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Showing posts with label real life. Show all posts

Monday, July 4, 2022

I SAID NO EVENT SL To Benefit RAINN- July 16th- August 16th


I Said NO Event SL is returning to Second Life for its third year! We are coming back better than ever!  We do all of this for RAINN and survivors of sexual violence.

Vendor/Artist Application:

Letter of Authorization from RAINN:

ISNE Official Website:

Morgan Incognito - ISNE Event Coordinator

Thursday, March 10, 2022

ZEBRA Gallery for relevant Art present "Fragile Street Art" in soldarity with the people of Ukraine


To show solidarity with the people of Ukraine,  ZEBRA Gallery for relevant Art is hosting a pre-opening event called "Fragile Street Art" beginning March 3-open end.

This exhibit features the beautiful street art in Kyiv and its surrounding areas. It is the most vulnerable and fragile art facing weapons and destruction but also the MOST visible expression of the human soul.

Show your solidarity with us and sign the guest book. 

 Art against War

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Do you believe in magic?- Anonymous Sensitive in SL

A little background, my Irish maternal grandmother was into magic, you could say a witch. From what I have been told, it is passed down through generations tracing back to Scotland and the druids. Something I knew bits and pieces about growing up but she never involved me in it or explained her practices.  

 I remember she had a shrine set up in her bedroom with saints, a bible, rosaries, and bottles of oil with rolled pieces of paper inside. I remember asking what were in the bottles, and she would just tell me they were for protection.  She also had an Ouija board tucked away on the top shelf in her laundry room. My cousin and I once brought it out and were scolded and told never to play with it. It wasn’t a toy. I never touched one ever again. There was also a Native American Chief statue in the living room with offerings of change in his lap.  All I knew was it was forbidden to take any of it or bad things would happen. 

The first incident I can remember being a result of taking change was when my little brother took some to buy candy at the local corner store. He was about seven at the time. Not soon after,  his bed caught on fire but thankfully it was put out quickly and no one was hurt. Either my brother was playing with matches or something else, it looked like a warning to me never to test magic. 

Again when I was about 12, we woke up one morning to white powder sprinkled outside our front and back door. My grandmother said it was from someone who wished us harm and she did a spell reversal and the woman/witch who had done the curse, her husband died in a tragic construction site accident while digging a trench and it collapsed a few weeks later. That convinced me that magic was real.  My grandmother passed away a week before my 13th birthday and I was devastated. She raised me up until that point.

Ever since I always felt like an outsider. Early on I realized not many were accepting of strange questions or premonitions I shared. I thought it was normal and everyone had the ability to have a “knowing” something was about to happen or details of someone’s life that would come out of thin air.

 Kids can be cruel and treat you like you have the cooties or think you are crazy. I doubted myself for many years despite the constant “coincidences” and events that I knew about before they happened. Like knowing the gender and features of an unborn baby, absorbing others’ energy, and feeling their emotions. Being in big crowds can be overwhelming.

 In high school, I freaked out a classmate who was pregnant unintentionally. We got to talking. I asked if she wanted to know what she was having and she said she was going to find out the gender at her next appointment. I told her she was having a boy with lots of dark hair. About a week later, she came up to me and said, it’s a girl with a smirk on her face, almost as if mocking me. I should have trusted science, right? But the feeling was so strong I did not back down from telling her it would be a boy because that is what I saw in my mind’s eye. When he was born with a full head of dark hair, she was shocked and had to return all the pink things she bought. 

In my teenage years, things seemed to pick up. Not only was I sensing things but starting to feel the physical effects of spirit energy and sensing things around me I could not see. The only way I can describe it is, a TV turned on in a room with no volume. It’s like static in the air. If it is something negative, I'd feel it in my chest and feel anxious.

 One summer night in particular at about 19 years old, I went out with a group of friends to a park under a bridge right outside the city where I lived. It was about 1 am-ish. As we got out of the car, me being in the back right passenger seat, I immediately felt a pull to the edge of the river. As my friends were bantering in the background.  I approached the river and stared straight out into the darkness, I could only see the water and the trees along the bank. It was eerie but something was not right.

