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Showing posts with label party. Show all posts

Monday, October 3, 2022

An other great week ahead of us !!!


πŸ€ΈπŸ’ƒπŸ€ΈπŸ’ƒπŸ€ΈπŸ’ƒπŸ€ΈπŸ’ƒπŸ€ΈπŸ’ƒ Synful Club Info > This week we also have lots of events to present to you Tuesday, Oct 4 Synful's Hot Seat Challenge
Its an Open mic, 4- 6pm SLT, ( or later depending on how many people we have)
From those performing, John Rocky, NeoMaximus, and Rice Tyler will pick 2 singers
that will get a show option that weeks Thursday at our Synful's Road to the Top
with 4pm first Singer, 5pm John, 6pm second SInger

Wednesday, Oct 5 3pm Mimi Carpenter Mimi’s extensive song list doesn't just highlight the eclectic tastes and influences upon her development as an artist, which includes rock, indie, and pop. The inclusion of English, French, and German language songs 4pm Mavenn With a selection of over 400 songs, Mavenn engages guests and fans providing an interactive show encouraging requests and dedications and lively chat. 5pm Kris Composer His extensive song list of contemporary covers includes a myriad of genres and artists and a sprinkling of his original tunes. 6pm Austin Moores His vast repertoire might have him doing Country one min, Pop songs the next, and Crooning (like Sinatra, Buble, Como) the next. On top of that is sprinkled in some rock and swing music. Thursday, Oct 6 4- 8pm Synful's Road to the Top 2 chosen performers from Tuesday and John Rocky will perform for you 4pm first chosen 5pm John Rocky 6pm second chosen 7pm Vince Ruissatel Friday, Oct 7 3pm Roxy Chronotis Singing songs from artists such as Nora Jones, Billy Joel, Calum Scott, and Colbie Caillat with a few show tunes sprinkled in.... 4pm Agatha Nowles Agatha's strong, smooth and sultry voice will take you down the alleyways of Diana Krall, Norah Jones, Ella Fitzgerald, Eric Clapton, the Beatles, Pearl Jam, America, and her Bossa Nova will simply take your breath away. 5pm Inkaku Capalini Most every genre from the 1920s, and oldies to current and classic Rock, country, blues, top 40s & more! 6pm Sheyz Sheyz 3500 + tips Her self Sheyz brings you diversity in her song choices, from old to new, from Latin to rock 7pm RickyLiveMusic Every style of music for any kind of venue. Opera, Country, Jazz, Pop, blues, RnB, rock, reggae, dancehall, hip-hop, Latin, etc, all styles, all decades, 5 languages Saturday, Oct 8 5pm Baz (Avantgarde Frequency) His ambitious one-off arrangements of classic rock, blues, funk, jazz, and fusion tunes along with his sardonic humor make a Baz show a unique and unrelenting sonic roller coaster ride for the ears, mind & soul. 6pm Marqs DeSade Hearing Marqs is more than going to a show; it is an experience that connects the listener with the music in a unique and intimate way. 7pm NeoMaximus Brandenburg His eclectic style encompasses pop, rock and blues, Indie, Classic rock, grunge, and metal. genres. Sunday, Oct 9 1pm DonFranko DonFranko is an outstanding German artist who loves to sing Swing, Jazz, RnB, Country, Rock/Pop, AND HIS ORIGINALS in German and English.. 2pm Katia Portugal Rock, show tunes, ballads, Italian & Spanish songs, and Portuguese. 3pm Hogan Baily Hogan: "I truly enjoy performing. If I can make something smile thru my talent, there is no greater joy. Once I take the stage, I hold nothing back." 4pm Raven Zenobia With a wide variety of genres, Raven has a voice and character that will make your heart sing. 5pm Andreus 'Anj' Gustafson Musical styles include alternative, pop, and progressive rock with a definite electronica influence. We hope to see you around and come have a good time !

