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Showing posts with label help children. Show all posts

Friday, August 14, 2015

CALL FOR SPONSORS: It Takes a Village to Change the World- World Fair and Expo 2015 | Fundraising Campaign

                                    *** FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ***

VIRTUALVillage Media, partnered with The Delicious Foundation℠, charge ahead to raise funds for a campaign that will make a huge impact in the fight against global poverty!  It Takes a Village to Change the World is our child sponsorship fundraising campaign 2015.

The Ultimate Goal: To raise funds so that we may have an impactful contribution toward sponsoring at least 5 children around the world.

$35 a month (or $500 a year) can help transform a child’s community and change their world.

Hello, I am HoneyGlaze, the Business & Event Manager for VIRTUALVillage Media | Virtual HQ and Founder of The Delicious Foundation℠. I am writing you today with great enthusiasm, to invite you, to participate in our “It Takes a Village to Change the World” World Fair and Expo 2015 | Fundraising Campaign. We are proud to team up with our community business owners and organization leaders to raise funds for a cause near and dear to our hearts.

WE NEED YOU!  Are you ready to change a child’s life for good?

How about several children from all over the world? We’re launching this fundraising opportunity – to get your support and help our children learn, grow, live and succeed. Help break the cycle of poverty for our children and their communities.


It is our sincere hope that you and/or your business/organization will be able to provide sponsorship or assistance which would be helpful in the organization and success of our efforts. Sponsors will gain the benefits of promotional advertising and affiliation with VIRTUALVillage Media, The Delicious Foundation and our “It Takes a Village to Change the World” Fundraising Campaign. This year we hope to raise a minimum of $5,000 USD. Join us in reaching our goal.

Sponsor our Campaign Today*!!



Support our Worldwide Drive by donating via our Interactive and Virtual Campaign.

Online, we will distribute emails, social media messages, feature blog articles and more to collect funds for our cause.  We will also provide our sponsors with a “Donate Today!” Badge to assist with support.

Virtually, we will host several events, including our fabulous World Fair and Expo 2015, showcasing  the campaign and the children that we are supporting.
With the assistance of our sponsors, we intend to place donation kiosks across the grid in highly reachable areas where anyone and everyone will have the opportunity to support the cause.

Please feel free to donate via our online campaign:



Our World Fair and Expo 2015 gives our community businesses, organizations and supporters the opportunity to showcase their products, services, causes and brands to a global audience.

Attendees will purchase exclusive creations, hear speakers, attend workshops, view art from the Visual Art Contest 2015 | Art Changes the World, celebrate the world’s children display and more.

Additional ways to participate include volunteering, attending our events, donating to the cause and spreading the word.


While selecting your preferred level of participation, keep in mind that your monetary donations via sponsorship will be utilized to support the campaign directly. All proceeds will be sent to World Vision® to sponsor a child. All Online Sponsorships are tax deductible in the U.S.


For more information regarding sponsorship, volunteering or participating in our events please contact US at

Contacts: Michelle Morton, Faith Aljon, Honeyglaze Delicisoso, Raznay Decosta, DeJaa Trallis, Subtlefire Resident

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Let’s Use the Power of Second Life to help these children! – Sherlynn Donner’s Fundraiser Event- April 22nd 2015 7-9pm SLT

There are many fundraisers in Second Life that collect donations for Relay for Life and other illnesses and diseases.  Throughout the years residents of Second Life have shown massive amounts of support and donated their time and money to help others around the world.

Sherlynn Donner’s story will pull at your heartstrings.  Often we do not hear the individual stories of those that lost their battle with breast cancer but they all include leaving behind family and loved ones who continue to suffer their lose. What happens to the surviving children of Breast Cancer?

Many times their lives are dramatically changed and they are raised by one parent or family members. Some even go into foster care because there is no one else who can care for them.  If we can do something to ease the pain and make a difference in the lives of these children, we should.

 Here is Sherlynn Donner’s story:
Sherlynn Donner lost her fight with breast cancer this morning and we lost an angel : (
Sherlynn was Ms. October 2008 and became a photographer for Playmates Magazine and Boy Toy in 2009.  Because of her generosity, Playmates stayed open during a very rough time, so we all have her to thank that Playmates is still in publication. She was one of my best friends in SL.  She had a wild sense of humor and a heart of gold.

Sherlynn was a single mother of 3.  Her ex-husband left her and moved back to his home country and she never heard from him again and never had financial support for her kids.

Now they are left without a mother. They are 17, 15 and 12.  She spent the last month of her life in a hospice and we spoke on the phone just 2 weeks ago.  Her biggest concern was leaving her kids behind without any money.  Sherlynn was an only child and both her parents have passed away.  Her last wish was for her kids to remain in their home with the oldest raising the 2 younger ones.

PLEASE Donate.  Even if it's $20L.  It is something.  These kids need our help.  All donations will be sent to Sherlynn's oldest daughter.  Thank you for your help!

-Tazzy Jenkins

In honor of Sherlynn Donner Fundraiser Event

Wednesday April 22nd from 7-9 SL time

Featuring DJ Irish  Karillion

Sherlynn Donner Fundraiser collection  box: