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Showing posts with label paris. Show all posts

Sunday, May 16, 2021


Simply Chic Boutique is a shop that sells a variety of merchandise from women’s fashion, jewelry, children’s items, home decor, artwork, and more. Situated in a small Paris town with charming little shops and places to grab a coffee or have a romantic dinner date followed by a hot air balloon ride or some ice cream. Owners, Patrick Pearson and Addi Ohare always have fun ideas and new additions in mind for guests. SLE met up with Patrick and Addi to learn more about them and what’s to come for Simply Chic Boutique.

Interview with Patrick & Addi 



SLE: It’s a pleasure to meet you both, where are you from and how did you discover Second Life?

Patrick: It's a pleasure meeting you as well. Addi and I met in another virtual world around 2009. She told me about Second Life about 8 years ago and we then decided to move to Second Life as we enjoyed our time here.

SLE: Everyone has a unique story about what brought them to Second Life. We are glad you came here, we love meeting new people and checking out their talents.  What inspired Simply Chic Boutique?

Patrick: Addi has always been passionate about clothing and design and loves to try her hand on everything available within reason given our daily RL world schedules and whatnot. When she wanted to look into this together in Second Life, I was 100% behind her to give anything I can and we settled on a name that is simple yet classy and fun, and Simply Chic Boutique was born.

Addi: I started creating clothes in the other virtual world we were in, so I wanted to give it a try in SL too.  It was easy to learn and I enjoy being creative with the patterns and textures in Photoshop. I also love decorating in SL, so there may be more additions down the road.

SLE: Being supportive of each other is very important in both RL and SL. You two seem to work well together. There are many shops in Second Life. What type of merchandise do you sell?

Patrick: Simply Chic Boutique has a variety of items to give a wider range of selection for, home decor, gift items, artwork, musical items...Simply Chic Boutique gives a little bit of everything.  We also have a Simply Chic Boutique group and a unique gift for members. Customers can also subscribe to be notified of sales and special events.

SLE: You have a new location grand opening coming up on June 13th, 2021 that resembles a little Paris town, can you tell our readers about it?

Patrick: We both dream of Paris and would love to visit Paris someday. But for now, any elements that trigger the imagination in our hearts to cascade down to the homestead we have and give a little character and charm. From offering a small jazz club to enjoying an intimate dining area to simply take in the overall affair with some fun for everyone as well as children, and we'd like to share that same sentiment with you by coming to experience our venue on June 13th.  We’ll have store discounts, some prizes from our stores and offer a raffle as well. We'll be DJing at the event too, playing a variety of music if anyone feels like dancing and having fun.

SLE: Aside from all the shops and activities for couples to do you will also be hosting small weddings. What type of amenities will you offer and how can couples book their wedding?

Patrick:  We have an area where we can do quaint weddings. We have several wedding elements that we have obtained over the years that feature a cute chapel to an outdoor event to help tailor to the bride and groom’s needs.

Addi: Contact patrickp29 resident or addi.ohare in-world for wedding information and a tour (it is put out for the occasion only).  We offer a fully outdoor wedding setup for a small wedding or a chapel wedding and a casual or elegant reception area (limited # of guests due to our land limits). We can also offer DJ services and we have experience as an officiant as well, if needed. Custom personalized signs and invitations are also included in the wedding package.

SLE: That’s great information for couples looking to get married. Do you also have a club for hosting events? If so, do you have a calendar or group that guests can join?

Addi: We do have a personal venue called Club Addictions that we can rez and it is available for parties. We can offer a specialized show in our venue if someone is looking for a club atmosphere for any event or party. Patrick and I both offer DJ services for parties and weddings. We are currently DJing at a couple of venues a few times a week but if we start having weddings and/or parties booked, we will devote all of our time to our customers.  We also have a small dancing area at Simply Chic Boutique that is open to everyone, adult contemporary/jazz music playing 24/7 on our land.  We do have a group called “Fans of Patrick & Addi'' if anyone would like to come to our DJ sets. 

SLE: With your fingers in many businesses competition can be tight for shopkeepers in Second Life, what makes Simply Chic Boutique different from others and how are you attracting customers? Also, if the customer wanted to see your product online do you also have a shop on SL marketplace?

Patrick: Yes, Simply Chic Boutique has had a small but faithful following since it first launched. You can find our store at

Addi: My goal is to have fun creating items that we all enjoy shopping for, hoping our special items will attract customers in the Marketplace and having them come into our store in-world. We are still learning how we can promote the new store. We do offer a small discount on select items in-world. We are thankful for SLE doing this interview!


SLE:  Thank you! Customer service is an important part of running a successful shop. What is your preferred contact for shopping inquiries?