URL: FB: Calendar:



DRAMA LIBRE is a 16-yr old club with a weekly immersive themed party every Saturday from 7-10 pm SLT, with over 400 different themes to date.  Created by owners Xerxes Sismondi and Peachy Sassoon, their attention to detail mixed with creativity and the entertainment they provide makes it one of the most talked about venues on the grid. The SL Enquirer caught up with this dynamic duo leading the revolution against drama, one party at a time!

Interview with Peachy Sassoon and Xerxes Sismondi

SLE: It is a pleasure to meet you both, where are you from and how did you discover Second Life?


Peachy: I am from Pittsburgh Pa. Friends of mine were DJs on the Web and asked me to join SL. I always told folks I came kicking and screaming... giggles. but once I joined I knew I was hooked. Then I met Xerxes and it changed everything.  I never looked back.


Xerxes: I’m in Jacksonville FL. I read about Second Life in a BusinessWeek article back in the exciting days of 2006, and that led me to see what the fuss was all about. Been here ever since.


SLE: It is always interesting to hear where people came from all over the country and world and how they come together. That is the greatest thing about Second Life! What inspired you two to create Drama Libre? 


Peachy: Honestly way back when, lol I got tired of going to places that offered Best In Blue and Escorts and etc... I knew there had to be so much more. There had to be ways to create and me who knew nothing of building, long story short, Xer taught me how to build.


Xerxes: Peachy and I observed that most events that we attended were narrowly applying what Second Life could offer. They all focused on holding different themed events in a fixed club-like structure. We envisioned flipping that philosophy by having different thematic environments that just happened to be music and dance events. Why just dress as a pirate in a dance club when you can rock it up on the main deck of a 40-gun galleon sailing the Spanish Main? Why not party as Godzilla and other monsters stomping around a miniaturized city where you can cause monster-sized mayhem? Instead of adorning a club with the Eiffel Tower and french flags for a French-themed event, why not party at the Palace of Versailles… at the Court of King Louis the 16th?  Second Life really has the power to bring forth great imagination, so why hold back?



SLE: What creative minds you both have! I love the idea of creating an immersive interactive environment like the ones you described. With over 400 different themes over the past 14 years, it is impressive that you haven't done any repeats of the same event. How do you come up with the themes and who designs them?


Peachy: We get together and put our thinking hats on and discuss what kind of themes we could do, also we take ideas from any DL'ers and if we use their idea we pay them 500L. As far as the designs go each of us takes a turn being the lead builder.


Xerxes: To be specific, we always build a brand new set every week, and we have never re-used any set we have already built – although we are willing to sell them if there is an interested party. We do sometimes repeat broad themes, but we always execute them differently with each new build. For instance, we’ve done many pirate themes e.g., we’ve danced on a pirate sloop, in the pirate town of Tortuga, a Goonies set with an underground cavern and pirate treasure, and even a modern-day scene involving Somalian pirates. We’ve also done a steampunk version dancing on flying dirigibles. We always look at different angles to build a theme. As Peachy said, we have a very creative and skillful build team, all of whom learned how to build, script, texture, etc from scratch. We also all taught each other as well using various tools like Photoshop, Audacity, etc. No one is an island, and there is power in many. We brainstorm with each other regularly and come up with different ideas that we each want to realize, so we take turns each week leading the build to bring our ideas to life. And as Peachy said, we also ask for ideas from our guests that they want to see built. We draw inspiration from many sources, from current events to historical events to movies to our own memories and experiences. So we have a varied pool of ideas to pull from and each of our sets is very personal to us.



SLE: Power in many is a great approach when working together because you produce amazing things!  I love your motto of Leading the revolution against Drama one party at a time, I heard from a few people that this is the place to be! Can you tell our readers what they can expect at each event? 


Peachy: I can say that once you come to one event you will be back time and time again. Always a good time to be had. There is a lot of chatter going on at Drama Libre. No private chats but openly chats we talk about food, weather, what's new, and the likes of things, we strive to make new people feel welcome.


