do we make sure that artificial intelligence can be trusted? Join the discussion Saturday Nov 19th at 12pm slt

Is it possible to make sure that no AI could ever harm humans, start a war or crash the economy? If they did any of those things could they be prosecuted?

Are we in danger?  Should we be thinking of how to protect ourselves?  Or do you think AIs will be safer than humans, more likely to check facts and think rationally and less likely to become angry or be swayed by propaganda?

Is it possible for us to trust AIs completely?  Will the uncanny valley always make us dislike them?  Or will we (or they) get past that?  Will Asimov’s three laws of robotics protect us?  Or are those laws impossible to program into a real AI?

Will they be our servants, our friends, our masters or will they get rid of us altogether?  Come and talk about AI.  But leave your calculator at home; it could be working for THEM.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

GeekSpeak – Could Robots Turn Against Us? Let's have a Discussion! July 23rd @ 12pm SLT

Is it dangerous to give robots a certain level of intelligence?  Could they turn against us?  They might be given power they are unable to cope with, such as the robot that ran over a toddler.  Or they might think it is in your best interest.  What if the McDonald’s robot won’t serve you because your fat-index does not allow it?

Is it possible that we will reach a state where everyone has to function within normal parameters or be terminated?  Are we about to hand over our freedoms to silicon matter?

Today we discuss the dangers of giving power to our possible future masters.  Join us!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Spotlight on Second Life Movie- Interview with Mickey Desantis- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Second Life - The Movie Trailer from Michael J Dawson on Vimeo.

For those who are not familiar with the virtual world; Second Life, they are missing out on a phenomenal technological advancement that can be used in so many different ways.
 Many people may have the wrong idea that Second Life is just a game and for some virtual platforms it is. When an economy is introduced to the equation, such as in Second Life, it becomes a means of generating an income and expanding on business and projects that exist in the real world.

Second Life is a virtual world that was created by Linden Lab for the people by the people. Creative minds from all over the world create an avatar and participate in this unique 3D world in a variety of ways. From art, music, fashion and media; content is created all the time.  Relationships are formed and amazing things happen.

The SL Enquirer came across one such character. His name is Mickey DeSantis. Unlike other avatars, his existence is not to be portrayed as a human. Instead, his avatar is part of a project that has tied both the virtual and real world together in a very unique way.

Interview with Mickey Desantis