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Showing posts with label Magic. Show all posts

Monday, October 10, 2022

A FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: A Tribute to Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Opening Today @4pm SLT


A Tribute to Buffy the Vampire Slayer! @Generation XYZ Come & party with us in The Bronze, the club from the famed TV show in the quaint town of Sunnydale, You can explore & visit Buffy's House, the Magic Box & a few dead friends in the cemetery! Party starts at 4pm SLT with DJ Arwen Daviau & Hostess Cell! This week long event ends on Saturday with a Gothic Ball in the Sunnydale Cemetery Starting at 4pm SLT. Make sure you check back next week for the grand opening of The Cabin in the Woods Event!

Take the LM below & then hop the teleporters to Sunnydale @Generation XYZ! Schedule of events & more details:

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Experience The Magic of Christmas @ The Wandering Wisp!


Hello All! Welcome to The Wandering Wisp! 

We are open 24/7, all year long! Here we have two-holiday stores that have a variety of holiday items for sale! If you are looking to decorate your SL property and make it festive for the holiday season, we might have what you're looking for!  Our items include all holidays & as the Seasons cycle, we add more to our store throughout the year!

We also decorate our property according to the season & holiday theme!

We want more than anything for everyone in SecondLife to come to visit & currently we have The Magic of Christmas Winter Wonderland Theme going on in the now!

There is several activities to engage in, snowball fights, ice skating, Santa & Mrs. Claus, the elves, reindeer, hot beverages at free vendors, and freebies laying about the property! 

We also have flash sales & Snow specials & whatever else we conjure up!

There currently are Christmas lights, Christmas trees, lots of snow, several Christmas decorations, Christmas songs & benches to relax on & take in the snowy scenery! & there is so much more we don't want to give away, we encourage you to explore!

Come one, Come all & embark on a Christmas Adventure!

Every year we are aspiring to expand, enhance & improve our products, as well as add new items to our current mix! We do dream of expanding our land & prim usage and breaking through the barrier of our current limitations, to become bigger & better for our patrons and the SL community!

Please allow yourself some time to REZ in before beginning your experience!

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Taxi :

Happy Holidays,

Selexia aero & mari Ryder (mariska fotherington)

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Do you believe in magic?- Anonymous Sensitive in SL

A little background, my Irish maternal grandmother was into magic, you could say a witch. From what I have been told, it is passed down through generations tracing back to Scotland and the druids. Something I knew bits and pieces about growing up but she never involved me in it or explained her practices.  

 I remember she had a shrine set up in her bedroom with saints, a bible, rosaries, and bottles of oil with rolled pieces of paper inside. I remember asking what were in the bottles, and she would just tell me they were for protection.  She also had an Ouija board tucked away on the top shelf in her laundry room. My cousin and I once brought it out and were scolded and told never to play with it. It wasn’t a toy. I never touched one ever again. There was also a Native American Chief statue in the living room with offerings of change in his lap.  All I knew was it was forbidden to take any of it or bad things would happen. 

The first incident I can remember being a result of taking change was when my little brother took some to buy candy at the local corner store. He was about seven at the time. Not soon after,  his bed caught on fire but thankfully it was put out quickly and no one was hurt. Either my brother was playing with matches or something else, it looked like a warning to me never to test magic. 

Again when I was about 12, we woke up one morning to white powder sprinkled outside our front and back door. My grandmother said it was from someone who wished us harm and she did a spell reversal and the woman/witch who had done the curse, her husband died in a tragic construction site accident while digging a trench and it collapsed a few weeks later. That convinced me that magic was real.  My grandmother passed away a week before my 13th birthday and I was devastated. She raised me up until that point.

Ever since I always felt like an outsider. Early on I realized not many were accepting of strange questions or premonitions I shared. I thought it was normal and everyone had the ability to have a “knowing” something was about to happen or details of someone’s life that would come out of thin air.

 Kids can be cruel and treat you like you have the cooties or think you are crazy. I doubted myself for many years despite the constant “coincidences” and events that I knew about before they happened. Like knowing the gender and features of an unborn baby, absorbing others’ energy, and feeling their emotions. Being in big crowds can be overwhelming.

 In high school, I freaked out a classmate who was pregnant unintentionally. We got to talking. I asked if she wanted to know what she was having and she said she was going to find out the gender at her next appointment. I told her she was having a boy with lots of dark hair. About a week later, she came up to me and said, it’s a girl with a smirk on her face, almost as if mocking me. I should have trusted science, right? But the feeling was so strong I did not back down from telling her it would be a boy because that is what I saw in my mind’s eye. When he was born with a full head of dark hair, she was shocked and had to return all the pink things she bought. 

In my teenage years, things seemed to pick up. Not only was I sensing things but starting to feel the physical effects of spirit energy and sensing things around me I could not see. The only way I can describe it is, a TV turned on in a room with no volume. It’s like static in the air. If it is something negative, I'd feel it in my chest and feel anxious.

 One summer night in particular at about 19 years old, I went out with a group of friends to a park under a bridge right outside the city where I lived. It was about 1 am-ish. As we got out of the car, me being in the back right passenger seat, I immediately felt a pull to the edge of the river. As my friends were bantering in the background.  I approached the river and stared straight out into the darkness, I could only see the water and the trees along the bank. It was eerie but something was not right.

 I started to shake with what I can only describe as a deep inner chill where you can feel it creep up your back and make your hairs stand on your arms and neck. A quick shiver and then the feelings of dread came. I got paranoid as if something very bad happened. I remember turning around and telling my friends I wanted to go. They were confused but saw how visibly shaken I was they brought me home. The next morning I got a call from one of my friends who was with us. I remember her tone sounding nervous as she proceeded to tell me that last night around the same time we were at the river, across the lake a car full of teenagers flipped upside down in about 6 ft of water and drowned. I was horrified but understood the feelings that bombarded me the night before. I found out later that one of the boys that drowned was my cousin’s best friend. Maybe that was the connection.

In my early 20’s I felt I needed to find some sort of understanding around the feelings and visions I was seeing. I went to a candle shop that was owned by two shamans. We got to talking and they mentioned enlightenment classes that they hosted after hours in the back of the shop. These types of sessions aren’t prominently displayed to just anyone who enters the shop. These shamans picked up right away that I was a“sensitive”.

 I signed up and would meet once a week there with others who were sensitives and looking for answers. It was an eye-opening experience to know I was not alone and I could talk freely with them about my experiences and not be judged or looked at like I was crazy. We would do different exercises, give each other readings, and learn techniques for protecting ourselves. The more involved I got, the more open I became.

I used to use a WebTV to chat away in various chat rooms as a way to give anonymous readings.  One morning, while I was online, I distinctly heard a woman’s voice in the same room simply say “Hi”. It frightened me so bad. I’ve always been more sensitive to feeling things but becoming audio was a whole nother level. I wasn’t ready to hear or see spirit.

I consulted a psychic medium to get answers of my own and what she told me was one of my spiritual guides was trying to get my attention. Turns out I was pregnant. I was also told by another medium that I was more powerful than I realized. What does one say to that? I know I still haven't reached my fullest potential and still question myself at times. I remember asking the shamans where it comes from and I was told I’d go crazy trying to figure it out, just accept it.

The last straw that made me push down my abilities was during a session with the shamans and the other sensitives. We formed a circle around a small wooden accent table. With only our fingertips at the edge and following the humming of the shamans using a tuning fork, we were able to move the table a few inches across the floor. Being so young and still learning what the power of energy can do was a lot for me to handle and I never returned to those sessions. I became afraid of this gift and for years pushed it down and rarely spoke about it.

My father, who is a devout Catholic, is a skeptic so I never really talk about it with him. He accused me of doing witchcraft during my time with the shamans so I asked him if he prayed. He said yes. Then I said he is talking to a spirit, how is it any different?. That was the end of that conversation.

When I discovered SIMS Online I became fascinated with the opportunity to meet and talk to people from around the world. I realized I can pick up on people’s energy in a virtual world, so I began doing readings there. It was anonymous and it restored my confidence in this gift. After a while, it got exhausting and drained me of energy. My hands would literally turn as cold as ice. Again,  It became too much and I stopped for a while and moved on to other things.

After a couple of years, I came to Second Life, and away from doing readings.  I still pick up random things from people I come across at concerts, events, and in my friend groups, sometimes sharing info that freaks them out and sometimes not. I still find myself doubting these abilities and questioning if it is really a gift if it’s only bits and pieces of information that validates what I envisioned or felt, but I often wonder how it is helping others.

Throughout the years I’ve gone to real haunted houses, been in a murder house, ghost tours, visited Salem, Mass,  got to be in a room alone and touch one of the 13 crystal skulls “Max”,  as well as walked the halls of Pennhurst Asylum.

 I don’t know if it's to test my abilities and continue to freak myself out, but I’m drawn to it and have experiences every time. My daughter who is now in her early 20’s also experiencing things the way I do and we do our tours together. We still have Gettysburg and Penn State Penitentiary on our bucket list.

 I’m not here to make believers out of skeptics but what I do know is energy never dies. Our departed loved ones are watching over us and at times guide us. Sometimes they even give us signs. Maybe a certain song comes on the radio around their birthday, a scent, even using butterflies or birds to show they are present in our lives. When you get a bad feeling about something or someone, always trust your first instinct. They are warning you. 

We all have this ability within us, some are just not open, afraid of it, don’t understand it, or have a lot of self-growing to do before they can really be enlightened. If you find yourself experiencing premonitions, pay attention, meditate, and learn more about it. Also remember bad intent on others is not good because karma is real. 

I’m open to giving readings in Second Life but I am not ready to reveal myself and be subjected to griefers who would want to burn me at the stake.

 Do you believe in magic? 

Use the comment box below to share your experiences


Monday, February 27, 2017

Sacred Cauldron School of Wicca in SL -Seersha Heart Reporting...

It is 7:00 pm slt and a class begins.  Each student of Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary is represented by an avi sitting in the classroom.  “Earn Your Degree From Anywhere” is what Woolston-Steen emphasizes to their prospective students.  All of their classes are held online in their SL virtual classroom environment so that all students may participant from any location in the world.  If the student has access to the internet, they have access to the campus through SL.

            Sponsored by the Aquarian Tabernacle Church, Woolston-Steen is recognized by the State of Washington as a religious seminary able to grant degrees in Wiccan Ministry.  You may earn an Associates’, a Bachelor’s, or a Doctorate in Wiccan Ministry.

The Dean of Seminary is Belladonna Laveau.  She is the Archpriestess of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church International.  She authored the book Awakening Spiritwhich is used by the U.S. Military to assist chaplains minister to Wiccan troops. 
            Today we get to hear from Dean Belladonna Laveau about the school and it’s connection to second life.

Dean Belladonna Laveau:  Thank you for the opportunity to talk to the SL Enquirer about what we do at WiccanSeminary.EDU, a real Wiccan College that holds classes in Secondlife.

Seersha Heart:  Happy to hear all about the college.  There are ways to make a class offering online, why did your school choose SL?

Dean Belladonna Laveau: We teach witchcraft at WiccanSeminary.EDU. Secondlife is a 'tween space where magic can be done and energy can be experienced. It's very similar to any other place "between the worlds". In this place we can teach magic easier, because we can generate the energy in the space with the students, and illustrate it. Students can see what we are doing energetically, and learn faster.

Seersha Heart:  Are any of your students veteran SL residents?  Are some familiar with SL before they begin school?

Dean Belladonna Laveau:We get a good bit of our student body through Secondlife residents. It's helpful to be familiar with, and a fan of Secondlife before starting school. Learning to navigate Secondlife can be an additional challenge for the student, who is not already adept with the software. Knowing how to shop, build, and edit makes it easier to turn in assignments and progress through the school.

Seersha Heart:  What training in SL do you offer students?  Do you have an orientation to SL?

Dean Belladonna Laveau:We take them to Caledon University, and accompany them while they go through. We also send them to Builder's Brewery, or provide a simple building class. We try to utilize the resources already provided on Secondlife, and be part of the greater community.

Seersha Heart:  How long has your school operated in the SL classrooms?

Dean Belladonna Laveau:Our school has been teaching classes in Secondlife since 2009. We first came in, when one of the students offered to let us set up on his private land. We then were offered to purchase Sacred Cauldron, which was already established. We couldn't resist such a beautiful and sacred offer. The Goddess provided us the funds for it in an immediate and miraculous way, and we were home.

Seersha Heart:  You list possible areas that need clergy on your website.  Does the school help students with job placement?

Dean Belladonna Laveau:  We do. The Aquarian Tabernacle Church sponsors the school. It has many departments where a student can work. You start out in intern positions that are volunteer, and learn the industry through experiencing it from the inside. We have a Career Counselor that is available for helping you map out your career path. 

Seersha Heart:  Is there a graduation ceremony?

Dean Belladonna Laveau:  Yes. It is held inworld in the spring.

Seersha Heart:  Do you know some rl jobs your graduates are doing now?

Dean Belladonna Laveau:  Most of our graduates continue in service as Ministers. They are running festivals and churches, writing books, and articles, being spiritual counselors, and serving to help Wiccans and Pagans all over the world. 

Seersha Heart:  Has SL proved to be a good location for your virtual classroom?  What are the good aspects and what are the aspects that challenge the school in SL?

Dean Belladonna Laveau:  We love working in Secondlife. We find it supportive of the many programs we have, and we continue to bring more programs inworld as we grow. The challenge is not having voice on cellphone viewers. We have started using Skype for Business for the voice chat aspect of the classroom instead of SL voice. It's more convenient for students on the go, and it allows us to record the class. We would be happier and more efficient if SL integrated with outside technologies.

Seersha Heart: Can someone apply to the school in SL from the campus?

Dean Belladonna Laveau:  Yes, just pop into the castle and as for help, or ask for help right on the Sacred Cauldron group list. There is almost always someone online to help. You do have to interface with a standard web browser to complete the forms and tuition requirements. The school does not accept Lindens for tuition.

Seersha Heart:  What do you want prospective students to know about the experience and the school?
Dean Belladonna Laveau:Sacred Cauldron is an open campus, come and see what it's like to do magic in a virtual 'tween space. There are so many layers that Secondlife brings to magical training, that I couldn't cover them within the space of this article. Having to create a world that changes with the seasons is a lesson of magical design that one wouldn't expect, and that is only one aspect to the depth of knowledge you will receive at WiccanSeminary.EDU. Another very important, but unexpected perk of working within secondlife is the exposure you have to the world-wide community of pagans. I have close friends all over the world, because of my work in Secondlife. These are the future leaders of Wicca, from all over the world. That's a networking perk that will prove to be invaluable to the students of today in years to come. Knowing each other across the globe, as you build your own churches, allows you to network, and form common goals, making it a stronger spiritual foundation for not only you, but for those who know you, and for the whole religion. 

Not only is it extremely valuable, it is a fun place to learn. Never discount the fun component when it comes to learning. Students that work in Secondlife can't wait to come to class. They spend more time on campus, more time focused on their studies, more time developing magical relationships, and more time learning. Our students advance faster, and become more accomplished, as their careers develop. We find Secondlife an invaluable addition to our online campus.

Seersha Heart:  Thank you so much for answering my questions.

Dean Belladonna Laveau:  Thank you for the opportunity to answer your questions. We at WiccanSeminary.EDU appreciate the chance to share our magic with you.
            For more information, visit their website or visit Sacred Cauldron at the links below.  It is a magical experience.

Additional Information:

**This article has been updated on 2/27/17 to correct the mispelling of Dean Belladonna Laveau. The SL Enquirer apologizes for any inconvience it may have caused 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Could This Be One the Most Romantic Secret Place in Second Life? Come See Southern Heart, Momenti Rubati for Yourself

If you are into romance, magic and fantasy then this might be place you want to visit.  Come explore your inner desires at Southern Heart with momenti rubati (stolen moments).  Walk through the gardens, castles, along the beach, and find the hidden spots for romance, love, and peaceful meditation. 

Shuuuuu don't tell anyone :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Second Life turns 8!!

It is birthday time in Second Life. The theme for this year’s birthday celebrations is “The Magic of SL” – which LL describes as being “about that moment when we realized how amazing Second Life really is. It’s when we found our own personal connections to Second Life, realizing its potential in our own lives and the lives of other Residents. Whether it’s the social aspect, the content creation possibilities, or unique business and commerce opportunities, we’ve all got a tale of Second Life magic to share.”

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the sims before they open to the public tomorrow , 20th June 2011 @ 10.30am SLT.

I have to admit to being blown away by what the exhibitors have done this year and would encourage you to find some time to see for yourself. The best way to see the stands is in a SL8B tour pod made by Yavanna Llanfair. You can pick one up just next to the welcome centre which was built by Myopic Mole. There are tours for both the east and west sims, both leaving from the same point.

In my meanderings I came across the Cognitive Conjuring stand built by Aticca Bekkers and some of her friends. Aticca for me epitomises all that is good about SL and makes it credible. She told me “The magic of SL is sometimes in the choices we make and the many many paths we have to choose from. For me the special magic of SL is how it makes a RL disability visible or invisible at the resident’s discretion, it is the Ultimate conjuring trick and it is a path I have explored often.” You see the human behind Attica is dyslexic, suffers from Agoraphobia and she battles to walk in the real world, but here in SL she has the opportunity to be all she can be and she has chosen to do exactly that and it is her mission for others to be the same.

Visit the amazing birthday cake which has been built by Tao Mistwalker and his team and also hosts the cake stage, where you can dance IN cake!

On the 23rd June @ 11am, Kim Linden will officially open the celebrations and this will take place at The Main Stage.

Go and have a look for yourself, you will have fun, there is something for everyone. Let the magic that is SL continue ...

Here's the LM for the Welcome Area:

See you there.