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Showing posts with label death. Show all posts

Friday, February 10, 2023

GeekSpeak – Can we cheat Death? Join the discussion on Saturday, February 10th at 12pm SLT

Will we soon be able to prolong our lives, even perhaps live forever? By uploading our minds to computers, slowly replacing our organic neurons with silicon chips, buying or stealing young organs from others, reversing the degeneration caused by aging, or freezing our bodies?  How many methods of cheating death will become available?

Would cheating death in these ways be wise, or moral?  Would you want to live forever?  Are you afraid you might be forced to live forever even if you wanted to die?

Join us in GeekSpeak on Saturday at noon SLT to discuss what all this will mean for humanity.  Bring all your friends!  It’s a matter of life and death!

IM Vulcan Viper teaches a meditation class every Wednesday in the GeekSpeak auditorium if you have ideas for new subjects.

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Death and Loss In Second Life- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…


One of the hardest things in life is suffering a loss. Even if it is part of the cycle of life. It doesn’t matter what religion you are in, race, gender, success, looks, or even age. Death is inevitable. At some point in our lives, we will all face the end of our journey. Everyone grieves differently. Some take it very hard and others learn to accept reality. Either way, there is no easy way to say goodbye to someone you love. You can only keep their memory alive by remembering the good times, using their inspiration to make yourself a better person, and honoring them in different ways. In a sense, every single person you meet and interact with in life plays a role in your growth just like you played a role in the life of the person lost. Many times we are faced with consoling a grieving person and this is where it gets tough. What are the right words to say to ease their pain? Do we stay silent and just listen or do we offer advice that may have worked on ourselves when we faced a time of crisis?

Death is a topic that many people like to avoid because it is associated with hurt and fear - two of the emotions that trigger us the most. When balanced with love it is possible to grow stronger and be at peace in a world where death and loss will always be part of our lives. The best advice to give anyone struggling is to let them know you are there for them. Even the smallest gesture of listening is an act of support. 

A hug also goes a long way. An embrace makes a person feel safe and comforted even just for a moment.

One of the greatest obstacles we face in a virtual world when dealing with a loss of a friend or a partner is the feeling of helplessness due to many factors. The distance is a major one. To many in the real world, they cannot understand the deep connection people form in a virtual world community. We meet from the inside out. This is a phrase I coined many years ago when I realized just how connected to a person we have never met face-to-face can be. In our everyday lives, we speak to people at work, at functions, and even in our own homes but we do not truly share detailed thoughts like we do when we are typing with our friends or partners in Second Life. 

There is something very different about it and the only ones who truly can understand and support each other through our online losses are members of the virtual world community.

In the past 17 years in Second Life, I’ve lost friends and acquaintances and offered my condolences to many who have felt this type of pain. I've visited memorials in Second Life and lit many candles, sat on benches in moments of silence while remembering those I've met, and even gone to virtual funerals where I fought back tears listening to others grieving and sharing their personal stories about the person lost. These are the ways we can come together in Second Life to support and help each other through the healing process.

The SL Enquirer would like to offer anyone who wants to highlight someone they lost by sharing their thoughts, a poem, a snapshot, or some words of condolences.

Submit your Obituary Message here and we will add them to an SL Obituary Page on SLE.


Lanai Jarrico

CEO, The SL Enquirer


Monday, September 21, 2020


Benjamin Franklin once said “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” While there is no evidence that Old Ben was speaking of the Virtual World, they still apply. Let’s take a look at the first of these two certainties:  Death. 

In Real Life, death is often proceeded by illness, degrading physical acuity…failing mobility…perhaps a period of hospice care.  The signs of impending death are obvious to all...and when it finally arrives, it comes as a real surprise to no one.  But SecondLife is different.  We can be at death’s door in RL, and yet…to look at our avi…we are as vibrant as the day we incorporated the last update. Here, life may go unchanged for weeks, months, or even years.  We continue to visit the same sims, run with the same crowd.  No telltale pallor to the skin…no slowing of movement.  We can look every bit as alive and vibrant as we want to be….until…we can’t. One who is very ill in RL may share that knowledge with closest SL friends, but not always.  And the rest of us are left wondering.  What about those who just disappear? Did they simply leave SL? Did they change avis and have jumpstarted their SL with an alt? Or have they simply… passed away?

In this article we will explore the reality of Death and the impact in a Virtual world.

Josh(Thomas1 Bellic) JB:    Have you known friends or others in SL who died in RL?

Bandor Tyrell:  Kimiko Beverly, my RL half-sister, founder of Maui Swingers Resort died of cancer several years back. She had been sick in RL for a long time, but concealed it from most of her friends in SL.

merry Felwitch: I have lost many friends in SL.  Just last week I lost another.  We were very close. There is a club in SL called The Willows where they honor those we have lost.  I had a friend who lived in my state, and we met from time to time in RL.  My friend  did not want anyone to know she was ill.  She passed as she lived – happily. I attended two wakes for her – one in SL and one in RL.  We all met for her wake where I served as the DJ,  playing  songs I knew she loved and we all had a chance to talk about her.

Melissa (melissa212212):  My friend and I worked together hostessing   She died about 8 years ago. The owner of the place called for a meeting and told us.  We all were very sad because she was very friendly and with a sparkling personality.  I am not aware if anyone held a memorial service for her in SL or not.  Sometimes we can make great friends in SL but we never have the chance to be part of their RL. Nobody who can tell us if they are ok, if they are sick or if they have died, they just disappear for us.

Anonymous:  We once had a renter who wanted a parcel for a friend in a hospital.  Her friend loved gardening so she made the parcel very pretty with lots of colorful flowers, trees, butterflies etc.  When it was ready, she taught her friend how to use SL. She told me her friend loved it so much and she's been visiting the SL garden anytime she can to see the flowers. It made both of them really happy, I was genuinely happy too. It felt like I have been part of their friendship and happiness.

JB:  How did you normally learn of the death?

Faleen Renard:  For the most part, I will be contacted and informed of a death directly by that person's SL or RL partner - or by one of their closest friends. Otherwise, because I have a number of DJs working with me and I also network with other venue owners, sometimes the news of a loss will come to me via one of these colleagues.

Anonymous:  We have land rental business so we get a lot of news like that.  Usually people who are close friends here in SL will contact us about the death.  Sometimes another person will log in on an avie to inform us about the passing of the RL owner.

JB:  How did his/her loss affect you or others?

Faleen Renard - As in RL, learning of a death in SL can be expected (as in the case of long-term illness) or it can be a terrible shock (when it's a sudden passing or when no one was aware the person was ill in any way). We hurt, we cry, we grieve the loss of our SL friends with sincere RL emotion. I have had people be unable to return to my venue for a period of time (or at all) because the memories and emotions are overwhelming to them and it takes time for them to work through their loss.

Chi-Yun Kwon (kwonchiyun):  It was a devastating loss... all of her friends were stunned, shocked.. I myself was a crying mess for several days. I missed logging in and knew I'd never again see her daily greetings. it made a huge impact on us all.

Bandor Tirrell:  Kimiko’s RL passing had a major impact on the lives of many people in SL. Now, 6 years after her death, I hardly go a week without someone mentioning her. Her dream has been realized, and her legacy lives on in Maui Swingers Resort.  She made me believe in myself and my talents.

JB:  Was there any SL recognition of the individual’s death – memorial service, wake, placard, special event, etc.?

Faleen Renard:  When the first death occurred within The Willows group, in January 2014, I decided to lay a wreath for her at the venue's landing area, under the willow tree. I was then invited to attend a memorial at her SL home, with her closest friends, and it was held in voice chat. I came away very affected by the profound sense of loss people had expressed and decided to leave the wreath permanently as a sign of love and respect. With each successive passing, I added another wreath and now that area has become a permanent memorial. It is very important to me that every member of The Willows family is remembered by name.

Chi-yon kwon:  We, her friends, all banded together, to have a special memorial service for her... a friend logged in her avatar to place in a casket that was purchased, so we could have a service and say goodbye to her, as we saw her. I'm tearing up as I write this...

Keda (mompea.texan): Years ago a very close friend of mine passed away.  Many people still keep his group in their profile.  Everyone who does, does so as a nod of respect to the Master.  Thank you for keeping his memory alive.  It was nine years ago we lost him and it made me smile to see how many still have kept this group.  Dancing on always.

Bandor Tyrell:  When Kimiko passed, we held a large "funeral" for her. At the time, we were running Game of Thrones Roleplay, so we had a huge, epic funeral with her body carried to a large altar-like pyre, where her body was burned to ash. It was open to the public and had a great turnout. It was an amazing memorial and all her friends and lovers came to say goodbye.  When we reopened Maui Swingers Resort, we did it in her honor. For a time, we even put up a memorial plinth at the entrance with her avi atop it like a statue. After that, periodically, we would log in Kimiko's avatar to make special cameo appearances at the sim and even creating a monument to her, by turning her avatar into a SmartBot/Greeter for the resort, like a living statue.

ღ Ƙαƴ ღ  (kay1373): We have a special place for those who want to visit and remember the loved ones we lost. It is private for our club members. I have lost a few really good friends.  Two close ones were Randy77 and ahoot.  WE are a bit lost, like a hole you can’t fill... Both where amazing men and their love and laughter will forever be missed.  WE had a special formal event with a memorial set up to leave condolences and we have a memorial area to visit anytime outside the formal area

JB:  Anything else you would like to add?

Faleen Renard - Virtual friends, family, relationships...indeed, our Second Lives... are real and can be significantly impacted by RL death. In my experience, it can be a comfort and may provide much-needed closure when there is an established way for someone (a friend, a family member...) to reach out from RL to SL and provide confirmation. Being informed of a RL death is difficult and sad but is infinitely better than not knowing and being left to search and question and wonder when someone simply never returns to SL.

Chi-Yun Kwon People often forget the reality of Second Life... while most see only pixels and avatars, they tend to overlook the fact that there's real people here. People we connect with on a far more personal level than they realize.  Only once they're gone do we realize just how much we miss that social interaction… and their true friendship. People often forget the reality of Second Life.

Sevant Anatra: I lost my Father recently. Having people you are close to inworld works as a virtual support system, especially during a chaotic time like this pandemic. For some people, SL can be a refuge from the heartbreak. I'm still processing it... It still feels like his death was just yesterday.   So many things in such a short time. so many emotions.  I think SL can be helpful with all the things that can be done here, like the support of good friends and loved ones.

There you have it, Folks.  ‘Nuff said.  Aloha

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Sign of the Chimes by Linda Lauren

Recently, I received an email from a client and friend. She asked that I share my answer.

Dear Linda:
This morning I was sitting here at my desk and I heard chimes, like the sound of wind chimes. It wasn’t a faint sound…I thought it was pretty distinctive. I turned around and asked my co-worker if she has heard them and she looked at me as if I were crazy. Apparently, she had not heard the same thing that I did.
Doesn’t that mean something when you hear wind chimes? Is someone trying to contact me from the other side? What do you think? — Carol

My answer is based on my own experience. I have always felt strongly that chimes are an indication that your angels, guides or loved ones are around you. They are simply making their presence known. It should always be seen as a sign of comfort, but it is not necessarily a sign of a specific message. Think of “chimes” or even the sound of bells as someone on the other side announcing themselves at your “door.” Though many times we don’t always answer their door, we can always count on the sound being a welcomed visitor and not one to fear. Chimes never represent strangers; they represent someone who is familiar to us in spirit.

For instance, I lost my godmother, my Aunt Jeannie, awhile back, and I was at the hospital when she drew her last breath. I stood beside her sister (no relation) and out of all the people in the room, we were the only ones who could attest to seeing a mist rise from my aunt’s body at the moment of death. We never really discussed it with anyone. However, when we met at the funeral home, she had an interesting story to share. She told me that when my aunt was alive, they were so close that they were in contact every day by phone, at around noon, when they would take a break for lunch, Usually it was my Aunt Jeannie who would make the call. After my aunt died, her sister shared with me that she had been hearing the chimes in the backyard ring every day, with no wind, at noontime, and that she felt comforted by the fact that my aunt still seemed to be “calling” her.

So, Spirit is communicating when you hear chimes. Embrace them and put yourself in a quiet place so that you can be mindful to what they may be saying.

POSTSCRIPT: while I was writing this, I was debating in my head whether my aunt spelled her name Jean or Jeannie. I decided that it didn’t matter, and I was just about to submit this piece to be published when the phone rang! My friend, Todd, was here visiting and I looked at the phone and commented “No Caller ID.” But something told me to answer it. After saying hello, the man said, “Jeannie?”

I told him he had the wrong number, but did he? I went back and changed the spelling of her name, just in case.

4th generation Psychic Medium Linda Lauren can be found on her Island ETU Abbracciare or flying around the grid.  To contact Linda please go to her website: or IM her in SL.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Loss and Grief in Second Life: In Memoriam of all the John and Jane Does' who have Lost their Souls – Glossom Resident Reporting…

Life is made of gains, starting with the birth itself, and losses like death. 
There is no escape for the many events that afflict our souls, not even in Second Life. We create bonds of affection with other residents: friendships, relationships in love and in business, family. Yet, no one conceives that those same people who have crossed our path to give us a piece of them may not be there one day.