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Showing posts with label SL Adult Entertainment. Second Life. Show all posts

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

People doing great things in Second Life - An interview with Mr. Anthony Gartner, owner and creator of The Dreamer Creations – Camury Reporting...

I’ve wanted to write about people doing great things in Second  Life for quite a while because I think it’s very interesting how differently we each see it and the amazing things we can do in this virtual world.

I remember the first time I saw the charming Mr. Anthony Gartner and his intriguing eyes. I was relaxing on my favorite island, The Dreamer´s Island, when I noticed him.

It’s an Adult Island.  The entire beach is full of goodies with excellent animations for both couples in love or singles if you just want to chill on your own.  You can take a hot air balloon, explore, meet people, dance, swim, surf, have fun or just relax. If you’re in the mood for interaction with others, then you can check out the beach club.  You can mellow out to the music as the sea breeze gently ruffles your hair.  There are no strict rules and all avatars are welcome.  The only restriction is that due to the adult nature of the sim no child avatars are permitted.

They say curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back… I clicked on various objects dotted around me to learn a little more about the creator when Mr. Gartner himself appeared. Since I’m always on the lookout for a good story I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to talk to him about Dreamer Island and his creations.

Here’s a little insight into who Mr. Gartner is.  He’s very polite and took the time to grant me this interview. He’s the owner of The Dreamer Island.  You can find and test all the objects in the The Dreamer Creations collection on the island. He has a store on the SL Marketplace. He creates Furniture, prefabs, beach and garden products, tropical tiki and other landscaping items, which include a multitude of different sit poses and cuddles.  The island was built with the explicit purpose of testing Mr. Gartner's creations.  What better way than getting them tested by those who'd be using them.  The result, no buyers remorse.  His creations can be found on a number of sims throughout Second Life.

Interview with Mr Gartner
Camury:  How long have you been in SL and what do you bring to it?
Mr. Gartner : almost 7 years now. Always enjoyed the video games and the experience of a life in a virtual world was exciting.

Camury: How long have you had your store?
Mr. Gartner : since 2010

Camury: What inspired you to start making furniture and decorations?
Mr. Gartner : At first it was the interest of learning to build with prims in SL. I always liked decorating so when I realized I could create things that weren’t too bad I continued and started to sell.

Camury: Did you create  everything yourself or did you you have help?
Mr. Gartner: I work alone.  Although I don't make mesh products.  These days I concentrate mostly on texturing and a bit of scripting and adding the appropriate animations.

Camury: What’ s your favourite thing about Second Life?
Mr. Gartner : It ‘s a bit like asking what is your favourite thing in life.  Everything that can bring some enjoyment: the contact with friends, exploring beautiful places, shopping for clothes or furniture, decorating.  And especially I love animations that bring life and expression to our avatars.

Camury: What don´t you like about Second Life?
Mr. Gartner : One thing that comes to my mind is I think the developers of Second Life could improve the avatars customization of appearance. Now people need to buy mesh bodies and heads created by others to look more "realistic".
Also to be able to create anything pretty in this world we need the use of external tools. Nothing really great looking can be created only inworld.
Also it is a very mercantile world. I hate the business of gachas.
And the sims are too expensive...

 Camury: How do you feel about the economic situation in Second Life?
Mr. Gartner : Probably it's slowing down. There are too many events, people shop more in events and less in stores. Productivity is boosted at the expense of quality.

Camury: What do you love about Second Life more? What makes you keep logging?
Mr. Gartner : It became an addiction over time. It’s a part of my life here now and there's always things to do here.

Camury: Tell me how The Dreamers Island came into being?
Mr. Gartner: The idea of a Tropical Island has always appealed to me and I started creating products specifically for this kind of lifestyle.  I developed rentals on four  homesteads around The Dreamer sim, but unfortunately even though it was well supported I had too many public areas which meant it was unprofitable.  Having a purely residential sim wasn't for me and I stopped this endeavour and kept the main sim for my store and for public enjoyment.

Camury:  What are the rules since it's an adult sim?
Mr. Gartner: There are not many rules.  It's a nude beach, but clothing is optional.  I prefer visitors not to visit in winter outfits though and definitely no children are allowed on the sim.

Camury:  Does The Dreamers Island have a group visitors can join?
Mr. Gartner: The group has been in existence from the time when I had the rentals.  Some people still like to join it but basically it is useless these days.

Camury: Can you tell me what you were doing in SL before starting The Dreamer Creations?
Mr. Gartner : The same except creating, I was a noob, I was discovering SL. And I was playing Zyngo to earn my L$.

Camury: What usually inspires you to create objects?
Mr. Gartner : When I get an idea of something I would like to have for myself and to decorate my own sim or home.

 Camury: Have you had experiences with bad things like copybot and griefing?
 Mr. Gartner : Not really. Nothing I can think of right now.

Mr. Gartner is an example of how SL has encouraged many people to explore their creative side while enjoying a rewarding experience in Second Life.

Thank you Mr. Gartner for taking time out of your schedule for this interview.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Escort/Prostitute Scene in Second Life - Joymell Reporting…

Most people think that an escort and a prostitute are one and the same. You may think  it’s just semantics, but being an escort is a service provided by beautiful women and handsome men who are hired for entertainment purposes, and a prostitute is specifically more for fulfilling sexual desires .

There are many adult SIMS  in Second Life, with adult entertainment keeping traffic numbers up  in many parts of the virtual world. These sims generate resources which have inspired some of the most prominent businesses in SL.  They generate numerous jobs for residents such as DJs, dancers, hosts, escorts and prostitutes…

Many places offer what they term escort services, but they are really pimp services for prostitutes. The avatar who is interested in acquiring these kinds of services just simply go to the club, choose the escort (prostitute) they would like and they pay for his/her services. However, it is not cheap entertainment. On average, prices are approximately 2000 Linden $ for 20 minutes. Prices might vary depending on the club. Upgraded mesh avatars have higher escort (prostitute) rates due to their fine appearance.

The nagging question is, why if there are so many free opportunities for an avatar’s entertainment, why said avatar would choose to pay for an escort/prostitute service in Second Life? My curiosity made me investigate the prostitution scene in our virtual world.

I spoke to a couple of avatars who actually have been (or still are) customers of the clubs/agencies which offer these services.  I discovered that, in general, these people do not have much time to spend online in Second Life. Therefore, they do not have the time to flirt with others or maintain romantic conversations to try to win the other’s hearts for a few moments of virtual fun. On the other hand, an escort/prostitute is always available to negotiate and have fun with.

Another attraction that this kind of job has and which customers rely on, is that the escorts/prostitutes are very professional and experts in providing customers any kind of service related to sex and other more specialised ones such as BDSM, lesbian practices or any other kinky stuff or fantasy or fetish that can be thought of.  The only thing you’d need to do is ask the escort/prostitute and she or he will gladly do whatever to fulfill any of your needs without judging you for it.

Clubs have many customers who are willing to spend a lot of Lindens in exchange for quality services.

This is obviously not everyone’s cup of tea.  In talking to some of those who believe that adult services for fun aren’t their thing, I discovered that they believe that escorts/prostitutes are not working for their own fun but only to take advantage of other people’s weaknesses, desires and emotions in exchange for money.

Clearly these services on not for those looking for romance. This group of people are looking for virtual love, more like a fairy tale, and maybe something that could come true.

Regardless, the escort/prostitute girls and guys are very successful in this virtual speaking.  Many consider this practice as one of then ways to have fun without commitment, and that Second Life and clubs in it offer a variety of services to those interested in alternative employment opportunities.

As for inworld jobs, you can find a great deal for escort/prostitute service providers. The biggest deals are for sexy girls but also you can find jobs for men. In general, clubs ask for the following requirements:

- The avatar to be 30 days old or more
- The avatar must be over 18 years in real life
- The avatar should have a slink, mesh body, as well as hands and feet.
- The avatar must be voice verified (some clubs ask for it)

f you’re curious and want to know more about this and other adult content activities available, visit the Adult-rated areas (providing that you’re 18 or older.)