Xerxes: We‘re primarily in the people business, and we want everyone to be comfortable with each other, and with everything that happens at Drama Libre. As our name indicates, we work hard to steer clear of drama as discreetly as we can at our events. We welcome everyone here and welcome as much creativity as they can come up with,  but we know we’re not for everyone. Clothing is not optional, for instance, and we do not tolerate any form of harassment or abuse.  Peachy and I do our best to help every guest who has a concern or difficulty, and sometimes our patrons beat us to it!  We have a large number of regular visitors, many of who have been coming here for years and who we practically consider to be family.


We also invest a lot of time and effort in what we do. We spend at least 35-40 person-hours planning and building each set, and that does not include time spent by the DJs in planning their playlists and the additional work to create the teaser audio clips and posters for the following events, brainstorming sessions, website change, and maintenance, taking pictures and videos of each set, etc. All this work for one 3-hour event, and we repeat this whole process 50 times a year. This does not work, but a labor of love and of the creative process.  Our reward is the smile on people’s faces and the fun they have each week, and a job well done. I do believe that shows in every event we produce.


SLE: I can relate to working in SL. It really is a labor of love. Especially with the ability to be creative in many different ways. I’m sure you have had lots of fun stories over the years. Can you share one of your most memorable moments at the themed parties?


Peachy: OMG there are many but I remember one that makes me laugh every time I think of it. We had a cartoon set and I was clicking on things and moving them around and bam I deleted the floor and everyone... giggles went falling to the ground. I was so embarrassed, but it was funny. We all laughed about it.


Xerxes: We’ve been doing this for 16 years, so there are too many stories to count. Back when we started the sim servers were prone to crashing when you overloaded them, so we would crash a lot when we got too many people at our parties. It was fun to watch folks rez back in-world after each crash, and amazing that they cared enough to return as well. One time the Lindens announced that on one particular Saturday evening that all their servers would go down for maintenance, so we held a crash party i.e, we partied until the servers went down. And we still managed to crash the sim minutes before the servers were taken offline, and everyone still came back. I guess we were determined to go down fighting!  Peachy also mentioned accidentally deleting the floors at our parties, which are usually held at 1000m altitude, so it was hilarious to see 30 or more avatars falling at the same time. It took us a while to learn that lesson.


Most of our fun is in seeing what everyone is wearing. We have patrons who are quite imaginative and competitive. Peachy and I are always oohing and ahhing at every event like tourists.


SLE: LOL, those are great stories! Do you have a calendar of events so guests can plan accordingly for the events? 


Peachy: No we have not done a calendar for the events. It is something to think about.


Xerxes: I’m not sure this is something that would fit but we are open to considering different ideas. I think the weekly theme reveal is part of our charm and evens the playing field among our patrons by giving them each a week to come up with a costume. We do make a big deal about the next theme at the end of every event. We create a 2 - 3 minute audio teaser that the DJ plays, and make a poster, so even the theme reveal is a production in itself. We do have a schedule of who will lead the build and who our DJs will be for each event, though, but we really don’t make that public to maintain the weekly suspense lol. While it would be nice to announce our themes well in advance, we really only decide on themes the week prior.  Still, this is something we should think about. We’re not wed to our current format, but we do want to make sure any change we make is thoughtful and within our abilities and our brand.



SLE: We should definitely talk about a Sponsorship so we can make sure our readers always know what is going on and can be prepared with a costume! With theme parties, it's always fun to dress up! Are costumes mandatory and are there contests?


Peachy: Costumes are not mandatory, but if you want to join in on the contest you will need to join the Drama Libre group, which is not an open group. It is free to join. All ya have to do is let Xerxes or myself know. The reason we do not have open enrollment is that we want everyone at the party to know who is joining and welcome them to the family.


Xerxes: We hold a costume contest with every weekly event we throw. Costumes are not mandatory, but clothes definitely are. The more creative the costume, the better we like it. And there are many ways to interpret our themes for costumes, and we welcome different dimensions that we hadn’t even thought of. For example, we once did a Safari-themed set, and one person came with an iPhone running the Safari web browser. Love those tangential executions!


SLE: Very cool! I see that your next theme is House of Borgia! Can you share with our readers what guests can expect on October 1st?


Peachy: Our next theme is called The day the Dinosaur died.

