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Showing posts with label Valentine. Show all posts

Monday, February 13, 2023

Interview with Cupid 2023 - Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

It has been a couple of years since I last spoke to Cupid. I heard through the grapevine that he was arrested for lacing his arrows with a bad batch of Amortentia; the most powerful love potion in the world. Its effects cause month-long erections, hirsutism, and a significant increase in the prim population in Second Life. The downside to that is an epidemic of single mothers raising prim babies with facial and chest hair. After researching the decline of weddings and engagements on the grid I decided to take action and set up a booth at local SL Job Fairs in search of this year’s Cupid.  Out of 4,321 applicants I was able to narrow it down to three who barely qualified for the position. One failed the arrow shooting test at the range due to his lingering vertigo and the other failed his background check due to a stalking and harassment charge at a local drag joint. The remaining candidate was the best I can do so he was hired without a drug test because I felt he might fail.

I met up with him at an NA meeting where I sometimes volunteer as a sponsor to discuss the position and learn more about him and his skills in the love department.

Interview with Cupid 2023

Lanai: Hi Bob, or should I address you as Cupid contingent upon the outcome of this job interview? Thank you for meeting with me for this very important job.

Cupid 2023: Hi Lanai, I have heard so much about you. I doubt it's true about you being the Godmother to an SL Mafia family, the biggest heartbreaker in Second Life, or that you once sucked a watermelon through a straw. I’m so glad you can meet me here. The house arrest ankle bracelet I’m wearing should be removed just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Lanai: Let me guess... You’ve been watching Fox News…. They have been trying to take me down for years. Fake news. Keep my family out of this… I’m totally offended being called a heartbreaker and the watermelon incident was a pink cocktail with Vodka in it. I was at a baby shower for crying out loud!… Anyway. I’m meeting you here today for your official interview for the position of Cupid so let's get down to business. Can you define love?

Cupid 2023: Well… it can vary in meaning. For some, love means being taken care of emotionally, financially, and of course in the bedroom, and for others it is a common adoration between two people that goes deep down into the soul. Money and materials don’t matter. The latter seems to be the stereotypical gold digger, sugar baby type.

Lanai: Well said. How do you feel about the current climate in Second Life when it comes to romance, relationships, and things to do?

Cupid 2023: It has been a long time since I’ve been on a real date and I know Onlyfk, Feeld, and Tinder dating apps don't really count. Unless you are looking for a quick fix and a free meal, I may need some training…

Lanai: Yes, I agree. Let me give you a crash course on Romance and love and what women really want. She wants to be heard and not just listened to like a song on the radio. It’s the lyrics that count not the beat. She also wants to feel protected. There is a fine line between protection and controlling someone. To protect someone is to care about their whole well-being and do what you can to make that person feels safe and secure. Controlling is a way to manipulate someone into believing you need them when in fact most women are very capable of handling their own business without a man. The beautiful thing about romance and love is that both have a connection that feels out of this world and the respect and responsibilities of keeping each other happy, safe and secure are placed in both their hands. Once respect is lost, trust becomes an issue that will ultimately dissolve that true feeling of love.  Not even flowers and candy can bring back the romance. Soul mates are a thing; when you find “the one”, it's an unconditional love that will last for eternity. Every flaw or difference is accepted and there are no unachievable expectations. That is the purest form of love. As far as romantic destinations, they can be anywhere that prohibits child avies and animals in my opinion.

Cupid 2023: I’m in awe at just how brilliant you are. So, why are you single?

Lanai: Hey! I’m interviewing you. But to answer that. No one really knows my personal Slife aside from a handful of close friends. Let’s just say my current situation is complicated. My psychotherapist insists I have Philophobia. So anyway, are you a good shot?

Cupid 2023: That’s fair. I won't meddle.  As in shot….do you mean money shots or….

Lanai: No You buffoon!  I meant with a bow and arrow… 

Cupid 2023: Oh right. I once shot a bow at a Kids' Archery camp. It didn't end well and I was sent home. I feel justified in saying the bully had it coming and now he walks with a gangster lean.

Lanai: You do know this is a job interview right? I’ll pretend I didn't hear that. *slides an envelope over to him* In that envelope is a printout with a scan code to redeem six archery lessons on me. It was a great deal on Groupon. Don’t disappoint me.

Cupid 2023: You are very generous. I appreciate this opportunity and promise to spread the love and romance in Second Life for Valentine’s Day!

Lanai: *leans in and whispers* Make sure that you do, I’ve hired a backup if things don’t work out and he doesn't shoot arrows…  

Cupid 2023: *looks at the hitman standing behind Lanai* *gulps* When do I start?

