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Showing posts with label circus. Show all posts

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Halloween Horror Purge Night Experience


Come one, come all, to the Jokers Carnival of Carnage, where you can explore all your deepest, darkest fantasies of men & superheroes in peril. Spin the Wheel of Deaths, Explore the Twisted Funhouse, and wander the Dark Carnival Games as run by the Joker & psycho clowns.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Le Cirque De Nuit at Idle Rogue- Debby Sharma Reporting...

Photographer - ToySoldier Thor

It was only about two months back, that I wrote about this awesome group as my debut article in “Cultured The Magazine”. So, when I got the chance to see the show live, I could not resist, but grabbed this opportunity. The initiative of Cherryblonde Scribe took about a year to finally realize it. A year back on April 6th, 2014, Second Life saw the first glimpse of Le Cirque de Nuit. A show which would be remembered even after it was over. The show was later performed on April 6th, 19th, July 26th in the year 2014. The shows this year were based on the original production with some casting changes, new acts and updates.

Idle Rogue Productions presented Le Cirque de Nuit, this year from April 3rd to April 5th 2015, is loosely based on the book, “The Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern. This book was recommended by a friend of Cherryblonde Scribe, Gloriana Maerten, who also happens to be the sim designer.

Photographer - ToySoldier Thor

The bookings for the show had started on March 20th, 2015. Over 20 seats were booked within 24 hours on first come first served basis. Half an hour before the show, the gates for the public were opened to fill the rest of the seats. About 30 dancers performed in each show. This means a total of 70 residents are limited per show. I was lucky enough to grab a seat within the first five minutes when the gates opened. It hardly took a few minutes to fill up every seat. In those thirty minutes, we were given the instructions to use the camera. We also received gifts and a program schedule.

Photographer - ToySoldier Thor

The gift was a mini version of the Le Cirque de Nuit. Keeping the environment at midnight settings, we sat on the chairs and pressed Ctrl+9 to reset camera controls. Pressing escape twice, we could view the screen that made all the difference to the show. The ability to control viewer’s camera is built by Arrehn Oberlander. The audience applauded and their jaw fell wide open at the very start of the show.

Prior to the show, I had asked ToySoldier Thor to take a few pictures for the event. This was his second time to the show. As for me, it was my second too, considering last time I had the whole auditorium to myself while Gloriana Maertens kindly explained the tricks of the camera and her act. Thor took over 90 pictures after the show. A few selected ones have been shown in this article. For the rest, please view the link at the end of this article.
Photographer - ToySoldier Thor

Le Cirque de Nuit is an act to pay homage to the Circus in the book. The show started with Gloriana Maertens followed by Imrhien Porthos and others with special bonus surprise scenes exclusive to this season performed by various artists. Each bonus scene could be viewed by pressing escape once on the keyboard. These scenes are part of every show, however, the performances are updated and new scenes are introduced. Each year these scenes would be changed, as Le Cirque de Nuit is an ongoing annual recast event.
The audience’ perspective was kept at highest notion. Each artist is given a genre to select a piece of music for their act. Being in the audience, the music per act was very soothing and harmonious to their dances. The dances were so well chosen that it could speak the language of spoken world. This set is a proof that black and white could have more emphasis than a colourful set.

Photographer - ToySoldier Thor

The breath taking acts and the skills of each performer was mind blowing. At the end of the show on 5th April, 2015, the total tips collected was L$ 33839 to be distributed to the whole crew.
After the show, I asked Scribe: How do you feel after the show is over?
Cherryblond Scribe: It’s funny. I am just now composing a "sleeping" picture. People kept saying all weekend, "you must be exhausted," but I wasn't, then. After we finished tonight I went and had a shower, and sat on my bed, and I was just bowled over. So I am tired, but, very pleased. Everyone's big plans came off without a hitch. It's just so satisfying. Watching them go from pre-audition nerves, then the exhilaration of being chosen to perform. Then utter despair and panic, when they realise where cuts and limits will apply to their dream. Then tension when they open the show through to tonight when they are calm and joking and seasoned. They are winners, in every way, and for tonight, nothing can touch that
I want people to know this is the level you can be entertained at, these are the visions people have. Doesn’t have to be me but the possibilities are so broad and wide for someone who wants to tell a story here. It's a long year till they see Cirque again. But there could be something at that level every month, every week, if people could only start to dream of what's possible

Photograph Credits: Guerilla Burlesque (SL)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Idle Roque's Le Cirque de Nuit is Coming to Town Again! April 3,4 and 5th

After months of careful preparation, Idle Rogue's Le Cirque de Nuit opens and runs again on Friday April 3 at 7pmSaturday April 4 at 2pm and 7p,m Sunday April 5 at 7pm.