 During our event after the contest is over, we have a teaser that the DJ plays which was recorded. We never speak of our next theme until the teaser has been played.


Xerxes: You have to come and see. We never talk about what a set build will look like before the evening of the event itself. Our lips are sealed!



SLE: Surprises are exciting! We look forward to popping in on these events. Are you currently hiring? If so, what positions are you looking to fill and how can people apply?


Peachy: We have not talked about hiring.


Xerxes: Drama Libre is not really a typical club. We hold one party every Saturday evening (7-10 pm slt) for 50 weeks a year so it’s not like we need lots of people. Peachy and I host for the most part, and have a few guest hosts when we are not available. We have 6 DJs who rotate, so they get airtime only 8 or 9 times a year. However, they do work hard as each event is 3 hours long. We have a team of 5 builders/creators, including Peachy and myself. We have one builder who doubles as our website manager. Peachy and I work on administrative duties and planning while Peachy doubles (triples?) as the event photographer. However, if anyone wants to participate or see different roles that can help streamline and add to the Drama Libre experience, please reach out directly to Peachy or me. For instance, one of our patrons came to us and wanted to do a weekly reveal video at our events, and she is now practically our videographer–of-record. Katheryn Llewelyn, posts videos of our events to her YouTube channel, Adventures in Second Life, each week so check out her channel to see our events.




SLE: It sounds like you have dotted all your i’s and crossed all your t’s to create the perfect party experience in Second Life and we wish you the very best for years to come! It has been a pleasure chatting with you both. Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?


Peachy: All I can add is that we welcome all to come and enjoy a 3-hour event with us. As stated no need to wear a costume, just come and relax and enjoy a drama-free night. You will be hooked.


Xerxes: Come on down and check us out. You don’t have to be in costume, We’d love to have you at our events. You can see our profiles, pics of our previous events, and upcoming event announcements at  You can even see videos of our events by going on YouTube and searching for Drama Libre or going on the following channels: Adventures in Second Life and Alexxy’s Adventures.

Additional Information:



Preferred Contact: Peachy Sassoon or Xerxes Sismondi

Monday, July 11, 2022


NOTE NOTE NOTE:  When first posted, this article mistakenly said the next DJ Spin-Off is July 17th.  The Corrected date is JULY 24

I first met Petra Steele while reviewing a new sim she was opening – a place called Steele Pointe, In the course of my research for that piece, the more I learned about this amazing woman, the more impressed I became. With an iconic style among the myriad of artists/entertainers than make up this amazing place, Petra has become something of a mainstay in the world of SecondLife entertainment. Her talents as an artist, writer, builder, manager, dancer, comedian, and musician seem to know no bounds. A noteworthy contributor to the world of the virtual, Petra accepts the accolades with grace and style. Never standing still, Miss Steele is always thinking about the next “big idea” in Grid Entertainment.

The other night while I was dancing at one of my favorite dance venues in SL, I bumped into Steele, the newly hired Director of Events at Frank’s Entertainment Group. We agreed to get together in a few days to catch up on her latest projects

Josh (Thomas1 Bellis) (JB): Tell us, Miss Steele, something about your background? What first drew you to SL as a medium for artistic expression?

Petra Steele (PS): Well now the fact is I didn't come to SL to find a medium for my artistic aspirations. I came as a writer who had been tasked with reviewing a book by MIT professor and Lacanian analyst Sherry Turkle, entitled "Together Alone.” It is a marvelous book exploring how the interface of artificial intelligence and the human psyche have substantively changed the way we relate to one another. Inclusive of the subject was the examination of the impact that virtual worlds were making on human psychology. As I had never experienced a virtual world, I chose Second Life. I spent enough time here to write the review for the International Journal of Analytical Psychology and then....and then, I discovered Frank's Jazz and became a lounge lizard.

JB: You have opened retreat centers, musical venues, comedy clubs...the list goes on. Tell us about some of your more noteworthy creations here in SL?