Lanai: February 14th *slides him a briefcase* Here is your assignment...  *gets up, and walks away*

Sorry folks, this is the best Cupid I could find for the job. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Friday, February 10, 2023


One Light, in support of the Relay for Life, is hosting a charity auction to raise money to fight cancer.

This is the final few days to get in on the “The Road Less Traveled: Relay for Life Valentines Charity Auction”  The Auction ends on Saturday, Feb 11th at 11AM SLT” and anticipates dozens of participants all over the grid to bid, buy or even watch.  Win a date with one of the 129 participants in the Charity Auction.  

To get started, hop on over to Tropical Bliss's “The Road Less Traveled” Sim at the LM below, where you will find the auction boards representing three categories of dates. 

ROMANCE: Single and Want to Mingle then this is the right category for you. Looking for that perfect someone to settle down with and perhaps be your forever SL partner? We have 41 candidates to choose from, 

FRIENDSHIP: Looking for like-minded friends, or something platonic, one in which people share a close bond but do not have a sexual relationship, then this is the right category for you.  There are 54 participants in this category.

KINKY FETISH: Do you desire something Kinky or have some Erotic Fetish? Want to go on a date and meet someone with some Kinky Fetishes?  We have 34 eligible participants in this category

Check back often.  If you are outbid, your initial bid will be returned to you and you can try again.



For further information, contact moira.tristan.

Friday, February 11, 2022

Valentine Charity Date Auction "Watch, Buy or Be Bought!” -Friday, February 11th, 2022

Want to sign up to participate or want to see the auction board to bid.
Hop on over to “That’s Amore CafĂ©” Everyone is welcome to sign up we have 4 categories for the Auction: Romance. Friendship. Shape Shifters & Kinky Fetish..


Thursday, February 11, 2021

The Origins of Valentine's day wasn't always so romantic...- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...


Valentine’s Day is a holiday dating as far back as the 5th century A.D. originating from Paganism and the Lupercalia Festival. This event was held on February 15th each year in the city of Rome. It was a sexually charged event with random hookups, violent and bloody celebration which included animal sacrifices to ward off evil spirits and promote fertility. 

With the rise of Christianity, the Lupercalia Festival was outlawed and deemed “un- Christian”. It is said that Roman priests in an attempt to replace the pagan festival with a less aggressive form of romance would sacrifice dogs and goats and run upon and slap women on the streets with the blood drench hides as a blessing of fertility. These blood slapped women would then put their names in an urn to be selected and paired with a man for a year which often resulted in marriage.  It appears both parties weren’t being too romantic about matchmaking but back then they apparently had no shame.

Then comes Saint Valentine. He was a patron saint shrouded in mystery. According to some historians, Roman Emperor Claudius II  felt that young male soldiers were better at war than those with wives and children so he outlawed marriage for young men.

Well, Valentine wasn’t having it and thought it wasn’t right,  so he continued to perform marriages of young peeps on the down-low.  He ended up getting caught, sentenced to death, and beheaded. Not before allegedly falling in love with a young girl, rumor has it she was the jailor’s daughter, who visited him during his imprisonment. According to that legend, he was the first to send a love letter signed “From your Valentine''.

Other sources suggest there was another man by the name of Valentine who was a bishop but it turns out Claudius had a problem with that guy too and off with his head.  Claudius should go down in history for being the first c*ckblocker but I bet you won't find anything about that online.

Anyway, at the end of the 5th Century, it is said Pope Gelasius declared February 14th to be St. Valentine’s Day. It is believed that England and France observed the day because it was the beginning of birds mating season and should be a day for romance. Awww now that makes a little more sense. Who really knows the truth behind all the legends and allegations since there are all kinds of versions of how Valentine’s Day got its name or where it originated from.

Today, couples celebrate it with dates, flowers, and chocolates which usually lead to a little bump and grind. Others forget and run to their local gas station for a fist full of wilted flowers and a bag of M&Ms before they get home. I guess it's the thought that counts...

However, you choose to observe the day, celebrate it with Love. Don’t go slappin' anybody with a bloody goat or anything like that.

Happy Valentine’s Day 



Thursday, February 14, 2019

Valentine's Day Ideas 2019 - Seersha Heart

Valentine’s day is one of the most social days of the year.  Today I spent some time around the grid checking out the festivities.  I visited a few places to let you know what is planned around the grid.

Dunk-A-Linden & Hug-A-Linden Event
LL is offering an opportunity to party with the Lindens at the Isle of View on February 14 beginning at 10 am slt.  The landing spot in the “Love Pavillion”, a large round building surrounding by hugging booths and a dance floor. Pink permeates every view from outside.  There is a gift giving kiosk that sends your special someone one of the valentine gifts pictured such as a teddy bear, roses, candy and more. Outside of the pavilion, there are walkways with heart hedges and soft lighting.  Sky is even a nice shade of pinks and purples. Be careful approaching the other pavilion. I was thrown out by a security orb, I was unable to get a comment from LL on this before writing the story. There are people exploring the SIM before the big event, if you get a chance see if this is the place you want to take your special someone.  The whole place looks like Valentine’s Day and knowing the Lindens, there will be all kinds of things going on when the activities begin on February 14.