The show is tour-de-force virtual entertainment. Loosely referencing Erin Morgenstern's novel "The Night Circus", builder Gloriana Maertens has created a magical circus environment in the sky above Idle Rogue. From the moment you arrive, you feel the shimmering in the air, and the enchantment begins.

As you take your seat, we will assume control of your camera and embark together on a sparkling journey, of shadows and light, sounds and visions, astonishment and delight.
A collaborative experience, Le Cirque de Nuit has been crafted by some of the best performers and builders in SL at the height of their careers. It's a black and white steam-punk extravaganza that features clever concepts woven together by an extremely professional team. Produced by Chryblnd Scribe, with a stage scripted and managed by Arrehn Oberlander, you will witness thrilling performances by dancers who have honed their skills in the great troupes of our time.

Follow the slurl and click the board at stage right in the Acuo Theatre!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Idle Rogue Productions Presents LE CIRQUE DE NUIT- April 6th from 4-7pm SLT


Le Cirque de Nuit is a dance entertainment spectacular unlike anything you have seen before in Second Life. Collaboration between some of SLs best-known dancers, builders, scripters and communicators, Le Cirque de Nuit is a black-and-white steam punk dance circus which loosely references Erin Morgenstern's novel "The Night Circus". 

The show is a tightly-produced set of 13 circus-based acts interleaved with "interstitial" art installations, which we use to distract you while we change sets. The soundtrack is steam punk, and the effects are dazzling, as we attempt to lure you into a completely immersive environment. We want to take you on a journey into a lavish hour of entertainment!

Monday, November 26, 2012

The SLE Circus has come and gone! Congratulations to the winners!

The SL Enquirer brought the circus to EGOISME for a spectacular event On November 26, 2012. The festivites kicked off  at 4pm slt with DJ Kennef Riggles creating the musical atmosphere. Dressed in a fancy outfit, Marriellaanna Resident hosted the event with the help of Lanai's pet jaguar, Pedro. Guests came from near and far to gathered around the sawdust circus rink and spectate on all the activity.

 Truth or dare was surely an ice breaker as guests shared things they normally wouldn't with stranger and all had great fun chiming in and expressing themselves. Some circus goers took to the  bumper cars and let out a little virtual road rage as others opted for the more daring acts like the trapeze and bed of nails.  The bravest of all seemed to enjoy blowing themselves to oblivion by cannon force.

The prize for best outfit went to the two head zebra, adien007 Leimes. Other prizes were won inside the prize tent, including exclusive SLE gag gifts, a spotlight feature, a date with Lanai Jarrico and another with SLBR's Bill Kaye! Join the SL Enquirer Media group for up to date news and events or check out our calendar.

Drawing Winners Announcement
Spotlight Feature

 Faewyn Silverweb

 Haters Hobby Shop- Wedding Gag gift
  Jee Crazyboi

  Haters Hobby Shop-Ultimate Bitch Kit
   Toronto Zero

  Haters Hobby Shop- Squash the Drama Kit
   Eisbar Resident

   Date with Lanai Jarrico/ The SL Enquirer
    adien007 Leimes

    Date with Bill Kaye/ SLBR-InKline Media
     adien007 Leimes

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Come to the Circus in SLE Style! Sunday, November 25, 2012 4-6pm slt

The Roar of the Lion only dwarfed by the Roar of the Crowd. The smell of greasepaint and sawdust in the air.  There’s a strongman! Over there..look..Look  at the Clowns..Do you see the elephants? The glitter of rhinestones and sequins, the thrills of the flying trapeze! Roll up! Roll up and grab your ticket. Come to the Circus, the greatest show on Earth.
This Sunday the Circus comes to town. Come join in the fun and grab your best Circus outfit as the sl Enquirer hosts a night under the big top.  Ringmaster Kennef Riggles provides the music in what promises to be a show stopping night to remember. Take a turn at Being shot from a canon, see the sword swallower in action, the popcorn machines and candy floss..can you dance on the flying trapeze and take a turn on the high wire. Do you dare to stroke the circus Tigers?  The thrills and spills of the circus all await you.

Time: 4 pm SLT
Ringmaster Kennef Riggles
Trapeeze Artist   Lanai Jarico
Big Top
Dress Code: All things Circus
Prize for Best Outfit

* Exclusive SLE prizes you won't find in any in world store or even marketplace! Visit the prize tent to enter drawings and snatch up the prizes!
*all original items in boxes and ready to go!