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Showing posts with label Franks Jazz Club. Show all posts
Showing posts with label Franks Jazz Club. Show all posts

Wednesday, March 10, 2021


Men in Tuxedos.  Women dressed in all their finery.  Couples gliding effortlessly across acres of dance floor. On the stage…some of the finest entertainers, vocalists, and instrumentalists available anywhere on the grid.  Is this a Dream? 

Close.  Really Close. You found yourself at the iconic “Frank’s Jazz”. Often imitated. Elegance in Pixels,  Franks has been a staple in SecondLife almost since the first days of the SecondLife Grid.

The other night I happened to pop into Frank’s while Mikael Grantly was tickling the ivories.  Over in the corner, I saw the owners, Frank and William, conferring about their next event.  I introduced myself, and they both graciously agreed to chat with me for a few minutes.

Thomas1 Bellic (Josh) (JB):  What were your impressions the first time you visited Franks? 

MrSinatraFrank (Frank):  Whoa... Look at all these people!

William Batson (William): Laughs, yeah, we're gonna need a bigger boat, Frank!    First impression every time I rezz is honestly a big smile that after all these years how many people just come, hang out, chat and have a few laughs with friends or meet someone new.  Such a great thing to see, especially in these turbulent times.

JB:  I thought Franks closed up shop when Nancee left?  How is it that we are fortunate enough to have Frank's Jazz back with us today?

William:  Frank's Jazz is owned and operated by MrSinatraFrank (Frank) & William Batson formerly Gymmy Sinatra, the original founder, creator and owner of Frank's Jazz in Second Life.  The vision and purpose of Frank's Jazz in Second Life has never changed from day one - That is to create a fun, welcoming environment for all to enjoy, explore, share and above all be able to leave with a smile and enjoy a little escape of their own with other great people.

As with all things in life, change is constant and we do wish Nanceee all the best in her journey in the next chapters in life, however, the story here has not been written for many and Frank's will be apart of their story too!

Frank & William partnered up on the Frank's Jazz sims to be a part of and ensure the experience of Frank's Jazz that has touched so many over the years remains a part of those who wish it to be.

JB:  Tell us about your support staff here?  Who does it take to keep Franks humming?

Frank:  You're only as good as the team you surround yourself with.  Will and I might get credit because we pay the tier fees, but it truly is 100% our incredible team who dedicate so much to bring the place to life and make magic for so many who come to Frank's to enjoy.   We truly are blessed to have assembled such an amazing and talented group of entertainers, hosts and managers all working together to create the Frank's magic.

JB:  How has Franks survived after countless Ballrooms in SL have failed in the past.  What is the "Franks Difference"?

William:  I would have to agree with Frank and add to it by saying the Frank's difference as you call it has always been the talented and dedicated men and women past and present who have put so much into making Frank's such a special part of the SL landscape.  What makes Frank's Jazz?  Easy: The people do! Those who bring it to life and those who call it home.

JB:  "Banned at Franks" used to be a label worn with pride by some ladies here, even for the smallest infractions in attire.  How have you dealt with these issues under your management?

Frank:  This one is truly legendary and honestly a bit funny to look back on.  Did Frank's get a bit over the top with the fashion police - you bet! However, instead of working out well, it grew a life of its own and people came often trying to push every limit until this became an SL sport and badge of honor if you were "banned from Frank's".  Today, we're all grown-ups and everyone knows to dress nice  and cover the bits when going to a dress-up place in SL - it's not complicated :)   It's very rare for someone to be dis-invited or unwelcome at Frank's and 100% of the time it will be because they came wanting this outcome and not simply for a wardrobe malfunction!  We truly work hard to find a way to include everyone who wants to be a part of Frank's in all we have to offer.

JB:  Just how popular is Franks, anyway.  What sort of traffic will you have here in a typical month?

William:  Frank's Jazz is in operation 24/7 providing music, entertainment, DJs, dancing plus a fun and engaging environment to people from over 123 countries around the world with busy times and increases in traffic depending on time of day in those parts of the world as well as various holidays and events in those countries.  There is always traffic and a fun experience to be shared at Frank's jazz.