Addi: I love our customers and I want to make sure any question or concern a customer has is taken care of right away.  In my notecard included with every order I give a few tips and hints and I also ask them to message me in-world with any questions or concerns. I will do everything I can to help and make sure the customer is satisfied.  Patrick is also available to help.

SLE:Well we appreciate you taking the time and letting our readers learn more about the Simply Chic Boutique and the other services you offer. Now, is there anything else you would like to share with our readers about Simply Chic Boutique?


Patrick: We'd love people to add Simply Chic Boutique to their list of places to explore and experience in Second Life and feel free to unwind with friends and loved ones.

Addi: We have a variety of items for sale in every building. There are several places with animations if you wish to relax, have fun, or dance. We even have a hair salon with animations too. We wanted to create a fun area for everyone, not just shopping. If you need a gift, we have a great selection of items for men, women, and children, we have special holiday items as well and a few greeting cards too. We add items to our store quite often. We keep all of our items reasonably priced. Look for our promo-priced items on new releases. Join our group “Simply Chic Boutique” for a free tropical dress and get notifications of sales and special events.  If you're looking for a wedding venue or planning a party or any event, please feel free to contact us for information. Thank you, SLE.

Additional Information


Group: Simply Chic Boutique - secondlife:///app/group/756e8b78-8f2b-b89a-9f72-456f314a8321/about




Preferred Contact: addi.ohare or patrickp29 resident

Sunday, June 7, 2020


LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR

The 2nd GROUP

Here they are! The second group of semifinalists of the LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR contest! Bravo to Anja, Charlotte Chisolm, Cheyenne Sadee, Kitty Dark Rage, Nev and Noreay!
Your picture is not there? You still have chances! 18 other semifinalists will be selected in the coming weeks.

Remember: LUXE Paris is searching the grid to find its LOOK of the YEAR, an elegant woman who will represent the brand and win L$50,000 cash! Open to ALL stylish women, amateurs, and professionals!

Easy to participate: Wear a LUXE Paris outfit, style it, snap a picture, put your name in the title and send FULL PERM to luxeparislookoftheyear resident in the world. The deadline to submit your photo for the next selection of semifinalists is Thursday, June 11th at midnight. A gift to all the participants!

Interested? See all the details on our website at LUXE Paris LOOK of the

The LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR style contest is a presentation of the SL Enquirer, Swank Event, Womenstuff Group, Tone Makeup, In-Nova Modeling Academy, Zuri Jewelry, ProPose Modeling Poses, Bon Amour Avant-garde Hair, SL Confidential magazine, L'Amour Diversity magazine, Villa Media Broadcaster and Stavros Hexem Photography. These sponsors will distribute L $ 175,000 in prizes including the pretty sum of L $ 70,000 in cash (L $ 50,000 to the winner and L $ 10,000 to each of the two runners up).
Stylish women, do not wait any longer! YOU could be the gem we are looking for! 

Sunday, May 5, 2019


SecondLife residents who have been here for any length of time have read, usually in someone’s profile, words to the effect of “Remember:  Behind every avatar is a Real Person. Handle with care”.  We are encouraged to remember the connection between real people and their pixelated renderings.  
But are we not also reminded on occasion to remember the connection between Real World events and their pixelated renderings as well?  Just as how we direct and control pixelated avatars can illicit real world passion and emotions, so also, the way we treat renderings of certain revered places and things can also illicit powerful emotions.  Case in point: The recent tragic fire that ravaged the 900-year-old Cathedral of Notre Dame.

Construction on this historic monument on an island in the Seine River in Paris, France took 182 years, from 1163 to 1345.   The near destruction of that same artifice took a mere 15 hours. Later, the President of France announced that this venerable structure nearly two centuries in the making, would be rebuilt in five years.   
On April 15, 2019 a bishop at the cathedral of Notre Dame noticed a fire coming from the rear roof top.  The news of the fire rocked the world.  People across Europe and around the world referred to Notre Dame as the “Heart of Europe”.  Investigators would later learn that the fire had been started either by electrical wiring in the forest of electronics used to operate the bells in the bell tower, or by cigarettes smoked by contractors doing restoration work on the historic structure.   Either way, this landmark that had stood the test of time for nearly a millennium, was now in flames, and a shocked world watched in horror as the black smoke darkened the Paris sky.

The residents of SL were not immune to the consequences of this destruction.  Many flocked to the Paris 1900 Sim and stood in front of the replica of the Cathedral of Notre Dame.
In the early hours of the fire, the people who gathered in SL were supportive of each other and of their beloved landmark.  News was shared from RL residents of Paris. Pictures and stories were relayed from those standing on St. Louis Island.  The pictures were heart breaking as all of Paris stood by watching.  Residents were notified early on that several historical items had been evacuated unharmed. It wasn’t long however, before griefers attempted to ridicule the horrific events.  Later, the builder of the SL Notre dame Cathedral tried to replicate Real World events, and he was chastened by many on the crowd for doing so. A sample of local chat will help you understand the depth of sentiment surrounding this catastrophe.