Valentine Town 2019
When you land, turn around and you will find the Tunnel of Love.  I recommend Sunset or Dawn sun lighting. This SIM also allows flying so it is easy to get around.  The Tunnel of Love is a fully operational ride. Turn left and walk through the Welcome gate to visit the town.  Some of the trees have heart leaves in reds and pinks. The town itself looks like Whoville. The decorative hearts are lavish and large.  There is a large gathering area for the DJ and dancing. Off the dance floor are kiosks with flowers for sale. If you join the group, there is a free gift of a bullseye backpack.  You may choose from “Cupid”, “Single”, “Taken” or “Warning” to alert those around you. I wore the “Cupid” while I visited the SIM.

Valentine’s Day Street Fair in Mielville
Mieville’s Valentine’s Day Street Fair runs February 10-15.  There is shopping, gachas and various fun activities. They are hosting a special Valentine’s Dance on February 14th at 6 pm slt.  Love was in the air when I stopped by the SIM, moments after arriving a woman became very friendly with me when she saw the backpack [ “Cupid” ] from Valentine Town.  Of course I was a dashing male avi so who can blame her? I checked out the shops, one item I thought was particularly clever is a SPIKE kinetic sculpture. This item made by Liam Metaluna has a rotating heart that releases a flow of hearts periodically.  I was fascinated for several minutes watching it. There is no shortage of gifts with heart and love themes so you might consider stopping and picking up a gift before you pick up your date. At the end of the row of shopping is a large building with the dancing animations.  Again, I recommend sunset sun for most pleasing lighting.

London City Love-In
This stop is certainly popular, now attracting the newest members of SL.  They are having a month long celebration “of the heart”. This stop wasn’t as pink and red as the others, yet if you enjoy a London backdrop, this is the place to celebrate.  I would recommend this spot for a single person who wants to get out and have some conversations. Perhaps meet new friends and dance the night away. There a many avis on this SIM, 76 when I visited, so be prepared for lag.  Yet if you want to meet people, you need avis.
I have some personal “go to” romantic spots I will share with you.  Alone or with a friend, a date, I promise you will enjoy this stop.

Lost Gardens of Apollo
An old SIM maintained and charming, the dance floor here is always magical.  The light is perfect and there are stars twinkling around you as you dance. Explore the island, and you will find a Zeppelin tour and some areas to sit and to cuddle up to enjoy your surrounding.  There are lovely gardens, waterfalls and secluded places throughout the SIM.
Zeppelin tour:
Dancing area:

Ocho Tango & Cammino e Vivo Capovolto [builder]
This SIM is a visual feast.  The club Ocho Tango has tango and other dances available.  Usually I can find someone to dance with easily there without bringing a date.  It is a multilingual location so if you want to practice Spanish or French you might meet someone there to help you.  I have helped French residents with their English while visiting. The BIG reason to come here besides the great dancing is the 3D art build adjacent to it.  One of my favorite SL builders, Cammino e Vivo Capovolto, has maintained an installation here for at least four years. It remains beautiful and haunting, the building takiing care to set the windlight for maximum effect.  There are plcaes to sit and places to cuddle. It is a nice SIM to explore and spend time with someone special.

There are 89 SIMs listed as romantic on the SL Destination guide today.  These are my favorites to visit. We wish you and yours a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Sunday, January 29, 2017


We are proud to release our Lovers Bench just in time for Valentine's Day. This exclusive mesh bench is available in both adult and pg versions and is full of KiX exclusive and original animations and props.  The materials enabled mesh has a low land impact and will sit perfectly in any outdoor setting as you charm your loved one, just chill and have a drink with a friend or catch up on the gossip on your tablet or newspaper.  I should mention too the sequence in the adult version is very erotic and a perfect way to end the evening!

Thursday, February 11, 2016


You are cordially invited to an early Valentine's Day Celebration at Daddy-O's! Love is sure to be in the air as DJ Rocky spins all your favorite love songs. So bring your significant other or come alone and meet your new significant other at Daddy-O's....WHERE FUN (and in this case) ROMANCE RULEZ!
DRESS FOR THIS OCCASION IS FORMAL - please dress accordingly.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Sexy Valentine: Tips for buying Lingerie for your Valentine. Sunny Love Holiday Reporting

After the dinner, wine, flowers and gifts received by you from your valentine, it is only natural for you to want to wine down, and give him/her a special gift that only he/she would enjoy. There is nothing like giving your mate a little eye candy before the real magic of the evening happens. No matter what you body size is your partner will appreciate you dressing up in something sexy and showing off what your momma gave you. However, shopping for that perfect lingerie set can be a bit difficult. As always, I am here to give you some tips on how to shop for that perfect ensemble.