JB:  You seem to have made the crossover, catering to both European and American Audiences.  When are your busiest times of day?

Frank:  Difficult question.  I think it depends.  It's always busy in the evening, after work and dinner, people are relaxing and enjoying some time online.  However, Frank's is popular all over the world, so it is evening always somewhere!  Evening in Europe is busy which is mid-day SLT Like evening in Asia and the Pacific/Australia.  In SL time, this makes our busiest time of day always :)   This only makes the experience of Frank's Jazz more fun and engaging for all to be able to meet and socialize with so many from all over.

JB:  Who is your target audience for Franks?

William:   Although SL has grown and changed much over the last 15+ years of Frank's Jazz our target audience hasn't changed much and is the same as our goals here in SL.   Frank's Jazz has always been for like-minded people from all corners of the world, looking for an up-scale, world-class experience, a nice time with friends, or social experience with others to meet, share and interact in a place of comfort, fun, and style.   Every time everyone gets it right, there's nothing like it and we all log out smiling.

JB:  What do you see in Frank’s future?  Any plans for expansion?  Or opening multiple clubs?   What is the future of Franks?

William:  Frank's Jazz has always had a life of its own and it's apparent by any grid search how many places out there want to be Frank's, it's flattering actually and does make our entire team smile every time we see it.    Where we go next always depends on the wonderful people who support our endeavor to create a fun, engaging, and wonderful place to escape here in SL.  We have no desire to be the region tycoons or SL celebrities - that's small-minded thinking.  Sure, we made the decision to build it for all to enjoy but most understand it's definitely not free, Linden Labs never was a charitable institution :)  So as long as we have the support and goodwill of the people who together make Frank's life, then we are 'all-in' to keep on providing the very best experience on the grid for those who wish to be a part of it.

JB: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers.

Frank:  Thank you so much for taking the time and interest in sharing a small piece of the Frank's Jazz story and thank you to your readers for taking the time to read about us. We hope you take away a little bit of our history with you and if you haven't already, decide to join us and be a part of writing all the many chapters yet to be written.  We are confident your story is in there too and just waiting to be told.

So, there you have it, folks.  If you haven’t visited Franks in the last few weeks, you’ve been away too long.  Grab your sweetheart and head on over to the incomparable Franks Jazz.  

Be there!.  Aloha.

You’ll be glad you did



Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Romancing Bogart’s – Living History at Frank’s - “Seersha Heart

I made the mistake of writing that Bogart’s had closed in Ballrooms : Where the Romance Lives last week.  My error was in using an old landmark and not following up.  I confess that when I thought Bogart’s had gone, I felt very sad and not on my game.  Imagine my surprise, my embarrassment and my sheer delight at learning Bogart’s was alive and well.  Only shifted a bit on the grid to Franks Place region. It is all too easy to assume that a club is “gone” since many clubs do come and go in SL.  Bogart’s is part of something much bigger, an SL Icon, Frank’s. Caught with my pants down on this one, I sincerely apologize for writing that Bogart’s had closed.  As you may read here, Frank’s is a place that grows, it doesn’t close.

When I first moved to SL a few years ago, I loved to dress up in gowns.  Most of the formal clubs I visited where couples oriented at that time. I wanted to have a place go where I would feel comfortable visiting as a single person.  Of course, I wanted to wear a gown! At this point in my SL life, I would wear a gown everywhere and I mean everywhere! Searching through destinations I found the club Bogart’s and the name instantly caught my eye.  Changing from one gown to another, I set off to see what Bogart’s club looked like and the crowd that hung out there for the dancing. The landing point is a short stroll from the entrance and there are upscale shops along the walk.  I crossed the small park and looked up at the marquee “BOGART’S”. Going inside I was greeted by a hostess very stylishly. She called me by my surname and pointed out the upcoming schedule and the chilled champagne. Walking deeper into the club the room opens, the ceiling several meters above my head.  The stage is large and colorful. I would later learn that the appearance periodically changes. The room is inviting in rich reds and golds throughout.
I have had the pleasure of meeting people at Bogart’s.  Both men and women appear well dressed and ready to dance providing an opportunity to meet new people.  I’ve attended some very enjoyable events over the years. In 2016 the Sl Enquirer featured Bogarts as one of the top five SL date locations sharing…
“This SL long running classic has shopping and a park on your walk to the club.  Dress is cocktail to formal.  You land down the block from the club and walk up to the dramatic facade of the building.  The marquee proudly proclaims, “Romance is in the Air” and it most certainly is in Bogarts.  Walking inside the first set of doors, scheduled activities are listed to your left by the elevator.  Going further inside to the main room it has the feeling of an elegant theatre with high ceilings and a stage with ornate golden trim at one side.

The color scheme is rich reds and golds throughout.  You will be greeted as “Mr.” or “Ms.” by what I feel are the best hosts and hostesses in SL.  They make you feel welcome and have that breezy air about that may be best described as elegant fun.  The DJs are equally top notch.  Requests are played quickly and as a dedication or a request.  Imagine requesting a romantic Norah Jones song and dancing with your date.”
Amazingly Bogart’s has not strayed from this level of style and service.  I remember fondly when chatting Huckleberry Hax about various dating locations in SL.  We spoke of a couple of different stops and then Huck gave me a quote that truly fits; “Good old Bogart’s”

I could not have phrased it better or more succinctly.  Maybe you will sit down at one of the cozy tables off the dance floor and get to know someone new.  I have met many people at Bogart’s and shared a dance or two with some new-found friends. Bogart’s is not a ‘hookup’ joint, though I suspect there are hookups [it IS SL], it is a place you return to many times.  It is the place I fell in love with the melodic sound of Nora Jones as well as older rat pack jazz favorites. Bogart’s is part of the most popular jazz complexes in SL Frank’s.

Frank’s began as a jazz club for with a formal dress code.  These days Frank’s has expanded to five regions and become an entire entertainment complex.  The formal dance and jazz club has bloomed into more clubs and shopping.  Elegant and welcoming Bogart’s is a top place to take a date.
Fly me to the moon; Let me play among the stars; Let me see what spring is like; On a-Jupiter and Mars…”
-written by Howard Bart; remembered thanks to Frank Sinatra

Additional Information:

Frank’s Entertainment Complex

L&B at the Galleria [Landmark and Teleport]:

Photos by Karmaghna Ulrik  

A side note, Huckleberry Hax is both my unrequited crush & talented author of the SL Book Series AFK, which you may obtain for free at his web site.  Check it out; you will not be disappointed.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Top 5 Venues based on traffic and Entertainment – Camury Reporting...

Second Life is home to a large number of virtual clubs, beaches and inworld role-playing communities that are among the leading platforms for the entertainment of avatars.These venues are often densely populated and record significant traffic in real time.

~SDI~ Skinny Dip Inn and Nude Beach Resort & Dance Club 

Skinny Dip Inn is one of the busiest beaches on SL with amongst the highest daily traffic numbers of Second Life. It's a beautiful adult island resort featuring a friendly and fun nude beach. Swimwear is permitted for the modest. You can usually find many people dancing and enjoying the flirty hosts and sexy DJs, events and live shows. SDI boasts a shopping precinct selling everything from clothing to genitalia , a general dance beach, another beach that’s more secluded, as well as a resort. When you first teleport in, you find yourself in the middle of the shopping precinct along with any number of other avatars that have congregated around the landing area. It's a bit of a crush zone, and can be a little intimidating especially for beginners.

Average daily traffic: 100.000 plus

Sim Design: Nice tropical feel, once you get away from the market.

Lagginess: Somewhat laggy when crowded, which is often.

Talking in Local or IM: Visitors and participants of the group, jabber in local chat.

How good is the venue to meet someone: 8 on a scale of 1-10.


Sexy Nude beach

It's a nude beach for all who love fun and nudism in a very popular beach in SL. On this beach, you can meet other people to chat, flirt or find romance. You'll find a spot for dancing or you can go windsurfing, paragliding, go for a boat drive, or even enjoy intimate spaces  for private moments with that someone special.  Of course if you want to relax on your own the choice is yours.

The region is well established with an eclectic feel, they even feature a pyramid Often you will encounter impromptu parties springing up here and there.  The general layout of the sim doesn't seem
to be very organised, but hey it works. If you're looking for unadulterated fun you'll find it here.

Average daily traffic: 78.000 plus

Sim Design:  Beach tiki. Some parts and the overall layout are not really that special.

Lagginess: Somewhat laggy when crowded, which is often.

Talking - Local or IM: Not too much Local chatter. Chances are you'll receive many IM's while exploring the sim.

How good is the place to meet someone: 9 on a scale of 1-10.


Syn City Urban Roleplay 

If you're looking for the excitement of roleplay then Sync City could
be just the place for you. Welcome to the dark side of urban roleplay. Pick up an OOC tag, and don't forget a notepad for the rules and general tips. Dive into the sandy landscape with dark alleys and abandoned buildings, Violence is a given.  .  Syn City has dark urban themes including: Mafia, urban gang crime, free sex, kidnap, rape and torture. Expect the unexpected.

If you want to join the game, send a request to one of the group leaders to define the role and character you want to play in this immense world. The most recent events are monitored by "Hathian Observer", a newspaper that can be picked up at various places on the main SIM.

Average daily traffic: 79.000 plus

Sim Design:  The city is impressive to say the least. Each pix elated brick paints the picture of a

city that has seen better days.

Lagginess: there was no lag while I was there

Talking Local or IM: No chatter for visitors (you need to define a role and get into the game to talk to someone.)

How good is the place to meet someone: 2 on a scale of 1-10 for visitors (you need to define your role and play the game if you want to meet someone.)


Franks Jazz Club

Jazz is not very popular genre of music but it is interesting to note
that many avatars are drawn to the jazz clubs. Fish out your glad
rags and go to the Franks Jazz Club. The place is a dance ballroom
and meeting point for men and women seeking romance with a hint
of elegance. There is consistent traffic. The atmosphere is romantic. Sensual sounds set the scene, attracting avatars in search of relaxation, music and romance. When I was there, they were playing love songs

The venue is an entertainment complex, installed on a single island region. You can shop to your hearts desire at the fabulous Galleria Mall which caters for shopping for all tastes.

Average daily traffic: 77.000 plus

Quality of Sim Design:  the ambient light is very bright, some couples may feel exposed. Style 50's it seemed to me.

Lagginess: Very laggy!

Talking Local or IM: virtually non-existent interaction in local chat, which might be time zone related.
It appeared that the couples were otherwise occupied in IM.

How good is the place to meet someone: 9 on a scale of 1-10.


Sweethearts Jazz & Romance club

Sweethearts is not as formal as Franks but they do prefer you to
wear appropriate clothing. The entrance makes you feel as if you're
arrived at a Hollywood gala! The hosts and hostesses are there to
entertain visitors. There is a dance floor for singles and another for
couples. The big yacht anchored off the dance floor sets the tone: laid back, funky, informal, friendly.  Inside there are dark corners with chairs to sit. Girls you're going to have to take the initiative here if you want a dance partner.  The men are inclined to be the strong silent type.

Average daily traffic: 74000 plus

Sim Design:  Old style of hollywood it seemed to me.

Lagginess: Oh yes, very laggy!

Talking in Local or IM: the Staff of the club talk all the time with visitors.

How good is the place to meet someone: 8 on a scale of 1-10.( The girls need to take the first step though.)


The Second Life Destination Guide highlights some of our virtual world's best locations and residents creations. For new and existing residents it's the place to go to explore and discover what's most exciting in Second Life.  Linden Lab updates the Destination Guide with regularly, so check back often to find new places to explore, have fun and meet people.