[11:52:58] Observer 1:  Good news!  Eight of the iconic copper statues are safe.  They have been removed. That is some relief, at least.
[11:53:15] Observer 2: Yes.... they are working hard to save the art work… brave men and women.
[11:53:44] Observer 3: Priceless art work
[11:55:23] Observer 4: I am not a religious man; I have no religion.  But I am very sorry for all the people of France and all the people of the Catholic religion.
[11:55:38] Observer 1: This is more about history than about religion

In SL, there have been several replicas of Paris over the years.  Some depicted a modern-day Paris; others paid historical homage.  The one with the most traffic in SL currently is “Paris 1900”, an elaborately constructed rendition that closely mirrors what the “City of Lights” must have looked like in its heyday when Notre Dame was a mere 555 years old.
Many of the residents who stood in the SL Notre Dame courtyard offered words of support and unity:
[12:04:56] (Observer 5): I pray for our church. Even though I am not from France, Notre Dame is the heart of Europe.
[12:05:13] (Observer 1): It is one of the hearts of western civilization
[12:25:52] (Observer 5): Tonight, we are ALL French.

Not all visitors were sympathetic to the situation however.  The Cathedral was soon attacked in-world as griefers descended onto the SIM.  Two of them set their avis on fire and hurled themselves to the front of the building.  A different kind of fire erupted down the peak of the roof set from just beneath the surface.  The crowd went wild;

[12:32:42] (Observer 6) shouts: Can you please extinguish the fire?  It is painful enough to see it burning in RL!
[12:33:08] (Observer 13) shouts: YES PLEASE!
[12:33:26] Observer 8): Extinguish the flames!  Please!
[12:35:02] (Observer 9): Part of the fire is an avatar. Can it be derendered?
[12:35:16] (Observer 11): Too much disruption here!
[12:36:57] (Observer 9) shouts: It is a griefer!
[12:37:24] (Observer 12) shouts: I live in Paris, and was born in Paris.  It is the French who started this f###ing fire, and they must put it out quickly!
[12:37:51] (Observer 13) shouts: No, I spoke to the owner of the Sim who added the fire.  He says he did it so people can see and understand what really happened.  Pffftt…As if we are not perfectly capable of following the news. We come here for hope and prayers, and NOT “Real Life Part 2!!!”
[12:46:58] (Observer 13): It shows a profound lack of respect. People that have the ability to log into SL, also have the ability to see this on the news. We don't need to see it here too. People came for prayer and hope, not “Horror Movie Part 2”.

The crowd was incensed and growing more and more agitated; people were yelling at each other; arguments began to break out around the square in front of the Cathedral.  When the crowd learned that the fires on the roof were added by the owner of the SIM, (I’ll call him Claude), the tense atmosphere became riotous;
[12:43:50] (Observer 14) shouts: Claude owns the fire animation at the roof!
[12:49:05] (Observer 12) shouts: HEY PEOPLE! Claude is the owner of the Cathedral.  Since HE is burning the cathedral, should we go elsewhere???
[12:50:42] (Observer 12) shouts: Claude! You don't deserve our presence!!
[12:50:48] (Observer 16) shouts: Claude is the co-owner of Paris 1900 and the builder of Notre Dame Cathedral! Please respect his decisions!
On an individual basis, several people, offended by the pixelated flames, chose simply to derender the griefers and the flames coming from the roofline.  Others in the crowd rallied around “Claude’s” decision to put the flames up, and suggested that people leave if they did not support his choice or took offense by his actions.
[12:45:37] (Observer 17) shouts: We need to show love and respect for our French family.
[12:45:59] (Observer 18) shouts: THANK YOU SO MUCH, [Observer 17]!
Of the many fine tributes that came in over the following days, perhaps one of the most heartfelt was drawn by an artist who was particularly impacted by the fire.  The CNN website, at 12:27 p.m. ET, April 16, 2019, posted the following statement and artwork:
“As Notre Dame Cathedral burned, Cristina Correa Freile channeled her own emotion by imagining how the church's most famous fictional denizen — its hunchbacked bell ringer — might have responded to the calamity.”

Author’s Note:  Due to the sensitivity surrounding the devastation of Notre Dame Cathedral, rather than foment further distress among those present, the names in this article have been changed to preserve the anonymity of the speakers.


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Virtual Tour of Europe in SL – Shaneos Howlett Reporting...

Today we are touring  the Virtual Europe sims in SL and viewing such gems as the Eiffel Tower and other famous landmarks 

 come along with us as we make our way along some interesting landmarks.

We begin the tour with the Eiffel Tower
Be prepared to spend at least an hour in this area – as this is a very large area with lots to see and do.