The most important thing you must know is what style your partner likes. If this is a new relationship, do some fishing to see what he or she likes. Sit down with your mate and pull out a lingerie magazine or pull up a website. Point out a few things and see what reaction they give. Try to do this months or weeks ahead of time so there will be no clue as to what you are up too. For those of you that are in long term relationship you already know what makes your partner tick. Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong in checking to see if something new would add some extra spice to an already steamy bedroom experience.

Now, there are many places to shop in second life for lingerie. With this being a special occasion, you don't want to pick up just any ol thing. So, after doing some research with the help of my good friend Chocolate Wingtips I am going to list the top 4 places with high quality items in my view.

If you are the type that don't really like to get out in the crowds and shop at inworld stores, Big Beautiful Doll has a large selection of lingerie on marketplace. Most sets come with all the mesh appliers and standard layers. I was really impressed with the quality of these appliers. As you can see from this photo, the Dahlia Lingerie set looks real. This set is available in 6 color and is price at 275L. If your partner likes the body suit look…...this is a perfect pick.

Some people like just the bra and panties look. Blacklace has a wonder set called Briony that is available in 9 colors and is priced at 298L. This is a mesh set and looks great on. I am sure this will be a hit with your special someone. Blacklace is a great place to shop for any look. Their whole store is dedicated to lingerie.

I know a lot of people who simple like the tee shirt and panties look. Erratic carries a great set that is both sexy and simple. Coming in five sets of three colors you can make sure you have your mates favorite color along with their favorite look. Tee shirt sets cost 379L and the panties sets cost 3 colors 399L.

Now say your partner likes the corset look. Vision brings you the very sexy Lingerie Set Madeline. This will define every curve and show off your sexiness. It includes all you need to transform into a vixen. The set comes in 9 colors and is priced at 355l. There is no way you can miss with this choice.

Well there you have it. All store mention have many selections to choose from. Hopefully this article will help you have the best Valentine's day possible. Feel free to let us know how your valentine's day went in the comments below.

Check out these stores!

Big Beautiful Doll:

Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Night Theater Presents: My Heart Goes BOOM- February 14th @ Noon SLT

A Sweet and Sizzling Valentines show with something for everybody.

With 8 new numbers passionately choreographed by The Dream Dancers for your enjoyment this Valentines.

Valentines day Saturday 14th noon slt

Wednesday  February 18th at noon slt

Saturday February 21st noon slt & midnight slt.

Friday, February 14, 2014

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY SLE FANS! Interview with Cupid 2014

Valentine’s Day is here and lovers are finding ways to surprise their special someone with gifts and plans for that special date.  In Second Life, venues are decorated and prepared for romance themed events and the matchmaker services are on overdrive. 

The SL Enquirer is observed this holiday by seeking out Cupid for an exclusive one on one.

 Last year, the bow and arrow was handed to a replacement Valentine mascot because the original Cupid decided to pursue another career in adult entertainment.  This year, Lanai searched high and low and finally found the 2014 Cupid sitting at The Blarney Stone Irish Bar and throwing back a few drinks.

Interview with Cupid 2014

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Looking for a Valentine? Here are a few Dating Services to check Out- shaneos howlett Reporting...

Finding  dates in Second Life can happen in unexpected ways. Sometimes avatars make a connections at an event, other times a dating service is needed to find that perfect someone. With Valentine’s day just around the corner,  time is running out and chances Cupid might not get to you in time!

 Waiting for that chance encounter to happen might not be the best way to find your Valentine so the next best thing to do is take out ads at some of Second Life’s Matchmaking services.

Here are a few to get you started

Monday, February 11, 2013

Looking To Personalize Your Valentine's Day?

Fair Valentine's Day offers some great ways to celebrate the occasion with the love of your Second Life.

One great way to express your love is with a graphics tee with his and her names in hearts with lock and key for only 99L. There are three styles to choose from.


How-to Instructions:

 When you arrive, right click on the vendor and pay the required amount. After you have paid, left click on the Item that you wish customized. You will then get a menu. Choose "Enter Names" ,then type both names on the item (separated by a space) into local chat. After this you choose SUBMIT from the menu ..this will then place your order. If you make a mistake typing the names no worries! Simply click on the abandon button and try again. This will remove the order and give you a full refund.

You can also create a personalized Valentine's card while you are there. Be sure to visit the shops and browse Valentine themed items for sale.