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Showing posts with label Squid Game. Show all posts

Wednesday, November 3, 2021



THE SQUID GAME tournament is BACK this Saturday at 12pm SLT for a second installment, with eager participants waiting to risk their lives to take home the cash prize. This time participants will be battling out against each other taking on new challenges. Unlike the first tournament the games will be touching a little closer to the hit Netflix series. Owner Jim Kirk and Sparky who most recently joined the team, have been working hard adding Squid Game's knife fight scene to the game. For the very the last challenge, instead of bumping your opponent off the edge of the platform to their fatal death, a knife fight will be what the last players face in the ultimate game. Who has what it takes to pass red light green light, win all the money and not fall under pressure? Blackpink will be back performing their hit songs for the after party, when the tournament is all said and done. So if you are fan or just want to party, come down and join us after the winner is announced. You do not want to miss it. Look out for our special VIPs and sponsors, The SL Enquirer, and more who will be in attendance, observing every wrong move a player takes. Entries to the tournament ends this Friday 4pm SLT. If you wish to participate please enter before the closing date. The tournament will be streamed on Youtube, so make sure to tune in at 12pm SLT hosted by the Frontman. See you there!

Keep up to date with our latest events by joining our socials: Instagram Discord: Youtube: FLICKR You can find us here! Landmark: Contacts Owner and Frontman: Jim Kirk Lead Enforcer: herrRabe Socials and Marketing: chrisietinkerbel PA to Frontman: xQueenVictoria

Wednesday, October 27, 2021



Don't have any Halloween plans? Well now you do, because this SUNDAY, Squid Game SL will be hosting a special Halloween event HIDE and SEEK HUNTbut with a fatal twist. This won't be your normal hide and seek game you grew up loving as a child. It's Guards VS Players with the last player found ALIVE taking home 1000Ls. Players will have ONLY 5 minutes to hide anywhere on our Squid Game sim and when the countdown is over, our highly trained skilled guards will take no mercy hunting everyone down. There can only be ONE last person standing. Do you think you have what it takes to survive? The event will begin at 12pm SLT. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the event starts. YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS IT. See you there!

Keep up to date with Squid Game SL's latest news and events by following our NEW social platforms. Instagram: Discord: Youtube: You can find us here! Landmark: Contacts: Owner and Frontman: Jim Kirk Lead Enforcer: herrRabe Socials and Marketing: chrisietinkerbel PA to Frontman: xQueenVictoria

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Winner of the 1st Squid Game Tournament in Second Life! Meet ᴇᴍᴀᴢᴀ ʟ. ᴠɪʟʟɪɴ (forgis)

On Saturday, October 23rd at 12 pm SLT, players anxiously waited in the bunk room as guards and VIPs suited up for the first Squid Game in Second Life. As VIPs observed from behind a glass window sipping wine, players started the first game of Red Light Green Light, where the first eliminations took place. Game one wiped out nearly all players except the remaining few that moved on to the next round; The Honeycomb. 

Players choose their dalgona candy tin, equipt with a timer they begin clicking away to free their selected shapes. The VIPs and live stream viewers watched on in anticipation.

Next came the tug of war game with four players remaining.  Each side tugged the ropes as the embattled team inched closer to the edge only to pull back in retaliation bringing the other team to the edge. It was an intense round and then two fell to their virtual deaths leaving 2 remaining players.

The Marbles game was intense! Spectators watched on as the two remaining players methodically went back and forth for the win. Winners moved on to the glass bridge where they were timed, The last round ended quickly with Emaza (forgis) giving a final push for the win.

Her grand prize was 7500L, the ability to fly at the next tournament, an invitation to be a VIP, and an exclusive interview with The SL Enquirer.  Emaza shared her excitement and some advice for the next-round players.

Interview with Emaza

SLE: First and foremost, congratulations on being the first winner of Squid Games in Second Life! Can you share with our readers a little bit about yourself like what do you do in Second Life and how did you discover Squid Games?

Emaza: My name is Emaza or Mazi for short. I just started creating on Second Life, so I spend most of my time doing that or with family. I got into squid games the same as everyone else! The Netflix show. When I first saw the sim and that there was going to be a tournament I got excited and decided to enter.

SLE: We were excited to see Squid Game too! So, what were your thoughts at that moment when you realized you won the first-ever Squid Game in SL?

Emaza: Honestly. I was confused because I knocked my opponent out of the platform and then I died. I thought that I had done something wrong but one of the moderators told me they shot me for a faster teleport lol.  

SLE: Well that’s one way to do it lol.  I have to say as a VIP it was intense watching each game. Can you share with our readers your thoughts and maybe some tips for the next tournament’s players? Starting with Red light Green Light, nearly all the players were eliminated, what advice would you give?

Emaza: There isn’t really much advice I can give for all of the games honestly, but For red light green light take off all Flexi hairs, physics, and moving components and pay attention to the light !. 

SLE: That’s perfect advice! The next game was the Honeycomb, did you have a strategy?

Emaza: I didn’t really have a strategy, I just chose a shape and followed the rules. I will say this much. Your clicks have to be well-timed. Each shape has a different amount of clicks, some have more clicks than the timer itself so the best way to beat it is to calculate how much time you put between each click AND DON'T CLICK TOO FAST!!


SLE: I hope the next players are reading this. Your advice is helpful. I have to say tug of war was very entertaining to watch. You came very close to the edge but you fought back!  Some say there was cheating involved by one of the players letting go of the rope but in the end, you and your teammate reigned supreme! What are your thoughts on that game?