 I started to shake with what I can only describe as a deep inner chill where you can feel it creep up your back and make your hairs stand on your arms and neck. A quick shiver and then the feelings of dread came. I got paranoid as if something very bad happened. I remember turning around and telling my friends I wanted to go. They were confused but saw how visibly shaken I was they brought me home. The next morning I got a call from one of my friends who was with us. I remember her tone sounding nervous as she proceeded to tell me that last night around the same time we were at the river, across the lake a car full of teenagers flipped upside down in about 6 ft of water and drowned. I was horrified but understood the feelings that bombarded me the night before. I found out later that one of the boys that drowned was my cousin’s best friend. Maybe that was the connection.

In my early 20’s I felt I needed to find some sort of understanding around the feelings and visions I was seeing. I went to a candle shop that was owned by two shamans. We got to talking and they mentioned enlightenment classes that they hosted after hours in the back of the shop. These types of sessions aren’t prominently displayed to just anyone who enters the shop. These shamans picked up right away that I was a“sensitive”.

 I signed up and would meet once a week there with others who were sensitives and looking for answers. It was an eye-opening experience to know I was not alone and I could talk freely with them about my experiences and not be judged or looked at like I was crazy. We would do different exercises, give each other readings, and learn techniques for protecting ourselves. The more involved I got, the more open I became.

I used to use a WebTV to chat away in various chat rooms as a way to give anonymous readings.  One morning, while I was online, I distinctly heard a woman’s voice in the same room simply say “Hi”. It frightened me so bad. I’ve always been more sensitive to feeling things but becoming audio was a whole nother level. I wasn’t ready to hear or see spirit.

I consulted a psychic medium to get answers of my own and what she told me was one of my spiritual guides was trying to get my attention. Turns out I was pregnant. I was also told by another medium that I was more powerful than I realized. What does one say to that? I know I still haven't reached my fullest potential and still question myself at times. I remember asking the shamans where it comes from and I was told I’d go crazy trying to figure it out, just accept it.

The last straw that made me push down my abilities was during a session with the shamans and the other sensitives. We formed a circle around a small wooden accent table. With only our fingertips at the edge and following the humming of the shamans using a tuning fork, we were able to move the table a few inches across the floor. Being so young and still learning what the power of energy can do was a lot for me to handle and I never returned to those sessions. I became afraid of this gift and for years pushed it down and rarely spoke about it.

My father, who is a devout Catholic, is a skeptic so I never really talk about it with him. He accused me of doing witchcraft during my time with the shamans so I asked him if he prayed. He said yes. Then I said he is talking to a spirit, how is it any different?. That was the end of that conversation.

When I discovered SIMS Online I became fascinated with the opportunity to meet and talk to people from around the world. I realized I can pick up on people’s energy in a virtual world, so I began doing readings there. It was anonymous and it restored my confidence in this gift. After a while, it got exhausting and drained me of energy. My hands would literally turn as cold as ice. Again,  It became too much and I stopped for a while and moved on to other things.

After a couple of years, I came to Second Life, and away from doing readings.  I still pick up random things from people I come across at concerts, events, and in my friend groups, sometimes sharing info that freaks them out and sometimes not. I still find myself doubting these abilities and questioning if it is really a gift if it’s only bits and pieces of information that validates what I envisioned or felt, but I often wonder how it is helping others.

Throughout the years I’ve gone to real haunted houses, been in a murder house, ghost tours, visited Salem, Mass,  got to be in a room alone and touch one of the 13 crystal skulls “Max”,  as well as walked the halls of Pennhurst Asylum.

 I don’t know if it's to test my abilities and continue to freak myself out, but I’m drawn to it and have experiences every time. My daughter who is now in her early 20’s also experiencing things the way I do and we do our tours together. We still have Gettysburg and Penn State Penitentiary on our bucket list.

 I’m not here to make believers out of skeptics but what I do know is energy never dies. Our departed loved ones are watching over us and at times guide us. Sometimes they even give us signs. Maybe a certain song comes on the radio around their birthday, a scent, even using butterflies or birds to show they are present in our lives. When you get a bad feeling about something or someone, always trust your first instinct. They are warning you. 