PS: A few corrections...while I built two comedy clubs, I never actually opened them. This was, in part, due to the fact that a few years ago comedy was not considered a form of entertainment that is easily translated to the SL medium. But as for those endeavors I consider noteworthy is my first foray into venue ownership, The SL Playboy Mansion sim. I had very little experience at that point but I did have a large staff and we were able to launch many forms of entertainment in the myriad venues we had on that sim. I've opened Steele Street, a live music and residential venue in an urban setting. Later I reopened the original Petra's on a full sim which I built mostly on my own with some help from a very good friend. It was a beautiful sim and I still look at photos of it when I get sentimental.

But perhaps my greatest achievement in venue ownership was the original Petra's which was located on a half sim and where you can say I cut my teeth on how to run a live music venue, I must mention that I was fortunate enough to have had two remarkable GMs, RJ Dragon and later Hera Titan. I owe a great debt to them both. I miss the old Petra's and in my weaker moments I think of reopening it but honestly, I don't see that happening.

JB. What would you consider to be your greatest achievement and contribution to the SecondLife Grid?

PS. This answer is going to get me into trouble but let me first say that I mean no disrespect to the other very fine venues in SL. The remark I heard most from both entertainers and patrons was that my venues were, beautifully appointed and decorated, that our programming, which relied on the careful crafting of Lineups, and our penchant for 6-to-10-hour Music Festivals. Those were exciting events; I think in large part due not only to the stellar talent we booked but also to the careful and logical progression of acts in the lineup. The other issue that was mentioned to me was that my venues and events were of high standards and, forgive me, "classy". Of course, I had great examples to follow in this regard, especially The Frank's Entertainment Group where I am now employed as Director of New Events.

JB: What’s next in the life of Petra Steele? What can we look forward to in the near future?

PS: Right now, my sights are set on bringing newly conceptualized events to the FEG venues. We have added the Frank's Championship DJ Spin Off and that event is catching on each round. Currently, we have DJ Sharcrista Quan taking an early lead followed closely by DJ Rosabella and DJ Filo Tani. You can catch the next Spin Off at Frank’s Jazz, poolside on Sunday, July 24 at 7PM (HTTP://maps.secondlife/Frank;s%20Jass%20Club/45/118/24)

There are several other events I am proposing internally and we will announce them as I work these through the details with our GM, Ms Persia Silverblade and our owner, Mr.William Zeta. I am very proud to be a part of the FEG organization. The staff is peerless as is the management..

I think my plate is full at the moment and my focus on being able to make a substantive contribution to an organization that has long held my admiration and respect

JB: What is so unique about this opportunity presented to you?

PS: Well, it’s not every day one is offered a position that allows the opportunity for much freedom in proposing events of my own creation and to see them happen. I love being part of a larger group of people with the same goal but this job also allows me a measure of independence which I believe is enviable and also much appreciated in the confidence that is being placed on me.

JB: Is there anything else you would like to share with our SL Enquirer readers?

PS: As per usual Josh, your well-formulated and relevant questions have covered the ground I'd consider most important. Thank you for your time and talent it's always a pleasure.

JB: The pleasure is mine, I assure you, Petra. Mine, and that of our readers. Best of luck in your newest of adventures. It is a pleasure to see you working again.

So, there you have it folks - the inside scoop from the woman who knows. Franks Entertainment Group has long been recognized as one of the best entertainment venues on the grid, and the one by which many others are measured. Now, with Petra Steele as their new Director of New Events, that standard of excellence promises to become even more so. Go check ‘em out. Stay for a dance. Stay for an hour, or stay for an evening. You’ll be glad you did. Tell ‘em “Josh sent ya”

Be There! Aloha!


For more information about Franks Entertainment Group and Petra Steele, go to: SURL:



Thursday, June 30, 2022


Soooooo..I was bouncing around my favorite dance venues and when I got to Frank’s Elite, I stopped.  On the wall was a sign, advertising something called CUTS.  Well…my investigative reporter instincts kick into overdrive, and I simply HAD to learn what this was.  I managed to get some time on the calendars of  a couple of gents who are arguably among the busiest guys on the Grid, William Zeta (WZ) and Patrick Pearson (PP) and they agreed to chat with me about this highly innovative program.   Concert Under The Stars – “CUTS”

Josh (Thomass1 Bellic) JB:  So tell me Patrick.  As the Head organizer of CUTS, have you managed projects of this caliber before?  Share with us some of your background here in SL?