Emaza: There was cheating involved but it had nothing to do with the rope being let go. What happened was the other team started pulling BEFORE The Frontman said go so that’s what they were referring to when they said someone cheated. In the process of me trying to help my teammate get the rope back to our side, I lagged and it threw me off the rope. When I tried to get back on it wouldn’t allow me to and my teammate fell. I let The Frontman know what happened and he said my teammate gave her life for me to continue and allowed me to go on. 

SLE: That was very noble of her to do. After those poor players dropped to their demise, you carried on to play the Marbles game. I wasn’t sure what was happening since we can’t see players’ HUDS. Did you have a strategy for that?  

Emaza: I didn’t compete in the marble game because there were only 3 of us left by the time we reached the game. I didn’t participate because there were only three of us left so the Frontman told me to sit out.

SLE: That makes sense. I got a little confused. With the bridge game, the rules had to be modified with a timer for two players remaining. The Frontman Jim Kirk did a great job of making it possible for you to make it to the last round with an opponent.  The final game went quickly as it seems you simply walked over and pushed her off the platform. Overall what are your thoughts on Squid Game! In Second Life? Do you have any words of encouragement for the next round of players?

Emaza: I think bringing Squid Game to SL was a brilliant idea and I had fun being a part of the experience! The last thing I expected was to be in the final two and DEFINITELY didn’t expect to win. I would say for the next round of players to stay focused, alert, and play hard.

The tournament was topped off with an afterparty featuring the K-Pop Band BlackPink Tribute. The Squid Game Team, VIPs (sponsors), players, and fans were in attendance. Congratulations again Emaza!


Get your entries in before it fills up!

Friday, October 15, 2021

SQUID GAME IN SECOND LIFE! First Tournament October 23rd, 2021 beginning at 12 pm SLT. 50L to Enter, winner takes all.

SQUID GAME IN SECOND LIFE! October 23rd, 2021 beginning at 12 pm SLT. 50L to Enter, winner takes all.

SQUID GAME is the latest Netflix survival drama series that is breaking the internet right now. For those of you who have not watched it, you are truly missing out on a twisted series based on Korean childhood games.  Written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, the storyline is centered around 456 participants who are in major debt. In desperation, participants signed a contract and were given a card with a phone number on the back. They agreed to the terms and made the call to arrange for pick up. Participants are gassed to sleep so they do not know the location of the games. Once there, they are placed in a warehouse with beds and all wearing the same green tracksuits with numbers ranging from 1- 456. The first game is “Red Light, Green Light”...where they find out how the game really works. The prize to one winner is a whopping 45.6 billion.

We are excited to announce Squid Game is in Second Life! The SL Enquirer met with Jim Kirk, creator of Squid Game in Second Life for a sneak preview of this new interactive venue and the upcoming first tournament details on October 23rd, 2021. We hope to see you there!

Interview with Jim Kirk (jimbobkirk))

SLE: We are excited to see Squid Game in Second Life! Can you tell our readers what inspired you to create it in Second Life?

Jim: This all came about when I watched the whole squid game series and it just looked like so much fun to play! It was the talk of the town! Seemed as though no one had done an SL version yet, and I love building and scripting so I got started. Within a day or 2, we already had many visitors showing up. Though only the first 2 games were made by then. We've had amazing support from all of the SL community and we are so grateful so many of you are as passionate about this as I am!


SLE: We found you in SL search and knew we had to check it out. The Red light Green light set looks exactly like the one on the show.  I’m sure it was a lot of work getting it just right.



Jim: After a couple of days of working on it, I realized that with all the fuss about it, I needed some help! So my very good friend Bam (PrincessBamb1) came to help out. I worked on creating the games (coding and designing the games) where she worked on making the areas look the part! She's done an amazing job! Though watch out, she might be the one that shoots you ;)


SLE: Well you did a fantastic job creating replicas of the games. We have our tracks suits ready! What can you tell us about the games for those who have not seen the series?




Jim: All of the games except the tug of war (marketplace bought) were coded by myself. Though I do believe I will spend a long time improving them all ;) I gave myself the goal of completing (coding) one game per day, and somehow managed to stick to that plan.


SLE: I bet the traffic is starting to pick up in SL since this show went viral in real life!


Jim: We were so shocked to see that even on day 4 we were getting so many visitors. I spent no time advertising the place at all, I was just there building/coding every day. But every day more and more people showed up. With no advertising, it was amazing to see that on day 4 we already had over 20 group members.



SLE: We are proud to be sponsoring your version of Squid Games in Second Life and can’t wait to see it in full action. Can you reveal to our readers when the first tournament starts?


Jim: With our first tournament being on 23rd October 2021 beginning at 12 pm SLT. 50L to Enter, winner takes all.  we already feel like the place will be packed out on the day. Might even have to put a limit on entrants so we don't crash the sim!


So far we have all games completed, however, we will be working on visual improvements and giving it a more realistic feel for a long time to come.


SLE: Anything else would you like our readers to know about your version of Squid Games?


Jim: We even added the ability for our "Guards" or "Enforcers" to shoot players ;) Feel free to ask for a tour if you see one of our Enforcers around. They'll give you tips on the games and even shoot you if you break a honeycomb! We're really looking forward to this first tournament of ours, and we hope to see you there! 



It is 50L to Enter. The winner takes all and an exclusive interview with The SL Enquirer.

Sign up for the tournament here!

Join the Group Squid Games! 


We are hiring Guards in Red Suits! 

Apply here:


Preferred Contact: 

Jim Kirk (jimbobkirk)