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Showing posts with label date destinations. Show all posts

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Romancing Bogart’s – Living History at Frank’s - “Seersha Heart

I made the mistake of writing that Bogart’s had closed in Ballrooms : Where the Romance Lives last week.  My error was in using an old landmark and not following up.  I confess that when I thought Bogart’s had gone, I felt very sad and not on my game.  Imagine my surprise, my embarrassment and my sheer delight at learning Bogart’s was alive and well.  Only shifted a bit on the grid to Franks Place region. It is all too easy to assume that a club is “gone” since many clubs do come and go in SL.  Bogart’s is part of something much bigger, an SL Icon, Frank’s. Caught with my pants down on this one, I sincerely apologize for writing that Bogart’s had closed.  As you may read here, Frank’s is a place that grows, it doesn’t close.

When I first moved to SL a few years ago, I loved to dress up in gowns.  Most of the formal clubs I visited where couples oriented at that time. I wanted to have a place go where I would feel comfortable visiting as a single person.  Of course, I wanted to wear a gown! At this point in my SL life, I would wear a gown everywhere and I mean everywhere! Searching through destinations I found the club Bogart’s and the name instantly caught my eye.  Changing from one gown to another, I set off to see what Bogart’s club looked like and the crowd that hung out there for the dancing. The landing point is a short stroll from the entrance and there are upscale shops along the walk.  I crossed the small park and looked up at the marquee “BOGART’S”. Going inside I was greeted by a hostess very stylishly. She called me by my surname and pointed out the upcoming schedule and the chilled champagne. Walking deeper into the club the room opens, the ceiling several meters above my head.  The stage is large and colorful. I would later learn that the appearance periodically changes. The room is inviting in rich reds and golds throughout.
I have had the pleasure of meeting people at Bogart’s.  Both men and women appear well dressed and ready to dance providing an opportunity to meet new people.  I’ve attended some very enjoyable events over the years. In 2016 the Sl Enquirer featured Bogarts as one of the top five SL date locations sharing…
“This SL long running classic has shopping and a park on your walk to the club.  Dress is cocktail to formal.  You land down the block from the club and walk up to the dramatic facade of the building.  The marquee proudly proclaims, “Romance is in the Air” and it most certainly is in Bogarts.  Walking inside the first set of doors, scheduled activities are listed to your left by the elevator.  Going further inside to the main room it has the feeling of an elegant theatre with high ceilings and a stage with ornate golden trim at one side.

The color scheme is rich reds and golds throughout.  You will be greeted as “Mr.” or “Ms.” by what I feel are the best hosts and hostesses in SL.  They make you feel welcome and have that breezy air about that may be best described as elegant fun.  The DJs are equally top notch.  Requests are played quickly and as a dedication or a request.  Imagine requesting a romantic Norah Jones song and dancing with your date.”
Amazingly Bogart’s has not strayed from this level of style and service.  I remember fondly when chatting Huckleberry Hax about various dating locations in SL.  We spoke of a couple of different stops and then Huck gave me a quote that truly fits; “Good old Bogart’s”

I could not have phrased it better or more succinctly.  Maybe you will sit down at one of the cozy tables off the dance floor and get to know someone new.  I have met many people at Bogart’s and shared a dance or two with some new-found friends. Bogart’s is not a ‘hookup’ joint, though I suspect there are hookups [it IS SL], it is a place you return to many times.  It is the place I fell in love with the melodic sound of Nora Jones as well as older rat pack jazz favorites. Bogart’s is part of the most popular jazz complexes in SL Frank’s.

Frank’s began as a jazz club for with a formal dress code.  These days Frank’s has expanded to five regions and become an entire entertainment complex.  The formal dance and jazz club has bloomed into more clubs and shopping.  Elegant and welcoming Bogart’s is a top place to take a date.
Fly me to the moon; Let me play among the stars; Let me see what spring is like; On a-Jupiter and Mars…”
-written by Howard Bart; remembered thanks to Frank Sinatra

Additional Information:

Frank’s Entertainment Complex

L&B at the Galleria [Landmark and Teleport]:

Photos by Karmaghna Ulrik  

A side note, Huckleberry Hax is both my unrequited crush & talented author of the SL Book Series AFK, which you may obtain for free at his web site.  Check it out; you will not be disappointed.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Top 5 SL Romantic Getaway and Date Destinations – Camury Reporting

Bella Bistro

Are you ready to add some spice to your virtual life? Second Life offers many romantic hideaways to relax, cuddle, flirt, dance, go on dates or even explore.

 Surprise your partner with flowers, chocolates, a dinner with a stroll, or a picnic in the park. 
You can choose from plenty of romantic places and surprise your partner with sweet moments in a secret nook. 

 If you are just starting a virtual relationship, it is important to organize the romantic date in advance. Choose the place where the date will take place. Remember it is very important to make a good impression. Be aware of very noisy places or crowded because they are bad for those who want to create a romantic mood.

Choose a restaurant to start your date. Bella Bistro offers everything a couple could want in a romantic dinner: soft music, low lighting and an elegant hall decorated with elegant paintings. The restaurant also offers a menu for you to enjoy, use your imagination and awaken your taste buds
Stars Romantic Dance Club

Dancing is popular and romantic for couples. Take your partner by the hand and enjoy  the music at the Stars Romantic Dance Club. This club has live performances, DJs and a stream of romantic songs 24/7.

AEG Grind Romantic Dance

Another romantic option for couples who like to dance is the AEG GRIND Romantic Dance Club. The club is on a luxury yacht, where you will find many couples and people looking for a real romantic experience . Enjoy drinks at the bar and enjoy the sea breeze.
Evolving Images Romantic Park

Take your partner for a walk through the bird sanctuary in Evolving Images Romantic Park. Relax in the gazebo, have fun skating in the ice rink or ride a carousel. In the same place you can enjoy a delicious dinner and also choose one of four dance floors for a sweet romantic time with your partner.

Enjoy beautiful moments in your second life. Take your partner to the lush and surrounding landscape of Elysion. This destination offers many places for loving couples looking for a beautiful place for intimate moments.

Some important reminders:
• To be romantic is to value the sensitive side of the relationship, even virtual;
• To be romantic is to always have endearment- surprise the other with sweet moments.
• To be romantic is to have an imagination and dreams of love and being loved.
• To be romantic is to look in the eyes of the person you love, and telling them they are loved.

Being romantic is much more than preparing the perfect date.  Always be affectionate, understanding and prove you are interested in your partner by giving them the attention they deserve. This is the real secret to the success of a relationship. It allows you to fully enjoy the romantic and sensual side of Second Life.