Patrick Pearson (PP):  I've always loved music, and find myself always wanting to explore musical traditions.  Prior to my time here at CUTS, I was a DJ and learned a lot about connecting with audiences.  The opportunity to be involved with CUTS presented itself in 2015 to fill in as producer for our Euro CUTS.  After that Jay Jones, who was running CUTS at the time, asked if I could fill in once a month. Sadly not longer after that he passed way and the mantle fell to me to continue the tradition.  DJ Filo Tani also helped keep CUTS alive when William took over.

JB:  So then, what is it that makes CUTS different from other dance events out there?

PP:  The question itself makes this somewhat incongruent from the concepts of what CUTS means, at least to me as this is not a dance event but an opportunity to provide an experience to enjoy concerts over several genres, touching the styles of romance, jazz, pop or rock as a whole. Under the covers, with the help of the collective of the band referred to as "The Usual Suspects" makes it sustainable and memorable week after week.  Not only is the music different, the stage is different, the costumes are different, and the experience is different.  It's the closest event in SL to being at a concert in RL.

JB:  Where do you find your talent?  And the Tribute bands?  Where do THEY come from?

PP:  The talent of the band referred as The Usual Suspects, who are regulars that help provide a look to the current weeks tribute band members, help to make it so enjoyable as a team as add authenticity to the performers, and they truly  have fun during the shows. As to the source material, I have made it possible to obtain the well recorded concerts ensuring the high-quality sound is maintained. These can be found online or via my own private collection of CDs. 

JB:   Who was the brainchild for CUTS and what were you hoping to accomplish?

William Zeta (WZ): The founder of Frank's, Nanceee Sinatra, was the innovator that create CUTS (and many of Frank's offerings).  She wanted to create a safe space free of drama, to come and enjoy listening, dancing, and being in good company.   She created something special, and we are honored to continue her traditions and add our own little twists.

JB:   Where did you get the inspiration for CUTS?

PP:  As Frank’s Elite (aka FEG Frank’s Entertainment Group) is under the guise of a romantic venue over its main years, we try to lean toward a more romantic leaned set of concerts.  However, we also try to diversify the style of music as well. Given the seasonal climates or some special weekends like Memorial Day, Cinco de Mayo among others, we look to give some Latino influences or some classic rock or some fun pop to reach a broader audience while being true to our regular base to give the variety needed.   It is particularly fun when we find a concert or an artist that we can introduce to our members that they never heard, but learn to love!

JB:    And how have the crowds been since you started the CUTS series.  Are the Guests responding in the numbers you had hoped?

WZ: Elite is a member-only venue, so it's not so much about the number but about the quality we provide our members.  With that said, we have between 40-90 avatars attend.  We have managed to keep the base over the years and some shows by their nature are very popular and will a greater audience.  That being said, overall it’s been quite good and sustainable even now, in spite of copy-cats trying to duplicate what we do. 

JB:    How might someone learn of any special events coming up at any of your venues.

WZ:  If you belong to any of the Frank's groups (e.g., Franks Place Elite Club, Franks Jazz ***VIP***) you will get notices.   Or you can stop by Frank's Jazz or Frank's Elite and look at the board in front of the clubs.  It contains a lot of info about upcoming concerts, DJs, live singers.  There is quite a lot going on.

JB:    I understand you also have a Loyalty Program? Tell me about that, please.

WZ:  It's called Frank's STARS.   You earn STARS for the time you spend and enjoy our venues.  For example if you spend two hours dancing the night away with us, you will earn 20 Frank’s STARS.  You can redeem your STARS for the goods and services we provide at Frank’s Entertainment Group, such as Private Events and Parties, Chateau d’Elite Dinning, Weddings.   You can also buy a day pass for Elite or a night pass for CUTS.  There are STAR vendors around the club which have that and other merchandise you can get in exchange for your points.  

