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Showing posts with label break up. Show all posts

Friday, October 17, 2014

AVIE POLL: How to Handle a Nasty SL Break-up-Ccoursey Reporting

"Never make permanent decisions on temporary feelings." -Wiz Khalifa

I asked several people "What advice would you give someone going through a nasty SL break-up?" and I gathered a bit of what is called 'easier said than done'.  A few said "Grief the idiot until you feel better", but that is only going to result in you getting in some trouble plus only a temporary feeling of satisfaction.  If you are involved in any kind of relationship in SL there will eventually be fall outs, some worse than others.  Here are what a few had to say about them.

Cris:  What advice would you give to someone that is going through a nasty SL break-up?
Newt:  The best thing is to have a cheap hide out home and/or get an alt to get away from it all to recollect yourself.

Cris:  nods... So you think it helps to escape a minute?

Newt:  Yes.

Cris:  Do you have any advice for people going through nasty SL break-ups?

Natty:  Oi!  That's a loaded question it really depends on the situation.... But don't be intimated and stand your ground would be the basic advice I would give.  Easier said than done though LoL

Cris:  Does it get easier?

Natty:  Basically you have to keep in the back of your mind the reasons you left him or her or he or she left you and come to terms with it just like a RL relationship.  And try to stay away from them if you can.

Cris:  What advice would you give a person going through a nasty SL break-up?

Dan:  The best thing to do is center your attention on other things cause the pain is dreadful.  Spend some time, maybe try to figure out what you did to make it a bad break up.  Don't talk bad about the person you dissolved with rather his/her fault if it was bad break.  The steam will still be there so leave well enough alone and try to move on if you really loved that person keep the love deep inside you, hold them close to your heart.
Cris:  Do you think it is best to give it time or jump right back in the dating game?

Dan:  Oh definitely give it time for the pain to heal.

Cris:  What advice would you give someone going through a nasty SL break-up?

Sins:  As in how nasty?

Cris:  In general...

Sins:  Well, I must say, it depends on the depth of nasty happening.  Mute and Cut it saves you from the drama.  Most of mine are friends so...  But to give the best advice it depends what is going on.

Cris:  Do you let people wallow or do you push them to get back into the dating game?

Sins:  Well... I say let it come to you... not you go to it... all in time in SL.  When one does not look for it, it tends to find you not you find it.  I never did.  Every situation is different but if it can't end nicely... then mute... and move on, there's too much out there.

Cris:  What advice would you give to someone going through a nasty SL break-up?
Oz:  As in coping with it afterwards?

Cris:  Pretty much.

Oz: Hmm....  For one to be able to cope with an SL break-up, all it really takes is time, depending how close you were to your partner.  Some say that SL is just a game, and it is, but the emotions one usually shows is often real.  The effort that somebody puts into a relationship is real.  Others may find it as a joke, but to those who truly care about their partner, the pain one feels is usually real.  You may never see their actual face, or hear their actual voice.  Here, you're able to grow an emotional and mental connection that you otherwise would have never been able to anywhere else.  The sad truth about dealing with a break-up, is that, the closer you were with your ex-partner, the harder it is to get over it.  Hang out with some friends, clear your mind, and just try to enjoy yourself.  You'll find yourself having fun sooner than later.  You'll forget it ever happened or why you were even sad in the first place.

Cris:  What advice would you give a person going through a nasty SL break-up?
Test Cluny:  1)Strip club 2) Loose shorts 3) Lap dance chair 4) 3 hours 5) $300.... Will clear the mind and body and only happy thoughts past and future will flow.

On that note, it really depends on the situation and the people involved.  It's best to try to keep it friendly, because really if it isn't fun why do it?  At some point you liked, even loved, each other and it will be hard enough without becoming nasty.  Good luck and remember even in SL you're never alone, someone somewhere is or has gone through something similar.

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Overcoming a Break Up in Second Life- Jessi2009 Warrhol Reporting…

So you were at work in real life and saw the email that showed your items had been returned from land you shared with your Second Life significant other. Or you logged on and found out that you were de-partnered and your Second Life significant other had blocked/muted you from contacting them. 

These two scenarios may sound like horrible ones, but they are often true in Second Life. So how do you mend your broken heart?  Surviving a break in Second Life can be just as emotional and can take as much time as surviving a real life breakup.

This article looks at how you can recover from a Second Life breakup and mend your heart in the process.