We all have this ability within us, some are just not open, afraid of it, don’t understand it, or have a lot of self-growing to do before they can really be enlightened. If you find yourself experiencing premonitions, pay attention, meditate, and learn more about it. Also remember bad intent on others is not good because karma is real. 

I’m open to giving readings in Second Life but I am not ready to reveal myself and be subjected to griefers who would want to burn me at the stake.

 Do you believe in magic? 

Use the comment box below to share your experiences


Saturday, September 11, 2021



Dear Human or Not-a-Human,

W/E are thrilled that on October 9-10, 2021, at 3PM PST, Time 12 Midnight, Europe, we will be opening Second Life SpaceX Event Center to the world. 

Second life is a global center for creators, and have long deserved reconsecration of this size and scale dedicated to the arts and sciences of space and building.  

We have built-in PRIM fashion,  a three-floor core exhibition, Stories of Space, which features spectacular galleries devoted to SPACE, as well as the creators who produced and designed them. Sound, visual effects, animation, cinematography, and so much more.  With more than two Sims, of public spaces and theater-style meeting places, the Second Life SpaceX Exhibit Center is destined to become the premier institution of Second Life for exploring and celebrating space. 


Please join our humble second life groups by becoming a member.  You will enjoy complimentary general admission, invitations to members-only programs and special events, discounts at the sponsors stores, expedited check-in, and other fantastic benefits.

We hope you will join us in commemorating this exciting new era by becoming a member today. Your support will help us build and sustain our import exhibitions and programming. Simply click on the links below and enjoy FREE memberships for the rest of the year. 

Many thanks-- I look forward to seeing you at our events.

All my best, 





October 4-10, 2021-- In a time of COVID, many event staff assistants are turning to Simulated reality, social simulation games and Virtual reality to meet and greet like and kind patrons. 

Zoom meetings are on the rise and other platforms of electronic communication has taken off and is the leader.  Despite the global pandemic, there are safe and exciting ways to participate and celebrate World Space Week. or Second Life is an online virtual world, developed and owned by the San Francisco-based firm Linden Lab and launched on June 23, 2003.  It is available on Platforms such as Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Macintosh operating systems and Classic Mac OS. 

Thought out the years, Second Life has earned numerous awards in the field of Technology & Engineering. An Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Video Gaming Technology and Applications. The Genres: Virtual world, massive multiplayer online role-playing game. 

Second Life is used as a platform for education by many institutions, such as colleges, universities, libraries, and government entities.  Libraries in virtual worlds #Second Life libraries.

World Space Week is declared by the UNITED NATIONS as a celebration of space. Events are held annually, every October 4 to 10. 

These events are organized by thousands of organizations, including space agencies, aerospace companies, astronomy clubs and museums. It has become the largest space event on Earth, with over 8,000 events reported in 2019 and held in 96 countries. 

In 2020, World Space Week was dedicated to satellites and their broad benefits under the theme “Satellites improve life.” a Steller sponsor,, International Spaceflight Museum and the SL National Space Society will be presenting awards to SpaceX Space theme builders of Second Life. 

Kindness awards, Participation awards among other awards. Dr. Joseph Borg of Malta will be receiving an Achievement award. Dr. Borg and his colleagues are the first Maltese space project to launch on a SPACEX rocket. A cube with science samples successfully made it to the International Space Station.


National Space Society Teleport:

For more information visit:  ~ AD ASTRA

Friday, September 10, 2021

9/11 Memorials and Events In Second Life


Today is the 20th anniversary of the horrible terror attacks of 9/11/2001.  It is hard to believe it has been two decades since the world stood still and watched in horror as one plane hit, then the second hit collapsing the world trade center to rubble in of Manhattan, NYC, and then the other assaults on the Pentagon and plane crash in Pennsylvania that was heading to the capital. What chaos and fear it brought us but also courage came out of that horrific attack against us.

I remember that day clearly.  I was doing my 5-year-old daughter’s hair in little pigtails getting her ready for PM kindergarten.  I got a phone call to turn on the news. I stood in horror as smoke was coming from one of the towers and watched live as the second plane hit. I was horrified as the buildings collapsed one after the other into a heap of dust and debris right before my eyes. I had a cousin that worked in tower two but was not there that day. 

 I was glued to the TV  and did not take my child to school for fear of other attacks.. I was in a state of shock just like many Americans and others around the world.  That day is burned in my memory just like many who can account for what they were doing at that moment our country was under attack.  My heart sank for every family who lost their loved ones.

Together we began the healing process and stood by the words “Always remembered, never forgotten “ Year after Year we observed this day in memory of the many who lost their lives and have suffered illnesses as a direct result of the dust. From people just doing their job to first responders, military personal, and everyone who volunteered and donated their time and money to help rebuild. Thank you.

In Second Life, many across the grid are observing the day by visiting memorials and attending events so residents can continue to always remember and never forget. 

Below are some memorials to visit: 

EVENT: 9/11 People With Disabilities 20 Years Later

Shyla (Krijon) is hosting a 9/11 Observance from 1 - 2 pm this Saturday, Sep 11, on Inspiration Island. [voice and text] 

WBH Music Cafe:

9/11 20th Anniversary Memorial

Since 2011, the 9/11 Memorial has been placed in various locations around the Second Life world to commemorate the events of September 11, 2001. This year the memorial is placed in the region of Dornoch, Scotland. All are welcome to visit and reflect.

9/11 Memorial - Always Remember, Never Forget 

A Tribute to The Victims & Heroes Who Lost Their Lives on September 11, 2001



 Rockin' Robin is honoring and remembering those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. Our 9/11 memorial is now open for viewing. Take the teleporter at the landing point to the memorial. The dress theme for Saturday is casual or, if you wish to honor the heroes on that day, you may dress as a first responder. Join us on Saturday as we recognize the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and spend the day at the memorial location.

Atlantis 2021- 9/11 Memorial

Atlantis Second Life's  BEAUTIFUL interactive adult sim Photographers paradise explore and find The Lost City and find hidden secrets dance or meet people DJs Concerts Events with a nude or swimsuit optional beach, socialize, sex swing couples Bento FREE

Learning Virtuale- 9/11 Memorial

Visit this peaceful place of reflection and remembrance. Honor those who were lost on 9/11. Never forget September 11, 2001.    

Virtual education at LV! Exhibits: Signs of the Times (COVID-19 & social injustices), Black History, Hispanic Heritage, U.S. Constitution, U.S. Presidency/2020 Election, and Women's History. 9-11 Memorial. Art gallery. Library. Fireworks!        

Monday, March 29, 2021

AVIE POLL: Is Second Life an extension of real life or just a game?- The SL Enquirer

Second Life has to be one of the most incredible virtual world platforms on the internet as well as an amazing social experiment. For over a decade and a half avatars from all over the world collectively created the environment and  community. Some would argue that it is best to keep Second Life separate from real life because it is just a game while others have a more emotional or professional connection to SL. They take it more seriously and would argue it is an extension of real life. Because Second life is a unique community of professionals mixed with role players and gamers, there is no right or wrong answer. It all depends what you do in Second Life.The SL Enquirer explored the grid to ask avies from all walks of Second Life, “Is this an extension of RL or just a game?”.

SLE: Is Second Life an extension of real life or just a game?

SΓ³l: Second Life is a thriving community and has moved into being a vital part of my life since the onset of the Covid pandemic. Here we interact with one another as pixelated avatars, but there is a real person driving the interactions. People come to Second Life, and cosplay, become fashion designers, and in some cases rockstars. For people unable to have families, they can come to SL and simulate that experience. For transgender people, there is a freedom to live the life they choose here as well. With so much appeal to so many people from different walks of life I could never say that SL is just a game. For me, SL is where my best friends are. This is a space I can be myself, where I can work on myself, where I give myself space to grow.”

Nuka: “When I first came to SL it was a foreign world, and while it took some time to master the basics, the vehicle it provided to enhance my life was amazing. After enjoying the club scene and many different social aspects of the online community, I delved into several different roleplay settings, indulging in the creative outlet of writing which is a long time passion of mine. More recently I have re-entered the social aspect of Second Life and enjoy the talents of a multitude of musicians across the globe. Across the whole of my experience in Second Life, all along the way I have made friends that I have cherished, and memories that are heartwarming with people I would never have otherwise met. Regardless of the use to which I put it, it's definitely an extension of real life with a very real and tangible connection with some pretty terrific people.” <3


Stacey: “Most things in life can be answered by examining the Batman mythos. People who hang around Batman, like the butler or the kid, would point out that Batman is 100% dedicated to crime fighting. His persona of Bruce Wayne, billionaire playboy, is the real mask. He cares nothing for that rich guy's life, which is just a tool that helps him be Batman. A psychologist might say that, no matter how much time he devotes to being Batman, the superhero act is just a tool which Bruce Wayne uses to solve his personal torment. You can turn that logic onto our Avie Poll. I'd go with the shrink's answer. No matter how much time you spend playing SL, even if you seal yourself in a sensory deprivation chamber and do nothing but play SL and eat Chinese delivery food until your heart fails, it is still just you making an animated version of your idealized self and doing things you can not do in RL. SL is a game that real people play. There can be real life results of SL activity- you might make enough Lindens to get rich RL, or you may meet your future husband on here, or you may take a girl avatar on the D Train to Sexytown and never know she was 14 until the detectives show up disguised as Chinese food delivery guys and kick in the door to your sensory deprivation chamber- in case you think the divide between SL and RL is impermeable. However, even if your avatar just walks around and looks at things, the same connection exists. I'd ask the reader to keep in mind that I would give the same answer to this question for any game, be it SL or Candyland or Pac-Man. Everything is real life.”

Mrs.Blue:It depends on the person really but as for me it's an extension of rl to me when you refer sl as a game then you’re basically saying nothing matters meaning no feelings no connection no emotions like playing a video game example pacman, space invaders those are games. people that do play sl as a game its basically means nothing to them. I've been on sl for 8 yrs now going on 9. I've only been in 2 relationships and I made lots of close friends here . When there is a connection between the avis its the same as in rl how you make connections in rl. There are feelings and emotions, a special connection and bond. when people say it's just a game or they seperate sl from rl I will call their bluff. It is hard and impossible to separate both. When emotions and feelings get involved. I'm not saying it's safe to go meet someone you met on sl because it's not safe unless you do your research on someone and get background information. But there is a bond on sl with avis as in rl. I cried when my friends passed away. I worry when I don't hear from them. If my relationship doesn't work out I go through the same emotions I do in rl.. sl has also helped a lot of people who can't do rl stuff no more so it becomes a part of them. example you use to build houses in rl but you've gotten older or health reasons got in the way so u come on sl to continue to do what you love. or you worked in a retail store but can't do it no more because of health issues you come on sl to start your own business. So sl can be a part of your rl in many ways . sl has also been rl to those who are disabled in rl it gives them away to do things that they can't do in rl. Our avis represents us. Well at least in my case it does bring the rl me to sl i voice i control my avi as I control myself in rl. So is sl just a game to me that will be big NOOO. Is sl an extension of my rl? YES IT'S APART OF IT.``


Gemma: “My Best Friend in RL introduced Second Life Online games with me. She encouraged me  to play SL.  At first , I was hesitant because I never played any online games in my entire life. Since last year, 2020 is not a good year for all of us , I decided to try  it anyway, and now ,It's been six months and counting :) that I am playing Second Life. Second life games offer a lot to the players, from your avatar, places that you are visiting and a lot more. But,  what excites me most are meeting new people all over the world. At first, I thought Second Life is just really a  game to play. Something that can occupy you if you are not busy in RL. But as I go along, I find Second life as an extension of my real life.  Why ? Simply because , I spend Time, Efforts and Emotions in playing Second Life. Efforts, in making my Avi as beautiful as I want it to be. I believed that my Avi  is an extension of myself, from the Hair, dresses, shoes , and jewelry that I choose to wear while playing. Same in RL, you always find time to do things that will make you happy like Clubbing, Dancing, Beaches , meeting friends and  a lot more  and those things are also offered in Second lIfe. When it comes to emotions, I put half of my  RL heart in playing Second Life.  When you meet new people or gain new  friends in SL , you are investing feelings already towards them.  Like in RL, you can also feel different emotions in playing SL , you can be Happy or Sad , You can laugh and cry, You can be Good or Not, or You can feel Hurt or Betrayed,  by the people you choose to be with in this Game. So at the end of the Day, from the Time You Log in and TIme you Log out in Second Life , what is Important is your HEART.”

Jessie:SL is a game, BUT it is not "JUST" a game. People seldom use the word "play" for being in SL. You could say it is social networking and therefore can be an extension of real life. However in SL you are free to create any avi - to be anyone, to do anything, even to be any species. It means different things to different people. Many people use SL as an extension of RL. And many use SL to experiment with roles that they would never try in real life. Some are very creative. SL is very immersive and the emotions are real. The friendships are real. And yes, people really do fall in love. Often there will be 30,000 people 'inWorld'. The content is all created by the users. In SL people cooperate to build SIMs and run events, rather than shooting each other!! For me it is all about friends and live music. We go to venues and chat while we watch the most amazing musicians from around the globe. There is a lot of 'audience participation' too!! I also like exploring the many wonderful SIMs. So yes, SL is a game but much more. And it can be an extension of real life. So, it is both.”

GreenEyedroyalty:To me, SL is neither a game or an extension of my real life.  It is a Matrix-like alternate universe where one can find a new identity or jump into an experience they would never dream of trying in real life.  The lives, movements, creations may be synthetic but the feelings, friendships and meanings are real.  In other words, if your heart dies in SL, it dies in RL as well.”

Ninja: Personally, I'm a firm believer that SL is almost always an extension of real life...unless you're a bot or are participating in RP, there are real life people behind every avatar, each of whom deserve the same respect and treatment as you would give them in your normal life.  That being said, I do recognize that some people need to understand the important differences between SL and real life, such as the necessity of eating, sleeping, working, showering, well as the importance of maintaining some level of anonymity with a person you just met in a virtual environment.

Karen“I pay my monthly premium and am entitled to do what I want in SL. You are violating my right to be an avatar.   I’m calling the cops!”

 Is Second Life just a game or an extension of your real life? The consensus is SL is more than just a game. However, there are no right or wrong answers to this question. It all depends on the individual purpose for immersing in this virtual world. Join the poll and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Sunday, March 14, 2021

DID YOU SET YOUR CLOCK BACK FOR DAYLIGHT SAVINGS? See the Chart for your time and date.

This is a reminder that it is time to turn your clocks back 1 hour. Yay... 

To many, daylight savings time is confusing and a hassle unless it is summer and we get an extra hour of sunlight.  During Winter months, daylight savings seems a bit depressing as the days seem to feel shorter. Many wonder what the real purpose is. Do we really save time and energy or is it more of an inconvenience sending our children off to school while it is still a bit dark outside? Is it even necessary to throw us all off by an hour?  This practice has been used for over 100 years, originating in Germany on April 30, 1916. But even way before that in Ancient times, civilizations would adjust their daily schedules according to the sun's schedule. In an effort to support the World War 1 efforts, President Woodrow Wilson signed DLS into law in the United States in 1918. It was repealed and than re-implemented year round in 1942. Today daylight savings is used in over 70 countries and confuses over a billion people ever year.

Below are the Dates for various Regions:

Monday, December 14, 2020

7th Annual Toys 4 Tots Drive 2020


°o.OO.o°πŸŽToys for Tots Annual Drive 2020🎁°o.OO.o°

December 9, 2020 thru December 23, 2020

The Holidays are upon us once Again!! Join The Delicious Foundation as we raise funds with the SL Community in support of the U.S.M.C. Toys for Tots℠ Foundation.