JB:   And what of the future? Any new developments on the horizon.

PP:  We are always looking for ways to improve CUTS from the music to the technology for putting on shows.  We're also looking at ways to expand how DJs and Artists can reach an audience.  Lastly, we have been working on visual interactive experiences that immerse members in art and music, a completely different way to experience SL.  

JB:   Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

WZ:   Sure.  Here are some upcoming shows:


July 1, Canada Day @ Frank's Elite

~ C.U.T.S. 12PM & 8PM: Nickelback Live in Rock in Rio 2013


July 1-4 Elite Beach Weekend @ Frank's Elite

~ 4th of July Celebration


July 3, Sunday 7-9pm @ Frank's Jazz

~ Etta James


July 17, Sunday @ Frank's Jazz

~ Fleetwood Mac Tribute


July 21, Thursday. Amazon Dancers @ Frank's Elite

~ Michael Jackson dance show, 5PM


July 31 Sunday @ Frank's Jazz

~Marilyn Monroe Tribute


Also stop by Bogart's for some Karaoke, and Sphynx Jazz for close intimate performances.


Sooo...there you have it, Folks.  Straight from the Man who Knows.  See if you can “Make the CUTS” and join the team for a night of romance and dancing under the stars to the grid’s favorite tribute bands, every Friday at Frank’s Elite.  Believe me.  You’ll be glad you did.  And so will your dance partner.

Be There!  Aloha

-          Josh

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

The Count’s Cup Race Day Friday, June 17th


Enjoy a day of music, racing, prizes, and a fabulous after-party…a thrilling prelude to Royal Ascot Day!

1pm-3pm SLT DJ Tamlorn Carterhaugh Wood plays a fantastic set to get everyone in the mood for the Count's Cup Races!

4pm SLT-6pm SLT  Races and after-party

Dress code: Victorian/Edwardian preferred
Day dresses, semi-formal ensembles; no mini-skirts or bare midriffs.
Suits, semi-formal ensembles
Hats for both ladies and gentlemen are encouraged, but not mandatory.

Grandstand and General seating available.

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Motown Tribute Show!


Join us at WAP as we recognize and perform some of Motown's greatest hits! The performers will be singing songs from amazing singers like Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gay and the Supremes. The Saturday performance will have another lineup of singers! Don't miss our two different shows this weekend! FRI 2/25/2022 at 7 PM SLT and SAT 2/26/2022 at 2 PM SLT!

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

January 29th - Live Music & Bloch Party at Terry's: Ninja's Birthday Extravaganza!

When friends are's time to CHEER! Join us at Terry's on Saturday, January 29th beginning at 11 AM SLT to celebrate Ninja's real life birthday with SIX fun filled hours of live music from some of the hottest entertainers on the grid! Don't worry about bringing the balloons and cake...just make sure you are not late, my DEAR!

Kicking things off at 11 AM, we'll get things cranking with a Terry's Bloch Party...featuring a special live performance from Shagpile Spyker, AKA Jason Vare, an independent singer songwriter from Bedlington, a small town north of Newcastle in Northumberland UK. He was particularly influenced by artists such as Bob Dylan; The Beatles; Neil Young and many more. In more recent times  Shaggy has been drawn to the sound of Joe Purdy, Ray Lamontagne, James Morrison, Paulo Nutini, and upcoming artists like Paul Liddell.

As a song writer Shaggy draws inspiration from the trials of life, and from the lives of those around him. These inspirations translate into music that is smooth and sincere. He has a creativity that detours from the ordinary!! Lyrically this music takes you to wherever you want to be and is full of emotion.

Up next at 12pm SLT,  get ready for more of our Bloch Party as we welcome spiritLed back for a special LIVE performance on Terry's stage! spiritLed is not new to SL but relatively new to performing live music around the grid. Coming to you from the East Coast, spiritLed has been playing the guitar since his 20's and is now learning and enjoying playing the keyboard.

You will immediately fall in love with spiritLed's covers of songs from artists like: Coldplay, Harry Styles, Train, The Beatles, and more. Join us and hear why he is beloved by fellow musicians around the grid.

Following spiritLed at 1pm, lose yourself in the music with the amazing Mimi Carpenter!! Known for her distinctively gentle, French lilt, Mimi's talent as a self-taught musician has graced the Second Life music scene for a decade.

As Mimi's presence and talent grew, so too did her repertoire of covers and originals. Mimi’s extensive song list doesn't just highlight the eclectic tastes and influences upon her development as an artist, which includes rock, indie and pop. The inclusion of English, French, and German language songs also reflect her travels and experiences living throughout Europe and abroad.

Taking the stage at 2pm SLT will be Shamrock Defibrillator, an exciting recent addition to the Second Life entertainment scene, playing original music in a virtual world.  Imagine Bill Withers heading over to Abbey Road in a Cadillac to pick up Ben Harper so they can catch the tail end of THE Reverend Al Green's sermon...this fantastic performer is definitely not your ordinary Shamrock!

At 3pm SLT, Terry's Bloch Party continues with another spectacular performance from the lovely Semina! Born and raised on the south coast of Sweden, she is a talented singer-songwriter who has traveled the world playing her music at clubs, festivals, living rooms,  and theaters around Scandinavia, Europe, UK, and USA.

With a playful way of mixing genres and a voice that could mend a broken heart, SEMINA now comes to entertain in Second Life with covers from well known artists.

Following a brief intermission, you're in for a particularly delightful treat at 5pm SLT Terry's is proud to welcome back veteran musicians Noma Falta and Donn Devore, performing together in an exclusive DUALSTREAM!

NOMA FALTA is a POWERFUL, passionate performer in the Music scene of Second Life.  A vocalist, bass player, and guitar player in genres covering Blues, rock, soul, pop, and jazz-influenced tunes.  Noma plays bass and sings live with tracks for solo shows, but she can also perform a solo acoustic show - just woman and guitar.
 She is a powerful, soulful Vocalist and Musician enjoying the company of Second Lifer’s for over 13 years. A high-energy artist who loves being involved with the audience during her shows. From solid grooves with bass and tracks to heartfelt unplugged acoustic shows - it is all about the Music and You.

A Multi-instrumentalist and Strong Vocalist with power and soul embedded in all music endeavors, Noma has extensive experience for the past 40+ years around the Real-world on stages, arenas, and bars across the U.S and overseas.

Joining Noma for this special LIVE ensemble is Donn Devore, who is a music producer, audio engineer, multi-instrumental musician, singer, composer, and Second Life performer since 2007.

Inspired by Nine Inch Nails, Pink Floyd, and more, Donn performs a mix of original rock and electronic music.  Combining influences from rock, trance, and techno genres, Donn has developed a delicious blend of sounds from guitar-based love songs to high energy dance music to experimental electronic pieces.  He demonstrates a broad range of musical talent singing with a rich, soulful voice while jamming on guitar and keyboards. His live shows are exciting to watch with colorful visuals and particle effects creating a fully immersive live music experience while inviting audience interaction.

Come celebrate Ninja's birthday with friends, great music and a whole lot of fun...ONLY at Terry's Place!!!


Welcome to Terry's Place, your friendly neighborhood pub where everyone knows your name! Home to some of the hottest DJs and live singers on the grid, there's a little something for everyone here at Terry's when you just need to get away from it all. Dance as we spin tunes for all walks of life, show off your talents at Open Mic every Friday, or enjoy a live concert out in the park at our Terry's Sunday Showcase!  With events now happening four nights a week, be yourself and escape the chains of real-life with friends, laughter, and a whole lot of fun...ONLY at Terry's Place!






Ninja (ninjaantwoord resident)

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Kuroshima - Asian Inspired Tropical Paradise Now Open

A Tropical and Underwater sim for your enjoyment. LGBTQ Friendly. Open to a mature audience. This sim features the main Island, cave, underwater, and Party Area. LGBTQ Friendly.
 Note: this is an adult sim, no child avatars are allowed.