Our 7th Annual Grid-Wide Toys for Tots Fundraising Drive runs through Wednesday, December 23rd 2020 raising funds via kiosks and events throughout SL.

The goal: To deliver, through a new toy at Christmas, a message of hope to less fortunate youngsters that will assist them in becoming responsible and productive.


Every year there are families that are unable to provide a toy for their child/children. This year has been one of the toughest. Thanks to Toys for Tots℠ these families can bring smiles to their children’s faces. They need our help to make sure that each and every child has a toy under the tree this year. Our Fundraising Drive now in its seventh season, was initiated to bring awareness to this cause and to collect donations that will help provide for these families. Take Action with us!!

HELP Brighten a Child's Face this Holiday Season!!

✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰ HERE'S HOW ✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰

♡ Make a Donation

500$L can provide a child a toy this Holiday Season

Visit one of our Donation Kiosks Across the Grid:  

Donate directly at our Official Fundraising Page thru the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation:

♡ Raise Funds with Us 

Become a T4T Kiosk Affiliate:

Place one of our T4T Kiosks and raise funds with us. Every Linden counts.  

Host an Event:

We are encouraging our Kiosk Affiliates to host "Toys for Tots" fundraising events around our Kiosks to pull in more funds and gain traffic at their locations. Have a little dance party, a sale or an auction, the possibilities are endless!! We will assist with promoting your events when we can. Event Schedule 2020 Event Hub

Spread the word to your family, friends, associates and customers about the campaign.

Promote Your Support: Tweet, Post to Facebook, Google+, Flickr about the Drive and our events

 Feel free to contact us for more information on Drive/Kiosks:



For more information on The U.S. Marine Corps' Toys for Tots Foundation go to:

The Delicious Foundation

The Delicious Foundation℠ is a child advocacy organization focused on child hunger and nutrition in the U.S.A. and beyond. We help raise funds to sponsor agencies like Save the Children, Share Our Strengths and others that respond to the needs of Children as their main focus.

Events Sponsored By:

🍸🎈Y.D.E.[v] Catering & Event Svcs™πŸŽˆπŸΈ

LπŸ› Dreams Custom Weddings & Photo Design 

Media Sponsors:

SL Enquirer

In Kind Sponsor:

Create-A-Bear SL

Many thanks for your support

About The U.S. Marine Corps' Toys for Tots Drive

Toys for Tots is a program run by the United States Marine Corps Reserve which distributes toys to children whose parents cannot afford to buy them gifts for Christmas. The program was founded in 1947 by reservist Major Bill Hendricks.

The Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit public charity located in Triangle, Virginia, serves to fund, raise funds for, and support the program.

Toys for Tots began as a Los Angeles charitable effort in 1947. William Hendricks was inspired by his wife Diane when she tried to donate a homemade Raggedy Ann doll to a needy child but could find no organization to do so. At her suggestion he gathered a group of local Marine reservists, including Lieutenant Colonel John Hampton, who coordinated and collected some 5,000 toys for local children that year from collection bins placed outside of Warner Bros. movie theaters. Their efforts were so successful that, in 1948, Toys for Tots was launched as a national campaign. Hendricks used his position as director of Public Relations for Warner Brothers Studio to enlist celebrity support, as well as have Walt Disney Studios design the red toy train logo.

Until 1979, Marine reservists (frequently in their dress blue uniforms) and volunteers would collect and refurbish used toys. In 1980, only new toys were accepted, as reservists were no longer able to dedicate drill hours to refurbish toys, as well as legal concerns and the mixed message of giving hand-me-downs as a message of hope.

In 1991, the Secretary of Defense authorized the creation and affiliation with the non-profit charity foundation. In 1995, the Secretary of Defense approved Toys for Tots as an official mission of the Marine Corps Reserve.

Noting in 1996 that many communities did not have a Marine reservist presence, the commander of Marine Forces Reserve authorized Marine Corps League detachments and other local organizations to fill the gaps in toy collection and distribution. In 2009, the program received support from Michelle Obama, who placed the first collection box at the White House.  Over its life span, the Marine Toys for Tots Program distributed over 469 million toys to over 216 million less fortunate children.


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